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  1. Misc. Creature Resources

    I finished this a while ago but never got around to fixing the eyes packaging it up...Death Hound from Skyrim, made it by tweaking the Skinned Hound in Blender to buff the limbs a bit and get rid of the exposed ribs/close its chest, then added the Flesh Atronach's collar to it neck and altered its texture. No idea if there's any Skyrim-related mods still active for Oblivion, but there's one Skyrim creature. 8D Death Hound.7z
  2. Misc. Creature Resources

    I have heard of something along those lines. Also that unicorns evolved into narwhals to avoid being hunted on land, lol. ---- Fire and Frost Daedra from Arena/Daggerfall...apparently they're different from the Atronachs and more intelligent. And hate each other. Link is here. --- Going to upload the Death Hound from Skyrim soon.
  3. Misc. Creature Resources

    I will keep an eye out for a Narwhal model. All the ones that are coming up on Google would require buying them, at the moment. XD
  4. Misc. Creature Resources

    Corrupted Shade and Wraithman from Skyrim. The Corrupted Shade acually has a helmet and curiass, just not in the screenshot. Corrupted_Shade.7z
  5. Misc. Creature Resources

    Whale Shark...there's some minor issues with the animations being a bit twitchy if actually try to FIGHT the Whale Shark due to its size, but...it's non-hostile, so... Whale Shark
  6. Progress Thread

    After a lot of trial and error with "just for fun" project, I do have a solid grasp on UV Mapping...so in a week or two I'll probably re-do the frog's map for symmetry so designs can be added to it.
  7. I miss the old theme, this white and blue is weird. ;_;

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      Worry not compadre.

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      So much better, thank you! :D

  8. Progress Thread

    They do! I mean...in the same way the rats hop when they run forward. >.>
  9. Progress Thread

    Much better, I think. I used Blender's AO system to bake the shading onto the frog, then colored and textured the grayscale shading render. I understand now why so few people like making custom creatures. >___> ---
  10. Progress Thread

    The texture on this is absolutely horrible, sadly...it was mostly just a test to see if I could convert an unrigged .obj file into an Oblivion .nif and manually weight it to the rat animations. Also...uh. How do I setup an image gallery? Trying to click the link on the forum just directs to a dead-end. >.>
  11. Progress Thread

    I actually have "Sload" in my...ahem, Monster Girl Blockhead Edition mod on LL. They only work via Blockhead, by substituting the traditional upper/lower/hand/foot location meshes with modified ones I made using a heavily pregnant female body and webbed hands/feet. They obviously aren't a playable race, and they only have a few clothes (Necromancer robe variants) I fitted to their bloated bodies. I could probably tweak the textures a bit and make a bodysuit as a substitute for Blockhead... If you don't mind them being creatures instead of a race, I 'might' be able to re-rig this https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/21771/? from Skyrim to the Ogre skeleton/animations, possibly...you'd need to get permission from the mod's creator to use it, though. Doesn't look like the texture or model is vanilla Skyrim assets, so if the modder gave permission there wouldn't be any infringement issues. --- A head model for the Paatru could probably made using the head from https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47866/? as the base for it. Same with the Naga, I guess.
  12. Progress Thread

    Hahaha. I know the feeling of not wanting to stop until I finish what I'm already working on. I have an English translation of Alik'r Desert halfway done because I "took a break" halfway through the dialogue and just...haven't been able to find the motivation to start again.
  13. Progress Thread

    What do you need help with on the races? I know for a certain mod I work on on another forum community that yeah implementing a race can be annoying, I think I have 15+ different races and it took ages to create unique greetings for them, etc.
  14. Progress Thread

  15. Progress Thread

    Ah, the reason I mentioned the Nereid was because on some site's description of this mod's alpha(?) mentioning some sort of swamp or sea elf. I wasn't sure if you had an in-game design for them.
  16. Progress Thread

    I still need to figure out how to add the striped tattoos they have in ESO, but by tweaking the color of the Dark Elf's textures from Oblivion Character Overhaul for a bluer, lighter look and using the High Elf head instead of the Dark Elf, I think this is a pretty close approximation of the Nereid race in ESO. I might try to add those coral things over the ears. Appearance-wise they aren't anything special, but they heal passively while underwater and get increased abilities while submerged.
  17. Progress Thread

    Here's my most up-to-date model. I need to darken the eyes, find a different texture for the teeth, and 'maybe' try to tweak the animations a tiny bit so it looks better. Aside from that...well, Oblivion doesn't like thick-limbed creatures. If I bulk it up anymore to get closer to the ESO version, the limbs will start getting clunky. I have a bit more to do for Lurcher-kun, but you can post the current picture if you want.
  18. Progress Thread

    Still a definite WIP: I need to add teeth, try to widen its lower jaw a bit more, and see if I can bulk the limbs up any further. Oblivion doesn't like thick-limbed bodies. Wamasu-kun! Interestingly, Betty's Iguana -- for whatever reason -- used Bip02 nodes and includes riding animations, so in theory some of its dorsal spines could be removed and a saddled added for a mount version, maybe. ---
  19. Progress Thread

    I'll work on the Wamasus next. --- The shoulder spikes need a bit of work to match the ones in ESO and I'm not 100% pleased with the heart-thing yet, but that aside I think it's close enough to the ESO creature.
  20. Progress Thread

    Compare to... https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/elderscrolls/images/0/03/Lurcher.png/revision/latest?cb=20140317144736 Still nowhere near finished, but it works in-game fine. Need to smooth certain parts and add some vines, and do some special effects on the core. Poor former Spriggan.
  21. Progress Thread

    The creature end of things is really confusing, but skinning is more-or-less the same thing as rigging/weight-painting. Each vertices on the model has a 1.00 ratio of how much weight the skeleton's bones have on it, so if a vertex has a 1.00 for L ForeArm, it will move 100% according to whatever the skeleton's animations calls for with on the L ForeArm bone. I know how to modify animations made by other modders, but Beth's original set of creature .kfs have these things called BSpline or something that compress the coordinates for multiple bones' movement into a single, giant entry that's pretty much impossible to interpret because they never released their modeling software. Animations made using Blender or MAX have each bone's translation/coordinates on its own entry, so you can, for example, if you need a creature's neck to be longer, open up each .kf, go under the Bip01 Neck/Neck1 entry, and increase the translation for the axis by the same X amount per frame in each animation. For example, what I'll need to attempt for the ESO Wamasu, since it has 6 legs, is copy the Iguana's folder, then open the skeleton up, decide if I want to copy the motions of the front set of legs or back set of legs, copy the set of legs I choose's nodes, reposition them and attach them to the middle of the spine, figure out the translation difference between the Thigh/UpperArm in the new and old position, open up each KF, copy the Thigh/UpperArm on each side, and modify the translation by the difference I found before...oh god, now I've given myself a headache.
  22. Progress Thread

    I'm not well-versed at creating anything from scratch (I don't understand/my computer can't do via Blender UV Maps), but I'm pretty experienced with hand-skinning things, if the model itself already exists. If you have any details you can provide I can see what I can offer.