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  1. = = = Screen Shots = = = For more screenshots check the FOMO - Other Mods album here at TAL (Thought it is kind of a mess since there are so many shots from other FOMO mods too ^^") or as usual check my DeviantArt Page (I have mostly uploaded to TAL however)
  2. As interesting as that sounds, I don't think I am up to date enough with the current meta to judge or even keep up with your build decisions sadly ^^". Though I do strongly suggest throwing some 2 or 3 star tuners (tuneners?) in there because suddenly throwing out a powerful 6-7 star synchro can be pretty powerful, as unlike your fusion/ritual monsters (Which can be tricky to piece together) you have access to your entire synchro pool at all times it can help you bring out just the right card for the right situation (If I recall this was the case, I never really had much of a chance to try this out). The Synchro system is one of the "newer" additions I really liked the concept of, it gives both players access to a multitude of tools exponentially increasing the number of possible plays.
  3. Oh indeed, Yugioh is definitely my pick for the best competitive CCG. Having dabbled in Magic and Yugioh in the past as well as having decent knowledge of a few others that came and went, I too found as you said that while the TV show might be silly Yugioh's cards actually allow for far more quick significant plays and better long term strategies than games like Magic or Hearthstone which honestly come down mostly to the luck of your draw regardless of how well you build your deck. In both Magic and Hearthstone you can end up losing outright just because of your bad hand and your opponents good hand (This is especially true for magic where even in competition games people often forfeit in the first and second turns). I don't know when you last dabbled, but when I last saw Yugioh cards (Over 5 years ago now I think) they were releasing cards that were so dependent on other card's of the same sort being in your deck, this was a huge turn off for me being told what card I HAD to include just to get the full power of a pre-determined build (Since back when I first played many many years ago most cards were just taken at their own value and it was a matter of building elaborate combinations of trap, magic and monster effects), hopefully this isn't still the trend they have been following.
  4. Oh? Deck building huh? What's your choice of money sink may I ask ^^? (By which I mean which CCG naturally). Unless you actually mean building a deck in your backyard, in which case I can only imagine how competitive those deck building tournaments could get o.0.
  5. Hey VM, I didn't quite get around to putting that list together yet, been insanely busy and will be so all through the weekend. Hopefully I can put it together early next week. Though if you don't mind it would be easier if I put it together in a few weeks when my schedule is freed up. As for news, there is always progress! (But for now I don't have any screenshots to show ^^") Though the next few weeks (and the last few) have been a busy time for me, and most the modding progress I have made has actually been on The Summerset Isles, which is turning out quite well too. In a few weeks when I can be a little more liberal with my time I will post some screenshots of the progress ^^.
  6. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    Loving what I see, very well detailed! Can't wait to experience it and the rest of your Hammerfell ^^.
  7. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    By the way Usher, you also worked on Dwemer Art - The Alik'r Desert right? I remember hearing that be being translated at the start of the year, any news on how that is coming along? (Also yes VM I ended up staying up a bit later trying to pull some of those resources together, note this message assumes you read my other message first if not, turn to page 3, if you collected the mystical MacGuffin spoon on page 45, then collect your reward on page 180)
  8. Hmm I caught this just before heading off to sleep, I'll try and compile a list of sorts tomorrow, I may not find the time for it though, going to be a busy weekend, I'll put it together soon as possible though ^^.
  9. Oh wow, I actually thought it would be some time before you sorted through what I had already found myself and found something me or Gep hadn't previously consider/found (This is only natural all things considered), but right off the bat there are a fair few there that I had not previous found to add to the list of potential assets, thanks a bunch and keep them coming if you would please ^^.
  10. Well one thing we do need to start getting properly compiled is a collection of clothing/armours, there is a lot out there that can be used for High Rock thankfully since most people idea of a fantasy setting or medieval fantasy setting coincides with the weapons and armour we would expect to see in High Rock. If you could gather up as much as possible of clothes and armour here that would be great, myself and Gep have already managed to find a very large collection, but naturally we may have missed something. On a completely different note, since interior work started I realised it is about time I addressed the issue of all the new books that need to be written for the province, I had intended to write many myself as I am a big fan of both writing and Elder Scrolls lore, but finding the time to split off for that task is proving difficult, as such if there are any Elder Scrolls lore fans out there who want to throw their talent at us I would greatly appreciate it ^^.
  11. Those will certainly find their place in the many many castles of High Rock ^^.
  12. And some fine kelp it is turning out to be Geps ^^. Thanks for the great links Andalay and Gep, I'm sure Ameobaman will enjoy reading through it as much as I did ^^. Interesting how many different approaches there have been to tackling the design direction of the tower, I must say though that ESO's lazy attempt where they simply recycled the White Gold Tower is by far the worst >.<. We will have to wait and see what Ameobaman thinks of all the ideas flying around over at Beyond Skyrim.
  13. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    Looking absolutely stunning ^^!
  14. I have also taken the utmost care to make sure that the city is broken up into districts and to control the amount of NPC activity and load weight of assets for each district to make sure that the massive city runs smoothly despite it's size, as much as I love Better Cities, v6.00+ has really gotten ridiculously crash heavy in many of Cyrodiil's cities due to asset overloading (Anyone running high resolution texture packs would feel this the most), while the IC can support the growth from the mod due to its district separation, cities like Chorrol have become a bit of a pain to play, at least for my heavily modded install, learning from this I hope to keep Daggerfall as smooth as possible even if it restricts the design possibilities largely. My main worry concerning the strain on the system is the many balconies of the city and the city walls which have accessible walkways that run along them, while aesthetically pleasing and while they provide many nice new viewpoints they will require a mass of subspaces, I do not know if subspaces cause a heavy strain on AI pathing, but I suspect they may do so, if anyone know more about this I would appreciate the early warning.
  15. Heh heh, well... quite sizeable actually... The last uploaded version of my "Oblivion-Modded-Head-Cannon" Nirn Map actually has Daggerfall on there in its exact size (Obviously using exported local maps), here is the map in full: Though I imagine it would be hard to see the city from so far out so the below link will take you to the full resolution image of the map so you can see the details better ^^: Nirn Map Full Resolution The "City" will also include rural areas around the city walls, so it will be even larger than the map makes it look, with small villages and several noble manors breaking the masses of farms that help support the massive population of one of Tamriel's largest and greatest cities. Mind you one of those districts that is connected to the majority of the city via the bridges that you would have seen in various screenshots of outside the city walls isn't exactly a normal district... more on that later though...
  16. Thanks for the feed back as always ^^. Hopefully by the end of it every possible walkway between every corner of the city will be unique and feel alive. The city has a host of hidden corners and back alleys, I feel that having multiple ways to get from one point to another adds a sense of wonder and makes it so that even having visited the city 100s of times, even if you have a character that has lived there for 100s of hours you will still one day be able to find places you have never seen before.
  17. Thanks for your kind words, loving what I see over at Prism Of Hammerfell too ^^.
  18. Well its time for another district showcase, this one really only shows one tiny part of this district since much of the rest of it was in very early development at the time and the screenshots I took of those areas look very little like the locations look now. The following are two shots from backstreets near the central plaza of the city: As always follow This Link for more ^^.
  19. Still very much a work in progress, I have a fair bit of experience with interiors now due to other FOMO mods so I know full well what kind of a mess I am getting into making this city quite so massive, so no need to worry about my being overwhelmed when it comes time for that, slow and steady I will get there ^^. Personally I feel that High Rock is the hardest of all the provinces in Tamriel to create accurately to the lore, it may not be so alien as Morrowind or Black Marsh or Valenwood, it may not be so splendorous as the the Summerset Isles and it may not be so large as Cyrodiil or even Skyrim, but I feel that insane amounts of little details and excessive cluttering reflects the Breton spirit more than that of any of the other peoples of Tamriel (And likely all Nirn), ivy and other climbers growing over walls everywhere inside and out, hang plants draped from building to building, from interior wall to wall, a seemingly incomprehensible assortment of gibbons that would to any other person would seem ridiculous, but to a Breton seems an obvious necessity, this cluttered and chaotic nature of the Breton's is what I wish to reflect in Daggerfall and the province as a whole, and I feel that this nature of the Breton's makes their humble little corner of the world quite difficult to faithfully create, at the least it makes it a great deal of work to do so to a degree than I can be happy with. I always had my reservations about attempting the project, but knowing that it is a partnership and I need not worry about having to do the entire province is a relief. Furthermore how helpful everyone here at TAL (Especially my lad Gep) and in the Oblivion modding community across multiple languages has been has also contributed to the belief that this is in fact a possible feat ^^. It goes without saying that most of the screenshots I have uploaded are preliminary shots, I most definitely intend to amp up the degree of detail in each of the areas, I am currently working on one of the most difficult districts, one where the noble houses (At least those that are within the walls of the city) reside, the gardens of the district will take a fair bit of effort to put together nicely, I have done it and torn it apart thrice already >.<. Mind you I will be rather busy over the coming week so updates will be slow, I still have some shots from the first wave of screenie taking in the bank however ^^.
  20. Another bunch of shots, this time we are swinging back to the more refined parts of the city, enough slumming it for now ^^
  21. It certainly is a nice tileset they have put together, I will be sure to ask. Also the Necropolis tileset will certainly be used ^^.
  22. I suppose we will have to go ask over at Beyond Skyrim then, I'm sure they will be happy to help ^^.
  23. [WIP] Renoah - A Desert Land

    Yoink~♪ Those snow objects will surely come in handy over in High Rock ^^