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  1. Hey tegeus,



    Been slow the past few months as I've thrown my time into other projects, but the province is so near "release ready" that it is really a shame I keep working on other things ^^'.


    The caves you mentioned in the region "northish of UL Jerall Glacier" are actually all from David Brasher's Skyrim Nord Tombs mod which is merged into FOMO Skyrim, so you can check against that to see if there are conflicts. Not much landscape editing was done near the border regions (around there anyway), if there are conflicts I'm sure we can sort them without too much trouble ^^.


    Hmm you mean the stairs that scale the Jerall Mountains correct? (If they are behind CRT these are likely the ones you meant). Displeasure duly noted, I'll make the path up more mountainous and treacherous. Thinking about it I kind of agree, thanks for the suggestion ^^.


    I really appreciate your offer of help with patches, I hope you won't mind if I take you up on that in the future ^^.

  2. Yea fair point, that is going to be an issue around a lot of the massive mountains in the region (perticularly in the southern regions left behind by the Skyrim Improved team, they made some truly awe inspiring mountains, The Throat of the World being a prime example), I've generally tried to do it so that the initial climb is less steep so that you don't see the overly stretched textures (as they are a bit further along the rise of the mountainside), but in some cases it is unavoidable and will be an issue for players not running a higher res texture (I myself prefer to stick to lower res for the sake of having more memory to play with, just to air on the side of caution).

    I will consider adding a high res version of the terrain texture as an alternative texture and run it over problem area, this would be fine in most regions, but some cells are already at the terrain texture limit and it might become more work than it is worth to go about fixing this issue. I'll think about it, but ultimately FOMO Sky is MEANT to be just a quick thing, a warm up for Summerset and High Rock, but it just keeps going @-@, some corner will have to be cut, some minor issues will have to be ignored, at least that is the game plan... not a plan we have been sticking to thus far however...

  3. Oh right that Orc Stronghold, yea no chance of scaling those slopes naturally, thankfully there are stairs all the way up, think some of them are a little difficult to see in that shot from that distance and angle, but yea they are pathed and have been PC walk tested, and I assume with the pathing there the NPCs Orcs that will call the place home will have no issues getting up and down those stairways ^^.

  4. Thanks AB, always glad to get your seal of approval ^^.


    Indeed the grimier look does suit the province of Skyrim... I assume you were talking mostly about the Winterhold shots and more specifically the walls right? You are quite right, the Whiterun walls were redone to look rougher and darker, I should look into redoing the Winterhold ones as well. The wood texture for the Traders Quarters could be a bit more worn too, could use the one from the buildings in the Old Quarter for those as well, but the newer look for them was intended given the district is supposed to be constantly developed and redeveloped as it expands.


    The pathing around the province seems to work out just fine for the NPCs (Well animals anyway), but yes there are plenty of slopes that are simply cliff faces or mountainsides that are completely unscaleable unless you cheese it (Which I don't know if NPCs do, never tried to find out), but the province of Skyrim is this way more so than Cyrodiil, full of valleys and mountains that make the province difficult to navigate, while in Cyrodiil you can generally go directly from point A to B, in Skyrim you will need to find a proper route or be up for some mountaineering ^^'. I have gone about and made sure that it is possible to reach any one area from any other, so it should be possible, just a matter of finding the trail up the mountain or down into the valley, though there is a valley or two can can only be accessed comfortably via a cave system.

    There aren't any slopes that are intended to be climbed that can't be climbed, at least not any I've run into so far while pathing in CSE or testing in game (and considering the following of woodland menaces I tend to build up while doing so I'm sure I would have noticed a couple ^^). Honestly I think the biggest pathing issues are going to come not from slopes but from the giant trees and masses of rocks in regions like Winterhold and Haafingar, so far though everything seems to be able to get within mauling range of me, though I imagine it would be very easy to to dance around the place with a bow if you wanted to and constantly evade capture, but I guess the whole standing on a rock is a universal cheese tactic that can't reasonably be accounted for by modders in any TES game.



    A release... hmm I think I might just do the interiors for Whiterun and Winterhold and do an initial release then (Leaving Dawnstar and Morthal interiors for a later version), given not much else but the cities still need to be finished... but who knows what else I may decide needs to be in this dang mod between now and finishing those interiors. Hard to say when that will be honestly given Winterhold is a regrettably massive city (It isn't Imperial City or Daggerfall size but still I wanted all the capital cities of each province to feel like truly glorious capitals, it really bothered me that TES5: Skyrim didn't have any proper major cities).

    I just wish I could simply move on to Sum and High Rock ^^'. 

  5. More Winterhold City shots...


    The Old Quater


    These shots depicts parts of Winterhold City's Old Quater, part of the city that is still mostly lived in by Nords and controlled by the ancient families that ran the city before the merchants of High Rock came seeking to profit off Skyrim's natural resources and the mages of Morrowind came seeking to study at the College of Winterhold and altered the political landscape of the city completely. 
    Here you can also see another ancient Nordic passage entrance leading to the upper district of the city which contains (among other things) the temple and passage to the palace.
    All these shots still suffer from the bugged Snowberry texture I mentioned before, which will be fixed at some point ^^!
    Those Winterhold shots haven't even been sent around to FOMO team members yet (Well Gep has seen versions from late 2016), I kept putting it off till I had more work done on them... so this is the first time anyone other than myself is seeing these... but the flood gates have opened today so... 
    Very keen for some feedback on any of the screenshot spam. Hopefully they are good enough to pique your interest in FOMO Skyrim ^^!
    I imagine at this point this page would take some time to load for someone with a slower connection ^^'. Hopefully it isn't too much of a bother.

  6. And here are those newer shots of glorious Winterhold!


    (Please do note that these are still WIP, and while some improvements have been made since they were taken even the current state isn't what I would call finished)




    The Traders Quaters


    This shot shows a small square in the Traders Quaters, the section of the city that has grown to be the largest as Winterhold acts as the gateway out of Skyrim, shipping all its natural bounty to all ends of the Empire turning the city into the most diverse in all Skyrim. 




    Some streets of the Traders Quaters








    This shot shows an entrance to the ancient Nordic passage leading down to the older underground part of the city built by ancient Nords but still used, the passage also connects to the docks below the city's other elevated districts.



  7. Some REALLY old shots of Winterhold exterior, I did try to get some new ones, but I did a decent job of taking the shots the last time, so I decided to go with those again ^^". While they are quite old the exterior hasn't changed that much so they still give you the idea of the place...


    Again this post is mostly a copy paste from part of an old message to Gep:






    These shots aren't as good as they could be because I didn't generate LOD land or VWD objects, so you can't really see the place in it's full glory, which is why I haven't officially uploaded these shots...


    Front wall to lower part of the city:




    Winterhold Greathall (Palace):





    The holes you see in the palace are due to a lack of VWD generation >.<


    This shot shows some of the Ice floes around the city, there is going to be a ton more of it, I just wanted to make sure it looked good in game before I proceeded adding more:





    No capital city is complete without the presence of the Artisans Guildhall ! (Found just west of the city, if LOD was there you would see it in the shot above >.< : 









    Next on the things to show off list is the College of Winterhold :








    Another shot of the palace, this time from the College's side:










    Most these areas have more detailing to them now and those that don't yet will in the future.


    I'll post shots of the city's interior districts shortly, these at the least will be fairly up to date shots ^^.


    No DeviantArt link since there aren't any of these shots up there, so I suppose at some point I will EVENTUALLY have to take new shots of the exterior to upload there... eventually...

  8. Haha I've fooled you again, I said I would throw up some Winterhold shots, but no! it seems these are some shots of The Rift! (Yea... my screenshots folder is a real mess ^^" )


    Anyway... Rift shots!


    Just an overview shot showing one of the Southern most valleys (mostly unaltered from the original Skyrim Improved)




    More of the region





    A "if it ain't broke don't fix it" Nordic bridge




    An example of some of the interesting passages around the province





    And yes... sadly there isn't a lovely orange coloured Rift like the one you see in TES5: Skyrim... I considered reworking the entire area, but I really liked the feel of what was left by the original Skyrim Improved Team, instead of tearing it all down, I just built more detail into it like you see in the above shots... in other sad revelations Riften is the other city that will NOT be included in the release... maybe one day AFTER FOMO Summerset / FOMO High Rock or if some other modder wants to take on the task as a mod for the region. Honestly I am hoping that after release some modders will make use of the extra real estate added by the province, would be nice to not have to try and cram every quest/faction mod into Cyrodiil which is grossly over populated after all these years >.<.



    Those Winterhold shots soon! (Probably... unless I find something else first ^^" )



    As usual there are a few more shots over at my DeviantArt page (Not too many more this time tho):

    Sifonseal' Deviant Art

  9. Thanks VM ^^.


    The flood continues! (Well just a few more)


    One last one of the more mountainous parts of the Reach showing some of the wildlife that eluded me in the woodlands

    (Who is that up on the cliff?)






    Two shots of the massive forests of the Winderhold hold:

    (Such clear weather up there is pretty rare)




    Such friendly woodland critters \^^/

    The super white bushes are meant to be Snowberry bushes, but there is a small texture bug that causes them to go super bright in some weather conditions, I simply forgot to fix the issue ^^"




    I did want to show off some of Whiterun as well, but I haven't created LOD ground textures for the terrains around there so it looks a little awkward. There are a couple of other places with unique looks to go over as well, didn't take any shots this dive (Game crashed before I got around to it, that is what I get for running around with 2000 athletics ^^"), but I might have some old ones around though...


    Edit: Also took shots of The Seven Thousand Steps up to High Hrothgar... but felt like the walk could be improved further in some parts so decided not to upload those.

    Next set to be throw up with probably be of Winterhold City districts since I'm not all that happy with the Whiterun shots or the Falkreath shots.

  10. So here are a couple from the Reach:


    Showing a path through a valley from the region







    More of the lush valley





    and finally the Karth River which runs through the region and flows into the Sea Of Ghosts right beside the city of Solitude




    The bridge you see goes over to Markath city, which I have NO plans on doing interiors for unfortunately (Not pictured because it is not complete)

    It was never part of the plan for FOMO Sky, but I've been convinced to put together exteriors at least, which is all I plan to do for it before moving onto other mods.

    Even without it the province will still have 8 major cities (And a ton of large and small towns), so hopefully not much to complain about.


    The region shows that Skyim isn't ALL snow and ice... though mostly it is ^^'... 


    More regions with more unique atmospheres coming up shortly!


    As usual there are a few more shots over at my DeviantArt page (Not too many more this time tho):

    Sifonseal' Deviant Art

  11. Well I said Reach shots but here are some early WIP shots of some Orc Strongholds, hopefully they are decent substitutes for the ones in Skyrim ^^:


    Note:These shots are quite old, the strongholds have improved a fair bit since taking them, so I decided there would be no point in uploading, but I figured while I was at it...



















    I remember having taken a LOT more of these but I can't seem to find them... 


    I'll be back with some more wilderness shots soon ^^!

  12. Torture indeed, I already feel bad about the time it takes to simply go diving for screenshots and uploading a couple (I feel like I could have done so much actual modding in that time!), I can't imagine how much time people put in when they go all out and put together a full trailer video for a mod >.<.


    It is a good idea to go post about the project over on Beth.net, but I just can't commit more time to the upkeep that it might entail to maintain another window into the progress of the project. I'm not too concerned about how many people actually end up playing the mods, though that won't stop me from keeping the quality of the mods up since I want them to have quality for the sake of those that do stumble upon them ^^. 


    Some shots of The Reach and various wilderness regions should be coming up soon!

  13. Here is a bunch of shots from around the Hjaalmarch region, one of the more unique parts of the Skyrim province:


    These shots show off some of the unique Skyrim flora mentioned in the previous post.









    In this last one you can see part of the expanded Solitude up on the distant cliff, more shots of that later...





    These shots show some very early WIP pics of Morthal city, normally I wouldn't upload shots this early in the development for an area, but I figured why not this time.







  14. These are shots from well over an year ago as well, but these locations haven't changed much since:


    These first shots are of two of the Imperial Forts that watch over Skyrim, while most the forts in secure Cyrodiil are inactive, the forts in Skyrim are manned, Legion soilders are constantly protect the province of the Empire and ensuring that the people of Skyrim know who runs the place:






    There are several forts like these in various strategic locations around Skyrim.

  15. This is just a copy paste of a REALLY old message to Gep (an important member of the FOMO team) going over some of the progress on FOMO Sky dungeons





    Progress is still moving along, went in game to check if pathing was all working properly, here is a screenshot of the in game map with most of Skyrim's current markers:





    Sadly I didn't update my in game map so not all the roads and map features are present in this image, however you can see the solid spread of dungeons across the province. The Pale, Winterhold and Eastmarch regions have special dungeons created by Snus so I haven't thrown them in there yet, the interiors are done, it is just a matter of placing the exteriors. The Deadric Shrine Icons are either Orc Strongholds (4 of them) or Ancient Nedic (The Nedes were an ancient race of men that is no longer around) Altars. 



    Here are some shots of dungeon interiors:


    Some nice Glowing Mushrooms right at the entrance



    Oh looks like they came out to greet me ^^



    Going deeper into the caves





    More undead...



    Lots more undead!



    Nice Skyrim Shrooms



    And the big fight at the entrance to the second floor (I didn't bother taking more screenshots after that)









    Since this message a bunch more locations have been added naturally and much more progress has been made on the cities, with the addition of Morthal and Hjaalmarch, the expansion of Solitude and the interiors for Whiterun, Solitude and Falkreath.




    As I have mentioned before, the original plan for FOMO Skyrim was just to make it a exploreable region its main purpose was to allow you to walk from Cyrodiil to the High Rock province for the sake of the FOMO High Rock project, there were no plans for additional cities beyond connecting the three that came with Skyrim Improved or all the dungeons and other Tamriel worldspace locations, however things got out of hand (out of hand if putting it lightly ^^") and now we have much of the province completely reworked, tons of unique environments, flora, architecture, etc... 



    Ultimately my vision for FOMO Skyrim is a wild untamed land, full of vast stretches of prime hunting land, the perfect land for any ranger type character to call home or for the much travelled adventurer/hero to retire too, or even a place for the more notorious to hide from the sights of the Imperial Legion.

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  16. Just figured I should post to mention that I haven't stopped working on this (or other FOMO mods) I have simply been spending what time I have modding leaving me with no time for going out and taking screenshots for showing my progress.


    Figured I would post this here because FOMO Skyrim is a mod that has had a significant amount of progress on it, I'll get around to posting some screenshots soon hopefully ^^!

  17. Hey Ingernus,


    Thanks for the findings, honestly the more areas of the mod you can check up on the better, having more recent testing data is a huge help to us right now ^^.


    Munch has been a bit tied up with other project commitments and life in general recently, so proper technical responses may be delayed, just a heads up.

  18. Hey RavenMind, 


    Thanks for the support, it is always nice to hear people share our interest in bringing these kinds of silly "boring" things to the game ^^.


    The conversation moved over to the proper FOMO Craftybits sub-forum after it was established, you can follow the progress better there, tho recently there hasn't been much posting, worry not though as work is still being done ^^!


    Link to FOMO Craftybits

  19. Hmmm no I don't think so, this is on the UL+BC version or the pure BC version? I never personally did any work on the Waterfront Island so it is possible I could have missed something, though I've never seen this in-game, I'll look into it before the next release.

    Thanks for pointing out another thing to look out for ^^.

  20. Hey DarkPheonix,


    Thanks for making the trip over here ^^/


    I really do need to update the released version over at the Nexus there are several minor errors like the lake that have been pointed out and fixed (though this is surprising the the first time I have heard about the UL - II master for the Better Cities Only version so thanks for filling me in on that ^^), I've simply been too absorbed in pushing other mods further along their development to take some time off to go back and finalise the changes for a much needed update, I will be sure to get around to it some time soon though.


    Thanks again for going out of your way to point out the issue ^^.

  21. Hey Kamui thanks for the support ^^.


    I'll look into the non HGEC/Robert's Male skins for the Mystic Elves races, I should be able to find the appropriate replacements. 

    Thanks for finding the missing skin textures on the Tattooed Nords I must have forgotten to add those files to the upload (Given the amount of stuff, I think one missing set of skin textures is not too bad of an initial release ^^).


    Currently working on an eyes expansion for FOMO R&C as a separate mod, but hopefully I'll be able to make it fully merge-able like with the EDD expansion stores so it won't take additional .esp slots, and I'll definitely in the suggested eyes.

    The expansion should release after another EDD store expansion or two (Which are completed and just need some fine tuning and checking) but well before any major projects like FOMO Skyrim is shipped out, so it should be out sometime soon.

    Sadly concerning Moonshadow Elves, I haven't been able to reach the original author of the original mod (I actually tracked him down quite far but he has not responded) and thus I wasn't able to include the race, maybe in the future I'll consider adding it with a disclaimer that it will be removed from the mod if the author asks for this, but for now unfortunately it isn't likely to be added in.



    Thanks a lot for your feedback, really do appreciate it, keep an eye out for more FOMO mods in the future!

    Naturally if you run into any other issues or have further suggestions for this or other FOMO mods to let me know ^^.