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  1. Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE v4

    I understand your intent and i know you are not insulting me. Simply i will not provide a guide over the existing because i have done enough. If somebody wants to help, i appreciate. The core of a shader technique is the same for OR like any other shader system and generally many settings are described in many guides. Explain a setting well is pretty impossible because it is very technical. You can find for example the DoF technique here: http://amd-dev.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wordpress/media/2012/10/Scheuermann_DepthOfField.pdf and understand how it works and what settings do. The OR's core is the dll that hacks the Oblivion's code. The esp is used to do some things in a easier way (for example it requires time to make an ingame menu by the dll code) and contains only scripts. There is no reason to attach the Oblivon.esm as master if you need to write only scripts. The esm is required only when you want to change objects (like the cells, weather, etc). The old OR's version (like OBGE did) changed some Oblivion water settings by the esp (using the master), but this stopped the compatibility with Nehrim (for example) and conflicted with other water mods (even if i said clearly you must not use other water mods). Also problems occurred if a mod added a new type of water. So, in new version i do that via code, overriding any other mod that adds/changes the water and it is fully compatible with overhauls.
  2. Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE v4

    Feel free to implement the documentation as you prefer.
  3. Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE v4

    1. No. Try to work on settings, OR provides configuration for exteriors and interiors. 2. The easiest thing is the ingame menu. Change the values there and you see what happens at runtime without to know directly what a param does by the manual. 3. I could provide to add the location directly to the ini without adding it manually.
  4. Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE v4

    OR v2.2 released.
  5. Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE v4

    I should publish the new release in few days.
  6. Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE v4

    Oblivion is written in C++. Classes dont exist in C. Every OBSE plugin (and OBSE too) is written in C++. You can use C and C++ at the same time. For a game, it is better to use C when possible to have a fast access and performance (for example a memcmp is a long better than a std::string compare). C > common language and pure code (unsafe code) - all architectures and IDEs C++ > pure code plus class structures (unsafe code) - all architectures and several IDEs C++.NET > pure code plus class structures plus graphics interface access control mixed mode (safe and unsafe code) - only microsoft visual studio C#.NET > pure code plus class structures plus graphics interface access control, mixed mode (auto garbage collector, framework based, safe and unsafe code) - only microsoft visual studio If you call a framework function, the function executes a series of instruction and finally a C pure instruction. Using it directly result in a high/better performance. C is the nearest language to the processor instructions (ASM) but it is complex and often it requires lot of code to do a thing while you can do it in one line of code with other methods (but often slower). You need to choose a good compromise while developing. A function called every frame must be as fast as possible, while for other things a different method can be better.
  7. Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE v4

    ahah......yeah thats right
  8. Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE v4

    New OR is out! And the source code too! https://github.com/Alenett?tab=repositories Have fun!
  9. Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE v4

    Sure. OR supports Nehrim but you need to change the esp. The next release will support Nehrim and any other mod that changes/adds water types automatically by code (no more special esp needed). Obviously yes. OR has the LHDR and POM. Shaders from OBGE have been ported and fixed. You can find all the specifications in the OR's documentation.
  10. Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE v4

    @Leonardo: yes. OR is 4 time faster. You dont notice it very well on a non-modded game but you notice it very well if you have a heavy modded game, specially if you use UL and RAEVWD (OBGE: 10-20 fps with a grid at 25, OR over 40 fps with grid at 50). The OR's code is very light. It patches the code only where needing. I spent a lot of time to reverse the Oblivion's code and know how it works before to write OR. Also the effects have several optimizations. AO for example is pretty good and it doesnt need so many resources like HBAO. Also OR has several new effects, like for example the Snow Accumulation while snowing or the water on lens when you get out of the water. OR ensures the compatibility with AN and every mod and overhaul and is able to manage the MSAA (multisampling antialiasing) + HDR; the last revision (it is coming in this month) supports ENB with FULL compatibility. I tested it on NVIDIA and ATI without problem and to see the water shaders, skin, precipitations etc.....with ENB effects gives a great graphics impression. OR is also a patch for other things (not only graphics) so it solves a series of game bugs and unlock the REAL mounted combat! There is no "fake" or workaround in OR, only real patches. And while OBGE uses some specific values for the shaders/effects inside the effects itself (and you need to change them in the effects but they are fixed during the gameplay), OR provides a great ingame menu where you can change a lot of things but the great things is that they are totally combined with the game values (example you can power the godrays effect but they are combined with the type of the current weather and its sunglare, so if it is raining the godrays will be automatically reduced; for example godrays are also rendered using the sky color of the current sunset/sunrise). OR hacks also the "famous" limit of the grass. I rewrite the grass engine, OR is able to draw the grass over the 8192 units (it is not a simple value to hack; the Oblivion's grass function provides the rendering only in the 3x3 grid around the Player, not over). This made OR totally integrated in the game like a "real" Bethesda patch. I called it Oblivion Reloaded, because it really "reloads" Oblivion, not only for graphics that anyway is the main core.
  11. Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE v4

    Let's try. OR works directly on the Oblivion code, while ENB and any other injector uses the directx device, so they cannot be accurate and fast. I developed OR with this concept: "let Oblivion does the work". It means to avoid to write "redundant" things with the Oblivion's code but reversing the code to understand where to place a fix, a mod, or a patch. OR has several options and it changes a lot of things (it patches the code). If we speak about the rendering, OR has two main features. The first is the shaders injection and the second the effects rendering. OR hooks when Oblivion loads the shaders and if a shader is found in the OblivionReloaded shader folder, OR replaces the vanilla shader with the new one. So when Oblivion runs the shader, it "thinks" to run its shader but an other shader is run. It is not simple to write new shaders because in Oblivion there isnt a single shader to render a thing (for example for the skin they are more then 10). There are several passes with different shaders and they can be different when you are under certain lights or time of the day. The effects are totally a bonus. They are full screen effects rendered when the image is finished by the shaders but BEFORE the HUD. This is very important to avoid to apply the effect on the HUD. The render engine is inside OR. Many effects are in OR, but you can add how many custom effects you want, enabling the custom effects engine. You can place the effects in the Custom folder and manage them by an esp and the OR commands. An other great feature is the frame manager. Only OR is able to manage the distant objects rendering and render them dynamically according the fps. I drew an interesting explanation (Grid.jpg) in the OR documentation about how the call grids work in Oblivion.
  12. Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE v4

    Oblivion Reloaded support thread. Post here what you need to know about the new OBGE 4 and the Oblivion's rendering pipeline.