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  1. Misc. Creature Resources

    Werecroc is released! Chub Loon is my next project.
  2. Misc. Creature Resources

    Uploaded all of that stuff.
  3. Kothringi Update

    Kothringi Update View File Bain Package for Kothringi: .esp adds the Kothringi race with 1 Ability and 1 Power, and changes the race of all the Kothringi NPCs to the new one: faces fixed where necessary to not be deformed. Add-on package has the HGEC/RM5 textures because people will definitely ask for them later (happened to me with my stuff >.>) Submitter puddles Submitted 01/15/2018 Category Master Plugin and Team Patches  
  4. Misc. Creature Resources

    ...good question, I think I'm behind a version here on the Mundus Fishery file. I'll need to update that this evening, and I totally meant to add the Clannfear file here but got distracted. I need another me to handle the clerical end of modding so I can do the modding modding.
  5. Misc. Creature Resources

    Next update will include the Pink Argonian River Dolphin (IRL they only live in the Amazon, so Argonia is probably the most analogous place...) and Argonian Manatee, at least. Maybe a few more fish. I have a Chimpanzee semi-ready, but the texture is horrible because I made it and can't in2 adding fur/hair texture that doesn't look like crap. Not precisely sure when the update will be, because I'm busy helping with seekrat Black Marsh stuff.
  6. Misc. Creature Resources

    Here it is. https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/48285
  7. Puddles' Add-On 01042018

    Puddles' Add-On 01042018 View File Sload: contains model, textures, animations, and working test version inside the .esp for both a creature and NPC version; mouth is animated but no lip-synching Paatru: Custom lip-synched head with eyes/mouth/etc. and modified skeleton ** Placeholder Texture ** Agaceph: Mostly just a proof-of-concept, has a custom lip-synched head...might want to duplicate the race, then mark the original as Unmodified, before you merge the patch into the master. I think I turned one of the Saurians into it as a test, then forgot about it until I ran into an Agaceph Berzerker and got terrified by its snout... Marsh Runner: No longer runs in/on water, has a more Argonia-appropriate green-er texture, added a disabled head.nif to shut-up the animation errors -- do not de-select the head.nif in any of the Marsh Runner's .esp entries, otherwise the errors will start again! Marsh Lizard: Actors no longer shrink while riding it and no longer sink into the ground when mounting/dismounting. Bog Toad: Removed the (presumed) artifact teeth and tail from being based on a Daedroth, rounded toes...looks a little more like a toad (or the bastard child of a toad and a catfish!) Submitter puddles Submitted 01/12/2018 Category Master Plugin and Team Patches  
  8. [RELz] Hammerfell: Shadows of the Alik'r

    I wish I knew how to fix that, but I've never found explicit instructions and my random screwing around never fixed it when I tried.
  9. Misc. Creature Resources

    Any interest in a Clannfear skeleton that keeps their legs fom criss-crossing when they run? I made it mostly for personal use, but I might not be the only person driven crazy by that weird clipping and denial of physics.
  10. Misc. Creature Resources

    Finished the pink amazonian dolphin. Next is probably...um...Ogrim, I think. Since I have a model to rig to the Ogre skeleton all ready. Or maybe the Alit to a modified Clannfear skeleton...
  11. [RELz] Hammerfell: Shadows of the Alik'r

    Saddening that it's incompatible with Morroblivion. I assume it's because both of them are .esms that make changes to Oblivion.esm cells, right?
  12. Sarpa Blend File

    Sarpa Blend File View File Fixed the UV Map and got the symmetry mirrored in Blender. Submitter puddles Submitted 01/07/2018 Category Resources  
  13. ModDrop

    Yeah, I admit to being inept about how copyright stuff works. I just remember to stick "if I don't respond to permission requests within a month you can do whatever with this" and forget about it. >.>; I would hate if my stuff festered in a hole in the internet because people were afraid to touch it.
  14. ModDrop

    I'm of two minds about this...on one hand, I think whenever possible a person should be contacted if a site like ModDrop wants to host (or index links to) their mod, I personally find it really silly when a modder hasn't been active for years and no one's able to touch there stuff because they never left any permission notes. Nexus defaults to "you need to contact me" for mods released before the current Permissions section went live, so if the modder is no longer around to update their permissions or be contacted...it's just making this unnecessarily difficult, I feel. I know I have a few mods I can't release on Nexus because it uses resources from old, old mods where the author left the community. Mods currently still in development or ones where the permissions have clearly been known should be off-limits on this weird site, though.