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    2. NobleShadowHunter


      @MalonnThe largest class I have is about 65 kids (but that's the high school band and I'm the assistant).  My classes from this year ranged from 16-65 kids.  The tough part was the art because so many of them needed a fine art credit and didn't want to do anything.

    3. Malonn


      Well good job.  Teaching is a noble profession, indeed.  Wouldn't it be nice if your pay was commensurate with your blood, sweat and tears?

    4. Amadaun


      You're amazing!

  2. Almost done with my first year as a teacher.  Once Spring Break is over, it's the home stretch!

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    2. NobleShadowHunter


      It’s been crazy. We have a group of Freshman boys who think they run the school, despite multiple teachers writing them up all throughout the year. My only consolation is that they’re giving ALL their teachers a hard time, even those with 10+ years experience.  I remember one day I wrote up four of them in one single class because they refused to do any work and were loud as hell. 

    3. Sue


      Gosh. Sounds as if you're doing a good job of surviving! Congrats on completing a full year. :)


    4. NobleShadowHunter


      Thanks!  I’ve got a few big things left to do, like take my 7th graders to a music festival and to their spring trip. But it’s pretty smooth from here.


      Also, what do you call the thing where you purposely avoid your Prom in high school only to be volun-told to chaperone the one for your students?  Is that called irony?  I think it is.

  3. *Looks through old Oblivion and Sims 3 Saves*...*Shudders*

  4. The number of assignments that I have to put a zero down in the grade book is too damn high.

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    2. NobleShadowHunter


      My school could always use a science teacher!  $5k (I think) sign on bonus!

    3. AndalayBay


      Actually he teaches media studies, when that was part of the cirriculum and now teaches English.

    4. NobleShadowHunter


      We'll take English too!  God knows there's a huge writing gap.

  5. Happy Birthday Sue!

    Bit late, but happy birthday Sue! Hope all is well!
  6. I had a hankering for some really old games from my childhood and not gonna lie, being older has made me realize all of its damn plotholes.  Dammit, Naughty Dog.  I might actually do a post about it.

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    2. AndalayBay
    3. NobleShadowHunter


      @Malonn, yeah!  I know 23 is basically nothing compared to others.  

    4. Malonn


      Haha, well you're definitely not old.

  7. Choices the Masquerade: Blood Bound

    And now for the continuation of Some Ol' Bullshit: The Game! So I'll be combining the next two chapters, mainly because of all the damn filler, in addition to some nickname changes. Originally, I had used "Not-[insert ripped off element here]" as a way to keep track of just how much Pixelberry stole from outside source material. However, when that naming convention gets used a bunch, it can (and does) get quite confusing (i.e Not-Heather Poe is now Black and Nerdy). Anyway, let's get on with it. Chapter 6 picks right back up where the story left off. Black and Nerdy is losing her shit as she has just awoken from her vampiric slumber. Lilith manages to calm her down by telling her some pretty heavy shit, because that always works! Unfortunately, Black and Nerdy runs off to have a good cry in the women's bathroom. She tracks down Black and Nerdy, gives her a vile of her blood, asks her how she's feeling, and tells her that, in addition to being a vampire, she still has to go through an approval process and if denied, it's basically going to be a recreation to the Intro of VtMB. Now, hold onto your ass cheeks because I'm about to say something positive: This section of the story is actually not that bad. Black and Nerdy emotes like an honest to god person. Imagine this, you get ambushed in your own apartment, be inches away from death, only to be resurrected and then told, "hey, you consume blood now and btw, if they don't approve you, you get axed. Fingers crossed!" Not sure about you, but I'd probably would flip my shit too. My only concern is that Lilith doesn't own up to her role in all of this, since I doubt this would happen if she decided to go through the Mind Wipe. But, eh. I'll take what I can get. Don't worry, this all gets thrown away really quickly. Lilith returns to Not-Christian Grey's office and they discuss what to do next. Not-Christian Grey then comments that even though Black and Nerdy had a legitimate reason FOR being Embraced, it is likely that the Zero Calorie Camarilla will vote to execute her anyway and Lilith is stunned by this. HOW?! This was a major point in the last chapter, and for fuck's sake SHE TOLD HER THIS LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES AGO. AND SHE'S SURPRISED THAT THIS IS AN OPTION?! I. AM. SO. GLAD. THAT. THIS. IS. OUR. PROTAGONIST. Moving on, they discuss who would vote in favor of sparing Black and Nerdy. Protocol for this is a vote by the Zero Calorie Camarilla, and (for some fucking reason) they need 4 out of 6 members to agree. Why is there not an odd number of Council members? That would sound really fucking handy, because, you know tie breakers are a fucking thing. Anyway, Black and Nerdy then leaves with Egyptian Ming Xiao for training. Not-Christian Grey: Check. Egyptian Ming Xiao: Check. Vampire Baron Praxis: LOL. Nope.avi Mr. Doesn't-Respect-Women: After the first meeting? Ha. Get fucked. Princess Lacriox: No, well...Maybe...? (Hint Hint: That's Chapter 7) And finally, we learn the last member of the Zero Calorie Camarilla: Senator Douchecannoe. Lilith is confused as to how the hell a vampire could be a Senator, because sessions take place during the day. Remember waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the earlier chapters where Not-Christian Grey said that vampires could withstand about 30 minutes at most? Yeah. That's important now. For this very reason. To explain the existence of a vampiric senator. Not saying that wouldn't be an interesting concept, but it really comes off as a "we want this to be a thing, but vampires are nocturnal. How do we get around this?" Perhaps a better option would be, oh, I don't know, back a very specific thrall and be a shadowy puppet master? That way you don't a have a fucking Masquerade violation from hell further down the road? Since, you know, politicians are very public people and that's a hell of a gamble? Whatever, fuck world building I guess. According to Not-Christian Grey, Senator Douchecannoe is...a douchecannoe. In fact, back in his prime, he was a bloodthirsty Spanish noble and time hasn't made him any better. A politician? That's an asshole? And our character is stunned by this? Hey guys, can I have a game where I have the option to not RP as a dumbass? You've got to be fucking kidding me. But never fear, Not-Christian Grey is loaded and like anyone with special interests, he's down with buying the vote from Senator Douchecannoe. One car ride later and the meet up with Senator Douchecannoe, who's giving a press conference saying how he will up police patrols to combat the random attacks and MAKE NEW YORK CITY GREAT AGAIN! First off, I thought the mayor is the one who orders for patrols to be increased, not a Senator...? Can anyone correct me on this? I could be wrong, but local stuff is controlled by local officials, not Senators who should be in DC right now. They talked to Senator Douchecannoe and he's a stereotypical douche, and yet again another interesting concept is shit on yet again. The only interesting part is that, in addition to taking a bribe from Not-Christian Grey, Senator Douchecannoe agrees to vote to spare Black and Nerdy in return for a vote on a future motion to lead a purge on the Discount Caitiff. He agrees, and then tells Lilith that they are in a shitty spot, since they are now in his debt. Wouldn't this be something to go over beforehand? Or wouldn't have that been implied when Not-Christian Grey told us that he was a bastard of a person? Sweet Jesus, Pixelberry, stop treating your players like they've got the attention span of a goldfish who has smoked badly laced weed for two decades. The two return, and lo and behold if Kue-jin Blades Rodriguez doesn't show up. Lilith, if one pays diamonds, ditches Not-Christian Grey to hang out with him, spills her guts about her friend, Black and Nerdy (which he's pissed about, since she's known Not-Christian Grey for less than a week and he's already making exceptions for her), and tells that Senator Douchecannoe is plotting to kill his Discount Caitiff soon. After more nothing happens, the two return and Black and Nerdy is reunited with the gang. Since their apartment isn't safe, Not-Christian Grey offers up his guest suite...which is in his corporate building. Totally has nothing to do with convenience what so ever. So they go into the guest suite, and, if you pay with diamonds again, you stay up with Black and Nerdy as if it's a goddamn high school sleepover. Oh, and you can bone her too. So much for trying to come to terms with her new life, and any character depth that could have been experienced. Alas, Character Development, it is dead. So chapter 7 rolls around and now that it's established that they've got just enough votes for a tie, they go and seek out the next logical(ish) person: Princess Lacroix. You can pay diamonds for an outfit that gets commented on once, but surprise! it does fuck all to help you. You, Black and Nerdy, and Not-Christian Grey go to her penthouse which looks and feels like Vesuvius and the Palace of Versailles during the reign of Louis the XV got super fucked up on cocaine, champagne, and caviar, experimented a little by shoving a copy of Earthly Delights up their asses, and then their spoiled, fucktastic bastard child that has a penchant for fashion design spawned from the balls of Satan himself. When they get there, Not-Christian Grey leaves you to talk to Generic Russian Houseboy and Black and Nerdy gets the brilliant idea of snooping around the house of the person they're trying to get a vote from. If you pay diamonds, you and Black and Nerdy sneak off and tour the rest of the house. You find a movie theater complete with a Buff Urkel, a swimming pool, and two vampires chopping down on a houseboy (which disturbs Black and Nerdy). In short, nothing. A whole lot of nothing happens. I'm so glad someone else spent diamonds on that and not me. Princess Lacroix, after talking shit about Black and Nerdy's attire, says that she will agree but only if she gets the MC in the exchange. After a resounding "Get fucked," she promptly tells them to GTFO, and the MC and Black and Nerdy are afraid that they don't have the votes. Not-Christian Grey promises that they'll find a way, despite that the only way that's possible is for a total ass pull. I'm sure that won't happen. The Diet-Primogen of the Zero Calorie Camarilla vote on the subject, and the results are as follows: Not-Christian Grey: Yes Egyptian Ming Xiao: Yes Senator Douche: Yes Princess Lacroix: No Mr. Doesn't-Respect-Women: No Before Vampire Baron Praxis gives his vote, he demands from Not-Christian Grey to drop his investigations into the Ferals, and, desperate for the vote, he does so. Princess Lacroix asks "WTF?" and Vampire Baron Praxis tells her to get her head out of her ass and learn to play The Game. So far, he's probably the closest thing we have to an actual vampire. Be a shame if something were to happen to that later on. So Black and Nerdy is accepted into Not-Christian Grey's clan and he and Egyptian Ming Xiao proceed to provide expository dialogue as to why she must get the Clan Hickey. Apparently the Hickies keep them from going feral, and that every generation removed from the first vampire (but it's a woman, so at least they didn't do the whole Caine and Abel thing, but you know, Lilith was responsible for Caine's powers so, whatever) is subsequently weaker and holy fuck. They seriously couldn't go TWO chapters without stealing shit?! AGAIN?! I know it shouldn't be a surprise but fuck me. I'm seriously considering contacting White Wolf about this game, because I think there's enough shit that could warrant a lawsuit. Considering that they make money off these stories by locking choices behind a premium wall and by taking so much from the Vampire the Masquerade universe because coming up with your own universe is too hard. On a serious note, I would love to hear any info on the legalities on that. Anyway, back to the plot. The apartment still isn't safe to go back to and Egyptian Ming Xiao tells Black and Nerdy that she needs to stay at her place until training is complete. If you spend diamonds, yet again, you get to have a girls' night/sleepover at the apartment that wasn't supposed to be safe. Because logic. Lilith then goes back to Not-Christian Grey's office after they leave and he shows her a serum that he's working on, which is to aid in his quest to become human again. And with that Chapter 7 ends. Note to self, never do two chapters at once ever again. Also, after the final chapter is done, I'm going to post a Final Word section for Book I. Oh yeah, apparently they're already planning a sequel. Fuck me.
  8. Choices the Masquerade: Blood Bound

    Unless they decide to skip all the nuisance as to why he's such a great character and boil him down to "Look at me! I made a Snark AND I'm British AND I'm damn find to look at!" The final chapter of this shitshow of a story just came out today. I've got some catching up to do on this series, but holy fuck it does NOT get better from here.
  9. Choices the Masquerade: Blood Bound

    After reading back through the previous chapters, I agree. I have to change Lily’s name anyway, because she actually has some character development and calling her Not-Heather Poe doesn’t fit anymore. Next update will have a list of nickname changes. Glad you like it so far!
  10. Choices the Masquerade: Blood Bound

    First things first: I HATE MOVING. SO DAMN MUCH. At least I have stable internet now, and now let's continue the Misadventures of Perfectly Good Content That's Been Stolen and Turned to Shit. So last we left off, Not-Heather Poe has been turned into a dried up human Caprisun and Lilith/Not-Christian are losing their shit. Lilith begs Not-Christian Grey to give the middle finger to the Masquerade and the Rules of the Not-Camarilla by turning Not-Heather Poe into a vampire. He is conflicted because he's realized this whole excuse of a plot is fucked a Not-Primogen and he doesn't have approval. The ramifications of his actions will cost him something, and yet he knows the life of an innocent hangs in his hands. There's no guarantee that she'll survive the transformation, and even if she does, there's a potential she'll just be beheaded by the Sheriff's pathetic cousin, Terry. Who still owes me money. Fuck you Terry, you prick. But his desire to bone and be a white knight for Lilith is too much for him to bear, and so Not-Christian Grey and Lilith race Not-Heather Poe to his office. On a positive note, Lilith reminisces on some old memories of when her and Not-Heather Poe first became roommates, showing that the writers can do well once they stop stealing shit. Not-Christian Grey then informs Lilith that surviving the first night is the hardest part because there's such a high chance of become a Discount Wassail. To prevent her from going Full Wassail--I mean, Feral--, Not-Christian Grey has to do a ritual-thing...which involves shoving her in a sarcophagus. At least I don't have to break into a museum, but then that means I don't get to meet a dashing, intelligent, snark master of an archeologist who studies the origins of vampires. What a shame. It might have redeemed story. Anyway, nobody notices the obviously dying woman in Not- Christian Grey's arms as he goes through the building. And wouldn't you know it, Stereotypical Right Hand Woman sees this and promptly asks WTF and he's all, "just roll with it." Stereotypical Right Hand Woman pieces together that Not-Christian Grey is going to Embrace Turn Not-Heather Poe and is pissed, but he tells her to STFU. They get in the elevator and go down to The Archives, which leads to The Chamber and-- Wait what? So on top of a woefully outdated Archive room, there's a creepy ass chamber with a sarcophagus? In the ginormous corporate building? In New York City? What the fuck??? Convenience is the only reason that this thing exists. Fucking hell. God forbid someone the PC cares about actually dies as a result of Lilith's actions to be a fuckwit earlier. Moving on... So they get to the Chamber and Lilith is trying to piece together the logic behind shoving someone in a sarcophagus and Not-Christian Grey says, "No idea, it just does. Btw, it might not even work." He might as well have just said, "Look, world building is hard when you can't steal shit. Leave me alone and stop asking questions." Lilith then offers her blood to help and he is stunned that she knows this piece of info. She tells him (at least one can choose to) that Kue-Jin Blades Rodriguez told her the things and he's all, "meh, k." More nothing then happens and eventually, Lilith decides to wander the archives and finds another acid-trip inducing fragment. The acid trip takes her back in time to see Egyptian Ming Xiao, Mr. Angry Bits, and Dumbass French Vampire Child in a castle. Apparently the locals found out they were vampires and decided that their kind wasn't welcomed in those parts. Damn Bigots. Anyway the three of them play the blame game as to who is at fault and Chekhov's Sire waltzes into the scene, telling them all to grow a pair and that they're totes going to slaughter the villagers, LOL. And so they do. Chekhov's Sire says that he's getting too old for this shit and proposes that they sail away to the New World and make their own little kingdom there. Lilith snaps out of her Purple Haze and meets Not-Christian Grey in the elevator. He tells her that he knows he did the right thing morally, but that there will be huge ramifications for this. Not-Christian Grey then reveals that he has to file an appeal to allow Not-Heather Poe in, and Stereotypical Right Hand Woman was hoping to be the next addition to his clan. Lilith, for fucking once, voices a concern and he's all, "Nah, she's fine!" I'm sure this won't become an issue later. Not at all. Egyptian Ming Xiao greets the two of them and pulls Not-Christian Grey aside to promptly chew him a new one, saying that he's on thin ice and he's about to get his ass reamed by the Discount Camarilla. Lilith opens her mouth like an idiot and Egyptian Ming Xiao calls both of them out for being idiots. Not-Christian Grey tells her that she's not his real mother and storms off to the rooftop because she doesn't understand what it's like to be young. She then turns to Lilith and tells her that if shit goes south, she'll kill the PC herself. Oh, and get her a coffee too. Bitch. Holy shit, guys. Can it be? A real character? Egyptian Ming Xiao attempts to salvage the plot by telling us more about herself and, indeed, is the most interesting person in the whole damn story. Fingers crossed, guys. Lilith decides to go and see if Not-Christian Grey has stopped listening to Good Charlotte and have a possible chance to bang him. No. I'm serious. That's an option. Known him for less than a week (48 hours at best) and it's an option. You know, when I said I wanted choices in my games, that's not what I meant. So they shoot the shit for a little bit and Not-Christen Grey reveals he's part of the Dead Wife as Part of a Backstory Society and talks about how she turned Feral. After he was forced to kill her he decided that he was going to give up his life as an over-indulgent fuckboi and make society better. So. Fucking. Original. I for one decided at the beginning to not romance a single person, so I went to the internet to see what happens. Gamer Poop has deeper writing than this shit. I'm so glad I didn't waste in-game currency on that shit. The two return and they open the sarcophagus and then the chapter ends. Thank. Fuck. For. That.
  11. By Azura, by Azura, by Azura...80's EDM for the Elder Scrolls.

  12. Choices the Masquerade: Blood Bound

    Hey guys! I'm working on the next chapter and it's taking longer than I thought because the bullshit train keeps on going. Hopefully I'll get it up soon enough before I have to start packing my stuff up. On the plus side, once I get moved in, I can finally finish up some voice acting I have to do.
  13. Choices the Masquerade: Blood Bound

    Sorry for the long break! I've been getting stuff figured out and what not. On the bright side, I got a job as an assistant director! Onward to the shitshow! We begin with Lilith returning to work after the weekend. After joking about how dull it was by comparison to her first night on the job, Not-Christian Grey tells her of another task that he has for her and that it is dangerous. The Feral-Nosferatu-Snacking-on-Humans Brigade is getting out of hand, and he needs you to go in and talk to some douchecanoe named The Baron. Apparently The Baron was one of the most powerful crime lords back during the Roarin' 20s and was made a Not-Primogen of the Not-Camarilla to avoid a full-blown street war. He also owns a bar where the dress code is strictly 1920s, and if you pay Diamonds, you too can own a shiny flapper dress. LOL, get fucked game. He needs a nickname. How about...Vampire Baron Praxis? So far, out of all of the Not-Primogen so far, he's the most realistic. A sadistic bastard who knows how to wield power, play the game, and not give a shit. If only he were in a much better game about vampires... You know, I'll eventually think of the name of that game. Just you wait. Apparently, Not-Primogen cannot, or have forgotten how to operate a phone and Not-Christian Grey sends you off to Vampire Baron Praxis' lair to deliver some Not-Camarilla news/summons. Am I the only one who secretly thinks he's trying to get you killed, or at the very least put you in a Damsel-in-Distress situation so that he can swoop in and save you? Bad, Not-Christian Grey. Swooping is bad! In addition to sending you on what basically amounts to a suicide mission, Not-Christian Grey offers to Lilith a temporary hickey-tattoo that basically tells other vampires that your his bitch and that you are totes protected. Lilith gets branded, thinking that her decision to take his vampiric hickey will protect her from the big bad scary Vampire Baron Praxis. I'm sure this won't be rendered a meaningless decision within the next five minutes... Lilith finally arrives to the speakeasy and runs into a scrawny vampire who tries to intimidate her. At first, it's hinted that he's Vampire Baron Praxis and then in a turn that everyone saw coming, the real Vampire Baron Praxis shows up and acts like an actual vampire out of the whole fucking cast. Lilith tells him that Not-Christian Grey wants to talk about the Nosferatu who can't keep their asses in the sewer and that someone is making them and he's all, "meh." Apparently none of the Not-Primogen save Not-Christian Grey and Egyptian Ming Xiao give a shit about preserving the Masquerade. Actually, Not-Christian Grey only gives a shit when it suits him, so Egyptian Ming Xiao is the only one who cares but it's whatever. And in a twist that every fucking person with half a brain saw coming, Vampire Baron Praxis laughs at her vampire hickey and tells his lackeys to put Lilith back in the kitchen and she is stunned by this. Apparently evil vampires don't give a shit about her hickeys from other vampires. Who would have thought? My face during this part of the story I'm so glad this is our protagonist. Lilith gets hauled to the kitchen, but before they can yell at her to make them a sandwich, a stranger busts through like vampiric Asian katana-wielding Jesus and saves the day. Night. You know what I mean. Anyway the two of them escape and make it to a safe house. Lilith's savior then informs her that he's been following her for some time and that he was the guy who was watching her at the club she went to with Lily. Two more vampires enter the scene, and their names are Likable Babette and Grandpa. He then tells her that she's at a safe house for the...Clanless. Who tend to go feral. More than those who are not taken into a clan. And are doomed by vampire society to roam with no backing or support and are hunted down by the Not-Camarilla under the orders of the Not-Primogen. These are not Caitiff. They. Are. Not. Caitiff. Anyway, Lilith decides to spend some time with the Caitiff and they open up about themselves. Grandpa is bitter and Likable Babette has a higher chance of going feral. Grandpa then points out that What's-his-fuck needs to drink some blood because his wound looks like shit. Nickname time! What's-his-fuck is now Kue-jin Blades Rodriguez. Lilith, who is this close to being renamed as Stupid Bitch, offers herself up as a human Capri-Sun. Kue-jin Blades Rodriguez gets a blood boner and Lilith gets off on him feeding off of her. Turns out the bite doesn't hurt and...and...uh...Fuck it. This game literally gave up trying to hide that it's basically stealing shit. The moment passes and Lilith GTFO out of the safe house, but before she does Kue-jin Blades Rodriguez warns her to not trust the Not-Camarilla, Not-Primogen, and Not-Christian Grey. Speaking of Not-Christian Grey, Lilith runs into him and either says "Oh, I totes escaped by myself," or that the Caitiff saved her from the kitchens of Vampire Baron Praxis. Not-Christian Grey then feels bad for the Caitiff and says he wants to help them but the Not-Camarilla is full of assholes and then the chapter ends. Thank God. Except it doesn't. Lilith and Not-Christian Grey walk into her apartment and find Not-Heather Poe nearly dead from a vampire being overzealous during snack time. Sad to say, even though she's the most likable person in the cast, I could not give a single shit at this point. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccck.
  14. Choices the Masquerade: Blood Bound

    And now, for the not so thrilling conclusion of Interrupted Nosferatu Snack Time! Feral Nosferatu notices Not-Christian Grey and Lilith and decides it's best to put down his human sippy cup and kick some ass. Rule #Whatever-the -fuck of Vampires: Never interrupt snack time. Feral Nossie decides to pick at Not-Christian Grey's likely future snack, but he's all "aw hell naw" and steps in between to save Lilith. At this point, I really want to change her name to Too Dumb To Live. Maybe I will. Maybe. Not-Christian Grey the asks Lilith to hand him a weapon and she can decide to choose between either a sharp branch or a rock. Remember those loading screens? The ones that no one pays attention to? Guess what was your clue to this part of the chapter? So Lilith, in moment of clarity (actually it was me being smart; Lilith probably would have thrown the rock. Dumb bitch), and Not-Christian Grey sends the Feral Nossie to his Final Death. That bastard. He just wanted his human Capri-Sun. What a prick. Lilith then asks Not-Christian Grey to call the Wambulance and he says "yeah, but we def need to gtfo when they get here. Also you call since I'm a little shit. Snitches get stitches hoe." The two then, but before they do Lilith remembers that One Kinda Important Plot Point: The Debriefing. Not-Christian Grey says "oh yeah that," and then they go through a back door guarded by a code. That Not-Christian Grey knows. What the Fuck. How the hell does he know the pass code? WHY does he know the pass code? Don't give me that shit of, "well he's a local billionaire, why wouldn't he know?!" Bill Gates is the Richest Man Alive, but do you think every art gallery in the world hands out their secret pass codes for after-hours browsing? I don't care how much money you can afford to wipe your ass with, it's a major security risk. Who the hell approved this? Are they a member of his clan? Does this make him a Not-Toreador? Fuck off game. Lilith and Not-Christian Grey take a ride down to the basement where they meet some 14th century-dressed fuck. No, I'm not joking. There is a literal 14th century guy there in his 14th century attire, and how no one outside of this secret society has not bumped into this gent before I do not know and the game certainly does not provide a logical explanation. It's vampires in a story, dammit! So What's-His-Fuck asks if Lilith is her for her Debriefing and Not-Christian Grey looks to her for an answer. Lilith finally asks the question, "what's involved?" and discovers that it's a euphemism for having your mind wiped. Not-Christian Grey asks her again if this is what she wants, and we've arrived to the point in which the game is now fucked. She says no. Like a dumbass. Her reasoning is that this is the most alive she has ever felt and she basically wants to gather her party and venture forth. And they all just roll with it. What. You mean to tell me that a centuries kept secret (at least in the New World, a later chapter will explain this) can simply be put at risk all because some stupid twat wasn't smart enough to stay the hell away from the obvious danger? You mean to tell me that New York vampire society, a place that is surrounded and well-supplied with nearly every decadence available is willing to hand-wave it all and say, "well guys, we can't mind wipe her because it won't be consensual!" Was that a term in your dumbass Compact? Does no one think this is a horrible idea, or at least enough to say, "fuck what you want, this is a masquerade violation"? When the fuck did vampires care about consent? I get when you have thralls, feeding is a lot easier but fucking hell, you mean to tell me that there's never an instance where they're away and didn't pack a lunch? Do they buy blood from the blood banks? Who controls the blood bank? DOES anyone control the blood bank? That would seem like a pretty handy thing to have, or is that considered off-limits by your stupid Compact? It may not seem like much now, but trust me it gets worse once you meet... Well, I don't want to spoil it just yet. Long story short, the answer to all of this is convenience, and damn, it doesn't get better from here. Anyway, back to the "plot." So Not-Christian Grey thinks it's a bad idea but doesn't give a shit because the vampire boner is strong with this one and he just goes along with it. The two eventually part ways and Lilith crashes back at her place. She's so exhausted by the days events that she doesn't wake until the next night. Not-Heather Poe then informs Lilith that her girlfriend got back with her ex, and that she feels like shit. Honestly, Not-Heather Poe likely going to be the most relatable character in this game. Just a heads up. Lilith decides to do an actual smart and decent thing and takes Not-Heather Poe out for a night of getting shitfaced via tequila shots. Well, if you paid diamonds, that is. Not-Heather Poe and Lilith proceed to get shitfaced and shittalk her new ex and the chapter ends with a strange man watching them. I'm sure he won't be relevant to the plot what so ever.
  15. Choices the Masquerade: Blood Bound

    If you do, be sure to get either the official patch or Clan Quest Mod.