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  1. Elsweyr: Desert of Anequina Remastered

    I went ahead and converted everything just for show, The biggest issue I'm seeing are the FormID's not being retained? I have an old version of Skyblivion I believe it's v0.0.3, @Envy123 Do you know for certain that Skyblivion retains the original FormID's, maybe the Version I have wasn't their main release? perhaps just a test version. I messaged zilav on TESRenewal a few days ago about the tweaked version of Chuvakin, A user on their Discord Server said they used a Modified version of it, Although they didn't get into much detail at all. Anyway here are some Screenshots of Elsweyr Anequina in the Skyrim Engine, I figured I'll post something interesting Just a heads up, Your seeing missing textures since I didn't unpack the Skyblivion texture .bsa
  2. Elsweyr Anequina

    Elsweyr Anequina "Remastered" on the Skyrim Engine.
  3. Translate these Instructions? Seems Impossible? Maybe?

    Yeah, I tried Google Translator but that's good to know about Character Sets I had no idea. Amazing!!!! Thanks Vorians
  4. Well I cannot find out what the below says, They're instruction on how to use a Plugin Converter. Apparently it's Russian but some of the Characters are Czech. I wonder if anyone here can figure out what it says? #xtel_flag =0,1,2 -- ââèäó íå ïîíÿòíûõ îáñòîÿòåëüñòâ, ïðè óñòàíîâëåííîì ôëàãå, Creation Kit èíîãäà ïàäàåò ïðè èíèöèàëèçàöèè ðåôðåíñîâ --- 0-âîîáùå íåò òåëåïîðòîâ, 1-òîëüêî èíòåðüåðû(ðåêîìåíäóåòñÿ), 2-ïîëíîñòüþ åñòü #skyrim_dir -- äèðåêòîðèÿ â êîòîðîé áóäåò ïðîâåðÿòñÿ íàëè÷èå ìîäåëåé #mod_name -- âõîäíîé ôàéë #out_name -- âûõîäíîé ôàéë #convert_type -- óïðàâëåíèå îáüåìîì ïåðåãîíêè, 0-- ïåðåãîíêà òîëüêî ðåñóðñîâ áåç CELL è WRLD òîï ãðóïï, 1-- ïåðåãîíêà áåç ó÷àñòèÿ ðåôðåíñîâ, 2-- ïîëíàÿ ïåðåãîíêà #start_id -- formid ñ êîòîðîãî íà÷íåòñÿ íóìåðàöèÿ(íåëüçÿ áðàòü áîëüøå 10ìëí) --- 500ò áîëüøå ÷åì ìàêñèìàëüíûé ID â ñêàéðèìå Good Luck!!!!!!!!!
  5. Time for a slice of Key Lime Pie and Modding. :)

  6. Elsweyr: Desert of Anequina Remastered

    Definitely! I've followed some of Pelletine in the forums. Seems to me that you continued a rather large portion of Elsweyr in a lore friendly fashion! That's how I like my Mods. An Idea, During the Installation, I could add some Tick Boxes, each box would be the Different mods for Elsweyr (The user would have the option to choose just Elsweyr Anequine, or Elsweyr with Pelletine etc) OR There's always the option of merging all the Elsweyr Mods into one. but I rather have the user decide. @Envy123 On a side note! Theres always the option of Developing Pelletine just like your doing now, But when your ready to release a new version of it, I could convert it to Skyrim and then you could release two Version one for Elsweyr (Oblivion) and another for Elsweyr (Skyrim). Doing it that way would require each Elsweyr Mod to be released separately from Elsweyr Remastered, it may be better doing it that way in the long run, I do know Morroblivion did it that way.
  7. Elsweyr: Desert of Anequina Remastered

    I have access to a Mod Converter that's pretty much the easy part, The Timeline different though could be a issue. Although Anequina would be a Port/Remaster of the Original similar to TESRenewal. In theory I could convert Elsweyr and change the Master file to point to Skyblivion.esm, That way Anequina would be exactly like the Original Anequina in every way except for the obvious newer engine stuff. The only issue I would see are the FormID's not matching. When converting, FormID's are the same as the Original, I just wonder if Skyblivion maintained the original FormID's. I do remember reading something for Morroblivion, about converting Morrowind mods to work in Morroblivion. I assume it should work the same for Skyblivion. I have a small idea that might allow a Remaster, Maybe more of a question to the Admins! Would it be Possible to convert iliana mod, BUT require the user to Download the Original Mod and Own a copy of Oblivion, Basically doing the same thing that TESRenewal is doing with Skyblivion\Morroblivion. I'm sure I could create a installer for it so it checks for a valid Oblivion Directory and possibly make it scan the Oblivion\Data directory for valid files related to Anequina. Just a Idea! figured I'll toss it out there
  8. (SSE) Hammerfell Remastered

    Well, figured I should show off some 3D Model Improvements! The Original one had more of a rough edge, The newer model is much smoother with no performance impacts,
  9. Elsweyr: Desert of Anequina Remastered

    The Original idea was to convert the original mod, with some of zilav's scripts and some custom ones, Although iliana doesn't want the mod "Converted". So now I would have to rebuild everything from scratch basically. If iliana would allow a remaster/convert of Anequina. If iliana allowed it then I could convert Pelletine and other mods that added things to Anequina like Tales from Elsweyr Anequina etc. Technically I already converted Elsweyr just to see if it was possible and i can report that it actually worked better then I thought, but that was just a test and I never released it. Also a little fun fact, Hammerfell R was a converted version of Hammerfell TEG, and that looks good. Imagine Elsweyr! Since a lot of Oblivion Assets/Textures were used I could easily remake most of the Models but the textures would be the only real issue. On another note, I wonder if we could all make a Partition to Remaster Elsweyr Anequina even if it's only a TAL exclusive like the Original is now, and Hopefully iliana would see it.
  10. (SSE) Hammerfell Remastered

    UPDATE!! Rihad is getting a Major Overhaul, I've been incorporating some of the Original Ideas from TR's concept art. I'll post some in-game screenshot in a few weeks once things are more Polished.
  11. Should I buy the iPhone X?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Visceral Moonlight

      Visceral Moonlight

      Matter of preference, really. OLED gives better colors but is harder to see in the sun. :)

    3. Vincent


      If you want a phone with tech from 2015 for $1,000, sure.

    4. Daggerfall Dev

      Daggerfall Dev

      Originally I wanted the OnePlus 5t, but I don't know if I want to get rid of my Apple Watch


  12. [RELz] Hammerfell: Shadows of the Alik'r

    That would be great if you could! haha, I randomly screwed around with TES5Edit and eventually fixed all the errors in the remastered version, I randomly screwed the Construction Set to and look where that got me
  13. [RELz] Hammerfell: Shadows of the Alik'r

    Morroblivion.esm and Hammefell.esm need to be loaded right after Oblivion.esm, So whichever one loads after Oblivion.esm will work fine. But the next in the load order will have many issues like, Missing Land, Cells won't Load, etc. Different Bugs for different people it seems. The Fix? would be unchecking the VXD flags in all the references in Hammerfell.esm. Atleast that's what I was told. I just never got around to unchecking the flags, Since I've been working on Hammerfell R.
  14. [RELz] Hammerfell: Shadows of the Alik'r

    Shadows of the Alik'r is incompatible with "Hammerfell - The Fix" since SOTA changed all of the FormIDs I had a look at Hammerfell SOTA on this site and it appears to be outdated, I honestly forget I had uploaded it I'll upload the new version tonight