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  1. Cooking/Foodstuff Resource

    This is actually intended as an addition to CraftyBits, but it isn't possible to upload to that section currently. Contained in the archive is:
    A hypothetical "Bosmer Oven" made from brass and fire salts, for complaince with the Green Pact. It's technically a free resource for public release, so long as you remove the animated Firesalts from the .nif or get permission from Stesha on Nexus to use the Firesalts...or just replace them with vanilla Firesalts.
    A "pemmican strips" resource, mostly intended for CraftyBits.
    A burger, pudding, and cherry resource. Only the last of the three was made by me from the pudding, they actually come from an old JPN mod website called SHY that went offline years ago. The permissions say "free to use with credit", so I figured someone might enjoy them...
    There's an .esp inside, but it's parented to CLS-CraftyBits.esm...




  2. TWMP Valenwood Regrown BETA

    Tamriel Heightmaps
    Tamriel Landscapes - Valenwood_Elsweyr
    Valenwood Improved
    Elsweyr Anequina
    Valenwood Islands
    OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice
    Install Tamriel Heightmaps, including Tamriel.esp
    Install Tamriel Landscapes - Valenwood_Elsweyr, including TWMP_Valenwood_Elsweyr.esp
    Install Valenwood Improved, disincluding ValenwoodImproved.esp
    Install Elsweyr Anequina, including ElsweyrAnequina.esp
    Install Valenwood Islands, and either include Valenwood Islands.esp or disinclude Valenwood Islands.esp but unpack its .bsa file into loose files in your Data folder
    Install TWMP_ValenwoodRegrown, and overwrite any files you're prompted about: I corrected the UV Map on several models
    Load Order:
    I suggest having them somewhere in the upper-middle of your Load Order, or wherever BOSS positions them, but in this sequence:
    Valenwood Islands.esp's position doesn't matter to my knowledge, and ElsweyrPelletine.esp can go before or after TWMP_ValenwoodRegrown. I haven't found any land tears between the two mods, yet.
    Change Log:

    Corrected some terrain, added streets and pathgridding to Falinesti Harbor
    Added a basic quest to Falinesti Harbor: check the northmost warehouse, but not while there's a guard around!
    Added a Hydra to the mod, but currently it isn't implemented into the game



  3. Arkshtrumz EV

    This is a translation of the brilliant Dwemer Ruins of Arkshtrumz mod created by a Russian modding team.  Ramza at TESALL provided quite a bit of support getting the scripts translated right, in addition to granting me permission to release my translation. This .esp obviously won't work without downloading the original mod from:
    The mod is difficult to describe, so if you're interested you might checkout the video trailers in that link's Screenshot section to decide if you'll like it. The "Ruins" are absolutely immense, perhaps one of the few mods where I literally felt as if I was getting lost during my explorations.  My translation has been in-progress for...well over a year, now: such is the vastness of the mod. It probably took me a good 16-20 hours of play to complete the "questliine" of the mod, and even then I may have missed some secret areas. However...this mod is confusing, so if you have questions, please post them. I'll try to compile a FAQ to address questions or concerns.




  4. Dwemer Art: Desert Alik'r

    This is a translation of the brilliant Dwemer Art: Desert Alik'r mod by Usher7r and his team, which brings to Oblivion the Alik'r Desert of Hammerfell in all its glory. Due to Usher7r's abrupt disappearance (from which I hope he'll return soon!), there's a few unaddressed glitches (such as scorpion/snake venom causing messages to stop appearing on the top left if you or any Actors in the cell have it), which I attempted to rectify by adding a dialogue to give poisoned actors an antidote if you have it in your inventory. With that indirectly remedied, I can personally say -- as I played through both of its main quests and visited almost every dungeon -- that the mod is quite stable, although expect a bit of lag in Alik'ra due to its sprawling size. This .esp obviously won't work without downloading the original mod from:
    Accessing the mod's contents currently requires being Arch-Mage of Cyrodiil to initiate the series of events that will lead you there, but it's possible to access the worldspace via cow on the console, and you'll be able to play everything but the quests that directly reference you as Arch-Mage...probably. There's bound to be some incomplete/crude translations of dialogue left that I missed, so please report such instances to me and I'll try to fix them in my next update. Certain books -- specifically ones from Skyrim -- are intentionally untranslated because I either lack the books, or it's a foreign "fan fiction" that's too in-depth for my to translate.
    I have an HGEC/RM patch for the mod's clothing and armor available, as well as an OCO2 patch for its races, if people are interested in it. If someone requests either I'll upload them, but it's a bit more complicated than just uploading an .esp.
    I claim no credit for this mod beyond the 100+ man hours put into translating it to English. Please refer to the link above for full credits.



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  6. Ambient Wildlife - Frogs

    A simple-textured frog model rigged to use the vanilla Oblivion Rat’s animations. I've updated the UVMap and given them some designs. Beyond the permission usage of “don’t use this in a mod you’re charging people for”, this is a free resource. If you want to credit me for the time I spent converting it, that would be nice but isn’t required.

    The .esp has three different frogs: a light green one, a dark green one, and a bluish one. It also contains the sound effect entries for the creatures, and the blue and dark green frogs are copying their soundset from the light green one. If you're going to copy them into your own .esp, be sure to use the light green one as a base to preserve the soundset.