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  1. Random Stuffz

    Is that American slang for 'I slipped up on a patch of ice and totally broke my last bottle of Thunderbird Wine, what am I to do now?'
  2. Misc. Creature Resources

    Well, it may not quite be a whale, but you might end up inventing a whole new creature. (Sadly, a dogfish is a small shark, but it could be, what, a blubberhound? A dogphin?) Hey, as long as it's fit for porpoise
  3. Happy Holidays!

    Good grief. Out of interest, when was the last time it actually did that anywhere in FA?
  4. Trump - Seriously?

    I wouldn't mind too much about returning to the Moon if it were part of a coherent plan. But it very much looks like an empty 'flags 'n' footprints' job to me. Really, I think it's just part of a screen to distract people from Trump's gutting of NASA's earth science research. But at least ESA (and increasingly India and China) might expand their climate monitoring programmes in compensation. Yeah, that's a noble enterprise, Climate Mirror. But at least no-one (yet!) has found that US data is being actively destroyed (just suppressed) as happened in Canada under Harper: https://thetyee.ca/News/2013/12/23/Canadian-Science-Libraries/ That was an act of bookburning, nothing less. (Though I guess awareness of it has driven the need for Climate Mirror and other such sites.)
  5. Random Stuffz

    Sounds like things have stabilised for you VM, i.e. moved away from 'nuke the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure'. Rule 34 hasn't been invoked, for one thing. (BTW, I too didn't think Ferngully to be all that bad, I'm just not really in the demographic. Well, yeah, that's actually just my current excuse to avoid watching other people's beloved must-sees.) Meanwhile, the new Black Mirror is up. Yay! But it's getting tough dodging spoilers until I can binge-watch it. Tomorrow, I hope... Now up to speed with GoT, but I didn't think there was much of substance to be up to speed with in those seven segments - just a charcoal sketch, really. Where! Is! That! Book! George?! (Actually, in a safe-deposit box somewhere, I'm guessing.)
  6. Happy Holidays!

    Five hours and counting, but I think I'll slope off and grab a beer anyway (port for midnight). So, to everyone here: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  7. Trump - Seriously?

    Thanks for that, I read the environment section regularly and that one got past me. Fascinating study. But there is one big caveat that occurred to me from the start and indeed turns up right at the end of the piece: Indeed. In fact, lead is one of the areas where - with the abandonment of organically bound (tetraethyl) lead in petrol - we have something of a success story, it seems. There is a strong correlation between the steady decline in violent crime in industrialised countries and the elimination of leaded petrol. Yes, lead poisoning could really be a cause of violent crime. Yeah, correlation ain't causation, but the case has become stronger since that piece. It has now in fact been suggested that levels of violence in the Middle East are being exacerbated by lead pollution, since leaded petrol is still pretty standard in Saudi, Iraq and many other countries in the region. No-one is suggesting it's the root cause of the problems, obviously, but it could be a heck of a force multiplier. As for GW, I'm sorry, but I think the other issues pale in comparison. Awful as those other issues are, I think they're like gum in the works in comparison. With GW, we've got our sticky hands on one of the actual control levers and have pushed it several notches in the wrong direction. ON-TOPIC EDIT: Just thought I'd share this piece: 10 of the Best Theories About Donald Trump (Warning, poorly laid out, the headings have got a bit lost). Beng British, I'm normally reluctant to comment on US domestic policy here, though I have decided opinions, obviously. (Environment is quite another matter - that has become a foreign policy area.) But it was entertaining to count how many of those theories I've entertained, about six of them I think, at one time or another. And a positive note for the New Year... 10 good things about a terrible year OK, I'm off. Beer...
  8. Trump - Seriously?

    It's some consolation, I suppose, that some of their genes will survive the worst - Love in the time of climate change . Hell of a way to learn some new things about mammalian evolution, though. And soon enough looks like the 'grolars' ('pizzlies'?, get out of here...) won't have it too easy either... EDIT: I'm pretty amazed that this got past the Trump regime's science censors, I'd say get your copy now (Guardian link is to the site front page, but it's easy to find): American leaders should read their official climate science report OK, here's the actual report download page
  9. Random Stuffz

    Oh, I'm eagerly awaiting that! Thanks for the reminder, AB, I'm a big PKD fan from way back. Yeah, his stories can seriously trip you out in themselves, but I don't recall I needed any extra ... er ... influences, when I first read them. He might not even have liked the suggestion - A Scanner Darkly is a warning. It ends with a list of people he knew who suffered from excessive drug use (including Dick himself) - though he stressed it was about a time (and a place) of excess. I thought the film adaptation was pretty good and fairly faithful to the original (unusual for a PKD adaptation). Oh, wow. That is the first 'my dad gave me all his gay porn' story I've ever heard. But VHS? Oh, who knows, I'll bet you could find a largely ironic market for it on Ebay, tho you could probably shift more if it were Betamax...
  10. Misc. Creature Resources

    Makes me think of Eadweard Muybridge (Still hard to believe that people didn't understand how horses ran until his 1870s photos.) I don't have much background here (was always more interested in invertebrates), but might it not be that cetaceans and other marine mammals don't actually undulate in the sense of waves travelling up and down the body, so it would make them look really weird? I was looking at this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fin_and_flipper_locomotion I find the description of fish locomotion easier to understand as a general principle - it's part of what makes them fish, I think. Mammals seem to deploy a wider range of movement strategies. I can visualise it, of course, from film, but modelling it would be another matter. Convergent evolution does have its limits (well, that's inevitable, really...) EDIT: Crazy suggestion, I don't actually know how you're going about this stuff, pebbles. But maybe it would be possible to emulate evolution and take a mammal skeleton, like a horse, say, and adjust/reskin it as a cetacean - flippers are simply forelimbs, after all? Hindlimbs? Dunno. (I don't really know what I'm talking about TBH, but the idea appeals to me...)
  11. Trump - Seriously?

    Sorry. Me having a fit of exactitude. It's 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'. (Or 'Artificial', if you prefer.) Just makes the context clear for those denialists who want to rabbit on about sunspots; cosmic rays; or whatever their pet diversionary tactic might be. Doesn't stop them trying it on, but I think it helps to define the playing field. Which is to say, that [yawn!] 'yes, there are such things as natural climatic variations, but we have firm and fully accepted (by science) data that shows, and continues to show, a very strong correlation with artificial emissions of a known greenhouse gas. (Among other things.)' Oh, and have a Happy New Year. I think I may start early...
  12. Trump - Seriously?

    There goes Lake Erie, too, I expect. I see he paid you a visit, VM, only to come out with this old chestnut: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/dec/29/donald-trump-good-old-global-warming-us-winter I like this one: and... It's worth stressing that not even the denialist trolls and Putinbots that inevitably turn up on AGW discussions try to get away with this bizarre conflation of weather and climate any more. It's a seriously busted flush (and was from day one) - though I doubt telling him that would make any difference. [Obligatory science: The models suggest that weather extremes in some locations will be more common as AGW increases, but that no single weather extreme anywhere can be taken as proof of AGW (which would be the inverse of Trump's childish fallacy). No actual climate scientist would suggest this, but it does crop up now and then from ill-informed journos. In any case, even for those who disparage modelling, the existing data should by now be sufficient to establish the reality of AGW.]
  13. ModDrop

    Thank you for those numbers, Vorians. I too have spent (far too much) time reading Moddrop threads, mostly on reddit, where people do get a tad worked up, and no-one had offered any proper stats the last time I looked. Well, from what you say, the best thing may indeed be to stand down and adopt a watching brief. Their EULA is nonetheless extremely dodgy; they have been entirely negligent in their approach to the community; and I would advise people to be wary of non-open source apps, even from trusted sources - and this source is not exactly trusted. I'd also think it a good idea to ensure that mods carry a no rehosting clause anyway - but OK, there is no need to name names, agreed. But, yeah, it doesn't sound quite as apocalyptic as might have been thought.
  14. ModDrop

    I think it would be a good move to encourage mod authors to include a 'no re-hosting without explicit permission' clause. I only have a very few minor mods out there, but nonetheless (once I've got over Xmas) I will be making sure that's fixed - I've been bit sloppy about it. And I think I'll include the Stop Mod Drop logo for good measure.
  15. Happy Holidays!

    Merry Xmas! Yeah, I've had some great improvised Xmases like that. It's all about the company, really. Oh, and making sure the booze doesn't run out, of course. And avoiding kitchen stress...
  16. Random Stuffz

    Mystery to me , mate. But perhaps you have to warp the local space-time reference framework using an array of charged singularities. Or something. (Laundry, eh? I tend to think that if it's been through the machine and it's dry and/or it doesn't stick to your fngers then you're sorted, end of story.)
  17. Misc. Creature Resources

    I shall remind myself: 'An axalotl isn't just for Christmas'. Have a good one...
  18. Random Stuffz

    Here's the Amiga cloth map to get you going. (Sorry, my ironing skills are essentially non-existent, but at least the coffee stains don't show.) Not sure you shouldn't start with Colossal Cave Adventure, tho. Important cultural references... (Not to speak of Zork. But there is an Oblivion mod for that.)
  19. tegeus-Cromis

    Random Stuffz
  20. UltimaIV_01.jpg

    From the album tegeus-Cromis

    Cloth map of Ultima 4 (window as lightbox).
  21. Random Stuffz

    Damn straight! I was looking through some old papers the other day, and while I didn't find any Ultima notes, I came across some of my scribbled graph paper maps from playing Lords of Midnight (Spectrum version with its own keyboard overlay - well, you needed keyboard overlays for the Spectrum). I still admire that minimal graphic look the billboarding approach gave to the game. Of course it was forced upon the devs by enormous machine limitations, but that's often exactly what inspires creativity, I reckon...
  22. Misc. Creature Resources

    Having never played anything before Morrowind, hadn't thought about them having special creatures. Anyway, that Gremlin looks a bit of a Xmas creature, so thanks for the present - and have a Merry Xmas!
  23. Xmas Card Mod

    I thought I'd give Augusta Calidia a Xmas break - she has plenty enough to put up with from hotel clients...
  24. Xmas Card Mod

    This is simply a Xmas card to the forum, though it assumes you have Oblivion up and running. To those playing doing/playing other things/games, a very Merry Xmas anyhow! (This started as something else and turned into a Xmas card, so I just ran with it. Gotta do last minute shopping, so messy as this is, it's gonna have to do. I have cleaned it tho, of course.) Anyway, no need to clog the download section with this, it's just the attached .esp. Needs Shivering Isles, that's all. Just stick it somewhere in your load order, likely right at the end. And enjoy. Or not. Oh, I forgot to say. You need to find an entrance in the Tiber Septim Hotel Lobby, it's their new underground club. Shouldn't be a really big puzzle though. NonstopXmasCreatureDisco vonepointsomething.esp
  25. Happy Holidays!

    Xmas Card!!! (Well , for anyone who has Oblivion set up.) [Oof, a big box. I only wanted to include the link. OK, I'll leave it, it's Xmas after all...]