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  1. Version 1.0.6


    Requirements: Tamriel Heightmaps Tamriel Landscapes - Valenwood_Elsweyr Valenwood Improved Elsweyr Anequina Valenwood Islands OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice --- Installation: Install Tamriel Heightmaps, including Tamriel.esp Install Tamriel Landscapes - Valenwood_Elsweyr, including TWMP_Valenwood_Elsweyr.esp Install Valenwood Improved, disincluding ValenwoodImproved.esp Install Elsweyr Anequina, including ElsweyrAnequina.esp Install Valenwood Islands, and either include Valenwood Islands.esp or disinclude Valenwood Islands.esp but unpack its .bsa file into loose files in your Data folder Install TWMP_ValenwoodRegrown, and overwrite any files you're prompted about: I corrected the UV Map on several models --- Load Order: I suggest having them somewhere in the upper-middle of your Load Order, or wherever BOSS positions them, but in this sequence: Tamriel.esp ElsweyrAnequina.esp TWMP_Valenwood_Elsweyr.esp TWMP_ValenwoodRegrown.esp Valenwood Islands.esp's position doesn't matter to my knowledge, and ElsweyrPelletine.esp can go before or after TWMP_ValenwoodRegrown. I haven't found any land tears between the two mods, yet. --- Change Log: Corrected some terrain, added streets and pathgridding to Falinesti Harbor Added a basic quest to Falinesti Harbor: check the northmost warehouse, but not while there's a guard around! Added a Hydra to the mod, but currently it isn't implemented into the game
  2. A few weeks back I wandered into Tamriel.esp's Valenwood and realized that at some point I'd removed Valenwood Improved from my LO. Went to try to figure out why I did that, realized there were incompatibilities with TWMP and Pelletine. So, I booted up CSE and started poking and prodding...and prodding. And then I realized I had fallen down a bloody rabbit hole! So, here I am, 3 weeks into this...horribly convoluted attempt to make them all play nice. What it's ultimately boiled down to is ripping out 95% of Valenwood Improved's TREE records and a lot of its rocks, then spending hours trying to minimal changes to TWMP Elsweyr_Valenwood's landscape to fit...all of Valenwood Improved into it. Almost all of it, anyway. There's a few landmarks with no interior that, for the sake of my sanity, are being culled. I'm very unhappy about needing to cull the myriad of waterfalls setup by Valenwood Improved because I think they're beautiful, but...there's simply no way I could think of to make most of them compatible with the map. I sporadically merge the overrides from the .esp back into the heavily modified TWMP Valenwood Improved (Haldar's abandonware), so eventually the .esp will be compatible with TWMP ElsweyrValenwood, then there will be the leftover patch to adjust the landscape and disable a lot of trees/rocks. I have no idea when this will get done: it's a total mess at the moment, but since I've been working on it non-stop so I can actually play the game and explore Valenwood in the near future...hopefully not too long!
  3. Okay, so I can safely say that the mod is fully fuctional, and I was able to do a speedrun through a vast area with Speed 100 without any CTDs. So this weekend I'll be packaging up the beta release.
  4. Aye, there is a Valenwood region. Trying to generate for the whole region sadly just crashes the editor after a while. I actually need to split it into 4~ regions so I can distinguish which creatures spawn in which region, buuut...that's for after I get the beta out. Which will be this weekend, I hope.
  5. Yeah, no such thing seems to exist. I think I’m about 60-70% done. Although I believe I might need to make a patch so it will work with ULM, since it makes some changes to the Strid River. That’s for after I get this darned thing released, though.
  6. ...so apparently it isn't possible to generate the pathgrid for the Tamriel worldspace (when I select it, nothing happens), and when I select "generate grid for region", nothing happens. So I'm just manually selecting 6~ cells at a time to generate.
  7. Okay, so I’ve managed to do some basic shakedown testing, and I’m not getting any strange CTD issues or anything. There’s some basic lore dialogue, a placeholder Imga race (I need to modify the NPC skeleton to better fit the body proportions on the only official concept art), there’s a placeholder Wood Orc race being used for some enemies and one or two PCs, I need to add the tattoo agemaps for for them. At some point I expect some settlements to shuffle around because the Arena map scaling leaves the bottom of Valenwood kind of barren... I’ve added Thormar Keep, a settlement of Bosmer & Khajiit who revere Baan Dar, the Trickster God, based out of some Ayleid Ruins (a blend of ESO and Arena lore), just as a proof of concept for nonstandard settlements. Hopefully I can release it tonight. Just need to bundle together the credits for some new resources, and a change log from Haldar’s abandonware project to now
  8. All of the major cities are fully accessible, now that I...found the other half of Southpoint that I somehow missed the first time around. I had to completely change the layout I already had to fit everything in... x.x There’s a few caves and settlements I need to level out tonight. Envy gave me permission to use the living wood houses from Valenwood Islands, but I’m not going to worry about those for this initial release. Otherwise I’ll never be able to release the darn thing. Now I see why Haldar abandoned the TWMP_ValenwoodImproved mod I used as the template for this! Q_Q
  9. Partial _far Mesh Pack

    Partial _far Mesh Pack View File This just has some miscellaneous _far.nif files for some meshes in the Trees and Environment/Hist Dimension directories that didn't have them yet. Submitter puddles Submitted 07/23/2018 Category Master Plugin and Team Patches  
  10. This first picture is an in-game shot. This picture is from the construction set render. These are experiments with the Interiors...I gave them a greenish ambience and fog inside, but it's less now than in these test screenshots. It took me a few hours to screw with the Materials so they didn't look really weird. Skyrim's lighting system isn't quite like Oblivion's, so materials that look good for Skyrim won't always look right for Oblivion. Too glossy or bright, etc.
  11. One of the three WIP Bosmer City house styles, this is a "Dummy" cell to use as a template for the rest of Elden Root, etc...eventually. You an get an idea of the size, my character is sitting on the mushroom chair I made on the top level. It's...really hard to find furnishing for this architecture. Oblivion's artictecture uses a lot of 90* angles or cylinder shapes, so the furniture and wall stuff doesn't really fit the curves here. On the bright side, it's almost safe from the Hounds of Tindalos!
  12. 13 models left that need collision. Unfortunately I think some of the collision might be too good, so I might need to go back if it's laggy. Southpoint got repositioned again using ESO's map as a reference point. Haven is positioned fine as-is. Elden Root needs to be tweaked a tiny bit, then I can try to generate the path grids. It's going to have a few "tree house" style houses, but converting the whole city is too much to deal with at the moment. The Wilderqueen, Silvenar, and Green Lady from TES lore have been added to the .esp, but I doubt I'll be addding them to the worldspace itself because there's no dialogue, etc. for the initial release.
  13. Ponyrider0 on the Tesrenewal forum created a Tes4edit script that can resynchronize disconnected LAND and PTGD records, so that quickened things exceptionally. The .esp is “done”, in that all the major cities are accessible and most of the dungeons & settlements are accessible. The new path grid set isn’t done though, so NPCs will probably wander against walls and stuff. I’ll release a Very Beta Beta sometime this week, I hope. Also almost done adding collision to Eressea’s Bosmer Tree City kit that I converted for @Sifonseal last year sometime
  14. Okay, I know what's wrong, just not precisely how to fix it. It's also probably the source of a non-harmlful bug that pops up when building a Bashed Patch when ElsweyrAnequina is in the LO. Some of the LAND entries for EA's exterior cells have erroneus FormIDs. The game seems to process them fine, but when I was using TES4Edit to copy landscape stuff to the newer stuff, the LAND entries didn't get saved at all. Very odd, I guess I can reverse-parent a copy of EA to it and then copy the stuff back in... Edit: ...Actually, just replacing EA with a fresh copy fixed it. The FormIDs are still bugged, but so long as I don't modify them by accident again it shouldn't matter.
  15. Yeah...she's passed. This might be an issue I've run into before and I'm just too foggy to remember at the moment, but while assessing the final product loaded into CSE, I'm finding these weird...square-shaped holes in the landscape where the heightmap is absent (it's alllllll the way down, and totally flat...?) along the border of Elsewyr and Valenwood despite objects being there. I assume it's some conflict with Tamriel.esp and ElsweyrAnequina.esp, because they both add cells to the Tamriel Worldspace. I can't figure out how to fix them. Manually "raising" the landscape to match its neighbors is extremely tedious, and...there's quite a few of them along the border.
  16. In the latest episode of this damned roller coaster of a life, my grandma collapsed on July 4th in the evening and has been bedridden ever since. The hospice nurse indicated she has a few hours left. Obviously, I haven’t got much done since the 4th. The final city that’s still really screwed up is Silvenar, but odds are we I’m just going to leave it in its semi-complete state, try to work on the path gridding, release the beta files. There’s no way to fit all of VI’s Silvenar on the Tamriel.esp map in an approximately correct position without massive alteration to the landscape, as in flattening half of a mountain range...which would be counterproductive to working with Pelletine. I’ll work on a substitute Silvenar using Eressea’s Bosmer City Tree Kit to release...whenever I get it done. The path grid will need to be regenerated for the new city again, but I don’t think that’ll cause crashing or anything. Just have to preserve all the original door RefIDs by substituting their base object.
  17. Ebon Ro is done, Silvenar is getting there. The main issue now is that I have no idea how to regenerate the path grid for so many cells without crashing the CSE...
  18. Haven and the biggest Ayleid Ruins in the mod (it has 4 entrances) is done, although I might come back to change the ruins later. The only large cities left are Ebon Ro and Silvenar, I think.
  19. Southpoint is done. Working on Haven next, I guess. Some of the Ayleid ruins are giving me issues due to their sprawling nature different altitude entrances, but having some partially buried won't ruin the game or anythinng. Worst comes to worst I'll borrow the Ayleid Steps idea and just have them entered via teleportation.
  20. You aren’t kidding. No, I’m just focusing on re-alignment at the moment. Working on Southpoint today.
  21. Just finished re-aligning Greenheart to TWMP's map. Oh god that was a nightmare. Still need to finish the castle...although the city itself will eventually need an overhaul because it's just your everyday Imperial city.
  22. Yes, I have been trying to realign the cities to the best of my ability. The issue is that VI’s mod team design the province using Arena’s Valenwood map as its basis. So while VI’s placement is technically “lore friendly”, it isn’t compatible with the the Cyrodiil Provinces map that was released later that corrected all the positions. It’s pretty difficult to fit some of the bigger coastal cities into TWMP’s confines. A couple of them aren’t blocked together and actually run along the coast some distance. Regenerating the path grid will be a nightmare once I finish, ugh. Elden Wood is done (and I added a big Graht tree at its center to fit the lore), for the most part. I believe Envy said Arenthia and one other city is more-or-less in the right spot, so with those it’s just a matter of landscape adjustment. I’m still trying to figure out how to make the sharp cliffs I’ve seen in the mod. I will take a look at the Camp mod too.
  23. “Copying” Landscape Vertex Color?

  24. I’m working on a laborious compatibly patch between TWMP_ElsweyrValenwood & Valenwood Improved (for use with Elsewyr Pelletine), and — in addition to just being tedious and frustrating — I’m really exasperated with the Landscape Vertex Painting in the TWMP .esp. it uses a custom green/brown mixture to get the loamy “jungle color” for the terrain, and I spent over an hour trying to get even a close match to it so I could start blending the border to remove the readily apparent color divide to no avail. Is there a way to copy (or just determine the color code #s) of a preexisting landscape color? I had a thought that the #s could be found via TES4Edit, but I don’t know where I would look. Any ideas?
  25. “Copying” Landscape Vertex Color?

    Thanks for the insight, @AndalayBay & @Vorians Now, my next issue...I can't for the life of me get TES4Edit to filter-in just Visble When Distant TREE records, since I need to wipe them out of this Valenwood Improved derivative since TWMP_Valenwood_Elsweyr already has more than enough trees....or if one of the Scripts can prune out all the trees by editorID. Edit: nvm, think I figured it out. "Remove a percentage amount of references of specific object" set to 100% does it.