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  1. You know those mods that add silly tasks that you can do that often take vast amounts of time to perform mundane actions and ultimately lead to very little real reward? You know mods like Crafty-bits, mods that add immersive tasks allowing you to perform everyday actions, those silly wastes of time... well I for one happen to adore those mods! This is one of them... ObliviLife - A Fantasy Life is a mod that aims to add a whole bunch of immersive things for your to do, this ranges from move-able furniture pieces for decorating your house to gambling mini games with dice and unique card games all the way from the Bretons of High Rock, as well as a system for being able to set up shop and peddle your good to any nearby NPCs, offering them prices for goods they are interested in and then having them haggle with you till you both agree or one of you gets fed up and decides they have better things to do with their time. In the future I also plan to include farming, animal raising and cooking elements, which will likely also mean a FOMO Auxiliary for Crafty-bits... we will see... The mod also includes a full Artisans Guild Hall where various artisans of Cyrodiil have have their apprentices sell their wares in bulk as they practice their crafts, from there you will be able to purchase the afore mentioned move-able and place-able furniture/lights/thingamabobs. Technically speaking like many of the other mods I have wrote about recently this is also ready for release, however like with those mods I feel I will wait till a few more features are added before I see about an official release. As always I will leave you with a few screenshots, this time they are of the Artisan's Guild Hall just up the road from the East Docks District: Guildhall Hallways Artisan's Guild Coopers' Workshop Artisan's Guild Carpenters' and Joiners' Workshop Artisan's Guild Potters' Workshop Artisan's Guild Chandlers' Workshop Artisan's Guild Locksmiths' Workshop More Screenshots of FOMO ObliviLife I know it is likely there isn't much of a demand for this kind of mod, even though I adore them so much, how do you guys feel about it? Which aspect of the mod sounds like it might pique your interest? Any more immersive activities you want to suggest I try adding in? I am eager to hear it all ^^.
  2. [WIP] FOMO ObliviLife - A Fantasy Life

    Hey RavenMind, Thanks for the support, it is always nice to hear people share our interest in bringing these kinds of silly "boring" things to the game ^^. The conversation moved over to the proper FOMO Craftybits sub-forum after it was established, you can follow the progress better there, tho recently there hasn't been much posting, worry not though as work is still being done ^^! Link to FOMO Craftybits
  3. FOMO Imperial Isles - Heart Of The Empire

    Hmmm no I don't think so, this is on the UL+BC version or the pure BC version? I never personally did any work on the Waterfront Island so it is possible I could have missed something, though I've never seen this in-game, I'll look into it before the next release. Thanks for pointing out another thing to look out for ^^.
  4. FOMO Imperial Isles - Heart Of The Empire

    Hey DarkPheonix, Thanks for making the trip over here ^^/ I really do need to update the released version over at the Nexus there are several minor errors like the lake that have been pointed out and fixed (though this is surprising the the first time I have heard about the UL - II master for the Better Cities Only version so thanks for filling me in on that ^^), I've simply been too absorbed in pushing other mods further along their development to take some time off to go back and finalise the changes for a much needed update, I will be sure to get around to it some time soon though. Thanks again for going out of your way to point out the issue ^^.
  5. Hey Kamui, Thanks a lot for the links, I can't believe I missed the issue in Cute Elves! I'll get to fixing these asap, haven't had too much time on my hand recently unfortunately.
  6. Hey Kamui thanks for the support ^^. I'll look into the non HGEC/Robert's Male skins for the Mystic Elves races, I should be able to find the appropriate replacements. Thanks for finding the missing skin textures on the Tattooed Nords I must have forgotten to add those files to the upload (Given the amount of stuff, I think one missing set of skin textures is not too bad of an initial release ^^). Currently working on an eyes expansion for FOMO R&C as a separate mod, but hopefully I'll be able to make it fully merge-able like with the EDD expansion stores so it won't take additional .esp slots, and I'll definitely in the suggested eyes. The expansion should release after another EDD store expansion or two (Which are completed and just need some fine tuning and checking) but well before any major projects like FOMO Skyrim is shipped out, so it should be out sometime soon. Sadly concerning Moonshadow Elves, I haven't been able to reach the original author of the original mod (I actually tracked him down quite far but he has not responded) and thus I wasn't able to include the race, maybe in the future I'll consider adding it with a disclaimer that it will be removed from the mod if the author asks for this, but for now unfortunately it isn't likely to be added in. Thanks a lot for your feedback, really do appreciate it, keep an eye out for more FOMO mods in the future! Naturally if you run into any other issues or have further suggestions for this or other FOMO mods to let me know ^^.
  7. Just an update: So it seems FOMO R&C is in fact completely compatible with OCOv2, and it may also help fix compatibility issues between OCO and MBP++ ^^! I'll look into patches for getting EVERYTHING installed all at once in the near future but currently it is as follows: FOMO R&C + Cobl Races + Whatever other race mods + (OCOv2 OR MBP + EGU)
  8. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    Always nice to hear about up coming updates large or small ^^.
  9. And... we finally decided to just go and release on Nexus mods, here is the link as usual: FOMO Races And Cosmetics Nexus Mods Page Edit: I forgot to mention, for the first couple of weeks I am offering to convert any Companions from Companion Mods over to work with FOMO R&C if their race is included in FOMO R&C, I will promptly convert their requirement and post the altered esp here at TAL (assuming I don't get too many requests, though I doubt too many people will switch to FOMO R&C that fast). If you would like some companions converted please give me a link to the companion mod or your custom companion esp file as well as the desired hair and eyes for each companion included in the mod. Just a little something I figured I might do to help build a collection of FOMO R&C based companions and to take one worry off people who aren't as adept at modding but would like to switch and keep their old companions as well.
  10. Ooops, I missed the installation instructions... For anyone who downloaded before 3:00 PM 02/04 TAL server time you may be missing some files that come from the links in the description (i.e. in the installation section here on the download page), the authors of those mods asked that I link to their sites for the resources rather than upload them elsewhere, given that the work that comes from those sites are top quality stuff I think it is well worth the extra bit of installation effort. Sorry for the mix up there, after all the times uploading for just testers who already had those files it simply slipped my mind that they are needed for a full fresh install ^^'.
  11. Version 1.00


    FOMO Races And Cosmetics is, as the full title suggests, is a rather comprehensive collection of lore-friendly / lore-believable race mods and a near all inclusive collection of hairs as well as a fairly large collection of eyes created over many years by many talented modders of the Oblivion modding community and beyond! = Download the main resources archive Some of the modders that contributed to the compilation have asked that while their content can be included it must be downloaded from their sites, not much of an ask really considering the work they put in to make these lovely creations: = Download Max's hair packs: The following links are to Maxim's site, where you can find the lovingly created mods of Maxim and DustinFlan. The download links are near the bottom of the post, just before the comments. - Cazy Hair Pack - Newsea Hair Pack - Skysims Hair Pack - Lapiz Hair Pack - Kijiko Hair Pack - Skyhair Hair Pack = Download MissAniThrope's Kawa-Beasts - Kawa-Beasts = Install the resources from each of the downloaded archives however you like, remove any esps that come with any of these downloads. = Download and install FOMO Races and Cosmetics.esp And you're done! This is the download page, for more information please follow the link to the FOMO Race's And Cosmetics Main Page and to discuss the mod further or to have any questions answered please follow this link to the General Discussion Page. It would also be sure to check the Frequently Asked Questions section!
  12. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I certainly like the idea, while personally I would most definitely prefer to play with the setting off, it would be of great help to many without a doubt. Sadly I don't think I will have the time to give it a play test immediately (given how my game set up is currently), hopefully someone else will jump on the chance to check it out.
  13. Initial Release! Well it only took close to an year of delays but FOMO Races And Cosmetics is FINALLY released here at TAL! Added a link to the Download in the Main Description page if you want to go check it out ^^! The mod is not only compatible with Cobl Races, Modular Beautiful People ++ (and other MBP mods), and Enhanced Genetics Overhaul the patches allow you to use all of the mods together! (They previously had some issue or another with each other). Be warned however that some MBP races are effected strangely by Enhanced Genetics Overhaul, though these are generally races like Orges and the Mo Tang, if there is enough interest in it a patch can be made to fix this ^^. If you have any comments or questions, please do post them here. I'll throw this up on the Nexus shortly (within a day or two).
  14. [WIP] FOMO World Map - Tamriel And Beyond

    Oh naturally, I very much plan on it ^^!
  15. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    Wow looking absolutely amazing, I've been away from modding (mostly) the last month or so, glad to see things are progressing well over on your end, more excited than ever for Hammerfell now ^^!
  16. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    That is a lesson I tend to find myself "learning" constantly it seems ^^'. Glad to hear it was sorted.
  17. [WIP] FOMO World Map - Tamriel And Beyond

    Just another update to the WIP Nirn Map, here is the current state: Link to full resolution version on DeviantArt: Its HUGE!!
  18. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    Time to drop TWMP Valenwood Improved I guess. Congratulations on the initial release Envy ^^!
  19. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    Sounds amazing Envy, very excited to go have a look ^^! Shame you cut partridge in the pear tree though
  20. Hey folks, just a small matter I would appreciate your opinions on. You may have noticed the breaking up of the download of Fomo Main's Resources into several 200mb size archives, I was wondering if this was a bother or a help to those who need to download the mod, the thinking was that: 1) It is small enough for Nexus to be able to virus scan each archive 2) If there was a mistake on my part in one of the packs only 200mb needs to be redownloaded 3) It is more convenient for people who don't have stable or fast download speeds 4) There is less chance of corruption during the download 5) It just looks nicer when each pack is a round 200mb, once pack IV gets to 200 (If it does) we can just start on pack V If no one thinks it is too much of a bother to simply have one large download I will upload the next big mod (as well as those after it) as just one big resource archive + a update archive as is traditionally done. Breaking the resources up into neat 200mb size sets is actually fairly bothersome as you can not predict exactly what size a set of files will compress to, as such at this point I can see why no one bothers doing it ^^". All that being said the question in the end is, should I take the time to break up the resource sets for upcoming mod releases? It would help to know sooner rather than later as I plan to release Fomo Races & Cosmetics soon and compressed that comes to a little over 1gb.
  21. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    That soon! I am quite excited to have a run around in the alpha now ^^. You and Usher are really going for it, I need to keep up too >.<!
  22. Glad you like them, I didn't want to spend too much time on taking screenshots so I didn't bother to fix up the faces of the races in the shots, naturally with a little love they can look even better ^^! If I recall correctly currently there are 500+ hair options (it might actually be a lot more ^^"). Hopefully FOMO R & C will be able to give players a more lore-friendly race compilation that they can be happy with ^^.
  23. Uploaded a few screenshots to the FOMO R & C main page and a ton of sceenshots to my Deviant Art page for anyone who might be interested in taking a peek. Still looking for more testers by the way, if you wouldn't mind having a bunch more races, eyes and a ton more hairs to play around with let me know ^^. The more testers the better, I just want to make sure this plays as well on everyone else's set ups as well as it does on mine. If someone is currently running MBP that would be even better as I want to know how this plays with MBP/MBP ++2ch.
  24. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    Always happy to help, and always glad to see tips so graciously accepted ^^.
  25. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    Looks like it is coming along nicely ^^b. Though remember that performance loss is based on variety of stuff not the amount of stuff. So try to keep the number of different meshes and textures loaded at a time low and then feel free to go nuts with the amount of stuff you actually put down. Obviously this is particularly hard for town areas where signs are involved, try to minimise the amount of signs used in the Tamriel worldspace. As for the docks try to have only maybe two or three different TYPES of ships but as many of each as you want, or if you want to have more types try to make sure that they use common textures so that only the weight of the mesh is an additional strain on the system. All in all just try and keep count of the resources you are eating up and try not to get carried away with smaller decorative bits (e.g. flora), try to have a few you picked out that suit the theme of the city and use them a lot rather than throwing too much variety in there and lagging the place to all hell ^^". Also be careful you don't make areas too flat, it looks very unnatural, obviously courtyards are flat, but even those small grass patches where the palms grow could be raised or lowered in places even the tiniest bit and it would make a huge difference, just my two cents as always. Looking forward to more progress as always ^^.