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  1. Craftybits 0.813 Bug reports

    Craftybits 0.813.0 was recently released here. This is a place to report any problems you find with it.
  2. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    I fell off the planet for a week, but things are back to normal now. If anyone can download and check to see if CB 813.0 smokes when it runs, that would be a great help.
  3. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    I shortly I will upload the add-on into the Craftybits Team Folder of my DropBox account. Puddles and HoundAkgarth already have access, if anyone else is interested, please let me know. If someone can find a little time to do some testing, that would be a great help. Things to know: To create pemmican mix add any type of raw meat and tallow to the mixing bowl, drop in the spoon and get Pemmican mix. To dry your pemmican mix, add to the Aging Barrel and wait a couple of days. This takes a lot of patience but no source of heat. To create a Bosmer oven, add Bronze nuggets and Clay(3) to the Pottery board and drop a knife on the board. In the process I made the ring and jewelry order-of-addition-independent, which should increase their reliability. In the previous version you needed to add the wax model before the clay or it would give you a plate instead of the form. To use the Bosmer oven, open and fill with tallow. Light and use as if it was a campfire. All the changes but the last one follow known paths and stand a good chance of working as intended. The last one was a modification of an existing script which may turn out to be buggy or weird. EDIT: I'm going to upload the latest full CB pack to the same location. If someone can download and install it, just to check if it will start up properly (nothing missing), it becomes the release candidate.
  4. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    OK, I'll use it as is and we'll worry about any potential problems later when they have be observed in-game. No need to contemplate opening the door. The door of the forge doesn't open as an animation either. I don't think that bothers players much, since even when something "opens" it is mostly symbolic.
  5. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    OK, looks like you sent the right one but I'm still a bit confused. In Nifskope the metal plate appears to be transparent, since I can still see the grill inside. I haven't looked at the Bosmer oven in-game yet, so perhaps the transparency is a Nifskope artifact of some sort? If it is also transparent in-game, then probably all that is required is to tweak the texture. Being able to see into the oven does improve the appeal of the model but I remain concerned that it generates expectations we cannot fulfill. I think I'll go with the recipe suggested above, a brass ingot and 3 clay. That might be a little bit simpler than it should be from the looks of the oven, but a source of heat is a very basic requirement, so we don't want to make it too hard.
  6. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    When a campfire is burning, if you simply take firewood out of inventory and drop it near the fire, the firewood is added to the fire. For burning tallow in the oven, I see two possible approaches. In one, the mechanism is preserved so that you can drop tallow out of your inventory near the Bosmer oven and it refuels the fire. This would be the easiest way to go about it from the scripting perspective. The other possibility is adapting the script more to operating an oven. It didn't seem to make sense to open a burning fire to add more wood to it, so CLShade developed the idea of dropping wood onto the fire. For an oven, however, opening would seem to be a necessary step to add fuel. Dropping tallow a meter/yard from the oven doesn't seem like an intuitive way to refuel it. This takes a little more modification, but is not particularly difficult. In the end, it is probably a little simpler and more intuitive for the user. Puddles, what do you think, does one approach or the other appeal to you more? I can develop the first approach first, let you test it and still come back to the second one with no lost effort, if that seems best. Another question: Any ideas regarding constructing a Bosmer Oven? It could be as simple as adding 4 blobs of clay (recipes with 1-3 already exist). What would be even better is to combine some signature piece with clay. The clay blobs automatically combine up to 3, so using a 3 x blob would be a little easier than having to create a 4 x blob for this one purpose. What comes to mind is the Skyrim "iron fittings" which can be whatever is needed. With CB, we've alway tried to be more literal than that, but perhaps the Skyrim vagueness is better. To abstract even more, perhaps an ingot of brass and 3 x clay might be a viable recipe. Three ingredients are allowed without the script needing to get much more complicated, in case a third ingredient occurs to you.
  7. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    Hi puddles, I got distracted for a couple of days, but have now turned my attention to getting this little project finished off. The extra assets are nice but I think they are too hard to really integrate well. The pudding requires the cherries, and the cherries a cherry tree. We could postulate that cherries are imported from elsewhere, but then it starts being a case of including things for the sake of including them, rather than because they are needed for something. The burger is similar, cute, but just not reason enough to bother. I do appreciate being giving the choice. I was under the impression that the Bosmer oven would be closed, in the sense of the player not being able to see into it. I'm not sure if we misunderstood one another or if you might have accidentally added the wrong oven to the file. The one in the file is the one I see above which has an opening in the door which the player can see into. If that is what you want, we'll go with it, I just want to make sure that something didn't go wrong in the communication or transfer. I can use the model you sent to install it into CB, then we can swap the nif later, so it isn't time critical. This should be fun. The Bosmer oven will require a little special scripting, but not too much. Maybe later today.
  8. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    Many thanks puddles. I'll get right on adding the resources to CB. AndalayBay, that was very attentive of you, thank you. I should have already submitted the request. I'll have a look at the burger and cherry models. The burger might be able to slip into a sandwich slot, which would make it easy to incorporate. The cherries are harder, since there are no cherry trees in Oblivion. To really fit into CB, we'd want to have trees as well, but that becomes a major project. Just adding the models as a modders resource would be easy enough but to really do it right, the trees would need to be placed around Tamriel. Do you happen to know if mhahn uses cherry trees in any of his mods? I find his work very good and highly compatible with CB, so if he has cherry trees, it might be worth it to add them to CB for those using his villages.
  9. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    That looks great! Now that I have a clear idea of what the Bosmer oven would look like, I started to think about the implementation. Apologies if it seems like I'm trying too hard, but one of the things about CB has been that we have indulged a bit of a perfectionist streak to ensure the quality. When using a (wood) campfire, the player chops firewood, places a pile on the ground and converts it into a campfire. The campfire is then a heat source for surrounding plates, pots and vats. With the Bosmer oven the first thing I'd try is to open it with the intent of placing something inside it. Actually making that possible would mean an animation project of a considerable scope, so I'm not suggesting you try it. But the open access hole does beg for seeing something happening inside. The interior modeling is nicely done and would allow some nice glow effects which are not too hard to set up, so there is something to be said for leaving it open, even if the player can't add vessels to it. I could probably rig the oven up to be a container to which the player can open to add things to cook. But I don't think the game system allows a container in a container and plates need to be handled directly by manipulating whatever is on them. This is what has prevented me from implementing ovens in the past, even though Stroti has made a halfway decent one. I think what would work would be a sealed oven that the player cannot see into. It can be a container (as is the campfire), which the player opens in order to add tallow and light. For the forge, you either need to be holding a lit torch when fueling up or you can throw a fireball at the door. The same mechanism could work here. Once lit, the Bosmer over will smoke like the campfire and warn the player when the fuel is running low. It will behave as a heat source, like the campfire, so that nothing needs to change for the rest of the cooking. The player simply places plates, pots and vats in the proximity of the oven and cooking begins. The oven could be used as is, as long as we don't worry about creating an expectation which is not fulfilled. How do the two of you see it? Would you expect to see sizzling plates and steaming pots inside the oven or is it okay as is? Would it be a lot of work to close the hole in the oven door? If it is fairly easily done, I think it may be worth it.
  10. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    Before you put the effort into it, let's see what HoundAkragth says about the color and run some in-game testing. I think the crab meat is a fixed, as opposed to the bone pile, in which case there will not be an issue. A little chaos can be a good thing. At least it will make them easy to recognize, since they don't closely resemble anything else. I'll give it a go tomorrow. I'm a bit busy today with another project.
  11. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    Is that model composed of separate objects which do not need to stay together, like the bone pile? While the effect is kind of neat and appropriate for the bone pile, I'm a little concerned it may not work so well for a food item. If you have a stack of pemmican, it will look the same. If there is only one representing the stack, somehow the player gets it. If there is a stack of 8 but no stack of 16, it seems a bit weirder. Another consideration is that sometimes such an object will roll downhill, spreading it over a considerable patch of terrain. If you pick up any one of the objects, it picks up all of them so it works in practice but it still seems a bit strange. I do like the idea of multiple pemmican "bars" but perhaps it would be better to structure them into a pile which is bound together. Maybe a stack of 6 of them, or something, seemingly wrapped up with a piece of twine. Please consider this merely a suggestion for your consideration. I'll take it as is, if that is your preference, since I don't think a distendable stack will cause any serious problems, just minor little immersion ones. I'll leave it to HoundAkragth to provide feedback on the color. I like them as they are, but improvement is also possible. In any case, that is a nice piece of work, creative and focused on the real needs of this little project. Usually making something low quality and mundane isn't much fun for modelers because it is only the complicated, shiny stuff that allows you to show what you can do. In addition, making something beautiful is often no more work than something kind of ugly, so why wouldn't you make it beautiful? But that often runs counter to the needs of CB, which is full of mundane, often almost ugly objects. It seems to be one of those things where either you get it, or you don't. Previous attempts to explain the situation to novice modelers have seldom worked out.
  12. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    Thanks for taking the time to explain. I get it now. I've seen those wheels before but I didn't even know how to read them until you explained. Chances are the settings which were already there were inherited from some older item where the settings might have made sense. As you can see in the pic, the cloth does stand out just a little. While silk is usually woven so tightly that it tends to have a sheen, lower quality cloth will tend to swallow light a little. But they are much improved over what they were and any further improvement is uncertain. Much appreciated. I'll add a note to the Ref Guide acknowledging your effort.
  13. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    Here is a screenshot of the red cloth. Thanks a ton, puddles, I think that did the job. The cloth is still just a little shiny, but it doesn't glow in the dark any longer. Out of curiosity, what did you do? I'm guessing the textures remain unchanged and you tweaked something in the meshes. If it is complicated to explain and requires an understanding of Blender, forget I asked. I'm just speculating that there might be an easy explanation. Also no rush, over the weekend will be fine. I appreciate your efforts and those of HoundAkgarth and certainly don't want to steal the little free time you have during a heavy work cycle.
  14. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    I'll leave the decision to HoundAkragth. Since it was his idea, he gets first choice. One thing you could have a look at, if you find a little time to do so, is the textures for cloth. There are 5 cloth bolts and 5 folded cloth which CB retextures to provide a better baseline for CBTailoring. But despite my efforts and those of Annachibi, there is still something off about them. The actual colors are okay but they sort of glow in the dark. I'm hoping you know what causes that and how to fix it. If it is something complex and time consuming, get back to me. But I'm hoping it is one of those things which might just take a few minutes if you know what to do.
  15. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    The current changelog, along with two remaining 'to dos': Version 0813.0 stand October 24, 2018 · Conversion of plates in player home in Bruma was working but duplicating the plate due to the plate having a parent controlling its disabled status. Parented items can now no longer be converted to prevent this problem. Thanks to roblesstevena for reporting and bug discovery. · Jade necklace requires a stack of 2 raw jade, using 1 leads to a jade ring. · Firewood box now renamed “Wooden Crate”. · Ladder and Shelves recipes fixed. · Harrada and other stave hammering recipes fixed. · Making jerky and salted meat requires an Aging barrel and a few days of game time. · Recipe for Bolete powder fixed, requires a stack of 3 cairn bolete mushrooms on the cutting board. · Recipe for marinated wisp stalk mushrooms fixed. · Recipe for cornbread added, Cobl only. · Flatbread pie removed from the Ref Guide, just called Flatbread now. · Flatbreads can now use any sliced meat, not just ham. · Recipes for Shepards, Breton and Cottage pies, mutton stew and slaughterfish chowder fixed and checked. Some other recipes may be fixed if they were failing before, due to a reordering of the ingredients. · Two new tips added to the Ref Guide explaining how to use the mixing bowl best when the ingredients are large. · Added recipes for boiling an egg and rice to the Ref Guide (recipes were already present in the scripts). · Fixed bow repair when using just sinew or harrada fiber. · HoungAkragth proposed a fix to the Bone Pile to allow it to work whether the player opens it or not. In the past it worked, but only if the player opens it at least once. He also fixed picking up the Fish Trap. · Fixed bug in CBMstEquippedToolsQ which prevented CBWoodHammer from shutting off if another quest of the set was active. · Extended fire detection range to 90 and prevented automatically ending cooking when the fire is too far(more than one cell) from the player · TODO: Music basket fix. A probable fix has been implemented but not yet tested to confirm it worked. · TODO: Pemmican. Waiting on the retexture of something like Animal Fat or a Potato to create the INGR: Pemmican which will get added to the aging barrel as an alternative to dried jerky or salted meat. Unless other bugs turn up, once pemmican is built in I'll release to TAL for testing and on the first report that it isn't completely screwed up, I'll upload it to the Nexus. I also made a couple of minor changes to CBAddon-CRT which adds some CB stuff to Cloud Ruler Temple. I had a problem with fire detection in the Grand Hall, which required an extra light to fix.