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  1. [WIP] FOMO ObliviLife - A Fantasy Life

    Firstly, welcome to the Fomo CB team (Bit late now I know ^^"), I've been quite busy so I have barely been managing keeping up with all the CB posts. Its great to see the project moving along so strongly ^^! Always happy to run into others who love this kind of thing ^^. The "Fantasy Life" was actually meant to be reminiscent of the Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon games, which I haven't actually found the time to play properly, but as a fan of the old Harvest Moon games, and the fact that they were likely the reason I became interested in these kinds of silly overly immersive mods I felt I should have some throw back to them. However I do know of Fantasy Life as people have shown it to me before, it does look like a lot of fun ^^. I love your ideas, I didn't really think about making a smokehouse for meats but now it sounds too delicious to not do *-*. The Artisan's Guild was indeed designed with the intention of using it for tutorial and allowing you become an apprentice, but for now quests will have to wait while we work through all the technical stuffs ^^. FOMO ObliviLife is actually going to be assimilated into FOMO Crafty Bits along with all its fun features. The store is actually just a simple chest, so you can decide fully what it is, if you bring a table or a market stall (Move-able furniture from the mod) you can set those up, if you want to be a simple pedlar you could just set up on a rug, maybe even set up a sign, for role play sake you can set some of your wears on the table or stall and then when you open shop NPCs will come and ask to buy anything in your shop chest that they would be interested in (Based on their class and the items your are selling), then you can offer the prices that they will accept or refuse ^^. I too have a simple farmer in my retinue of characters, so I can totally relate to that sentiment. Naturally that character's role playing was the main motivation for the shop and animal husbandry aspect of ObliviLife. I really have been meaning to post here stating that FOMO OblivLife will be rolled into FOMO CraftyBits, but never really found the time to come throw a simple message up ^^". So it is nice that you finally got me to do it ^^.
  2. Well this is finally Released. Thanks again for the publication tips and advice AndalayBay and Mhahn ^^. Anyone who hasn't had access to the pre-release versions please check it out, let me know if I messed up somewhere with typos missing assets etc or simply let me know what you think ^^.
  3. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    Well given how far away from the rest of the world (I.e. the heavily modded mess that is Cyrodiil) your cities will be, you will probably be able to get away with fully open cities, but you just have to keep in mind that it will be a trade off, having them be open means you can have less content and a smaller variety of content, it is certainly do able ^^. I guess see how you go with the memory management, if you feel like you might need a few hundred more mb, you can always switch to closed worldspace cities later as long as the cities are designed with some walled sections.
  4. FOMO Imperial Isles - Heart Of The Empire

    Description updated with some very constructive advice from AndalayBay and Mhahn, thanks guys really appreciate it ^^.
  5. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    Always happy to help ^^. Be sure you don't leave too much in the Tamriel worldspace because it can be too much to load at once. Cities have lots of little bits and pieces, from signs to barrels and crates to statues and fountains, various clutter, etc... so it is best to just have just the bare bones of the city in the Tamriel Worldspace (I.e. the main building layout so you can make sure everything fits properly in the world) and have all the detail bits only in the city's actual worldspace (The worldspace that has Tamriel as a parent worldspace, you know the way all the vanilla cities do it). Though there is no problem with making everything in the Tamriel worldspace first then copying to another worldspace and then deleting the extra bits in the Tamriel worldspace later, this is how I did it for some parts of Daggerfall (But obviously for all parts at least the main building layout was done like this).
  6. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    Looking like an interesting start, still a bit barren, but of course we have to start somewhere ^^. Good to see you decided to wall this section of the city off, trouble with having too open of a city is the processing strain it up on the game with too many NPCs around, and of course the strain from having too many detailed assets in one worldspace. I do like what you have started, I think a having a mass of tropical plants in small gardens along the walls and along the buildings suits the "resort" look that the upper class areas of the city should have. I can't tell from this shot, but is this a separate world space with the Tamriel Worldspace as a master or is this out in the main Tamriel worldspace?
  7. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Copying those private message exchanges over to this thread is really helpful, having public records of past errors, how they were solved or how they can be avoided is never a bad thing ^^.
  8. FOMO Imperial Isles - Heart Of The Empire

    Well I updated the description for this mod since it will probably be released in a few days along side FOMO Main once some final touches are worked out and those helping me can confirm that there are no silly issues like missing texture/meshes, typos etc. This is probably the description it will be given when released on the Nexus, does it look about right? Missing anything? Installation instructions clear enough? Any feedback is good ^^.
  9. So I have an issue I want some more input on from anyone interested, as some might already know, while we used TWMP as a base for the landmass the small amount of use-able (I.e not a near vertical cliff side) space in High Rock made it difficult to do much with, as such the western coast was pushed back a fair bit. Recently I pushed it back even further and it resulted in basically double the original width in a large part of the High Rock peninsula, in parts it would be as thick is Hammerfell... would you consider this being too liberal with the landmass? Considering that TWMP is already quite different from the mapped High Rocks and the fact that maps aren't always the most consistent or accurate it might be something we can get away with? I simply wanted to be able to incorporate lakes and valleys into parts of High Rock, which is simply impossible with its current geography as laid out by TWMP. Or should we simply try to do what we can with the cliff sides that are there, would that suit High Rock more than a combination of cliffs, hills and valleys? Any thoughts?
  10. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    Always glad to give even a few ideas ^^. It all sounds pretty good to me, I look forward to screenies ^^.
  11. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    A second Vivec?, I'm definitely in ^^. How about something more like this: (I just threw this together with 5 mins on paint.net) Naturally the above is just a quick work up, you can refine it further if it catches your attention. Where: I - Palace II - Grand Bazaar III - City Walls IV - Slums V - Cliffside Slums (Think Rio De Janeiro slums) VI - Northern Port VII - Eastern Port VIII - Southern Port With this layout we get to keep the lore friendly mass of slums and the being surrounding on three sides by ports as well as the open air bazaars. The mountainous pretrution on which the palace sits will also make it look grander, the cliff also allows for underground areas/passages connecting the two sides of the city that are split by the peninsula's tip. In the image there is only one large island in the make up of the city, the one the Grand Bazaar is found on, however it could be nice to have a few of these islands as parks or something similar in the richer parts of the city, since the city is meant to be like a resort in some places. As usual just my two cents, feel free to completely brush the idea aside ^^.
  12. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    Very happy to hear the whole transfer worked out smoothly ^^. And no worries on those tilesets, I'll try to get to them sooner than planned then.
  13. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    Great news about the harbour ^^! Yea, given the size of Quin'rawl Peninsula and how awfully mountainous the entire region is 30 unique places is more than enough. I am working on gathering/making a few titlesets for the deeper forest parts of Summerset, I'll throw those your way later for more dense jungle type caves. I assume you will be focusing on the cities for now.
  14. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    You are accessing CSE through Bash o.o? Seems like too much trouble, in my own case my Bash takes a bit of time to get up and running each time while CSE launches instantly, given how some simple actions can cause damage that is a bother to clean up I am constantly opening and closing CSE (Not to mention other annoyances like how it modifies mod dates so they cant be sorted by last modified when you want to keep a store of previous versions). It is simpler to make a shortcut to "Launch CSE.bat" and give it a nice CS icon ^^. I haven't yet switched my main computer over to Win10, though time is quickly running out and I am feeling like I may be left with no choice, I do fear that it might well leave quite a mess to clean up after the change over. I've been meaning to do a bit more research, to decide if I should in fact make the switch, but just the fact that DirectX12 will not be supported on Win7 is pretty brutal given how amazing DirectX12 is... @Loki I did indeed mean your avatar ^^. While the art style for the image is a little more cutesy than that used in the show, it comes from a quaint little anime by the name of Spice and Wolf, which is basically the story of a simple travelling merchant doing business, where nothing exciting really happens but it is a very charming kind of boring ^^. Definitely worth a watch for even non-anime fans.
  15. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Good stuff as always Munch ^^. And yes, the current state of CSE is indeed a pleasure to work with. So many mods that were integrated into various FOMO mods had so many issues that were floating around completely unnoticed but CSE picked up many right a way and gave me cause to look closer and find a few more.
  16. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    Thanks QQuix ^^. Sorry about the delayed response, was a bit tied up over the weekend. Shame about your Oblivion install, are you sure Win10 considers it installed? If not a simple mass delete of its files in MyDocs and its installation folder should be fine. You could try installing it over its current install, then uninstalling (This sounds silly but it works). If it is in your registry you could try a manual uninstall, I have no idea how that is done in Win10 though, a quick google search will sort that out though surely. These kinds of things can happen if you are fond of moving system directories around (I've moved a few around myself for various reasons, one being I didn't like saving all my Oblivion saves at 10-15mb a pop onto my solid state drive that houses my OS, as such MyDocs was moved to another location on another drive). @Loki Holo ^^b, always nice to run into run into other fans of the show.
  17. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    Hopefully you do manage to fit the harbour in. Your very right about Oblivion's vanilla dungeons, but honestly when you consider that you think about having to put together 50-100 or so of them (Which is what I am aiming for with Summerset and High Rock), I can't blame them ^^". While a bunch of highly unique ones are planned, I still plan to fill the wilderness space with lots of more generic dungeons inbetween the more unique ones, that being said, even these "generic" ones will have a very unique style compared to anything seen in Cyrodiil. On that topic, any plans yet for unique dungeon tilesets/styles for Pellentine?
  18. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    I can completely relate to what Merc said, I also love being able to sail from port to port, it would be not only a shame to move the port into an interior worldspace but it would also be a needless amount of work. If you have already made too much progress on the new alternate world space version I guess it is too late, but if there is still a chance to switch back it is certainly worth considering. When working on these large scale province projects we really shouldn't be afraid to tear down what is there to build it back from the ground up closer to our vision. Large scale terraining is painful to start as first for sure because it always feels rough tearing down large sections of the world, especially if these sections already look good, but sometimes you just got to say screw it, mass delete some objects and run a 50 radius flattening brush over mountain in the name of progress. Generally when I have to do these kind of massive landscape changes to an already completed area I just do the first time as a mock attempt with very little care, just to see how it would look, after I get something I like, I will save it as a reference version, take a few print screens of the sections I though looked rather good and then go back to the original version and try to rebuilt the same. Given you have already got the city made in another worldspace, this isn't really wasted effort, as you can simply copy across the meshes and it will help you have a better idea of just how much TNT you will need.. err I mean how much mountain level you will have to do, and you have a general idea of the shape of the city as well. In terms of Daggerfall, the landscape had to be massively altered around the city and also around the general region to be closer to my vision for the city, it took a while just to get the raised "plateaus" for the main city and its three orbiting districts looking right, but I don't regret putting that much effort into it initially at all since a good base is fundamental to the rest of the project, if the terraining on which the city sits is not the best it could be, the the city layout is be far from its best, and the city's feel will be even further from its best and so on. Daggerfall city actually went through several complete redesigns over its life time, often for very seemingly trivial reasons, for example, the city's palace district sits in at the very heart of the city visible to the poor and the rich, initially the nobles district sat just outside of the palace district going with the logic that they needed to be stay closer to better influence the decisions of the court, I also didn't want hosts of NPCs walking about the lavish gardens of the noble district so I had them go around it instead, however this resulted in the city's layout becoming something of a large ring, similar to the Imperial city, this felt boring and stale to me, it didn't feel to flow as the complex city with interwoven streets that I was going for. And so for the sake of simple "flow" the nobles district with its tiny rivers, its many gardens and intricate terraining was nuked and replaced by a new plaza district, sure I had to reconstruct the entire nobles district but it turned out even better the second time (Which is generally how it goes most times you completely destroy something). My main point really is that making the big changes early is important, and that we should see TWMP as a base for the wilderness areas we aren't going to show much love to rather than seeing it as the rule of law for what we can do and where, and also that we should not be afraid to just blow some stuff up sometimes, even if it can be painful to do so. In the end this is just how I personally feel ^^. Edit: I forgot to mention the whole Torval issue ^^', as long as you place Senchal on the tip of the peninsula it should be far enough away from Torval, and ofcourse the mountains between the two should obscure and vision of either city from the other stopping it from feeling like they are too close. Even if Senchal is as large as the Imperial City (Or larger even) it should still be able to fit on the end of the peninsula and be far away enough from Torval right? Also is this map actually closer to the size of the peninsula? :
  19. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    Honestly, while I am not having any space issues with Summerset, High Rock felt extremely restrictive everywhere north of the Glenumbra peninsula... I have actually expanded the western coast a long way from the original TWMP coast, without the expansion I felt that much of the province was just one long cliff face. We really are in the same boat for those spacial restrictions in our respective peninsula provinces ^^' (I think they may have gone a little overboard with the mountains to be honest ^^"). I haven't actually checked in game. But this map pretty accurately shows the TWMP Pellentine yes? (Just to make sure we are on the same page on its actual size) While I can fully understand using a alternate worldspace to make the city larger, I am surprised you didn't have enough space for Senchal, did you find you were missing coast space for the massive port or just land space for the rest of the city? From the looks of it, seems like there is as much space as the entire Imperial Isles?
  20. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    You got on that fast o.ob. Always happy to chime in with my little observations if they help even a little towards a great Pelletine ^^. I apologise in advance if I ever end up pointing out something in too blunt a manner ^^".
  21. Adding new recipies to Craftybits

    Welcome to the team Loki ^^! You can head over to the Team forums where Munch is dishing out some rather solid (Albeit a little frightful initially ^^") run downs of the scripts you will need to have some understanding of. Also you should be able to see the team forums Here, I didn't realise it was invisible to non team members.
  22. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    @AB As much as I like the idea of being able to set up shop wherever, I'm certainly not keen on getting to this right now, priorities you see. I feel like doing it how Beth did it for Skyrim would be cheating out a bit, and honestly it would seem restricted compared to the rest of CB, personally I feel the idea should be shelved for now, however when we do get around to it I should like to go all out and construct whatever elaborate scripts it takes to have it be as dynamic as we can get it to be given the limitations of Oblivions engine. @Loki Ah yes, good old Real Time Settler, I hadn't considered looking into how they did it, but it is indeed a great suggestion. Sadly you are quite right, using simple direction alone will not let us direct an NPCs around a ramp tower to the door at the top, more curious now to see just how RTS did handle this (I've never really built anything elaborate with RTS so I don't know if they did indeed address the issue). @QQuix As for those building specs QQuix, they would certainly save some time to have, even if we don't get around to it anytime soon, it would certainly help to have that work already done. Hmm I actually had no idea you could disable/enable path nodes in run-time, never really looked into it, it would certainly make the process of redirecting cleaner. As for the issue with NPCs heading for the building, in the first case where they are heading for the interior of the building because their package target NPC has wander in there (Or you have kidnapped them, I don't know how they got in there) or if some companion mod's home marker is moved in there, a simple check for whether the package target of the NPC initially entering dynamic pathing node graph is inside the interior cell associated with the graph can toggle a variable (Or simple add the NPC to a special faction temporarily) which indicates that at the door node it is not herded and can simply follow it's own package inside. Sadly In the second case where the NPC simply wants to wander into some space inside the general area of the building there will be and issue of them bouncing between a group of markers as they constantly try to walk into the building but get forced to pace around the edge instead... There isn't any perfect work around for this honestly, but some mock ones can be made up, thought I hope it won't be too much of an issue really since you will generally be placing buildings where none (or at least not many) normal NPC AI packages generally send NPCs, as such it would generally be people scripted to visit the building you placed or yourself and companions mostly visiting, both of which should be able to work their way around the building without issues. And as you said, doors doors are basically a non-issue compared to the whole pathing mess.
  23. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    Thanks for chiming in with your experience QQuix ^^. As you said there is no way I can think of either that can dynamically discern the size of any building mesh modular or whole, so sadly the only approach that will allow for any sort of automated overlapping static/tree disabling system is to have chosen meshes with their own individual scripts (I say individual but they will be mostly the same with some parameter alterations), as such the construction system naturally won't allow the liberty that your Construction Suite mod does allowing you to play with any static you see around. As for the issue of multiple parts, that can easily be sorted with a bit of trigonometry, in fact you can even build entire modular buildings part by part and assign them to a building (e.g. use a message box to set the modular component as part of Building 1) and then using a bit of trig to find their position vector from the main building we can then have them rotate/move/danceabout keeping the original shape of the modular composite construction. The method of pathing I had though of that would be possible through scripting actually worked in the same way already, each construction mesh (e.g. Building) would have its own set of markers (Which in turn has their own activator), based on the manner in which an NPC entered the activator it would then assign a move command to the NPC to move to the appropriate marker (e.g. if an NPC walked into the left side of a building then based on the difference between its original entering position and its position the next frame we can discern the direction it wants to head in, if it entered at at 225' angel (0 being north) the script would send it to the marker below itself. As for the placement of the markers, they would simply be handled as some place-able/move-able objects which can be toggled visible or invisible through lets say some spell or some item like a "Layout map", once visible you would be able to set any marker as Market A and another as Market B, then you would be able to set Market B as the North, North-East, North-West, East etc.. connection from Marker A (And naturally Marker A would be assigned as the opposite for Marker B). The only thing that could really go wrong with this method is if Oblivion doesn't pick up the activation region for a moved activator, it is not something I have had to try before so I haven't tested it myself. I hope the explanation above is clear enough ^^". If not I can go into more depth.
  24. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    Nice to see it is progressing along ^^. That road seems a bit wide though ^^" (In the video I mean) ?
  25. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    The interior pathing isn't so much of an issue, as the general layout for any given interior mesh is pretty predictable (With the exception of whether there will be a large feature, e.g. a dining table set up in the middle of a room), you can generally assume that just pathing along the main paths between spaces will be enough and it won't get in the way too much. Though I do like the idea of several layout options for each interior, so we can have presets for whether there is a large feature in the middle of the room or not, some menu to change between these layout for each interior and various interiors with various layouts wouldn't be had to make. However in the actual exterior world the dropping in of a massive building in the middle of the woods can really mess up pathing. Which really is the main issue with the whole idea.