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  1. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    A Bard's Life looks pretty clever, but operates on a completely different concept. With CB, you play individual notes. Since the individual notes don't sound like much if alone, CLShade used short arpeggios instead. Only one note can be played at a time, so chords are impossible. Repeating the same note requires it to first finish, but if you switch notes you can start a new one before the old one is finished. Including different tunes as music you are "playing" is a different concept, perhaps better, but different. It will certainly sound better, but it lacks most of the do-it-yourself principle of CB. As a side note, I added one new thing to the system. The basket gets a shader indicating your success or failure with your efforts. The messages usually lag too much to make them useful and since an ear for music doesn't really help, I figured some other means of feedback was necessary. It takes a little getting used to, but the utility is so great that I doubt anyone will complain. Though it would be pretty easy to subject to an ini setting that would allow you to turn it off.
  2. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    I made some repairs to CB Music, which allows the PC to play the lute for tips. It is an old system CLShade designed and parts of it just have me confused. It uses some hairy mathematics to determine whether a tune is good or bad. The algorithm doesn't work too well, in that I find that if I bang away at the 1-2-3 keys, I can't do anything wrong but all forays into the 4-6 keys are rewarded with negative ratings. The banging away need not sound the slightest bit musical. On the practical end, I'm puzzled by the AI package which the system uses. It has 4 conditions, 3 of which make no sense and seems to run just fine, even when the conditions are not fulfilled. According to the Construction Kit Wiki, all the conditions must be true for the AI package to be applied, but I have proof that isn't happening. Its current state is improved over the original, in that the animation now starts reliably, it is polished under the hood but otherwise working the same. If an interested person would like to pitch in, we might be able to make something out of this subsystem. What would really be useful is an understanding of music theory, since I have very little. Possible areas for improvement: Timing: It takes quite awhile to acquire fans, then they stay fans. Should be a dynamic system which good music pushes over a threshold for a short time, while the signal slowly, but steadily, moves toward a zero state. In other words, a burst of good music will trigger donations, then if you don't play for a time, they stop and the next day you start again from zero, instead of where you left off the day before. Better music algorithm: Just hammering away shouldn't be good enough. More notes? You can play 6, seems like it should be at least 8, if not 12. Better explanation in the ref guide. The system can modify your fame/infamy ratings if you stink, which can be a fearsome price. My daughter hacked away and eliminated about 9 points of fame in just a few minutes. The fame for closing around 9 Oblivion gates is a pretty stiff fee for a couple of poorly plucked strings. However, if no one really cares, there isn't much cause for me to invest a lot of effort in this. If you find the ideas interesting but don't have the time or skills to contribute, please let me know your opinion anyway so I can get some feel for whether this is a waste of time or not.
  3. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    I was just picking through the various things you can do with CB to see what still might need some testing and ran across the fish trap. While we usually build complete production chains for things, the fish trap was never added to the list of things you can build. The reason we never added it to the construction list is because we never hit on a likely recipe that made sense. From the looks of it, the fish trap is made of two rings of flexible wood and a bunch of thin rope. In thinking about it now, I see an option. Flax has been added as something you can harvest from flax flowers with a sickle in hand. It can be converted into yarn, which is fundamentally similar to rope, just not as thick. Arrow shafts are a suitable material to make the rings. The way I see this working is that you start off by harvesting arrow shafts, then hammer them into a pair of rings, much like the hammer and a plank can be converted into barrel ends. The rings are the "platform" for constructing the fish trap. Drop a stack of 12 or more flax yarn onto the rings and it turns into the fish trap. The only thing we need to implement this is a mesh/texture pair for the rings. One way to get them would be to start with the fish trap, then to delete everything but the two rings and place them close together. That would best be done with Blender, I think. Loki, would you give this a shot some time when you find a little time? It isn't something we need right now, but as soon as it is available, I can put together the other changes in just an hour or two. The other approach which I could implement immediately would be to take the barrel rings, retexture them and use those instead, assuming I can find something suitable in the vanilla set. I might just do this to have something in place, then swap out the rings when someone finds a little time to do a proper job of it. One reason to implement this is that a source of a fish trap would be useful and make sense in the context of Marooned. I'm flirting with the idea of getting a character onto the island to do some testing. If anyone else is interested in giving it a go, I could put Marooned in the private section of the downloads. I don't want to make it generally available until it has been through some playtesting, since I know it is still fairly bugged.
  4. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I spotted a subtle bug in some cooking routines. As it stands, everything will burn if you leave it in a pot or on a plate long enough. This also extends to the cooking chest, which serves no other purpose than to make charcoal from firewood. Making charcoal takes quite awhile, so it is unreasonable to expect the player to linger in the area while it is happening. More importantly, charcoal doesn't burn further, it is already the end state of a combustion reaction carried out in the absence of sufficient oxygen to combust completely. In addition, I had salt water boiling down to salt in a pot as I left. So it was disappointing to find both completely "burned" up when I returned some time later. I fix the pot and the chest so that those two things won't turn to ash, no matter how long you neglect them. If anyone spots something else which seems like it should not burn or which needs fire-and-forget handling for other reasons, let me know, since it will be easy to add. EDIT: I keep fiddling with the pot and chest to optimize their handling of the fire. The aging barrel successfully made a Double Gottlesfont Cheese Wheel under normal running conditions, so I'm confident that is working right. Since I already have similar evidence that the jerky is also working, that subsystem seems to be working properly and without bugs. I also tested the beehive and at least it gets started properly. Fish trap, planting, trapping, water harvesting all seem to be fine. The Ref guide says you need to CB key flour with clean water in your inventory to get hardtack dough, but that wasn't working until I fixed it. Now you can use any kind of flour, wheat, rice, rye or corn. I still need to test a few things like music and scribing, but it looks like most systems are now working properly. EDIT2: Music took some fairly serious debugging, but I have it working better now than it ever did before. The "wonkiness" of the animations should be a thing of the past.
  5. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    For those who have downloaded CB 0.811.6, I have made new fixes in three areas: *aging cheese/meat barrel (necessary fix to cheese aging, meat aging should work without it) *campfire plate/pot/vat/charcoal chest (better dealing with a fire that went out) *beehives (formatting only, will be combined with extra files so that the bee skeleton mesh is present) *cloth colors (optional to use Annachibi's textures) *CB-kIIAB_Glue (glue between CB and kuertee's Inventory Is A Backpack) If you wish to test any of these, let me know and I'll upload the esp. Otherwise I'll build them into the next team release in a few days. I'm not aware of any other bugs at the moment. Please post if you find something and mention which version you are currently using.
  6. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    The above quote is from the Nexus page for Craftybits, authored by Jtech13. I copied it here as a reminder to fix it. It is not yet fixed in CB 0.811.6. EDIT: I looked into what is causing this problem. The CBBeeSwarm needs meshes/creatures/bees/skeleton.nif, but it is not included in the bsa by TES4Files. There is no way to modify the bsa manually, so the question is why TES4Files misses the mesh. My guess is that it relates to CBSwarm not being used in a script anywhere. The CBBeeSwarm is used once to produce a reference, but everything from there is done by producing a copy of that swarm, which might not register the same way normal critters do. I'll figure out some way to include it, which should solve the problem.
  7. I ran into a really odd problem while fixing a bug and thought I would share it. If anyone has any insight into the problem, please share because at face value, my observations make no sense and should be impossible. After updating a script running on a plate used for cooking in CB an unexpected constellation of variable values hits the scripts and causes an error. The error wasn't fatal and I've found a way to fix it in the meantime, so there is no acute problem. The unexpected constellation was caused by a local update that set all variables to 0 while a quest it interacts with still carries a value that indicates a fire has been found, which is no longer true when the local variables were set to 0. One way that fixed the problem was to set the quest value to 0 at the same time that the other variables were set to 0, but before I hit on that, I found the following problem. Careful tracing of console feedback isolated the problem to this section of code: Note the line in commented with ";once a fire is found", second from the top. This is the console feedback from a run which involves activating the plate near a fire: So if the line mentioned above is doing what it is supposed to and detecting that CBFindFireQ.rCBFireRef is 0, the three lines immediately below it should run. But instead it is clear that the else clause is running instead. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that if eval( CBFindFireQ.rCBFireRef == 0 ) is failing for some reason. Now with a single change to the line of code commented with "; once a fire is found": I get the following feedback: This shows that IsFormValid == 0 is getting the job done. "The Error - Invalid fire" line is running and the script auto-corrects the problem. The one significant difference between Reference == 0 and Reference IsFormValid == 0 is that the latter will treat a disabled Reference as 0, while a disabled Reference will often still have a FormID which should be picked up if the value is non-zero. But for some unknown reason, the check is failing. In this particular case, IsFormValid works fine for the situation, so I have a solid fix for this problem. My concern is more of a theoretical nature, since I can't explain how Reference == 0 fails and I use it deliberately in other cases. My question for the local experts is how can Reference == 0 be failing when the console feedback reports the value of the Reference to be 0000 0000? EDIT: It occurred to me that the problem could, conceivably, relate to the use of eval. I ran an explicit test just like the first one, except the key line read: if ( CBFindFireQ.rCBFireRef == 0 ); once a fire is found The results were identical with those from the test where eval is present. That rules out eval as the source of the problem and thus pushes it into something in the scripting language or a lower level.
  8. Oblivion scripting: reference == 0 fails, why?

    I can't find a way to test the behavior of if rReference that doesn't rely on a savegame in the same series at the moment. A test with an early savegame doesn't reveal the if rReference problem, but at that point all the variables are "fresh" and exactly what the script expects them to be. So I think it is highly likely this problem is a side effect of script changes during a savegame series. The good news is that it is unlikely to apply to others, unless the one-time upgrade is enough to trigger the problem. On the other hand, there is no good reason not to code in a manner that is robust enough to deal with such an upgrade anomaly. I concur about the CSE being much better at catching bugs. The trick adding references that the CS accepts but the CSE doesn't is really unnecessary. I suspect 99% of the time such a construct is a mistake, so banning the addition of references is a good idea. It was simply that one of my predecessors hit on that idea as an easy way to test a number of references at the same time to see if any of them is non-zero. I'm not sure I have read all of the PlaceAtMe entry before, but I didn't spot anything that came as a surprise. Since Craftybits creates hundreds of items with PlaceAtMe, the problem is extreme in our case. Someone came along several years ago and demonstrated the severity of the problem, so we added a mechanism to delete references whenever possible. An old mechanism was already in place, but it was not done properly so it ended up sending all the extra junk to the CBWarehouse. Eventually a cell reset would probably take care of the problem, but it wasn't reliable and the savegame bloat was easily measurable. In the meantime I have a mechanism in place which disables objects at the point where they are no longer necessary, assigns them to a reference only used to eliminate them and sets a flag. In the next cycle the flag allows access to the block which checks for disable then uses DeleteReference on the object. If the object isn't yet disabled for whatever reason, the flag remains up and can try again in following cycles until it is successful. But this means that zero references can't be allowed to sneak into this block, since the GetDisabled check will throw an error. It looks like IsReference does the job. I'll be away for a few days and there is no reason to hurry this discussion. When you find time, however, I'd be interested in seeing what mechanism you use to disable and delete references. It is pretty hard to test, so I don't really have proof that my current mechanism is the best one. I appreciate your comments.
  9. Oblivion scripting: reference == 0 fails, why?

    The story gets weirder still. if eval( rReference ) appears to work sometimes and not in others. if eval( rProduct ) DebugPrint "CBClayBoardPotteryOS: Product selected %n" rProduct let rNewItem := PlaceAtMe rProduct set PlaceNewItem to 1 else DebugPrint "CBClayBoardPotteryOS: Zero, Product selected %i" rProduct endif Using this bit of code in another script, the first line is behaving as it should. If product is set, I see Product selected name and otherwise Zero, Product selected 00000000 Here is a snippet from the console: CBClayBoardPotteryOS: Reset CBClayBoardPotteryOS: Clay, medium loaded as r3 CBClayBoardPotteryOS: Zero, Product selected 00000000 CBClayBoardPotteryOS: Weight change reset CBClayBoardPotteryOS: Reset CBClayBoardPotteryOS: Knife loaded. CBStoneChipQS: No valid target. CBClayBoardPotteryOS: Clay, medium loaded as r3 CBClayBoardPotteryOS: Product selected Tan Bowl CBClayBoardPotteryOS: DelUnused set CBClayBoardPotteryOS: Placed new product Tan Bowl CBClayBoardPotteryOS: DelUnused completed CBClayBoardPotteryOS: Reset CBClayBoardPotteryOS: Tan Bowl loaded as r3 CBClayBoardPotteryOS: Zero, Product selected 00000000 So before rProduct has had any value assigned to it, it qualifies as false, it qualifies as true for the one cycle where the product is assigned and distributed, then reverts to 0 as a result of the Reset. The one thing that may be different between the two is that this testing is occurring with an early save, while the testing mentioned earlier uses much later saves that have gone through more than one generation of that particular script. As far as I know, variables are stored in order in the savegame, essentially anonymously, based on sequence alone. Maybe there is some kind of mechanism to protect a mod from variable reordering which gives the variable a non-null, non-valid value? I'm going to run some more tests to see if I can figure out what exactly is going on. EDIT: if eval( rProduct ) and if ( rProduct ) behave identically. I thought it was important to rule out the possibility that they might be behaving differently early.
  10. Oblivion scripting: reference == 0 fails, why?

    Hi AndalayBay, thanks very much for the responses. Doesn't look like if (reference ) works any differently than the other iterations. I tried this code: and got this as the console output: CBKey begin CBKey: convert in place CBCookPlateOS: Complete reset by auto-update CBCookPlateOS: Fire ref is 00000000 Error in script 09002737 Command GetDistance failed to execute File: CLS-Craftybits.esm Offset: 0x0001 Command: <unknown> Error in script 09002737 An expression failed to evaluate to a valid result File: CLS-Craftybits.esm Offset: 0x0001 Command: <unknown> The fourth line of the console output comes from the fourth line of the code block, so even though the fire ref is 00000000 when output, the code block is running and the if (reference ) fails to prevent it. In the meantime I found a second case where it is even more important, fortunately also a solution: What this little block of code does is to ensure an item which is no longer needed in the game is permanently deleted with DeleteReference. One important criteria of DeleteReference is that the object must be disabled at the time and disabling takes a frame, so the code must be built to handle this over two or more cycles. The way I implemented this was to use DelUnusued to signal that rTargetDel is ready to be deleted. rTargetDel gets the value of the object to be deleted. In this case, rTargetDel must have a non-zero value and must be disabled, thus I can't use IsFormValid for the first pass, since a disabled object fails this test. I found that when I use this: this gets the job done. It appears that IsReference will ensure that a particular reference is not a base object, which is the obvious use for the function, but also returns as false if IsReference is null, which is exactly what I'm looking for. Either this is the source of low frequency bugs within CB and has been for a long time or something changed. I could swear this used to work just fine, though I don't recall ever testing this explicitly. It leaves me wondering if it might be a bug in the CSE, where it is compiling something different than it used to. Using IsReference like this (see the third line, the only difference): generates this console output: CBKey begin CBKey: convert in place CBCookPlateOS: Complete reset by auto-update CBCookPlateOS: Error - Invalid fire. Here the fourth line shows that IsReference is returning false, thus the GetDistance functions aren't running and the script doesn't throw errors. Your suggestion to use GetFormIDString is a creative idea, but I'm worried that it is slow or requires more memory. All we need is a quick binary decision but creating a string and comparing each digit seems like it will take a lot more CPU time. I realize that with modern computers speed is hardly an issue in most cases and I've never noticed CB to be the source of slow downs, but on principle I'd only use a string comparison as a last resort if nothing else worked. So far I've never detected a difference between how a properly formed eval functions compared to not using eval, but I have found instances where the compiler doesn't like eval but will accept a bare if. For example this: if eval(( rTrigRef == r3 + rTrigRef == r2 + rTrigRef == r1 ) == 0 ) is rejected by the compiler in the CSE while this: if ( rTrigRef == r3 + rTrigRef == r2 + rTrigRef == r1 ) == 0 is accepted. But by reformulating the line like this: if eval(( rTrigRef == r3 || rTrigRef == r2 || rTrigRef == r1 ) == 0 ) the compiler does accept it. I find this to be desirable behavior, since the || conditions are easier to read than the +, even though the test is actually the same. As I see it, using eval systematically puts the statement through a slightly more vigorous test before it compiles, which is likely to eliminate some subtle errors, though it also makes some legitimate code impossible. But since there is always an alternative to the legitimate code which is usually easier to read, I don't see a disadvantage in using eval all the time. Thanks again for sharing your experience. There aren't so many people around who really understand the nuts and bolts of scripting Oblivion. I thought this might be worth discussing since it really is counter-intuitive behavior that is likely to trip up even experienced scripters, much less beginners.
  11. Oblivion scripting: reference == 0 fails, why?

    Actually I started with != 0 and worked from there. I figured it would be easier to understand the story with 0 and inverted clauses, but the results were the same. To the best of my knowledge, using 'eval' invokes obse to do the test. Is there another way to get an answer from obse instead of the built in code? In any case, as I mentioned in the edit, it doesn't matter if I use eval or not. All the same, I'm sure you are on to something. I could imagine that it has something to do with inadequate handling of memory slots. If a memory slot is 64 bit but only 32 are used, it seems conceivable only the 32 are written, leaving the rest to contain whatever they contain. If they are non-zero and the memory call fetches all 64 bits, something like this could happen. Worse, it wouldn't happen all the time, but only when certain memory slots are used. Though in my hands, the behavior is 100% repeatable, beginning from the same save at least. It isn't easy to test from a completely new situation. I can only guess that the obse troop figured out a way to deal with this problem and built it into IsFormValid. QQuix taught me about the existence of this function, which is really useful but is poorly documented. Once you know what it does, the name make sense, but if you just read the name it doesn't immediately suggest where you might use it. I find it a life saver in protecting functions like GetDistance from running on a null reference and throwing an error. Do you know of something like IsFormValid, except that it only catches the null references and allows the disabled references to pass through? There are occasions, like here, where I'd like to run a separate test for disabled.
  12. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    It didn't take long to find the first bug in the new code. I placed a plate near a new fire in the Kvatch camp, only to have the plate remain inert after conversion and reporting an error in the console relating to GetDistance. I found the root cause of the problem and fixed it by setting GotFire to 0 when resetting the plate. I'll post a fix tomorrow. If you encounter this bug, you can fix it by opening the console and typing: set cbfindfireq.gotfire to 0 then hitting return. That should fix it, cause the plate to flash red and work normally from there. EDIT: The aging barrel tested out correctly playing in game with no short cuts and after having left the area for a time. I left venison jerky in the aging barrel within a yurt and when I returned several days later, the jerky was finished. Good to know that works even under real game conditions. Testing often involves short cuts like staying in the area and waiting or shortened wait times. The barrel is designed to work independent of player presence, but that doesn't mean it actually does until it has been tested.
  13. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    New versions of Craftybits uploaded. See the downloads section, CLS-Craftybits 0.811.5. I created a new bsa, which is included in the Complete version. It is MUCH larger and there are very few differences, none important, so if you prefer, you can download the NoBSA version and continue to use your BSA from 0.811.0, assuming you have one. The guide has been updated as well, with two significant changes to the cooking table. When cooking meat (not fish) you can drop the meat and a marinade onto your plate to get a flavored meat (needs testing). In addition, I documented the recipes I added to the vat copied from the pot. Only thing is that in the process, I spotted a few more that made sense and realized we had a little problem with honey/wax separation. I had already uploaded the new version by then, so the guide is slightly more up-to-date than the esm/esp pair and a few of the things won't work. I'll fix that in the next version. Also included is a pack of add-ons and glues I have in my own load order. A few are updated from older versions, so if you use any of these, replace them with the version in the pack. A few are previously unreleased and just make a few minor changes to something. For example, I have CB-WoodsmansCamp which adds a reinforced lean-to and some CB equipment to a single location east of the IC. Or CB-GoFish which tweaks the fishing job in Lake Rumare to reward you a canoe in addition to the usual goodies. It also fixes the quest to be compatible with kuertee's Inventory Is A Backpack, which will usually force you to drop some of the scales before you complete the quest, assuming you swim without the backpack. The way the quest works, it won't complete if you drop some of the scales, but I fixed it so that is counts properly now.
  14. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    By Jove, I think I finally got it. The attached file [file deleted] seems to do everything I want it to. It was harder to get right than I expected. I'm going to do some more testing and clean up the script, since it contains a lot of junk I commented out in testing. Such things are generally something worth preserving in other code, but scripts are too limited in length to allow preservation of every thing I've ever tried. Use this one instead of any previous fix. I'll delete the old one to prevent potential confusion. EDIT: Nuts, still a little problem. Cooking the first item is perfect but cooking the second causes the second to finish instantly. It is a pretty small problem, but I need a break. The good news is that fixing the brewing barrel was easy, the attached file[file deleted]should do the trick. I have it before the Cook plate fix, but it probably doesn't matter. EDIT2: Since no one downloaded the broken version, I'll try again. This version has one little problem I found, but I fixed the instant finish. [file deleted] The one remaining problem I've detected so far is that if you have something cooking on the plate, then drop something new onto the plate, before it finished, the exchange will take place as it should, but the new item will not steam as it should. If you drag the plate away from the fire, then back close to the fire, it will restart the steam. Tomorrow I'll fix that little bug, then put together a new package.
  15. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    The attached esp is a work in progress. It still doesn't quite do what it should, but it is getting close. The main thing I'm working on is getting the cooking plate to react properly. Here are the properties it should have: If you leave something on the plate too long, it should warn you, then burn the item to ashes If you remove something from the plate, it should reset so that it can cook the next thing like it is a fresh plate If you drop something onto the plate while something is cooking or a finished product is on the plate, the old thing should stop steaming and be replaced by the new item If the plate is moved away from a fire, the cooking item should get cold and eventually force you to start cooking again If the fire goes out while something is cooking, the steam should stop and the item should get cold as above until the fire is restarted This latest version should do most of these things except the first. I broke that with my last change to get the steam to turn off when it should. One more good day should do the trick. If you test this version and find anything isn't working as it should, except for the burning, please let me know. I don't test all 5 parameters in each run, so I'm not yet sure that the other 4 work right. Put this at the end of your load order. It can go before a bash patch or other, unrelated mods, just make sure it is after CLS-Craftybits and any other CBFix esps you might be using. EDIT: I may have finally gotten everything right. I'm going to do some systematic testing to be sure, then turn my attention to the brewing barrel. If nothing else comes up, I'll work on a release of CB 0.811.5 later today.
  16. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    You can find Conscribe here: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/26510/? Read the installation instructions carefully, it is not installed like most mods. It is a tool, so it is installed a bit like obse. You'll need to install it in your Bethesda Softworks folder, so unless you've figured out how to play Oblivion on a mobile phone, you won't need a version for android or a smartphone. What it usually does is to write all the console output to a static log. Static means that a single file is used and re-used, so every time you run the program it erases the old file and writes a new one. The good thing about that is that it avoids cluttering your machine with logs of game runs that don't interest you at all. But that does mean that if you see something strange, it would be best to quit and post your zipped log here so I can have a look. I assume you did not change the Craftybits.ini. There is a setting there which allows you to turn off debug. I plan the main release version to have that value set to off by default, but for this testing phase, it is on by default. I've been making progress on the plate, but it still isn't making me happy. It works in most respects, but I can't get the burn routine to work for the plate, though it does work for the pot. At one point in the past I had it working, but the mechanisms to deal with the plate being pulled away from a fire, or if the fire runs out of fuel, messed up the simple mechanism that handled burning, so I'm having to chip away at it. Probably a solid infusion of caffeine tomorrow will help me get over the hump. If you like, I could send you what I have, but my impression is that I've already hit you with too many loose files and that you'd be better off with a consolidated version with all the fixes built in. EDIT: I risked a new approach, closer to the pot and it seems to be paying off. Still one problem to crack, but I'll probably have something today.
  17. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    The purple soil is because the texture is missing. I should have included that in the pack as well. While it is ugly, it shouldn't make any difference as to whether farming is working or not. With the extra esp, there is more console feedback about what is going on. I see something like this: CBFarmSoilOS: found a %n seed to plant flora. or this CBFarmSoilOS: found a %n seed to plant a tree. but instead of %n, you should see the name of the seed you dropped. If you don't see that, you should see this: CBFarmSoilOS: Nothing found that matches the %i, returning but instead of %i, you should see the form ID of the seed you dropped. If you see the last message, then the seed you are dropping is invalid for CB and the system is working as intended, just not as you would like it to. If you see one of the first two messages, it really should be working, but aside from another message, nothing much happens right away. Let me know what you are seeing and maybe we can figure out what the problem is. If you load an old save, make sure you wait a few seconds before doing anything. An old save should trigger the auto-update, so wait until you see the message before you do anything new with CB. EDIT: Sprig pack from before, but also including the texture for the invisible soil. You can either replace the first pack with this one, or extract the textures folder and merge it into your data/textures folder. SprigPack08114.7z
  18. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    In my hands, if I find a hoe, convert it into a weapon with the cb key, equip it and swing at the ground, I get a lump of soil appearing. I don't see the pink triangle, though it is present, just hidden under normal circumstances. What is failing in my hands is planting. I pick some grapes and drop them on the soil. That should be all it takes to get the plant going, but the soil is inert. I'll debug it and get it working again. EDIT: The attached file should fix farming for you, at least it did for me. Turns out I was being too careful and built in code to ensure that the right version of the array was loaded before farming would run. Foolishly, it did not include a warning as to what the problem was. Now that I have the auto-update system in place and working, it is no longer necessary for each subsystem to do its own checking. The problem was that I updated one of the arrays but forgot to update the value it was being checked against, so the script just stopped. This version includes a console warning if the arrays are not loaded, but otherwise relies on the auto-update. CBFix-Farming_26082016MU.7z
  19. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Hi Reaper, It was attentive of you to notice that you are not getting charcoal, but there is a different explanation. For each unit of firewood you burn, you get 2 ash and 0.17 units of charcoal. So until you burn 6 pieces of firewood, you get no charcoal because it hasn't reached the threshold of 1 yet. I my hands the pot and plate are working fine. I tested them both about 30 times this morning trying to get the plate to work like I want it to. I'm sure you are having real trouble with it, I just don't know why. A possible explanation is that it has something to do with the fire. I keep reloading the same save to do each test from the same conditions. I'm using a campfire, in each case the campfire has already been made but the fire is not yet burning. The first thing I do is light the fire with a fireball. What kind of a fire are you using? Do your plates or pots flash red when they get near the fire? If yes, do you see them flash white when the are too far away, if you drag one along the ground? Do you see anything in the console that looks useful? If you install ConScribe, it makes a log of each entry in the console. Since you normally can only scroll back about 3 pages, that can be really useful when there are a lot of messages. If you were to install ConScribe, 7zip your file and attach it to a reply, I'd have a lot more information to work from. With more information, I can probably isolate the problem very quickly. If that is too inconvenient, hopefully later today I'll be done with a new version of the plate system, which might just fix your problem without us really knowing exactly what it is.
  20. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Sorry, I don't understand what you are asking, assuming you are asking something. But I'll guess you want clearer instructions about how to make deer bait. On the Fletching Board(bait) add an apple and a stack of 2 leaves of any type, but they must both be of the same type or they will not stack. Stacks of 2 are sometimes hard to create because the game engine occasionally separates them into 2 items. You need to keep trying until you can create a stack. Using the new CBFix, it doesn't matter if you add the apple first and the leaves second or the other way around. I haven't tested this one myself, so it is possible it is not working right. There are a few ingredients with "leaves" in their name which aren't really what you would expect, like a lily of the valley leave powder, but it will still work for this purpose. Keep me informed of your experience with farming. It is a tricky system which probably still has some bugs. I think I made a breakthrough on the plate. The problem is pretty technical, but pretty interesting, so I may write up an explanation in the team forum. Perhaps today I'll be ready to release the next version.
  21. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I added three more meshes to the pack. Download and install as explained above. I think this will fix the problem. I'm not sure what caused it, but it is more important to find a solution first, then we can worry about what caused it. Once I get a little more bug killing done, I'll pack everything up into a full installation pack to ensure something like this is impossible. EDIT: Pack deleted, download updated version later in this thread.
  22. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    It should be easy to fix. Maybe planting relies on files which are not packed into the bsa at the moment. I attached a file which includes all the sprigs in the right location Data/meshes/craftybits. You can install it with a mod manager or unpack it and move the files into this location. If this fixes some of your problems but not all of them, try to figure out what is missing. Maybe you can open the console, click on the missing object and see a name. It might not work, but if it does it will be easier. If you don't get a name and a code like FF000337, it doesn't really tell us anything useful so you'll have to describe what you are looking at or send a screenshot.
  23. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I'll try the wolf bait again to see if there is a problem with it. The fix is in the extra esp earlier in this thread. In 0.811.4b making bait is broken until you add the CBFix-Bait esp. The script looks for anything with "leaves" in its name. It doesn't matter what mod it comes from. Candidates are Lily of the Valley Leaves, Fox Glove Leaves, St. John's Wort Leaves, Willow Leaves, Wormwood Leaves, Lady's Mantle Leaves, Aloe Vera Leaves, Vipers Bugloss Leaves, Hyacinth Leaves, Primose Leaves and Lady's Smock Leaves. Some of these are alternate products you can harvest from plants when you CB key them. This does not work after the main product has been harvested, so you must first use the CB key on Water Hyacinth, for example, then activate to get the usual goody from the plant.
  24. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Hi Reaper590, download the 0.811.4b version and use it to overwrite the CLS-Craftybits.esm and CLS-Craftybits.esp. Leave the CLS-Craftybits.bsa from 0.811.0 in place, since you still need it. Once that is set up, you can download and add CBFix_BoardBait_25082016MU.esp and activate it in your load order. In my hands the plate has a problem with fire searching which leads to lots of console spam and perhaps low fps, but the things you found all work. I'm still working on fixing the fire search problem but will probably have it solved soon. If you are still having trouble after following these instructions, let me know and we'll see if we can figure out why. EDIT: There is a mistake in the cooking plate which causes anything you cook on it to turn into a muffin once it is finished. I figured out where the problem is and will have it corrected soon.
  25. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Hi Reaper590, Don't worry about it. Sometimes on the Nexus people come along with an unrealistic set of expectations that then only complain if you don't remake your mod they way they want to have it. But you are not even close to being like that. Instead, you are finding all the bugs hiding in places I never looked. There is just too much to try out so that I can't do it all myself. I really appreciate you testing things systematically and letting me know what is broken. You are helping a lot to make the mod a lot more wonderful, since every system which doesn't work as it should is something that will upset most players more than several systems that work will make them happy. I started to work on the fletching board. It is broken, as you thought. I think I fixed it already. One thing about it that I really don't like is that it is order of addition dependent. You must first add 3 mutton, then 2 eggs. If you first drop the eggs on the board, then add the mutton, you get nothing. I'm going to fix that while I'm working on it. Turns out, though, that making one batch of wolf bait produces 10 wolf bait items, so it is better than I thought. One idea I had in working on it is that the recipes are very bowl-like. Why would you need a special board to mix bait? What do you think if I were to eliminate the fletching board (bait) and move the recipes to the cooking bowl instead? Back in the old days it made sense to separate them because the scripts could only be so long and we already had too many things in the bowl. But that limitation can be bypassed now, so that it would be easy to add the recipes to the bowl. EDIT: The attached esp should fix the board for you. Place it late in your load order. This version is order of addition independent. CBFix_BoardBait_25082016MU.esp