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  1. Neat. Just one thing to mention: the two bytes before the actual ID after the field name denote the length of the ID so those may need to be updated as well. :)

    thank you, just to be sure, can you show me a screencap of the exact area, I might be confused haha

  2. TES IV: Oblivion, The Content Restoration Project

    This is something that is in my intrest since a very long time.


    Orginally I did a mod that this already but it didn't feel right or fleshed out so Im here once again to redo it (the old version will be released soon in German and English) and after doing this thread http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/topic/15537-tes-iv-oblivion-cut-content/?do=findComment&comment=343275 I remember how much still could be in Oblivion, and it is in my intrest to see this content restored!


    What will this mod do?

    ~Restored unused Items

    ~Restored unused Objects

    ~Lots of Items that weren't orginally playable are it now and are fixed up to make those Items legit

    ~Restored Quests (only if someone would help me)

    ~Restored Dialoge (once again if someone can help me there)

    ~Restored unused/unreachable Places

    ~Restored unobtainable and unused Spells

    ~Restored unused Creatures

    ~And some things I forgot and will add later on or so ;)



    ~None yet~



    ~None yet~



    ~None yet~


    Every help is appreciated


    Online Changelog: (This will be updated from time to time even if the project is not released yet so you guys can know what Im doing)


  3. Unused Item Icons #1

    An alternate Amulett of the Kings Icon.
    An icon for the Blindfold wich is a hairstyle in the final game, in a eariler build it was a item.
    (no this images are not duplicates, the icons are minimal different)
    The Mythic Dawn Armor was meant to be playable once! These icons are not assigned to the item also the helmet doesn't have a mask.
    In the trailer of Oblivion you can see that the Mythic Dawn Helmet had once no Mask, by removing the mask from the .nif file you get the exact same result as seen in the trailer.