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  1. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    Hi! It's not lost, but things are very slow today. Sorry for that. I but I really really hope I will return with mod
  2. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    Developing such large nonprofit-making project is insanely hard. I suppose very few truly understands how hard it is. But because of envolvement of true professionals our project will be as polished as Bethesda's AAA projects. Now, when first installment is closing its finishing line, we are starting our developer's diaries with introduction of each and every one of these professionals. Alexandra "Naihaan" Danilova 3D-arstist and Art-designer Almost everybody in foreign communities of Skyrim and Oblivion have at least heard about Naihaan. In particular, i often chat with japanese members of the community, and when i mention she creates clothing and armor for our project, delighted they answer with: "Naihaan?! Are you serious?! That's awesome!" But how does development of visual apperance look like? First, we're deciding on references used for concept-art. Without a doubt we start from official art and screenshots from older TES games, where events took place in Hammerfell. Then, we design our own concepts based on references: After that, Naihaan start working on 3D model. The hardest work goes on all fronts: Naihaan prefer working in Blender, powerful free 3d creation suit, textures are done from scratch in Adobe Photoshop. Also other applications are used such as Pixologic Zbrush. Every model requires proper UV-map and skeletal rigging. Hard work, but well worth the effort as result is fantastic: Of course, sometimes Naihaan can start from scratch using only her imagination. A lot of her creations were done this way. http://pic.fullrest.ru/FQJlppxL http://pic.fullrest.ru/FObHFBXo http://pic.fullrest.ru/FLv1omFX http://pic.fullrest.ru/FKAJGdNX http://pic.fullrest.ru/FEF2nuWg http://pic.fullrest.ru/FF978pkG Also, she is a talented artist, you can visit her deviantart page and see for yourself: naihaan.deviantart.com
  3. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    "The Culture of Hotaji Oasis" There is a village of the Hotaji tribe stretched around the picturesque eponymous oasis. The ancient traditions of the tribe was fully preserved thanks to deep isolation from the outside world. Hence the architecture of the village and many other elements of ancient culture survived to this day in this Divines-forsaken place. The gods of Hotaji are very similar to their traditional images, which further strengthens the assumption of their ancient origin. The use the word "Tomo" for their gods, which means "nature", "law". All gods together are called "Ratomo" ("strong laws"), and the chief deity of their pantheon, the ancestor of all other gods, is also named Ratomo, which can be translated as "Great god". The current head of the pantheon is Ramangai, sun god who grants life. His right hand is young Tomei, who's helping the souls of the dead to find their way into another world. Utatori is the secret keeper who separates the permitted knowledge from the forbidden. The great warrior Ransei protects from the enemies and guides hunters to strike a sure hit. Mo-G'yetang, Ransei's brother, is the patron of all skilled men. Ratomo's wife is Tavadotomo, our familiar goddess of fertility and sky, not quite different from her modern version. She is assisted by beautiful JitÅndo, the goddess of art and harmony, and the wise goddess Tuenara, the Hearthkeeper. Kept aloof are Noroigura, trickster god who is treated as the cause of all troubles, and evil Syatokashi, the master of storms, hurricanes, and droughts, the one who wishes to sow only destruction. The elder of the tribe, the only one who knows our language, has told me this legend. "At the beginning of time we all, the gods, the people, lived on a large flat boat in the midst of the waves. It was because there was only one small island in the sea, which had not enough space to even one family. However, everyone lived happily. Chief Ratomo and his wife Tavadotomo gave life to other gods and men, and sharp-sighted Ramangai saw to it that the sun was not too bright and not tortured anyone with thirst. But then the greedy Noroigura decided that the life was not good enough, and the pitching was too severe. He persuaded the skilful Mo-G'yetang to dismantle the ship and build from it the large multi-tiered Pagoda on the island. This place was named Hotaji, and everyone began to live there. "But the evil god Syatokashi sighted the Pagoda from afar and decided to devour anyone who lived there. The seer Utatori revealed the plan and warned the wise mistress Tuenara. Tuenara judged that it was necessary to break the Pagoda, before Hotaji was found by Syatokashi. She persuaded the beautiful JitÅndo to share a night with the great warrior Ransei so he would agree to destroy the Pagoda, because it was possible only to his strength. Tavadotomo caused rain to slow down Syatokashi, as Ransei came to the Pagoda and was going to strike it with his sword. But he was impeded by Noroigura who felt sorry for the Pagoda, and the sword pierced Noroigura's heart. Noroigura didn't die, because at the time no one knew the concept of death, but his spilled blood softened the island soil, and the Pagoda collapsed. Without the old boat, everyone was going to sink down and would have lived on the sea floor, but the greedy Noroigura grabbed one of splinters, and the other gods and men followed his example when they saw that he is a-floating. "For long years, men-of-hotaji drifted slowly on the waves. During this time the god Tomei was born to JitÅndo and Ransei. Tomei didn't know a happy life yet, and therefore he decided to lead the oldest and worthiest people to the sky, believing that the better life awaits there. Many years later, the waves drove men-of-hotaji upon the far shores. The Hotaji, with no Ratomo left among them by this time (even Tomei was spending more and more time at the sky), went deep into the desert, deciding that they will be able to hide there from the devastating Syatokashi. Besides, everyone was heartily sick of pitching. Since then, they live near the oasis, which gives everything necessary for a happy life. And no one is building pagodas more than two palm trees in height."
  4. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    This is map of first episode of Prism of Hammerfell. English version will be later
  5. [WIP] Oblivion - The Red Line

    Woah, very nice! But where is autor? I want this mod!
  6. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    Not so good as I want But I'm working on it
  7. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    It will be a seperate addon
  8. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine

    It will be great New Year gift!
  9. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    I do not even think about it. I mean, December, January or February. Sorry for that. Of course! This is main goal of project Prism of Hammerfell is based on Under the sign of the dragon - Tamriel Heightmaps by onra too, by the way New sreens: Ansei Maki https://pp.vk.me/c637325/v637325316/1a399/LQR7yfSaoQM.jpg Hegathe on night https://pp.vk.me/c637325/v637325316/1a38f/JPNjA2cJbnE.jpg Some breton https://pp.vk.me/c637325/v637325316/18706/Iar0KR0wx4c.jpg Dunmer https://pp.vk.me/c637325/v637325316/186fc/YG1tNsJevCg.jpg Main menu https://pp.vk.me/c637325/v637325316/18724/3MPt_zyTbM4.jpg
  10. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    No, but this winter
  11. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    Hi! It's a big surprise for me! I will include all questlines from Alik'r to the new project. It's some kind of remake. СпаÑибо за добрые Ñлова! Тот мод жутко глючный и Ñ Ð½Ðµ удовлетворён качеÑтвом мода в целом (Ñ…Ð¾Ñ‚Ñ Ð¾Ð½ и был по Ñвоему интереÑен), поÑтому и разрабатываетÑÑ Ñ€ÐµÐ¼ÐµÐ¹Ðº, а Ñти квеÑÑ‚Ñ‹ будут интегрированы и продолжены Ñюжетно. Буду очень благодарен, еÑли поможешь Ñ Ð¿ÐµÑ€ÐµÐ²Ð¾Ð´Ð¾Ð¼ на английÑкий Ñзык.
  12. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    That would be nice! Release is planned for this winter, so I would be very grateful for your help.
  13. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    New trailer for my project
  14. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    I'm glad to hear it from you! :3