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      Wikis Moving   10/08/2020

      Enodoc from the UESP has stepped up and will host our wikis in their wiki farm. I just finished uploading the backups to the UESP server. The wikis that are moving are: Better Cities Morrowind Modding Wiki TESCOSI OOO Oblivion Quest Mods Ordendesdrachen The last three are wikis that WalkerInShadows created. I never finished getting them set up on TAL, so they'll finally be available again once the UESP guys finish getting things set up.


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  1. Ooops, I missed the installation instructions...



    For anyone who downloaded before 3:00 PM 02/04 TAL server time you may be missing some files that come from the links in the description (i.e. in the installation section here on the download page), the authors of those mods asked that I link to their sites for the resources rather than upload them elsewhere, given that the work that comes from those sites are top quality stuff I think it is well worth the extra bit of installation effort.


    Sorry for the mix up there, after all the times uploading for just testers who already had those files it simply slipped my mind that they are needed for a full fresh install ^^'.