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  1. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    In the downloads section you will find two new files: CLS_Craftybits_Complete_08121.7z CLS_Craftybits_NoBSA_08121.7z These compile the recent fixes into the main esp/esm pair. Pick one, you do not need both. If you have the 08120 BSA, the noBSA version is all you need. The complete version is only for those who are still on some 811 version. If you have any CBFix activated, deactivate and delete them before using this version. They should do no harm, but they also do no good.
  2. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Thanks for writing to ask. Unfortunately the answer is no because it is a problem which cannot be solved, at least not by changing the base form of CB. Enhanced Grabbing(EG) takes over control of the grab key to give it the enhanced capabilities. CB also uses the grab key a lot to see what is going on or intended. Sometimes they will work okay along side one another, but what often happens is that a signal intended for CB is interpreted by EG as something else or the other way around. The only way to solve that would be to create a central control routine which parcels out control to CB or EG as appropriate in a patch mod. While it is theoretically possible, it would be very complex and most likely bug prone. Conceptually I like EG quite a bit and was disappointed to discover that the two are incompatible, but I'm afraid in this case you just have to choose what is more important to you.
  3. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Downloads now contain CBFix_05102017.7z. As before, it is a cumulative fix for CB 0.812.0 (i.e. you only need one fix, never CBFix esps from different dates). Latest fix tweaks the crafting board to produce black leather shields instead of black leather greaves from a leather shield and an inkwell (in that order, completed with the shears). Also fixed the mesh of the forge top to hide it again. It appears the last release featured the semi-visible version I use for debugging. On occasion it is important to verify that the forge top is placed and that the crucible is within it. Since it is normally invisible, if something isn't working, it could be the forge top, or some mechanism which depends upon it. But it serves no other purpose, so unless you like being able see it (unlikely), this version is better.
  4. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    The downloads now contain CBFix_30092017.7z. This file contains a cumulative fix esp for CB0.812.0 along with two nifs in their proper file position. The latest fixes involve shearing any bit of clothing into 4 rags on the Tailoring Board(Master) and using a rag, any alcohol and any soap to create a soapy rag. Thanks to Aquarius97 I've been patching up CB to the solid state I was hoping to have it in months ago.
  5. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I added CBFix_ESP22092017.7z to the downloads. Add this file to the end of your load order and activate. It fixes a couple of different problems with CB0.812.0. Latest fix is that the bedroll works again. Before long I'll integrate this fix into the main code to make CB0.812.1, but I'd like to collect a couple of fixes first to prevent having to create 812.2 soon thereafter.
  6. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I've been getting some bug reports recently which have led to some fixes. See the CB download page and grab CBFIX_17092017.7z, unpack it and add the esp to the end of your load order. Activate it and it should fix up some problems with the cooking pot. Also note that CB 0.812.0 lacked the CLS-Craftybits.ini until recently. It belongs in the Bethesda Softworks/Data/ini folder. It is available as a separate download now. If you download one of the full versions subsequent to Sep 15, 2017, the file is included, so you will not have this problem. I'll integrate the fix into the main code as soon as the bug reports trail off. As long as there is a prospect of more fixes soon, it makes sense to hold off and do a big upgrade instead of several little ones.
  7. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Delete CB-Weights_Hard.esp from your load order. It has since been built into CB 0.812 and is therefore no longer necessary. It is fairly likely that will solve most or all of your problems, since it overwrites a couple of key scripts. That is a very modest mod order you have there. Ideal for testing purposes but unusual for someone with the experience you seem to have. If nothing else, you may wish to consider one or more mods to handle eating, sleeping and thirst so that the cooking really serves a purpose. The two major options in that area are the Real... set by Abo or Basic Primary Needs. I prefer the former but the latter is a little more modern and prettier. I can help you customize the bars that show hunger, thirst and need for sleep, should you decide on BPN. Thanks for the feedback on the missing objects. Once again TES4Files seems to have missed some things. A full file set I have on my machine is literally twice the size of the one I made available for download here, though the obvious solution would be to just add everything. If I understood what causes TES4Files to miss particular ones, I could probably fix it with just a handful of files. If it isn't asking too much, could you take notes on what seems wrong? Ideally we could fix the problems one at a time, which would leave the download as small as it can be but complete. So far it sounds like something is wrong with the Hide glue model and the wooden slat icon. I'll upload those to the files section, you can fix them and we'll go from there. This could prove to be a long process, but I don't really know any other way to get the desired results. EDIT: Attached file includes the hide glue nif and the wooden slat icon. Unzip and place it in your Bethesda Softworks folder, where it should merge with your Data folder. When asked, allow the merge to take place. If you see any problems with the hide glue or wooden slat icon in game, let me know and we'll try again. The icon really must work but the hide glue nif might be alright and only a texture is missing, in which case this won't help. additional files.7z
  8. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Primitive crafting certainly can work, so the question is why it isn't working in your hands, rather than if there is a bug in the system which affects everyone. If you post your load order, perhaps I can spot something which might account for it. The most likely explanation is any mod that messes with grabbing. A mod which changes grabbing tends to "hide" grabbing from other mods. Since CB is very dependent on grabbing, that could be the problem. Also mods which change a lot of key assignments can cause trouble. When using CB, it is usually best to skip other mods which extend the key commands. Did you download the pack here from TAL? One possibility I'm not quite clear on is whether that pack is really complete or not. I made it with TES4Files, which is pretty good but in the past I have found that it can miss files. If there is a problem, it will most likely be in the form of a purple or yellow image where something should be in-game, but is missing. Please let me know if you see anything of that sort. There is a small chance that this could also be part of the problem, if the program is looking for an object which is missing and the script aborts rather than shows a purple or yellow image. I'll try to check back here at least once a day. Feel free to PM me to let me know if you post a message here so that I know to check. EDIT: Follow up on the fresh observations: 1) thanks for the positive news. Sometimes that is as helpful as having the bugs pointed out. 2) Forges tend to be a little tricky at first. It might require a reset. I can work with you to get that to happen, but let's first solve the simpler problems. 3) What you describe sounds like it is working as it should, only not finishing. Have a look in the console, perhaps it is supply additional information that might help us. In CB 0.7 primitive crafting needed a fixed number of hits. In CB 0.8, it requires a variable number, which can be surprisingly high if you are unlucky enough. 30 swings really should be more than enough, even if you are getting unlikely, but 20 might be fairly normal in the early going. 4) Harrada is available from some, but not all, harrada vines. Keep looking. This is true for a new gate or an old one.
  9. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    New version uploaded CB 0.812.0. I would appreciate it if someone could download the complete version and test it a little. The BSA may or may not be complete. It may require the loose files TES4Files gathered as well, but they take as much space as the bsa, so I'm hoping they may not be necessary.
  10. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Thanks darklord36. Do you have any suggestions for tasks that would also profit from a confirmation? Now that you get the confirmations, do you find them helpful or would you like to turn them off already? I could either rig up a separate switch for them, or link them to debug mode. The default setting is debug mode, by the way, so if performance is an issue at all, it can be improved by switching off debug mode. You can either do so in the options menu, or edit your craftybits.ini.
  11. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    The recent bug reports inspired an idea. I would like feedback on this from anyone who chooses to test it. Instead of the fix from yesterday, use this one instead. There are two significant changes. If you try to make something which only requires one ingredient, like bread crumbs from a loaf of bread, but the board has two or three ingredients registered, the script will now warn you that no valid recipe was found and will make nothing. You will probably have to remove everything from the board and start again, but it ensures you don't waste ingredients making something you don't want because the script failed to find the ham you put on the board. When you get a recipe right, you'll see a confirmation pop-up. It will tell you what you will make using the components on the board which the script recognized. If, for example, you are trying to make a sandwich but the script only recognized the loaf of bread, instead of seeing a confirmation for the sandwich you are hoping to make you will see one saying you will "Make bread crumbs using/ bread loaf", which gives you a chance to cancel. ​What I am thinking of doing is adding a confirmation across all the scripts, or at least those most likely to be tricky. We deliberately tried to minimize the pop-ups in CB to increase the immersion. At this point, I'm thinking the best approach might be to include the confirmation step, but rig it up to a switch in the CB options that allows you to switch them off any time you want. So new users would have the benefit of the extra protection of the pop-ups but once they felt secure using the system, they can switch them off. How do you feel about immersion vs. protection against wasting resources when the script isn't working as you want it to? Give the attached version a try and let me know what you think. A demonstration and trial is worth a long discussion any day of the week. The new esp: Packed in a 7zip as usual. Unpack and add to your load order instead of the fix from yesterday, not in addition to it. EDIT: I gave the mixing bowl the same treatment and did some debugging. It is still a trifle rough around the edges, but I'd like some feedback to see if others see the same things as minor problems. CBFix-CookingGuideBook_02042017b.7z
  12. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    When Skyrim came out there were a number of people involved and someone else, Setsuna515, was heading the team. But about then she lost interest in Oblivion, so I took over the Oblivion part and she planned to mod Skyrim, but it never really happened. Over the years, I've given some thought to switching, but the situation in Skyrim is different. Skyrim has its own crafting scheme, one which is incompatible with the hands-on philosophy of CB, since you use stationary equipment to do things. Also the development path of Skyrim made it harder, with frequent updates at first and Hearthfire only towards the end of the development path. Hearthfire seems like Bethesda's shot at CB, offering the sort of things player's have expressed interest in, but with serious limitations. The building scheme is pretty neat, in one sense, allowing you to build your own home. But there are only a limited number of sites and the building itself takes no time, no labor, it is just magic. It was a deliberate choice never to introduce any structure into CB which is more permanent than a yurt because of what it does to pathing, with the exception of the CB guild hall. In a nutshell, the question is, what would CB be in the context of Skyrim? I never saw a compelling answer to that question, nor could I think of one myself, so I stuck with CB. For CB, the problem has always been that it is more fun to make something new than to perfect something which already exists. But if you don't perfect something, it ends up buggy. Due to the interdependence of many CB products, if one is buggy, it blocks your path to the others. CB0.7 was really cool, but you could only really do something with it for a couple of days of game time at the most before the bugs started to add up and something would crash or otherwise cease working. My approach has been to address the flaws and not worry about adding new things much. So CB0.8 is vastly more reliable than CB0.7, but only slightly more capable. Almost everything was reprogrammed at some point but its outward appearance and game handling has remained largely unchanged. Some of my more important innovations are making success of many tasks a question of probability and the bee economy of the beehives. Playtesting is not as trivial as it might sound. It takes a willingness to repeat things which don't get you any further in the game and an eye for detail. The lack of testing tools make it necessary to test almost everything in-game to make sure it works. Given the vast scope of CB, it is an almost impossible task for one person. Even if I was willing to spend the time on it, since I programmed it, I'm a miserable tester. I know what should work and what shouldn't, so I verify that if you do everything exactly as expected you'll get the expected result. If that fails, it is news and needs to be fixed, but that is seldom the problem. Usually what happens is someone tries something different than exactly what was anticipated. Sometimes the something different is logical and really should work, but doesn't because I didn't think of it. So it is really critical to get people involved who do not come to the table with too much knowledge about how CB is supposed to work. Hopefully that will encourage you to keep sharing your experiences, since they help you and all the other users out there. We have 184 downloads of CB here at TAL, so the number of users is small in Skyrim terms, but interest hasn't dried up yet.
  13. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Fix for CB0.811.8. Thanks to Reaper590 a bug in the newest version was found. The recipe for uncooked apple pie and uncooked blackberry pie has been changed to use 1 dough and only 1 fruit, instead of 2 as the guide used to say and has been the case until now. With this change, it becomes possible to make the uncooked pies again. The problem relates to the fact that it is very difficult to put stacks of 2 in the game world, which is what was required if the recipes needs 2 apples or 2 blackberries. Larger stacks are often not a problem, but the game engine seems to decide for itself if two similar objects will form a stack or if they will remain separate, usually remaining separate. For pot recipes, in a container, the problem does not exist because container automatically stack everything they can, so placing two apples in a pot is exactly the same as adding one, then a second one. Simple add to your load order. It also updates the in-game cooking guide. I'll add it to the main mod, along with any other fixes that might come up over the next little while. CBFix-CookingGuideBook_01042017.7z
  14. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    The plan is to get CB thoroughly bug tested, then leave it to Sifonseal to merge into his FOMO. That having been said, if something interests me enough, I could do some additional development. But the requirement is that I have a couple of collaborators willing to help out here and there. Should you or someone else be interested in a specific project mentioned here at TAL, post something. Perhaps we can find a little team to take something on. The two projects which I see as highest priority are furniture making and tailoring. For furniture making, I have half an idea which would adapt the smithing system to allow an almost endless list of furniture items to be manufactured. But there are a couple of design philosophical issues which I don't have ready answers for yet. The other project would be a similar redesign of the tailoring and leather crafting systems to work a bit more like the forge/smithing. The really cool part of such a change would be that almost anyone could slap together a mod that would allow a new outfit to enter the game by allowing the player to make it, rather than the usual trick of placing it in a chest somewhere in the world. We were making some progress towards that goal when other interests distracted me and Lokichan, an important collaborator, went off-grid. But it would be possible to resume at almost any time.
  15. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I uploaded a new version 0.811.8 to TAL. If you use this version, you do not need the patch above, it has been built in, along with a couple of other overdue fixes. I only uploaded the no BSA version, since the BSA from 811.7 doesn't need updating. If you need the BSA, download the 811.7 Complete version, install, then install the 811.8 update over it. I'll be grateful for any bug reports that come in.
  16. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Your experience is informative for me, so you shouldn't feel dumb. In other cases I succeeded in consolidating a number of boards into a single one to make this sort of thing unnecessary. What this tells me is that the idea of consolidating multiple boards into one is a good idea and should be taken further. The difficulty with tailoring is that there are a number of problems with the system and I'd prefer to replace than adapt it. But that is rather labor-intensive. Last year a few people were showing some interest and we were in the planning stages for a replacement, but one of the people dropped out of sight again and we lost the momentum. I'm still thinking about it but I need a few collaborators to help with the design and testing. The actual programming isn't such a big deal, when you know how to do it, so I'm willing to kick in that much time, but not what it would take to fully design, program and test a new system on my own. Should you find anything which isn't working as you expect, do not hesitate to let me know. Perhaps half the time it is "user error" but those cases are interesting because they are usually hints that the system is too complicated or awkward, so sometimes I get new idea of how to improve something, even when they already work.
  17. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I gave it a try and it worked. Perhaps the missing information is that there are 5 tailoring boards and only the Outfit board will give you a red silk hood when you put red folded cloth on it and drop shears on the board. In order to convert the (Master) "Tailoring Board" to the "Outfits" board, grab + CB key the board. To convert one of the subboards back to the main board, use the CB key without holding down grab. Cycle between subboards with grab + CB key. I hope this straightens it out for you. But if not, just let me know, we'll get to the bottom of this.
  18. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Here is a patch for CB0.811.17. It will probably work with other versions, but that won't do me much good because I need to know if it works properly with 0.811.17, so I would appreciate it if you upgrade to that version if you try this out. If you don't know where to get it, it is available at TAL somewhere, I'll track it down and edit this message later. The fixes are for the canoe and cooking. Here is the latest version of the Reference Guide: CB Reference Guide 0.811i.pdf Here is a link to the right download: http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/files/file/1291-cls-craftybits-beta/ CBFix-HardtackDough_30032017MU.7z
  19. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Hi Darklord, Now I understand the nature of the problem. The display name you see doesn't actually matter, as long as it is pointing you to the right item. So Red folded cloth is the same thing as Folded red cloth. What I should do is update the guide to use the same names as the mod. But you are having trouble with making clothing? Perhaps you just haven't tried because you didn't think you had the right things. If so, try it, it will work. If not, see if you can note more details so I can hunt down the bug. I'm happy to patch anything we can track down to a repeatable problem. Mun ch
  20. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Hi Darklord36, I'm semi-retired, but supply me with bug reports and I'll fix them. Currently I'm hunting down a couple of problems reported by Reaper590 involving cooking. The uncooked pies were impossible, but that is fixed now. Lighting the forge can be a little tricky. It relates to the reset routine, which isn't as reliable as I'd like it to be. First, make sure there is fuel in the forge. Something else you might try is lighting manually. If you add tinder and are holding a lit torch, the forge should light up. If that fails as well, then it is a reset problem. If you know how to work console commands, open it up and type: set CBSmithingQ.Reset to 5 With a little luck, that will override whatever is preventing smithing from working properly and you'll be on your way. If that doesn't work, please report back and I'll see if I can think of something else which might work. For the cloth names, the problem might be as simple as needing to use the reset cloth names option. Open the CB Options in your inventory, pick that option and close your inventory. That will probably straighten things out for you. Unfortunately you may find you need to repeat it once a game session, instead of only once. It is possible to adjust your load order to make this problem go away, but the cure might be worse than the disease. If you put CB last or very late in your load order, the problem will probably vanish. Put it after your Bash patch, if you use one. But you need to decide for yourself if this is so important that you want to mess with a working load order when there is a relatively simple work around.
  21. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Hi all, I find that CB is behaving very poorly on my computer. The CB key is unset, the door to the yurt is missing and I can't seem to CB key anything, even when using a relatively early save. When I start I see a message about how to shoot screenshots which is popping up on a field the color of the windows motif in a way it didn't used to. It appears that an update somewhere along the line has sabotaged the save games. Have you had any experience along these lines? Does anyone know anything about this? It sounds suspiciously like a Windows Update which messed something up. I haven't played in months, so I don't have a particular event to tie it to, but sometime last year it was running properly. Needless to say I didn't change anything on my end which could account for it. EDIT: I fixed the problem by adjusting my load order to correspond to the save I was interested in loading. I had moved CB-Marooned after the Bash Patch, which seems to have been the cause. I guess the lesson is when it looks like a hardware problem, it probably isn't.
  22. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Should you need any advice on the scripts, feel free to ask. I don't elaborate on them much because I'm not sure there is much of an audience for it, not because I am unwilling to do so. The way they are designed now, rather than adding code to fix some situation, it would be more effective to find the conditions causing the problem and prevent it from happening at all. One idea that comes to mind is that since the problem appears to relate to leaving a fire burning, a possible approach would be to require the player to be within a given distance (2 cells or less) or the fire goes out automatically. The advantage would be that it becomes impossible to abandon a burning fire, so the various scripts have a chance to shut themselves down long before a reset is possible. But the disadvantage is that your fire may go out at odd times. So if you have a camp at Weye, for example, with a burning fire, then run down to the lake to get some water, if you stray too far, when you return you will find that your fire went out. Maybe Smokie the Bear is wandering around Cyrodiil and ensuring no one leaves fires burning, but it is likely to seem a bit odd. The script changes it would require a trivial, if you know where to put them. If you think this might be interesting, let me know and I'll make you an esp to test. Or, if you would prefer, I can explain what it would take and you can do it yourself.
  23. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    My apologies for my absence. I'm working on an unrelated project, which sucks up most of my time. But this project deserves to be put into at least a state which works properly. Thanks for the bug report. It appears the problem relates to the reset cell. I'm not sure that problem can be solved at all, unfortunately, but it is good to at least know that it exists. As a general tip, it is best to "clean up" after yourself when leaving an area you may not return to for some time. End all your cooking, smithing or whatever else might be in progress. Put your small items in a container, such as a firewood box or a barrel. The one thing you can try is that the problem could be caused by an item which has fallen through the floor but continues to cook. Can you go to the cell where the problem occurs and have a look under the ground by turning off collision? If you find something there and pick it up, it might just terminate a running script or two and solve the problem. I've often seen small items fall through the floor when a cell is reset. It also happens to vanilla items, like swords, so this isn't so much a bug in CB as a weakness in the system.
  24. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Do you know which CLS-Craftybits.bsa you are using, from which version? Apparently more is missing than I thought, given the soil problems reported on the Nexus. It is odd, because in the past TES4Files has proven to be quite accurate but suddenly it is missing things. I have no idea what has changed. Thanks for the report and for your successful effort to find a solution.
  25. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    If the bone piles aren't working, there is only one possible explanation, something else in your load order which adds something to containers. I have a scheme which detects and ignores anything with "token" or "gold" in the name, but you must have something else present. Most economic mods have something like this present. If you can guess, please let me know what mod it might be, otherwise if you could post your load order, that might allow me to guess. The soil meshes are missing from the archive. I posted them on the Nexus for now. I'm not sure why TES4Files misses things on occasion, but clearly it does. If the fix doesn't get the job done, let me know and I'll create a fix that will get the job done. Thanks for the reports!