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  1. Hey there, Envy! I...do still have plans to work on it, yes. Unfortunately, I kind of burnt myself trying to juggle too many large projects at once all by myself: horrible idea. I was working on this, my monster porting project, a pseudo-Soul Calibur quest mod, a Green Pact mod, and trying to make some models work for Black Marsh... It got overwhelming. I've been modding Fire Emblem games for the last few months, but really do want to get back to Oblivion. It has a special place in my heart. I just really don't know where to start. There aren't a lot of active modders, and trying to handle all of VWR myself is too much with all my stupid adult responsibilities...

    If there's anything you see that needs corrections to get it more compliant with official maps, feel free to make necessary changes or give me points of reference and I can try to get to them myself.

  2. The model's hatch window is translucent in-game, but only enough for movement of the steam and fire effect from the Fire Salts to be vaguely discernable through it. It's dark enough inside that no one could identify whether or not there's food. It's easy to just delete the AlphaProperty node in NifSkope to get rid of that, though. I could make it so it could be opened, I think...probably. I've never worked with making hinge animations. Certainly not during the busy season with my job, unfortunately...and even then, Oblivion's collision is too wonky to put food on the grate inside without weird bouncing.

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  3. 8 hours ago, Munch Universe said:

    Hi puddles,
    I got distracted for a couple of days, but have now turned my attention to getting this little project finished off. 

    The extra assets are nice but I think they are too hard to really integrate well. The pudding requires the cherries, and the cherries a cherry tree. We could postulate that cherries are imported from elsewhere, but then it starts being a case of including things for the sake of including them, rather than because they are needed for something. The burger is similar, cute, but just not reason enough to bother. I do appreciate being giving the choice.

    I was under the impression that the Bosmer oven would be closed, in the sense of the player not being able to see into it. I'm not sure if we misunderstood one another or if you might have accidentally added the wrong oven to the file. The one in the file is the one I see above which has an opening in the door which the player can see into. If that is what you want, we'll go with it, I just want to make sure that something didn't go wrong in the communication or transfer. I can use the model you sent to install it into CB, then we can swap the nif later, so it isn't time critical.

    This should be fun. The Bosmer oven will require a little special scripting, but not too much. Maybe later today.

    The cherry could actually be removed from the pudding pretty easily, but yeah the lack of native cherries is an issue. As for the oven...I think the latest model I packed up has a metal pane covering the hole, now?

    7 hours ago, Munch Universe said:

    When a campfire is burning, if you simply take firewood out of inventory and drop it near the fire, the firewood is added to the fire. For burning tallow in the oven, I see two possible approaches. In one, the mechanism is preserved so that you can drop tallow out of your inventory near the Bosmer oven and it refuels the fire. This would be the easiest way to go about it from the scripting perspective.

    The other possibility is adapting the script more to operating an oven. It didn't seem to make sense to open a burning fire to add more wood to it, so CLShade developed the idea of dropping wood onto the fire. For an oven, however, opening would seem to be a necessary step to add fuel. Dropping tallow a meter/yard from the oven doesn't seem like an intuitive way to refuel it. This takes a little more modification, but is not particularly difficult. In the end, it is probably a little simpler and more intuitive for the user.

    Puddles, what do you think, does one approach or the other appeal to you more? I can develop the first approach first, let you test it and still come back to the second one with no lost effort, if that seems best.

    Another question: Any ideas regarding constructing a Bosmer Oven? It could be as simple as adding 4 blobs of clay (recipes with 1-3 already exist). What would be even better is to combine some signature piece with clay. The clay blobs automatically combine up to 3, so using a 3 x blob would be a little easier than having to create a 4 x blob for this one purpose. What comes to mind is the Skyrim "iron fittings" which can be whatever is needed. With CB, we've alway tried to be more literal than that, but perhaps the Skyrim vagueness is better. To abstract even more, perhaps an ingot of brass and 3 x clay might be a viable recipe. Three ingredients are allowed without the script needing to get much more complicated, in case a third ingredient occurs to you.

    Well, based on the texture materials...the lid on top is a piece of bronze, the hinges and handle-thing are bronze. The frame and the grating inside are brass. The cover on the front is glass or something.


  4. @Munch Universe After a number of delays, here we are...I've included the Bosmer Oven, Pemmican, and some ancient resources from a JPN modding site that went offline years ago: a burger (I don't really know if those are lore-compliant...?), a Pudding/Flan with a cherry, and a plain cherry I made by removing everything else from the dessert and adding new collision. Ironically, cherries don't even exist in COBL...? Feel free to use the latter three or don't, I just figured someone might get some use out of the stuff.

    I had to upload it to the Oblivion Resources section, since the CraftyBits Public section can't be uploaded to.


  5. Cooking/Foodstuff Resource

    View File

    This is actually intended as an addition to CraftyBits, but it isn't possible to upload to that section currently. Contained in the archive is:

    A hypothetical "Bosmer Oven" made from brass and fire salts, for complaince with the Green Pact. It's technically a free resource for public release, so long as you remove the animated Firesalts from the .nif or get permission from Stesha on Nexus to use the Firesalts...or just replace them with vanilla Firesalts.

    A "pemmican strips" resource, mostly intended for CraftyBits.

    A burger, pudding, and cherry resource. Only the last of the three was made by me from the pudding, they actually come from an old JPN mod website called SHY that went offline years ago. The permissions say "free to use with credit", so I figured someone might enjoy them...

    There's an .esp inside, but it's parented to CLS-CraftyBits.esm...


  6. This was actually made by an acquaintance of mine, but I rigged it to the Sheep. I intended to rig it to the Bear, buuuut...the Bear's skeleton is kind of FUBAR due to having been designed as a Biped but all of its animations being quadruped. If you look around the thighs and pelvis during its Power Attack when it rears up on its hind legs, you can see this nasty stretching.

  7. This is my busy season at work, so I sadly haven’t made much progress on this project. I’ve removed/fixed some floating objects, and I have the dialogue / diary entries for about 5 quests prepared...but implementing the quests’ scripts and making them actually work in-game isn’t my strong suit, especially when my time is limited. I end up going down rabbit holes trying to make everything perfect and it just doesn’t get done. Ideally I could get some help, but I think most people interested in that sort of thing are already busy with a project.

    Next update will have more floating stuff fixes, and hopefully all least a couple small quests.

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  8. Closing it up would be easy enough. I just tested the model in the CS, and unless the oven is increased in scale by 4 it's impossible to fit the plate inside the oven...although I specially made the collision to allow a plate/food to fit inside. The plate doesn't bounce around, etc.

    Edit Tested it in-game and it's too cumbersome. I'll make a closed-up model and enlarge this current one for my Valenwood Regrown mod.

  9. @Munch Universe Okay, I did finally get the Bosmer Furnace done. Sorry for dragging my heels, but here's a screenshot of why I was insistent on the ambient occlusion baking:


    The baking also has the plus of combining all of the different textures into a single texture. Saves a lot of space. I'll package it up to upload tomorrow with the pemmican. For now, I sleeeep...

  10. On 10/25/2018 at 11:42 AM, HoundAkragth said:

    Pemmican's like clay before the tallow cools completely, so any shape you care to make them is fine. I was personally thinking "protein bar". And now I seriously should probably get to work instead of messaging on my cellphone before my boss starts yelling.

    @HoundAkragth Lighter? Darker? Completely the wrong sort of texture?


  11. Um...

    tl;dr every object/mesh within a .nif file has a "MaterialProperty" that's visible in NifSkope as having a color palette icon. If you click on the palette it will show 4 color circles:


    The way you see the Ambient & Diffuse with their little white dot all the way to the bottom right, Specular & Diffuse dot all the way to the bottom left/black, Alpha at 1.000, and Glossiness at 10.000, is what I generally just call "Default". You can generally set the Material to this for...just about everything, and it won't look horrible. It might not look realistic (you mentioned the sheen on the fabric), but there probably won't be anything horrid. Usually. Special things like glass, metal, etc. are going to be set differently, things with _g textures will generally have some Specular & Emissive. The current fabric nifs in CB all have their Specular set to pure white (that was the glow-in-the-dark) and the Glossiness at 18.***. Some of them had a dark purple Emissive....not sure why. Even after all these years, people aren't 100% in agreement about which things do what, so I generally just don't screw with it the baseline unless I'm looking for something special. The sheen you're talking about in that screenshot could probably be reduced by darkening the Ambient color a bit. The Glossiness factor is totally unpredictable, sometimes lowering it actually INCREASES the "Gloss", so...I try to leave it at 10.

  12. ...And a couple weeks later I still haven’t gotten it uploaded. Still working on this gradually, but between the busy season at work, getting the More Races Alpha off the ground, and doing seekrat Black Marsh stuff I keep getting distracted. I need more hours in the day that aren’t sleeping or work...or to win the lottery so I can become a full time NEET. >.>

    I’ve added Kallopi, the famous rodents of Falinesti to the game. Faeries have been added. Hydras can spawn as an rare enemy at higher levels.

    Also added the stage framework for a quest in Emperors Run, just need to add the stuff to the map and link it to the quest results.

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  13. Okay, so the journal-less "quest" in Elrinda functions fine-ish. Falinesti Harbor's quest works fine-ish. The journal-less quest in Falinesti Harbor I left intact and only slightly polished from Valenwood Improved is working fine-ish. More dialogue added, fixed roads...there's some sneak peak dialogue for quests I hope to implement at some point. A couple quests are available in Woodhearth. Hopefully I can package up a new release today.

  14. Okay, so I have completely repositioned Woodhearth to match where it should be on the map, am...honestly 200% happier with it, so that’s good. I’ve added some Graht-Oak trees and other vegetation, too. Once I finish adding a few more NPCs so there aren’t 30+ houses from Valenwood Improved and only 6 NPCs to the city’s name, I’ll be releasing the next version. Glowplug on the Nexus forum is also graciously making an Altmer-style guild hall for the mod, but it probably won’t be ready for this release. It looks awesome though, so look forward to it!

  15. And then I realized I mis-placed Woodhearth and need to manually re-position it section by section across the continent. I knew it was weird that I needed to try so hard for to squeeze it into the spot I put it before... -.- The Tamriel Heighmap has usually had the landscape fairly flat in the areas where Valenwood's major cities should be, but...not where I put Woodhearth. THAT WOULD BE WHY AGH.