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  1. Just released two new store expansions for the East Docks District over at Nexus Mods intended to further lower esp counts (Both take a total of 0 esp slots due to being fully merge-able) and add some new content as well:


    East Docks District Expansion - Nailflan Store


    East Docks District Expansion - Tona Store


    These two aren't really for everybody since it is Mostly just female clothing (Though there is actually a bunch of other nice misc equipment included in the Tona Store). If your interested in these do check them out ^^!

  2. Thanks I appreciate the support ^^. Though it is still a bit soon to celebrate, not the end of the month yet. Seems not many people actually bother voting for files of the month (At least for Oblivion mods any way).

    Honestly I am surprised FOMO Imperial Isles got more votes that FOMO Main ^^'. Regardless it is nice that the projects initial release was well received, hopefully it will lead to people being more interested in future releases than they would otherwise have been ^^.

  3. Hey again Reaper,


    Glad your missing mesh issue was solved ^^.


    As much as I would like to help with the recipe bug, Munch would be able to find and fix it much faster if there is an issue so it is best to post your bug report in the usual Bug Report thread. 

    Here is the link to save you some time:

    CB 0.811 Bug Reports



    We really appreciate your help testing all the scripts, it means a lot ^^.

  4. So far as I can tell Beyond Skyrim threw the more mountainous nature of High Rock out the window for much of the Glenumbra peninsula in favour of building hills and the marshes more effectively. And looking at their map it seems they also decided that High Rock actually needed to be as wide as Hammerfell in some parts (In fact it looks like their High Rock is actually bigger than Hammerfell in total area, or close to it at least ^^'), and given how TWMP already expanded the Morrowind region to line up with the scale of Vvardenfell from MorroBlivion and in the process made TWMP Skyrim taller than it should be as well, I guess there is no reason to not expand High Rock in our project as well. 

    Thanks for the input guys ^^.

  5. I guess it is about time I got down to moving some of this stuff over to CB ^^.


    Like you suggested it is best we go with the furniture first, nothing much to do except add various versions of the items and change the scripts to craft the new versions rather than the old one, or just add the new scripts to the old craft results. 


    Since Fomo Main is properly released now, we should probably also make the switch over to the single esm structure once and for all, probably best we do it sooner rather than later as more and more people are working with the scripts.

    This should help Loki have a better idea about the clothes already in Fomo Main as well when she is working on the tailoring scripts.

    I don't imagine you have been keeping both versions up to date given all the fixes you have made?

  6. Always open for some constructive criticism ^^. I completely understand your position of the inclusion of various vanilla content that should be rare, it is for this reason that not all vanilla items are sold in the district, only armours, clothes and weapons, so items you have to search out like books won't lose their value as you have worried ^^. Furthermore they are all sold in a specific set of stores in their own area known as the Vanilla way.

    The reason for the vanilla equipment being for sale was in fact for role playing purposes, it really was just a means for avoiding having to use console all the time when setting up scenarios, i.e. suppose your role play story beings with you being a member of a mercenary group, you would need a lot of chain mail or steel armours etc, or if your group suddenly encountered a someone who had been to the deadric planes, you might need some deadric equipment. I know some role play without scenarios and simply drop their character into the world, but some people also like to weave stories as they go so having access to things like this can be immensely helpful (Speaking for much experience). As for no trading city having everything for sale, all the vanilla content isn't really everything in the world, its really everything you can find in Cyrodiil, and you would think that this would be for sale in the Imperial City which is essentially the Rome of the Imperial Empire, and it would still not have all the local content you would find in Morrowind, Elsweyr etc..

    That being said, it would definitely be possible to make it optional, though the easiest way to doing so would require an esp >.<. In the future FOMO main will come with an ini file, at that point I can make a simple script to remove the more unlikely inclusions (e.g. deadric) in the vanilla equipment stores if a setting was toggled ^^.


    Putting the content behind a quest wall would defeat the purpose of having it there in the first place which is to make it easily access-able in mass for story telling purposes (Finding the editor ID for several sets of clothes can be a real pain...). If some people decide to use it as a "cheat mod" that is their decisions.


    You definitely don't have to worry about hurting my feelings, and I appreciate hearing any points of view on any subject ^^. Though I often say I mostly intend to mod for myself and bring what I want to see into the world of modded Oblivion, I am more than happy to try to be more accommodating to other views of what the role playing experience should be, and naturally the only way to know more about these other views is to hear about them ^^.

    So thanks for your feedback, thanks to it hopefully when we get around to putting that toggle in (Though I can't say if it will be any time soon) many who share your perspective on role playing immersion will have the options they need to better customise FOMO mods to their preference ^^.


    A new rig is always exciting, happy to hear my mods will have a place in your install ^^. I continue to look forward to your work on CB ^^.


    If I missed addressing something please do let me know.

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  7. Firstly, welcome to the Fomo CB team (Bit late now I know ^^"), I've been quite busy so I have barely been managing keeping up with all the CB posts. Its great to see the project moving along so strongly ^^!


    Always happy to run into others who love this kind of thing ^^. The "Fantasy Life" was actually meant to be reminiscent of the Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon games, which I haven't actually found the time to play properly, but as a fan of the old Harvest Moon games, and the fact that they were likely the reason I became interested in these kinds of silly overly immersive mods I felt I should have some throw back to them. However I do know of Fantasy Life as people have shown it to me before, it does look like a lot of fun ^^.


    I love your ideas, I didn't really think about making a smokehouse for meats but now it sounds too delicious to not do *-*. The Artisan's Guild was indeed designed with the intention of using it for tutorial and allowing you become an apprentice, but for now quests will have to wait while we work through all the technical stuffs ^^. FOMO ObliviLife is actually going to be assimilated into FOMO Crafty Bits along with all its fun features.


    The store is actually just a simple chest, so you can decide fully what it is, if you bring a table or a market stall (Move-able furniture from the mod) you can set those up, if you want to be a simple pedlar you could just set up on a rug, maybe even set up a sign, for role play sake you can set some of your wears on the table or stall and then when you open shop NPCs will come and ask to buy anything in your shop chest that they would be interested in (Based on their class and the items your are selling), then you can offer the prices that they will accept or refuse ^^.


    I too have a simple farmer in my retinue of characters, so I can totally relate to that sentiment. Naturally that character's role playing was the main motivation for the shop and animal husbandry aspect of ObliviLife.



    I really have been meaning to post here stating that FOMO OblivLife will be rolled into FOMO CraftyBits, but never really found the time to come throw a simple message up ^^". So it is nice that you finally got me to do it ^^.

  8. Well given how far away from the rest of the world (I.e. the heavily modded mess that is Cyrodiil) your cities will be, you will probably be able to get away with fully open cities, but you just have to keep in mind that it will be a trade off, having them be open means you can have less content and a smaller variety of content, it is certainly do able ^^.


    I guess see how you go with the memory management, if you feel like you might need a few hundred more mb, you can always switch to closed worldspace cities later as long as the cities are designed with some walled sections. 

  9. Always happy to help ^^. 


    Be sure you don't leave too much in the Tamriel worldspace because it can be too much to load at once. Cities have lots of little bits and pieces, from signs to barrels and crates to statues and fountains, various clutter, etc... so it is best to just have just the bare bones of the city in the Tamriel Worldspace (I.e. the main building layout so you can make sure everything fits properly in the world) and have all the detail bits only in the city's actual worldspace (The worldspace that has Tamriel as a parent worldspace, you know the way all the vanilla cities do it).

    Though there is no problem with making everything in the Tamriel worldspace first then copying to another worldspace and then deleting the extra bits in the Tamriel worldspace later, this is how I did it for some parts of Daggerfall (But obviously for all parts at least the main building layout was done like this). 

  10. Looking like an interesting start, still a bit barren, but of course we have to start somewhere ^^. Good to see you decided to wall this section of the city off, trouble with having too open of a city is the processing strain it up on the game with too many NPCs around, and of course the strain from having too many detailed assets in one worldspace. 

    I do like what you have started, I think a having a mass of tropical plants in small gardens along the walls and along the buildings suits the "resort" look that the upper class areas of the city should have.


    I can't tell from this shot, but is this a separate world space with the Tamriel Worldspace as a master or is this out in the main Tamriel worldspace?

  11. Well I updated the description for this mod since it will probably be released in a few days along side FOMO Main once some final touches are worked out and those helping me can confirm that there are no silly issues like missing texture/meshes, typos etc.


    This is probably the description it will be given when released on the Nexus, does it look about right? Missing anything? Installation instructions clear enough? Any feedback is good ^^.

  12. So I have an issue I want some more input on from anyone interested, as some might already know, while we used TWMP as a base for the landmass the small amount of use-able (I.e not a near vertical cliff side) space in High Rock made it difficult to do much with, as such the western coast was pushed back a fair bit.

    Recently I pushed it back even further and it resulted in basically double the original width in a large part of the High Rock peninsula, in parts it would be as thick is Hammerfell... would you consider this being too liberal with the landmass? Considering that TWMP is already quite different from the mapped High Rocks and the fact that maps aren't always the most consistent or accurate it might be something we can get away with?

    I simply wanted to be able to incorporate lakes and valleys into parts of High Rock, which is simply impossible with its current geography as laid out by TWMP.

    Or should we simply try to do what we can with the cliff sides that are there, would that suit High Rock more than a combination of cliffs, hills and valleys? 


    Any thoughts?

  13. A second Vivec?, I'm definitely in ^^.


    How about something more like this:

    (I just threw this together with 5 mins on paint.net)



    Naturally the above is just a quick work up, you can refine it further if it catches your attention. 



    I     - Palace

    II    - Grand Bazaar

    III   - City Walls

    IV   - Slums

    V    - Cliffside Slums (Think Rio De Janeiro slums)

    VI   - Northern Port

    VII  - Eastern Port

    VIII - Southern Port



    With this layout we get to keep the lore friendly mass of slums and the being surrounding on three sides by ports as well as the open air bazaars. The mountainous pretrution on which the palace sits will also make it look grander, the cliff also allows for underground areas/passages connecting the two sides of the city that are split by the peninsula's tip. 

    In the image there is only one large island in the make up of the city, the one the Grand Bazaar is found on, however it could be nice to have a few of these islands as parks or something similar in the richer parts of the city, since the city is meant to be like a resort in some places.


    As usual just my two cents, feel free to completely brush the idea aside ^^.

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