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  1. Moving along slowly over here. I have mostly been focusing on my Summerset Isles recently (That all finishing up all my other mods so I can focus on the big two). Much progress for the Summerset Isles though, I should probably upload some screenshots soon ^^". However Amoebaman has made a lot of progress on Wayrest city for FOMO High Rock, I think he has some screenshots as well but just hasn't uploaded them yet. Have no worries, we will get there ^^.
  2. Heh heh I know how that goes, hopefully you will manage to get your head around the new material without too much hassle ^^.
  3. Ummm extra ram, sounds delightful. Though I am still running 8gb myself here, I guess compressing a 5gb file is actually a case where more than 8gb of RAM would actually have a use. Then again I wish I had more RAM on this comp when I am working on that dang Tamriel map, it maxes out right on opening (obviously the 15mb .dds version is very tame compared to 300mb actual .pdn file ^^'). I guess I will do some clean up of the .esp and start on uploading those resources for you in a few days, no rush after all ^^. Since you will have all the resources you might as well go have a play around with FOMO R&C, no need to stress test it if you don't have the spare time, just see if you can't see the races/hairs/eyes and make a character, though the amount of choice might drive you a bit crazy ^^'. It is basically in it's initial release state right now, so you should be able to make new characters without any worry about losing compatibility with future versions ^^. One other thing... The other mod that will follow FOMO Races and Cosmetics, i.e. FOMO Companions, is as you may have guessed a mod that adds various companions via the CM Companions system. The most important part of the mod really is not the companions but the additional features that come with it for any and all CM based companions (Really it only adds companions for the sake of saving me an additional esp for my own custom companions ^^"). I have always been bothered by the fact that even if I am role-playing as a less significant part of the party, (say a simple rogue for example) the entire group would still have to follow me around as I lead the charge, so naturally the first thing I added was the ability to have any CM companion lead the party for a change! You can set locations via any map markers on the map or using your current location or using your current quest targets and then tell your companions to lead/escort you to these locations, or you can simply send them off on their own and tell them to meet up with you at some far away location! When I play I prefer to treat companions as actual partners rather than meat shields or the hired help (unless they are actually the hire help, i.e Fighters Guild or other mercenaries ^^), as such it pains me to see companions go unconscious, honestly I would rather my own character die and have to reload (the fact that I have unconscious time set to five minutes and often keep some companions as unessential might also be contributing factors). When you are just going around with one companion it is easy enough to keep them safe, but when the group gets larger (for example when I am playing my Legionary) you can't be everywhere at once, and this is where the new command key comes in! The command key (currently B) lets you select companions and then give them orders based on what the target is quickly. If the target is an enemy they will go attack it (so you can send companions to support each other or focus a dangerous enemies) or if the target is a friendly and the selected companion can heal they will go heal the target! (I also wanted this to be able to tell companions to run away, but I never quite worked out all the technical aspects of the feature) I bring FOMO Companions and its current features up because I want to know if there is anything anyone else here at TAL would like companions to be able to do? The above two basically covered my own biggest two gripes, but further feature requests are most welcome ^^.
  4. Sorry for the late reply ^^'. Being someone with an abysmal upload rate myself I know it is no small thing you are offering, so thanks in advance ^^. That being said the files for R&C come to be about 5.2gb uncompressed, so 1gbish compressed seems quite decent I think, or do you think you might be able to reduce it further safely? If you think it is worth a shot let me know and I can begin the ever so slow upload of the current 1gb compressed version ^^'.
  5. Well there are several reasons to keep FOMO R&C separated from FOMO Main (Organisational reasons as you mentioned as well as others), core among them being that having the two combined would greatly effect FOMO Mains compatibility with several mods and naturally I want to keep FOMO Main 100% compatible with all mods as long as possible. You are correct in saying that it is integral to the desired experience, I simply worry that it might be a heavy ask for many to install. FOMO Summerset already has a close to 4gb in size (Uncompressed) on top of the 600mb (Compressed) from FOMO Main and FOMO R&C is about 1gb (Compressed) as well. But I suppose it should be understood that a new province with all its unique assets would come with such a requirement so I guess those that can't commit that space will simply have to miss out. The real concern is only that I am not sure how popular OCO is among players who actually like to install a lot of mods (since OCO does not get along with many things), I had always assumed it was mostly used in lighter installs thought I may be mistaken? Just to be clear I do think OCO is an amazing piece of work, and it is definitely a must have for simpler installs, but it just doesn't suit the heavy set-ups that FOMO is gear towards (In that way both are similar though I suspect there is a far small crowd in the camp of heavy modders ^^"). I appreciate the support on the decision VM, and I think you put it quite well in saying that it is "integral to the desired experience". I had been considering making it so that there would be a light version removed from FOMO R&C with heavy recommendations to play the R&C dependent version, but as you made it clear to me that would damage the integrity of the project just to appeal to more people, as such I will move forward with full conviction behind the R&C path ^^.
  6. FOMO Moments - A Pose Mod

    Version 1.00


    FOMO Moments as you may have guessed is in fact a Posing mod that allows access to a host of interesting poses all in one neat package with just one esp! The mod also tidies up the mess of having so many pose mods with an in game manager that allows you to only have the the pose mods you want for each specific character. FOMO Moments also cleans up the scripts of all added pose mods and updates to the conventions of the current OBSE. Furthermore if you want to know at a quick glance what each pose will look like without having to manually try each out, you can visit the Beyond The Pages bookstore in the East Docks District where you can purchase (Or take for free) copies of various posing Guide Books (Or you can have them added to your inventory via the FOMO Moments Menu Marble, however this does not add all purchasable guide books, only those that contain poses included in FOMO Moments). All of the below pose mods are included in FOMO Moments: Actors In Charge Actors In Emotion Actors In Maddness Goma Pose 01 - 17 OSR Poses 01 - 03 CTAddPose Gaff 01 - 02 Halo Pose Halo Pin Ups 01 - 03 Halo Uguu~ Sexy Witch Poses NaRae Pose 01 - 02 Chain It CTAddPose Le 01 - 02 CTAddPose v_1 CTAddPose Ordinary CTAddPose Bkasou A Total of around 3000 poses to pick your favourites from! - FOMO Main - OBSE - Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeletons This mod is compatible with everything! - Download FOMO Moments archive - If you are using Wyre Bash throw the Archive into the Installers Folder (Generally...\Oblivion\Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers) and install it. If you are installing manually (Boo~), just extract the Archive as you normally would to your data folder. - Activate FOMO Moments - A Pose Mod.esp. - Run BOSS to fix your load order And... you're done ^^! This mod contains assets and the loving works of many modders other than myself along side my own works, so I can not grant anyone permission to take parts of this mod for their own mods. However if you are interested in any assets you can refer to the Credits section to see if you can track down the creators of specific content. Contact: While I will naturally keep and eye out for comments on these mods, if I don't respond for some time first try posting in the FOMO Main General Discussion thread, if that fails try sending me a private message here at The Assimilation Lab.
  7. = = Link Back To Races And Cosmetics Description Page = = With the months flying by and my bank of mods slowly being released it won't be long before I have to release this as well especially considering that as with FOMO Main before it FOMO R&C will be required for some of the future FOMO mods (One obviously example being FOMO Companions, more on that one soon). As things are now the plan is to have it also be required for the two major province mods FOMO High Rock and FOMO Summerset Isles, while this will alienate OCO players I feel like it will give us much more to work with in those provinces. I would really like to know what the thoughts of TAL residents are concerning this decision. On another note, if someone is willing and able to help test this that would also be a huge help, be warned however that it will probably be a fairly sizeable download ^^'. If there are suggestions for inclusion, possibly still open for some of that too, though it probably already has more than enough ^^'.
  8. I had long wanted to put together a collection of races that was lore-friendly (Or at worst lore-believe-able) bringing together the quality races crafted by the community into a collection that made them feel like they could have always been part of Tamriel, after much work, this is that collection! As with many other aspects of Oblivion Race mods and other cosmetic mods were things I often skipped over because I simply could not afford them the space needed on my load order, compilations like MBP didn't quite suit me as while they included very well crafted races, they seemed too far removed from the rest of the NPCs of the world, personally I always want the characters in my little tales to feel like tiny parts of a larger world, and so FOMO R&C was put together. FOMO Races And Cosmetics is, as full title suggests, is a rather comprehensive collection of lore-friendly race mods and a near all inclusive collection of hairs as well as a fairly large collection of eyes created over many years by many talented modders of the Oblivion modding community and beyond! The mod has five main goals: - To bring a host of previously difficult to obtain content together and apply it across all included races - To add various new races as needed for various FOMO project mods - To massively reduce the esp requirement of having so many race / hair and eye mods - To allow for more interplay between races and have custom races be more recognised by NPCs - And finally to act as another resource pack of sorts for future FOMO projects, much like how FOMO Main fuels other FOMO Mods, FOMO R&C will greatly add more depth to larger FOMO projects! Furthermore some races also have updates and fixes as well as small tweaks to make them more lore-friendly. For example the Terimer are cast as an Elven people hailing from High Rock that live less sedentary lives travelling the woodlands and from place to place. Their weariness of other races caused them to diverge from their Breton cousins. Much like the Argonians and Khajiit lore-wise the Bretons are very diverse to begin with, some appearing far more elven and other far more human, closer to the Western Reach many Bretons are even as large and physically imposing as Nords, as such a race of pale freckled elves being among the inhabitants of High Rock is very much lore-believable. Below is not the full list of what is included, for a COMPLETE list refer to the credits section. Races : - Abriael Human Races Revamped - CD Half Orcs - Lattamer V3 - DK High Imperials - Cute Elves - KFME V4 REV - Saram - Nobody - KawaBeasts - Terimer Race - Ancient Elven Sorcerer - Ancient Elven Sorceress - Raven Elves - Dark Raven Elves - Faun - Satyr And More! Hairs : - Babe Hair - Male Hair Mod - Braided Redguard Hair - Coolsims Hair Pack - Cazy Hair Pack - Kijiko Hair Pack - Lapiz Hair Pack - Newsea Hair Pack - Skyhair - Skysims Hair Pack - Ren's Beauty Pack (Also contains Races) - RE4 Leons Haircut - ThrottleKittys Hair Pack 01 - Bald Hairstyle - Cazy Hair Pack - HISSSA Hairs (HS Hairs) - 2CH Hairs - KumaKumaKokuma Hairs - VanillaBeans Hairs - Fallen20 Hairs - RAN46 Hairs - Soya Hairs - idkrrr Hairs (Corean & Saram & Sulhwa) And Much more! Eyes : - Capucines Character Expansion (Also contains Hairs and Races) - Flonne Eyes - GeeChan's Eyes As well as all the eyes included with all the aforementioned race mods! As these race mods are all brought together they are able to share their own unique hairs and eyes as appropriate with all the other races, resulting in a truly massive collection! - FOMO Main - OBSE It should end up being compatible with every race and cosmetics mod including the various versions of MBP, EGO and OCO (This was just recently confirmed!). Furthermore it also help remove incompatibilities between these major race mods, making everything possible except MBP + OCO which will I will work on fixing in the future. Post any comments or questions about FOMO R&C over here: General Discussion = = Nexus Mods Page = = = = TAL Download Link = =
  9. = = = Screen Shots = = = Some Included Races
  10. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    Oh it is that far along already? Glad to hear you have been making some great progress ^^.
  11. = = = = Fomo CraftyBits = = = = This is the place to post any general feedback, suggestions, etc... if you want to join the team as a modder or tester and help make CraftyBits even better simply let us know ^^.
  12. Just released two new store expansions for the East Docks District over at Nexus Mods intended to further lower esp counts (Both take a total of 0 esp slots due to being fully merge-able) and add some new content as well: East Docks District Expansion - Nailflan Store and East Docks District Expansion - Tona Store These two aren't really for everybody since it is Mostly just female clothing (Though there is actually a bunch of other nice misc equipment included in the Tona Store). If your interested in these do check them out ^^!
  13. I don't mind one bit ^^! Though some authors did specify some things needed to stay on the Nexus, so I just want to go back and double check which parts included in which mods should be hosted just on the Nexus, and naturally if needed go around and ask if TAL can be an exception. So it might be a bit before it is all sorted out, but we will get there ^^.
  14. Thanks I appreciate the support ^^. Though it is still a bit soon to celebrate, not the end of the month yet. Seems not many people actually bother voting for files of the month (At least for Oblivion mods any way). Honestly I am surprised FOMO Imperial Isles got more votes that FOMO Main ^^'. Regardless it is nice that the projects initial release was well received, hopefully it will lead to people being more interested in future releases than they would otherwise have been ^^.
  15. Hmm so the bug is definitely there in 811.4 as well? It may be a side effect of one of the other fixes to soups, you should be sure to let Munch know.
  16. Hey again Reaper, Glad your missing mesh issue was solved ^^. As much as I would like to help with the recipe bug, Munch would be able to find and fix it much faster if there is an issue so it is best to post your bug report in the usual Bug Report thread. Here is the link to save you some time: CB 0.811 Bug Reports We really appreciate your help testing all the scripts, it means a lot ^^.
  17. [WIP] FOMO ObliviLife - A Fantasy Life

    Heh heh, silly things like that happen every now and then. Glad you got it working in the end, and to see that there was only a short gap between those two posts (I.e. you didn't end up burning too much time on the issue).
  18. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    Heh heh seems you posted this here as well by mistake Reaper ^^'. I responded over on the Fomo Main General Discussion thread. Please follow the link: FOMO Main General Discussion
  19. It sounds like you forgot to install the resources for either Fomo Main or Fomo Imperial Isle? There are a total of four resource sets for Fomo Main you can find on the Nexus page and one resource set for Fomo Imperial Isles. Hope this was the issue ^^. I assume by showing yellow you mean missing meshes, If not please let me know.
  20. So far as I can tell Beyond Skyrim threw the more mountainous nature of High Rock out the window for much of the Glenumbra peninsula in favour of building hills and the marshes more effectively. And looking at their map it seems they also decided that High Rock actually needed to be as wide as Hammerfell in some parts (In fact it looks like their High Rock is actually bigger than Hammerfell in total area, or close to it at least ^^'), and given how TWMP already expanded the Morrowind region to line up with the scale of Vvardenfell from MorroBlivion and in the process made TWMP Skyrim taller than it should be as well, I guess there is no reason to not expand High Rock in our project as well. Thanks for the input guys ^^.
  21. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    So TAL is backed by corporate moogles then?
  22. [WIP] FOMO ObliviLife - A Fantasy Life

    Yea just use Gecko and see if you end up with any oddities. Considering only the esp tampers with exteriors and creates all the interior cells it should go smoothly ^^.
  23. [WIP] FOMO ObliviLife - A Fantasy Life

    I guess it is about time I got down to moving some of this stuff over to CB ^^. Like you suggested it is best we go with the furniture first, nothing much to do except add various versions of the items and change the scripts to craft the new versions rather than the old one, or just add the new scripts to the old craft results. Since Fomo Main is properly released now, we should probably also make the switch over to the single esm structure once and for all, probably best we do it sooner rather than later as more and more people are working with the scripts. This should help Loki have a better idea about the clothes already in Fomo Main as well when she is working on the tailoring scripts. I don't imagine you have been keeping both versions up to date given all the fixes you have made?
  24. Always open for some constructive criticism ^^. I completely understand your position of the inclusion of various vanilla content that should be rare, it is for this reason that not all vanilla items are sold in the district, only armours, clothes and weapons, so items you have to search out like books won't lose their value as you have worried ^^. Furthermore they are all sold in a specific set of stores in their own area known as the Vanilla way. The reason for the vanilla equipment being for sale was in fact for role playing purposes, it really was just a means for avoiding having to use console all the time when setting up scenarios, i.e. suppose your role play story beings with you being a member of a mercenary group, you would need a lot of chain mail or steel armours etc, or if your group suddenly encountered a someone who had been to the deadric planes, you might need some deadric equipment. I know some role play without scenarios and simply drop their character into the world, but some people also like to weave stories as they go so having access to things like this can be immensely helpful (Speaking for much experience). As for no trading city having everything for sale, all the vanilla content isn't really everything in the world, its really everything you can find in Cyrodiil, and you would think that this would be for sale in the Imperial City which is essentially the Rome of the Imperial Empire, and it would still not have all the local content you would find in Morrowind, Elsweyr etc.. That being said, it would definitely be possible to make it optional, though the easiest way to doing so would require an esp >.<. In the future FOMO main will come with an ini file, at that point I can make a simple script to remove the more unlikely inclusions (e.g. deadric) in the vanilla equipment stores if a setting was toggled ^^. Putting the content behind a quest wall would defeat the purpose of having it there in the first place which is to make it easily access-able in mass for story telling purposes (Finding the editor ID for several sets of clothes can be a real pain...). If some people decide to use it as a "cheat mod" that is their decisions. You definitely don't have to worry about hurting my feelings, and I appreciate hearing any points of view on any subject ^^. Though I often say I mostly intend to mod for myself and bring what I want to see into the world of modded Oblivion, I am more than happy to try to be more accommodating to other views of what the role playing experience should be, and naturally the only way to know more about these other views is to hear about them ^^. So thanks for your feedback, thanks to it hopefully when we get around to putting that toggle in (Though I can't say if it will be any time soon) many who share your perspective on role playing immersion will have the options they need to better customise FOMO mods to their preference ^^. A new rig is always exciting, happy to hear my mods will have a place in your install ^^. I continue to look forward to your work on CB ^^. If I missed addressing something please do let me know.