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  1. TES IV: Oblivion, The Content Restoration Project This is something that is in my intrest since a very long time. Orginally I did a mod that this already but it didn't feel right or fleshed out so Im here once again to redo it (the old version will be released soon in German and English) and after doing this thread http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/topic/15537-tes-iv-oblivion-cut-content/?do=findComment&comment=343275 I remember how much still could be in Oblivion, and it is in my intrest to see this content restored! What will this mod do? ~Restored unused Items ~Restored unused Objects ~Lots of Items that weren't orginally playable are it now and are fixed up to make those Items legit ~Restored Quests (only if someone would help me) ~Restored Dialoge (once again if someone can help me there) ~Restored unused/unreachable Places ~Restored unobtainable and unused Spells ~Restored unused Creatures ~And some things I forgot and will add later on or so Screenshots: ~None yet~ Credits: ~None yet~ Downloads: ~None yet~ Every help is appreciated Online Changelog: (This will be updated from time to time even if the project is not released yet so you guys can know what Im doing) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ukbuv0jgvwh42cu/Changelog.txt?dl=0
  2. TES IV Oblivion: Cut Content

    Unused Item Icons #1 An alternate Amulett of the Kings Icon. An icon for the Blindfold wich is a hairstyle in the final game, in a eariler build it was a item. (no this images are not duplicates, the icons are minimal different) The Mythic Dawn Armor was meant to be playable once! These icons are not assigned to the item also the helmet doesn't have a mask. In the trailer of Oblivion you can see that the Mythic Dawn Helmet had once no Mask, by removing the mask from the .nif file you get the exact same result as seen in the trailer.
  3. TES IV Oblivion: Cut Content

    Placeholder Icons Armor
  4. TES IV Oblivion: Cut Content

    Placeholder Icons Weapons
  5. TES IV Oblivion: Cut Content

    Unused Icons #1 Placeholder Icons An early version of the blades helmet icon. An early version of the blades shield icon. An early version of the Steel Axe icon. An early version of the Steel Sword Icon. An early version of the Steel Warhammer Icon. The default icon for magic if the player has no spells wich is impossible to see without modding, the icon can be seen in a early gameplay footage of Bethesda.
  6. TES IV Oblivion: Cut Content

    theres a lot more to show ___________________________ So today I edited my oblivion ps3 save to be in the E3 Version of Kvatch and appearently they deleted lots of objects and stuff from the console version, I thought that is worth mentioning.
  7. TES IV Oblivion: Cut Content

    First 2 things I will show off, this is a really really small preview of what I have found but most dont know about Unused Meshes #1 Minotaur Test Mesh (normally the textures are missing but I applied the standart minotaur textures to it) The missing texture path: textures\creatures\minotaur\MinotaurWife.dds Appearently Bethesda planned to do a female version of the Minotaur. Akaviri Weapon Test Mesh Not much to say here, a early version of the Akaviri Katana.
  8. News: Im completly redoing this project and I posted a new "screenshot" in the gallery
  9. From the album Renoah

    Im completly redoing this guys
  10. Renoah

    Here I will post screenshots of my project Renoah
  11. City Concept 03

    we need to realize that one 1:1
  12. could I do a mod for Oblivion (ofc) that sells the Not allowed 101 in every bookstore in cyrodill? xD
  13. but hey you proceed, didnt you? :I
  14. Thanks and I hope your grades are good!
  15. Thats good to hear And yes ofc Hope you get better soon!
  16. Desert Assets (houses palms), maybe also new armos weapon and clutter u know
  17. Youre so nice, thank you O.O