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  1. Sarpa Blend File

    Sarpa Blend File View File Fixed the UV Map and got the symmetry mirrored in Blender. Submitter puddles Submitted 01/07/2018 Category Resources  
  2. ModDrop

    Yeah, I admit to being inept about how copyright stuff works. I just remember to stick "if I don't respond to permission requests within a month you can do whatever with this" and forget about it. >.>; I would hate if my stuff festered in a hole in the internet because people were afraid to touch it.
  3. ModDrop

    I'm of two minds about this...on one hand, I think whenever possible a person should be contacted if a site like ModDrop wants to host (or index links to) their mod, I personally find it really silly when a modder hasn't been active for years and no one's able to touch there stuff because they never left any permission notes. Nexus defaults to "you need to contact me" for mods released before the current Permissions section went live, so if the modder is no longer around to update their permissions or be contacted...it's just making this unnecessarily difficult, I feel. I know I have a few mods I can't release on Nexus because it uses resources from old, old mods where the author left the community. Mods currently still in development or ones where the permissions have clearly been known should be off-limits on this weird site, though.
  4. Misc. Creature Resources

    Also I'm so excited for no good reason! I got permission from the university that produced this: https://sketchfab.com/models/c1c3d5de369246baa56219df95cf43fa for a 3D model exhibit to convert it to Oblivion to make a http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Chub_Loon
  5. Misc. Creature Resources

    Working on a Pink Amazon Dolphin, because I recently learned they exist and couldn't resist... >_>
  6. Bark Cuirass

  7. Feathered Boots

  8. Misc. Creature Resources

    Hm. I suppose it couldn't hurt to try to rig a whale to a dog's skeleton and see what the swimming animation looks like, lol.
  9. Misc. Creature Resources

    I 'did' get it to work, partially. The tail (and the whole body) undulates vertically instead of horizontally, but...nothing like a cetecean. More like something having a seizure. Need to sit down and try to subtly adjust it to more resemble how they move.
  10. Misc. Creature Resources

    Okay, so I while ago I mentioned the possiibility of altering the tail rotation of the Slaughterfish's animations so the tail goes up-and-down instead of right-to-left. I finally had some time to peer into the guts of files, and yeah it is possible...just kind of tedious. Considering I've done several aquatic animals that should move that way, though...I'll get it done, lol. Edit #1: Fuck BSplines. That is all!
  11. Misc. Creature Resources

    Finished rigging a Dugong, too.
  12. Progress Thread

    Yeap. Dire Spinosaurus.
  13. Misc. Creature Resources

    Behold: the Axolotl!
  14. Misc. Creature Resources

    Gremlin pack added based on TES Redguard. Next project is Lizard Men from Arena, and then probably Behemoths from ESO: Blackmarsh.
  15. Progress Thread

    So I was pretty amused when I saw one of the new TES: Legends cards showed an image of the Swamp Leviathan mentioned in one of the Argonian Account books...it's a freakin' Dire Spinosaurus!
  16. Misc. Creature Resources

    tbh there's a creature made for LoversLab called...Hitode, or something. It used that starfish-shaped Shivering Isles flora for a mesh and had some very vague animations. I copied that to a new directory and rigged the starfish to it.
  17. Misc. Creature Resources

    Also some others:
  18. Whale Shark

    From the album More Creatures - Dragon Break Edition

    I spent $20 for this beauty; the rest of the animals just happened to come with it. >.> WHAAALE SHAAARK.
  19. Starfish

    From the album More Creatures - Dragon Break Edition

    They really don't do much of anything, but they're kind of cool to just have underwater in patches because they twitch and move a little.
  20. Nurse Shark

    From the album More Creatures - Dragon Break Edition

    Nurse shark, needs actual eyes instead of the 2D ones, but eh. I'll get to it, maybe.
  21. Lionfish

    From the album More Creatures - Dragon Break Edition

    I still need to make custom eyes for it...up close the texture doesn't look great, but what Oblivion fish does? >.>
  22. Misc. Creature Resources

    Okay, so I caved and actually bought the 2 packs of sea creature models off of CGTrader on sale. The only issue with this is that I can't release it as an "open resource" for non-personal projects...but if someone asks, I can just approve its use for X non-commercial mod/project. So slightly different permissions than the rest of my downloads, although honestly I'll just be rubber-stamping requests since I don't care. >.> Just finished the whale shark but I need to tweak the weights a bit. Probably going to do the Nursing Shark next.
  23. Misc. Creature Resources

    Added the Dremora of Coldharbour and Spectral Remnants of the Dunmer downloads.
  24. Misc. Creature Resources

    Ah, yeah their hair entry's 'Bald' has no texture at all. Hm. I guess I'll give it an empty .nif and the regular hair texture.
  25. Misc. Creature Resources

    Which Daedra? Do you mean the Flame/Frost ones? They're supposed to be bald and just have their helmets, honestly...or at least that's what they were like in the older TES games, and I don't have the expertise to make molten or icy hair look realistic. Going to deleting the Abyssfish file and uploading a replacement one containing it and several more new aquatic creatures (the Narwhal included). Edit: Done, uploaded...I'll get around to it on Nexus too, but it's so freaking inconvenient to upload stuff there now...