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  1. I wish the modern versions of SpeedTree kept compatibility with the older format, would make a world of difference if they did :(

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  2. The First release v1.0 will have Custom Assets that are designed as close to Vanilla Oblivion as possible!

    Custom Music Playlist: using Remastered TES 2 Daggerfall Music!

    Custom Map Markers: Personally Designed by myself “DaggerfallTeam!” Cemetery, Dwemer Ruin & Witch Coven

    Custom Loading Screens

    Custom Quest Markers

    Expanded & Fixed Mr_Siikas Highrock Resources

    Custom Creatures! (WIP)

    1K Textures with 512x512 Normals

    Enhanced Goldmoor Tileset

    Hand-Detailed Alik’r Desert

    Stay Tuned for the Complete Changelog, Once it’s closer to Release!

  3. I’ve been having a issue for that past 3 days :angry: I’m about ready to give up!

    I was trying to convert the “Vermai” creature from TR into Oblivion. I’m follow this Tutorial that specifically deals with “Porting” creatures from Morrowind to Oblivion. I follow it copied everything precisely about 20 times now. Even read up on other Animation tutorials 

    The Animations, Skeleton and Body all seem to Export without issue. But once I’m in the Construction Set, The Body is invisible! It can’t be the textures I exported those with the correct format with the Normals. 

    I have 3ds max 2016 and 3ds max 8, I was using 3ds max 8 for the Animations and max 2016 for the body and skeleton parts. 

  4. I’ve Merged High Rock into Hammerfells Worldspace via xEdit Scripts that ponyrider0 made for TWMP Morroblivion. 

    Its Official that High Rock and Hammerfell will be in the Same Worldspace!

    I also have High Rock Completely Generated! with some More Region Specific edits coming to Hammerfells part of the map! At this point it might as well be called Daggerfall B-) 


    p.s here’s the Map Overview, I finally got it generated thxs to @AndalayBay  tutorial!



  5. On 5/31/2019 at 5:41 AM, Ken said:


    1. Is this "Remastered" Elsweyr Anequina meant to be played by Oblivion, or Skyrim, or Skyblivion?
    2. Will this mod ever really be released? It's May 2019 now.

    1. It would of Required.

    Skyblivion with All it’s Requirements and The Original Elsweyr Mod, The conversation would Happen during the installation and it’ll check for the Requirements. If the requirements were not met then installation would Halt.

    2. Possibly depends on what happens with Skyblivion, Also depends if I can code the Utilities into a “user friendly” GUI

    On 6/2/2019 at 4:42 PM, AndalayBay said:

    Can you imagine writing a program that would convert a mod to a different game? Take a mod like Elsweyr and convert it to Skyrim. Part of the process would be to find the equivalent meshes in Skyrim and convert the Oblivion meshes. So an Azalea bush from Oblivion would become the equivalent in Skyrim, using Skyrim meshes. Still a lot of work cleaning everything up though.

    Actually the Tools exist and work! I never documented, How I’ve succeeded in the conversion of Major Mods like Elsweyr. Although I did document how to Convert meshes into SkyrimSE


    The converter programs resolve alot of issues, There’s actually almost no cleaning up 

    On 6/3/2019 at 4:29 AM, Iliana said:

    Oblivion, on the other hand, felt like a game bursting with modding potential as it had so much relatively undeveloped space to build on and the more generic fantasy setting leant itself to a wider variety of themes. The game's landscapes are also very warm and pretty -- Oblivion is mainly spring and summer, Skyrim is autumn and winter.

    I couldn’t agree more! That’s why I stopped modding for Skyrim and went back to Oblivion.

  6. Introducing a New Texture for Goldmoor! :D

    As you can see by the Graph it was Difficult.... Very Time Consuming.... :X  Still not entirely done still have to fix up some coloring and placement, but it's a sneak peak on what's coming.




    Edit: It's a True 2K Texture since it's still being edited I can downscale it and upscale it without Lose of Quality, This Texture is being rendered at 2K

  7. 2 hours ago, AndalayBay said:

    Always use the quest window to add dialogue. The dialogue window from the NPC window doesn’t work because the dialogue has to be linked to a quest.

    You can have a look at DBC to see how it’s done. Basically you create a quest that’s start game enabled and runs all the time. See DBCAwakeningGenDialog. We don’t have guards, but all the NPC’s have greetings, rumours, etc. I’m not sure if the “production” version of DBC has all the dialogue. One of the fixes in the new release was adding the rest of the dialogue, but hopefully there’s enough to get you going.

    In terms of the arrest stuff, have a look at the crime quest in vanilla. Have a look at a guard and see which quest the dialogue is connected to.

    i tried finding the Guards Quest and it seems like it's not even there. I'll have a look at DBC hopefully I'll figure it out :P