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  1. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    I was able to get in contact with a well-known modder over on TESALL, and asked him if he knew anything about Usher7r. All they know is that he's apparently having some personal issues, so it's possible he either doesn't have internet at the moment or is just preoccupied with real life. I imagine he'll be back eventually, since he does sometimes disappear like this.
  2. [Relz, WIP] Elsweyr Pelletine

    Something I had considered ages ago when you asked for advice about Torval's geography that I forgot to suggest, @Envy123 .... What if you designed "Khajiit warrens" for the lower class/some of the middle-class "district" houses, where there's a surface entrance, but the dwellings are underground and carved into sandstone/rock? That would conserve space for the upper district/palace.
  3. Truly Strange BC6 Issue

    ...I don't understand...don't understand at all. Okay, so apparently I accidentally saved an altered teethlowerargonian.nif I had been experimenting with, and it's incompatible with the vanilla egt and tri files. So...when BC6 was scanning Tamriel's Bruma to warp NPCs from/to Closed Bruma, it was scanning an Argonian...and crashed when their reference was rendered to teleport? So bizarre... Thanks for the idea about moving the meshes folder, @Vorians !
  4. Truly Strange BC6 Issue

    Okay, so I renamed my Meshes folder, made a copy of it, and have been batch-by-batch transferring the folders from the renamed version to the new one, and booting the game up as I go to figure out the source of the crash. I've isolated the issue to...my Characters folder, somehow. I double-checked and BC does have a few Idle Animations, but...none of them are in my Characters folder. At first I thought it might be my custom snakeman race I've been working, but I moved that out of the directory...still crashing. This is pretty baffling, because the only NPCs near the gate are the Guards, and...they aren't causing any crashes. I'll just need to manually sift through until I figure out the cause.
  5. Truly Strange BC6 Issue

    From what I can tell, the inner framework of Open Cities Bruma beyond the is referencing SOMETHING that makes the game crash the moment it's referenced. I...just can't figure out what. There must be a broken mesh from another mod that's overwriting something in the .bsa...
  6. Truly Strange BC6 Issue

    So, I've been using BC for 'years' without...any issues whatsoever, but for some reason, I'm now having issues. With only Oblivion.esm, Better City Resources.esm, Better Cities .esp, and Better Cities Full.esp, if I try to approach the eastern gate of Bruma (or exit Bruma through the eastern gate), the game CTDs. I...really can't comprehend why. I deleted the Oblivion.ini and let it refresh, I deleted the DistantLOD folder and refreshed it, I made sure no BC resources were getting overridden by something erroneous...nada, still CTD. If I boot Better Cites Full.esp into CSE and view Bruma's exterior, it seems to work...but the moment I click anything on the map, it crashes. Has anyone experienced anything bizarre like this, before? x_X I've also tried removing all non-essential OBSE plugins, and that didn't help...I'm at my wit's end.
  7. Misc. Creature Resources

    It liiives...
  8. WIP Oblivion Mod Translations

    Ah, yeah. No, it's easy to 'export' them...there's just like 40 of them and translating coherent paragraphs is even worse than translating dialogue! ;_;
  9. WIP Oblivion Mod Translations

    This is a Very Alpha edition of Desert Alik'r, I'm not even going to bother uploading it directly to the website yet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Uv-9CQ0Oma9DhjNPrCBRyjeDJEq0AnpS/view?usp=sharing Everything but the load screen text (I forgot those completely until I just tested it in-game) and books are translated to English ( however around 200 dialogue line are still in "Engrish". You can only start the main SL(s) and enter the Alikr worldspace normally by being Arch-Mage, sadly, however if people want to test the mod you can just type cow desertalikr 0 0 in the console. I...have no idea what to do about the books, sadly. Too many to translate. Some might just be Russian versions of books from other TES games, so maybe I can find the text elsewhere and import it... Obviously, you need to download the meshes/textures/sounds from TESALL, otherwise the ESP will just be one giant Missing Mesh WTF?! marker. Because this is a Very Alpha edition, I wouldn't save any valuable characters there, yet...
  10. WIP Oblivion Mod Translations

    Might need to take someone up on that, there's a few things that are still boggling my mind with the dialogue. Warlock has been translated. I won't be posting this one here atm, since the modder is still active and they decided to post the translation to Nexus for now. The other two I'll be uploading here, instead. Technically Arkshtrumz is translated, but there's these...psuedo quest update boxes, seperate from MessageBoxes that the mod uses to "fake" journal updates, even though the mod doesn't use the quest journal at all. The CSE "Script Message" export option doesn't export them, so I still need to track them down manually...
  11. WIP Oblivion Mod Translations

    There are certain nuances that just don't translate right between languages, either. There were a few times I had to spend a while going back-and-forth with Hedgehog12 over a certain sentence or even just term/phrase until we could figure out the best conversion to English from Russian. Warlock translation is done, just waiting for Bella & Anderson to import my translations and upload the new .esp.
  12. WIP Oblivion Mod Translations

    Yeah, it's kind of dicey to try and balance making the dialogue make sense and trying to keep it as direct a translation as possible...for Arkstrumz, I could get away with kind of obscure techno-battle with the Dwemer Ghosts' dialogue / the book text...it was more getting the script boxes' ingredient / misc. requirements for crafting, etc. to be a perfect match to the actual items. Desert Alik'r has sooo much dialogue, though. ...Haha, yeah, @AndalayBay, and those. .____. I've misspelled the Yokudan gods' names so many times...
  13. WIP Oblivion Mod Translations

    Just making this ahead of my next release(s), so I have somewhere to put them all. Upcoming: An English translation for http://tesall.ru/files/file/7074-chernoknijnik/ that I'm working on with the mod's author. The 4.4 English translation for http://tesall.ru/files/file/3880-dvemerskie-ruiny-arkshtrumc/ My Very Alpha English translation of http://tesall.ru/files/file/6786-dvemerskoe-iskusstvo-pustynya-alik-39-r/ The immense amount of dialogue in this mod means that the initial release will have alot of...uh, Engrish that I still need to go through with a fine-tooth come; there's still roughly 500~ lines that are in Engrish, and maybe 100 of those are scarcely understandable. This has been an extremely tedious project I've been working on myself for almost a year, but the mod looks so amazing I've managed to keep trudging on.
  14. Does anyone know if any pages exist that detail how the various nonsensical ExtraData entries (like the Death, Rotation, Fade, Modifier etc.) mean and what the numbers mean? I can't find much information online.