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  1. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    Ah fair point, what we mean is the ability to place buildings ranging from stables or fountains to farm houses or guild buildings that you can enter all while in-game, and naturally the ability to move/rotate these structures about to put them just where you want. This way you can find a nice spot of land and build your little farm there, or your glorious estate, or even begin your own little town.
  2. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    Permanent buildings are certainly something I had considered as well but, alas, I was confronted by the same major issues. While the story perspective issues don't bother me so much as I myself (and I assume others) have the main quest line entirely turned off (I am more enchanted by the general world than the epic quest to save it so I haven't actually played the main quest or even had the Oblivion crisis happen since my first play through), and of course the player might simply be settling down after the crisis if they did indeed play through the main story. The real issue as you said is pathing... one thing that there isn't a good work around for at all... at least yet. Though if there is enough interest is actually possible to create a work around for even the pathing issue with scripts, though the method I am thinking of will limit the number of buildings place-able because each will need to have several pre-created markers. While there is no limit to the number of buildings theoretically, each will take several unique scripts (Because of how Oblivion handles dynamic references (Or doesn't rather) we will need to use pre-created markers), several activators and markers and a ridiculous amount of trig for placing/moving/rotating these markers with the building and again in the scripts to determine where the colliding object is trying to go ^^'. On that topic I was actually quite surprised when I heard how robust the town construction system in Fallout 4 was, since then I have been interested in knowing how they changed the pathing system to allow for that level of flexibility. As for abuse-able aspects of mods, personally I think that isn't really an issue, honestly in even Vanilla Oblivion there are so many things that can be abused (e.g. restoration basically makes you a god as it can buff other skills and attributes including ITSELF and your magika pool), and honestly with having always had access to the console for a quick "kill" command or infinite gold no one is really looking for how mods can be abused to make themselves more powerful. The console is a great roleplaying tool for sure, letting you customise the items you and/or your party starts with when starting a new character or even allowing you to better customise the stats of your character or other NPCs, as well as much else. On the off chance that there is someone out there who actually finds it a bundle of fun to go around consoling down enemies they can have their fun putting indestructible objects between them and their enemies. Ultimately if people want to cheat they will find a way, its their own loss and not something we should really worry too much about when modding in new game systems. Finally on my own interest in permanent buildings, while it is a fun concept and very much doable, I generally mod what I want to have in my own game for the sake of my own fun, seeing as how placing permanent buildings can bring about more than a few issues and given the fact that I could just as well have the same thing done much more smoothly by dropping the building in through CS, its not really something I personally want to push for either. But, as Munch said, it would indeed be nice to know how others feel about the topic.
  3. What race are you?

    Oh managed to preserve anything particularly interesting?, always fond of finding zombie mods (I.e mods back from the grave not mods with zombies in them ^^").
  4. A fresh installation, but no sound on a new computer

    Firstly, gratz on the new comp ^^, and secondly glad your sound issue worked itself out without needing that full reinstall of your os ^^'.
  5. [WIP/Alpha] The Black Marshes

    Indeed they are, congratulations ^^!
  6. [RELz] FOMO CraftyBits

    FOMO CraftyBits is the continuation of the grand legacy of the CraftyBits mod, the continuation will add to the already amazing content of CraftyBits and fix up any issues left over where the old CB v0.8 Beta stagnated. Naturally as part of the FOMO project the idea is that all this new content and the old content integrates into other Fomo mods such as Fomo High Rock or Fomo Summerset, and the vast collection of assets in Fomo Main will also provide a vast amount of additional equipment, clothes, etc to craft and new dishes to cook on top of what is already available. For those who have not heard of or never looked into CraftyBits before, CB is a "hands-on crafting mod", put simply it provides you with a means to engage in various forms of artisanry, from simply cooking your own meals to crafting your own bows and arrows, your weapons and armour, even gathering the ingredients or materials that your need yourself, the list of things you can do is a very long one (And the explanation for how to do them is longer ^^"). However, what truly sets CraftyBits apart from other crafting mods and places it in a category of its own is not simply the vastness of it, but the manner in which you engage in the various activities made possible through CB, all the processes are extremely immersive and highly intuitive, want to cut up some cheese to add to your salad? simply put the cheese on a board and grab a knife and run it through the cheese! What to turn those iron ores into a fancy new sword? Well your going to have to smelt that raw ore first, and after a bit more work preparing your forge you will be physically hammering away well on your way to being a master smith! Even the act of gathering the materials is extremely immersive, from chopping at any tree you see with an axe to collect wood, to running about the woods picking up firewood to start a camp fire, to hacking away at rocks for rare ores, to chasing those ever elusive chickens for eggs. Going over each aspect of CB in detail would take far too long, so here is a quick list of what you can find yourself getting up to with CB: -General Survival/Camping Actions (Firemaking, creating tools from gathered rocks etc...) -Rock Prospecting -Mining -Metalworking -Smithing -Weapon and Armour Repair and Maintainence -Wood Gathering -Fletching -Bow Making, Repair and Maintainence -Carpentry -Construction -Canoe Crafting -Water Gathering and Purification -Clay Gathering -Pottery -Enhanced Hunting -Skinning -Tanning -Boneworking -Jewellery Crafting -Fishing -Farming -Beekeeping -Cooking -Cheese Making -Brewing -Vinification -Tailoring -Scribing -Preforming as a Bard If you want more details here is a link to download the current CB Guide: CraftyBits v0.8 Guide In my most humble opinion CraftyBits is a widely underappreciated hidden gem of a mod, most likely due to its rough buggy beginnings long ago, after countless iterations and hours of intense squinting (i.e. script debugging) by dedicated modders such as CLShade, Setsuna515, Worm82075, and of course Munch Universe the current state of CB v0.8 is very far from buggy (In fact we are looking for people to FIND bugs right now). Truly CB is an amazing world changing mod, and my personal favourite mod for Oblivion, so I am honoured to be able to make my own contribution to CB and continue the CraftyBits legacy. As for my own additions to CB... those will have to wait, for now I am still learning my way around the scripts under Munch's guidance, and of course as you would likely know if you frequent TAL, I am a bit tired up in other projects as well, but that is not to say I haven't already made some progress on some new systems... and naturally FOMO ObliviLife's (Which will essentially merge into Fomo CB) move-able furniture will be made craftable through Fomo CB's carpentry/candle-making/etc, the same applies for the vast amounts of clothes and armours that come with Fomo Main and future Fomo mods, and the anywhere player store will allow you to peddle your freshly crafted wares! To Discuss anything about the mod head over to the General Discussion, If you want to help us out as a member of the team or even just help us sort out some bug you may have stumbled onto, do let us know ^^!
  7. - F.A.Q -

    = = This will be filled out in due time = =
  8. FOMO Imperial Isles - Heart Of The Empire

    Haha I can totally relate to that Neberu ^^'. Welcome to The Assimilation Lab by the way ^^/.
  9. Heh heh, I simply can not imagine why, guinea pigs are noble critters.
  10. Oh lovely a possible clean install?, that would make you the perfect guinea pi... err much valued tester, yea that. If you do decide to just copy paste your last install, that's fine too of course. Edit: I forgot to mention above it seems, I asked about your creature mods because of those FOMO "Auxiliaries" I mentioned before, in particular the FCOM Auxiliary as well as adding FCOM monsters to Fomo mods, it also give you a ton of FCOM stuff for sale at the Traveller's Cross (A sections of the East Docks District). Thought it is called the FCOM Auxiliary it should also work just as well for MMM + OOO set ups, which I believe is a lot easier to install so imagine it will still be relevant for people not so keen in FCOM's tedious installation process. I MAY in the future make Auxiliaries for MMM and OOO separately, but really I'm aiming most the best content at heavily modded installs.
  11. Heh heh hopefully you don't succeed in breaking it too much, I just ran a another walk around run, and everything seems to be in order (At least seemingly enough so that It would be too embarrassing to release it ^^"), I'll message you some download links ^^. Few questions, are you running Better Cities? Which mods are you currently using for your Imperial Isles region (Unique Landscapes- Imp Isles?, Region Revive?,Roads and Bridges?)? And lastly... what creature mods are you using (FCOM? MMM + OOO?) ?
  12. FOMO Imperial Isles - Heart Of The Empire

    Yet more shots, this time I was double checking all the scripts from Goblin Games and Gamble (A gambling den of sorts located below the East Docks District which really puts those silly goblins to work as productive members of society!... more or less) worked before readying for shipping out. Goblin slots... so close... As always a few more shot over at Deviant Art
  13. It is looking like everything is good to go for a release of Fomo Main and its East Docks District as well as Fomo Imperial Isles, I am hoping to just release it here on TAL first, if some of you guys are willing to browse through my little shopping district and altered Imperial Isles and help pick out any Obvious bugs, typos or other oddities that would be much appreciated ^^. I am just starting uploading some of the resource files and writing up installation instructions/descriptions before running my own final test run. Do let me know if you are interested in and able to help check out the mod.
  14. Put simply FOMO Main does 3 things: 1) It provides access to quality content from a host of staple and hidden gem mods that would otherwise take up a solid number of esp/esm slots. 2) It acts as a massive resource pack 100% compatible with any mod for modder who wants to have access to more unique or interesting content for their own mods. 3) It allows FOMO powered mods to make use of specific content from other mods through various FOMO "Auxiliaries". Since I have always been so protective of my free esp slots it always bothered me when a mod required a resource pack if it wasn't one I already had (Because it was used by multiple mods), a resource pack esp seems so pointless as it gave me no real content, as such I felt that if I was to make a resource pack, I would make sure it came with more than just resources and so the East Docks District was born... Simplified Feature Summary: -An additional district for the Imperial City -A collection of stores with an assortment of clothes/armour/weapons/accessories/misc like never seen before! (There really is no way of describing the amazing works of the many amazing modders that made this possible that does them justice) -Several stores that will sell essentially every non-quest vanilla item in mass to help characters you make start with items/spell/etc appropriate to the background you made for them -A coastal travel network to the various coastal cities touched by FOMO mods -A place where you can quickly reap the benefits of various FOMO Auxiliaries (e.g. a place to find a mass of CM companions or FCOM equipment) What is the East Docks District? What can I expect to find there? List Of Common larger mods integrated into Fomo Main (Ordered as they appear in credits, i.e. by modder name). Apachii's Animated Wigs Chakaru's Amulets Com's Torch Compendium Faivon Pose Books Growlf's Animated Hair Cloth Gloves Stoff Handschuhe Child Equip Collection Mages Gloves Armored Circlets Scarves 1-1 Luchaire's Neck Seam Concealer Cloth Gloves Room207's Neck Seam Concealers Offhand Books Capes And Cloaks Equipable Beards Artifacts Xia's New Amulets Note: The above is by no means a comprehensive list of what is included, for that check the credits section or explore the district yourself ^^! FOMO Main is compatible with any mod (Including the Directly Integrated Mods listed above). However the East Docks District Access esp will be based on your load order, more on this in the installation section. -OBSE -Else Univeral Silent Voices -Generally it is safe to assume anything requires the latest Oblivion patch and Shivering Isles Head over to The Nexus Mods page for the download and the installation instructions. Just follow the link to the F.A.Q at The Assimilation Lab I could recommend hundreds of mods if someone were to get me going, so I will try to strictly list mods that work well in tandem with this specific mod. Kaizits new animations for NPC and player Your Oblivion experience can be greatly enhanced by this very immersive mod, that really brings a lot of life into the world. Lore Dialogue 300 Updated Like the above, very immersive mod adding a host of dialogue options, for me at least, being able to discuss topics with NPCs based on their class/skills helped give personality to each NPC as you interacted with them. This mod contains assets and the loving works of many modders other than myself along side my own works, so I can not grant anyone permission to take parts of this mod for their own mods. However if you are interested in any assets you can simply use Fomo Main as a master file for your own mod (It is intended to be a resource pack of sort after all) or ask me and see if the those specific assets can be shared freely. You can also refer to the Credits section to see if you can track down the creators of specific content.
  15. = = = = = = Post any comments about the credit list or anything else over here: General Discussion
  16. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    Great trailer Usher, the content just keeps on coming over here ^^. Can't fall behind on my end, got to get to work!
  17. [WIP/Alpha] The Black Marshes

    That comes as something of a shock for those of us who have been following for years. Regardless of what he decides, whether he is simply taking an extended break from modding or he decides he must move on I'm sure many are grateful for his dedicated work over the years and many were inspired by his ambitious project that sought to not only be massive in scale but also of the highest quality (Myself included in both groups of course). Naturally I don't want to rush to any conclusion just yet, but I'll understandably be sitting on the edge of my seat for further news.
  18. There is indeed ^^. There's just some many things that make Oblivion quaintly endearing, Cyrodiil just lets you feel at home, while I would prefer to visit Skyrim's frozen peaks or Morrowind alien landscapes. I feel that this is one of the many reasons so many long term modders chose to mod for Oblivion rather than Skyrim or Morrowind, naturally I could go on and list a bunch of other reasons both subjective and objective that made me decide that Oblivion modding was the place for me. Don't hold your breath for larger province mods thought, there's no telling how long those might be, still, there's quality mods popping up ^^. Thanks for your support, always nice to see people are keeping an eye out for W.I.P mods ^^.
  19. FOMO Imperial Isles - Heart Of The Empire

    Since I have finally began gearing toward a release for Fomo Main so I can start releasing mods that are dependent on it, and as Fomo Mains works in tandem with Fomo Imperial Isles (The part of the East Dock that is outside anyway) I have been uploading some screenies of the neat little package that is Fomo Imperial Isles. For anyone interested here is the link: (Note some of these shots have already been uploaded here at the lab many months ago, but I never uploaded them on DA so a few might seem all too familiar ^^") FOMO Imperial Isles Oh and here are some examples ^^:
  20. Progress Thread

    Hmmm I guess I should try asking Deeza as well then, worth a shot. Nice to hear your indie game is coming along well, even better to hear you will be returning to Pellitine soon, we look forward to it ^^.
  21. Alrighty, finally got that High Rock Armours, Clothes and Weapons resource list all sorted out. Sorry for the delay on that Visceral ^^". You will notice I invited yourself, gep and Amoeba to a group conversation where we can keep better track of resources for High Rock all in one neat place ^^!
  22. Progress Thread

    Hey Envy, I was wondering if I could use some of the meshes (more specifically some of the building meshes) from Valenwood Islands over on my FOMO Summerset Isles project? I know I haven't really revealed much about the project here, but it is actually moving along quite well, the lack of progress updates is mostly because much of it is still in a state I feel isn't quite ready to show off (publicly anyway). If you want I can share a some screenshots of various cities exteriors and interiors through PM (The world is not ready for me to publicly upload screenshots of the wondrous and needlessly gaudy Isles ^^'). On another note, how goes progress on Pellitine ^^?
  23. Ah indeed, it does help towards that High Rock resources list, naturally Fomo High Rock will also have its own credit list on top of this so I still need to get around to compiling that for you (The credit list for everything in use is already made, but since armour/clothing has only been loosely compiled and not actually added to any esp yet (For High Rock I mean) I haven't put together a neat little credit list, l will get around to it soon as I'm less busy ^^).
  24. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    New areas look amazing as always, keep it up ^^!
  25. Given I will soon have more free time on my hands and am quite eager to get back to modding like crazy it is likely I will finally be looking towards releases for the mods that I have had completed and sitting on the side lines for close to an year now. Naturally before I can release any of my mods I will need to release FOMO Main, and so I uploaded my current credit list (With all the development notes taken out of course (Hopefully all ^^") ) to the Fomo Main "release" thread, as such anyone interested can find out just how many esps they can save by using Fomo Main (I have been asked a few times exactly what is merged into Fomo Main, so I decided the easiest way to reveal this is just by throwing the credit list out there). This also serves as a way for me to double check that I didn't miss getting any permissions (Though I like to think I have been meticulous in my hunting down of permissions), so if anyone sees something on that list that they know for a fact that I did not get permission to use (For example, if it is your own work and you swear you don't remember me asking for your permission, though you could be wrong, sometimes you forget you know?) please do let me know ^^. Here is a link to save you some time: Credit List!