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    I'm a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls series. My favorite races would have to be Argonians,Dark Elves, and Dremora. I am also a fan of the Dark Brotherhood and I love Vampires!!
  1. [WIP/Alpha] The Black Marshes

    Any progress updates for this one? Also, where can I download the alpha/beta?
  2. [RELz] Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Awakening

    Any new info on Consequences?
  3. Desideratum

    For a long time, I've been wanting a mod for Oblivion that adds Clavicus Vile's realm to the game (currently dubbed "Desideratum). I've been interested in getting into modding, but I have no skills in design. Are there any modders who could put together Vile's realm? In the novels, it's described as a tranquil countryside, dotted with leafy green pastures, woodland meadows, and merchant utopias. Also, His realm consists of floating landmasses.
  4. [WIP/Alpha] The Black Marshes

    It would be really amazing if Argonian characters had the option to renew their link to the Hist, and gain the An-Xileel's trust so you could join them.
  5. [WIP/Alpha] The Black Marshes

    Will there be a way to gain their trust?
  6. [WIP/Alpha] The Black Marshes

    Aw, they're a threat? I was hoping they'd be a joinable faction (if your character is an Argonian).
  7. [WIP/Alpha] The Black Marshes

    A while back, I believe one of the writers mentioned that the An-Xileel would be incorporated.
  8. [WIP/Alpha] The Black Marshes

    I see. Anyone working on the An-Xileel?
  9. [WIP/Alpha] The Black Marshes

    Anything new here?
  10. Any good werewolf mods?

    Need a good werewolf mod.
  11. Progress Thread

    I never meant any disrespect, sir. It was just a small joke. Nothing more
  12. Progress Thread

    The High Elves are still Elven supremacists.
  13. Progress Thread

    Well, Argonians in ESO look pretty sick.