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  1. Guys pls help, anyone here knows good desert resources and houses?I really need more objects for my mod
  2. sorry for this damn late reply, I dont check the forums rly often...Well I hope you can
  3. http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/gallery/image/6823-preview/
  4. Preview

    From the album Renoah

    the 1st Preview of the new version
  5. Update: Im trying to improve the quality of my mod right now! When i think its good enough there will be definetly some screens but tbh the old screens suck...
  6. Yep^ @AndalayBay I will definetly will do this when I think Im ready to post some screens
  7. again im here to tell u guys that the mod is in progress
  8. just saying, the project is still alive
  9. I was gonna do that soon
  10. Paid Mods for Skyrim

    GG Bethesda,I think the idea is good but it can turn out that you must pay for every little mod because the author wants it so
  11. Desert Project

    By Nex