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  1. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Please see the Download section and download the newest version CB0.811.4b. This is just a temporary version to share the fixes until I can complete a few more changes and make 0.811.5 out of it. Reaper590, if you get a chance, please test the newest version to see if your first set of problems are solved. I have not yet addressed brewing or the fletching board, but all the problems you mention in the first group have been fixed. I tested each one, so that they should also work for you, but if they don't, that is important. A few were not so easy for me, so you might need to try twice. If something seems like it should work, remove everything from the bowl or pot or whatever, convert the cooking vessel back to its MISC form, then back into a container or activator form. By doing that, you clear out all the old data and allow the script to start fresh. The cooking plate has a problem where you can cook something once, then the plate refuses to react to anything new until you convert it to a plate and back to the cooking plate again. I haven't found the solution yet, but I thought I would share what I have until the other fixes are finished.
  2. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I'll have a look at the bait problems and find a solution. To make wolf bait, you need a stack of 3 mutton and 2 eggs. When I have a look, I think I'll change it so that you get 3 or 5 wolf baits from this recipe, since that is a lot of expensive ingredients to catch one mangy wolf. Thanks for testing each of the brewing recipes. I have tested grapes, blackberries and apples in the past and assumed the rest worked. Turns out that was exactly wrong. I should be able to fix it pretty easily.
  3. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    In CB 0.811.4 soap does not work. I fixed it in the next version, but indirectly by fixing something else. The only thing you mentioned that doesn't work that might work if done right is the bone laminates. If you can find resin somewhere, or open the console and type: player.additem xx015581 1 where xx is the position of CLS-Craftybits.esm in your load order, counting from 0 or as shown by Wrye Bash. It must be two digits, so add a leading 0 if it is under 10, as in 08 for the ninth mod in the list. That will add 1 unit of resin to your inventory. If you add that and 1 feather of bones and 1 feather of skins/pelts, all of the same type, the bone laminate recipe will probably work. Use the dye vat or the cooking pot. The dye vat must be converted to a container with grab + activate before you can open it and add anything to it and it needs to be near a fire, like the pot. Since the cooking vessels all use the CB key, I think I may change the dye vat to use that instead, since it seems stupid to use two different mechanisms to do the same thing. Tomorrow or Friday I'll run a few more tests and pack up my version, then replace the CB 0.811.4 version with the 0.811.5 version. I'll post a note here when that has happened.
  4. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    The recipe is missing for resin. I've fixed it in the new version, but you don't have it yet. Same goes for the flatbreads, I think they will work in the new version, but not until you get the new version. I'll contact you per PM to arrange a transfer.
  5. I'm working on it. Thanks for the reports. I think everything will soon be fixed. I found almost all the problems and the few things left might have been broken because other things are broken. See the CB Bug Reports thread for the latest.
  6. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Hi Reaper, I'll check the things you mentioned and get back to you with my observations. I collected your messages into one so it is easier for me to reference: Broken recipes: Muffin mixRecipe appears to have been lost or forgotten, I will add it. EDIT: Fixed, tested successfully. Soap mixProbably fixed by fixing the flatbread problem below. Please let me know if you can verify this is fixed once you get CB 0.811.5 (not yet released). EDIT: Fixed, tested successfully. The mix is made in the bowl and is a potion. I had to look for awhile before I found it when transferring it to the cooking pot. It may be possible to make soap mix using 0.811.4 but you probably can't cook it in the pot. Bone laminatesIt looks like it should work, but there is no way to make resin. I fixed it by adding the recipe to the cook bowl. I'll add it to the dye vat as well, since that is more meant for "industrial" sort of processes. I just tested the bowl fix and it worked. Where did you get the resin to make the bone laminates? Maybe it doesn't work, since the recipe is pretty complex, working by weight instead of number. One thing to check is that you have at least 1 full feather worth of bones and one full feather of skins or pelts. For both the bones and the skins/pelts, they probably have to be the same type to be counted, otherwise the pot thinks there are 4 or more ingredients. This might be too complex, so I'll have a look and possibly simplify the recipe. I have added a bunch of recipes to the dye vat but they are not yet documented in the Ref Guide. Anything which seems sort of "industrial" (involving products which you don't eat) can be done in the dye vat now. EDIT: Fix successful. The problem was that CBResin has a weight of 0.2, which led to a problem when the ingredients were compared to determine if there is enough of everything. I added a special clause that treats 0.2 feathers of resin as if it were 1 feather per unit, which fixed the problem. Slaughterfish chowder mix and all the soupsSlaughterfish chowder can't be made due to the order of the recipes. Fixed in the next version. Golden soup and frumente I tested recently and worked. I'll try again to make sure. EDIT: Fix successful. The soup mix mentions a melon is that the watermelon the is in oblivion already from merchants? The watermelon is the standard Oblivion watermelon which you can buy from merchants. CB does not add a special watermelon. The problem, in that case, is that the watermelon may not fit in the bowl properly. What you probably need to do is to drop the watermelon into the bowl, then gently lift it out again and place it next to the bowl so that something else will fit. As long as it stays within 45 units of the center of the bowl, it is still considered "in" the bowl, which includes the area right around, but outside, the bowl itself. Maybe I need to think of a better way to handle this. You can use a watermelon instead of clean water, if you don't happen to have clean water available. That is not normally the case, but is really useful on Isla Delphi from Marooned. To be really clear, use a watermelon or clean water, not both. fb tomato egg: i get ham sandwichesIf you get something different than you expect, it is caused by an error in the array. There was a minor flaw in the ingredient array which caused Ham not to be recognized. It will be fixed in the next version. The flaw caused a chain reaction so that any recipe after it fails, which includes all the flatbreads and soap mix. So I believe they will all be fixed in the next version. none of the fb works except the plain and pieMight have been an order problem. I made a fix and will test to see if it worked. Tested and working recipes: all dough recipes listed in the ref guide fb plain and fb pie Thank you for including this. It is as useful to me as a negative report, since I now know that these recipes work. Some are a bit strange and might not have worked.
  7. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Another bug. If you add a flavored marinade to meat, it fails to flavor the meat like it should. It has been fixed and will be part of 0.811.5 when released.
  8. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    I uploaded CB-kIIAB_Glue to the private section of the Downloads section. You must be a team member to download it. Please contact me if you are interested in testing. This small mod modifies Kuertee's Inventory Is A Backpack (kIIAB) to be compatible with CB, making it necessary to find or make a backpack before it has any effect on the player. This also means that the penalties for not having a backpack do not apply until you first acquire a backpack, though since Glenroy has one and is usually killed, you can get one in the intro dungeon in most cases. See the description on the download page for more details. I uploaded this version because it fulfills the strict requirements of a glue. It fuses these two mods as they are and allows them to work together. I'm still working on it to add additional features. At this point I believe it will be necessary to make the backpack contents unavailable from the player's inventory in order to add a weight lessening bonus to give the player a good reason to carry around the backpack. One unfortunately consequence of the simple glue version is that once you have acquired a backpack, penalties apply when you don't have it, which seems odd given that 5 minutes earlier you could carry around a quarter of a ton without a backpack. KIIAB uses a big stick to make the backpack useful, while I'd prefer to use a small stick and a carrot (weight decrease) to make the backpack useful. But that will take some development still.
  9. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    New bugs detected in the smithing system. If anyone can confirm or can't observe them, please report. Using the forge in Cloud Ruler Temple I'm seeing a ray of flame from the forge to the door. This is probably caused by a missing node in the invisible forge top mesh. If you test a forge and see a streak of flame leaving the forge, please let me know, since it proves that my observation is not restricted to my load order and machine. When choosing something to make after adding barstock to the forge, the token goes into the player's inventory(which is normal) but then fails to remove itself. The result is that when you finish forging, you have your new lapidary equipment, for example, and a lapidary equipment token which looks the same but has different values. I'm not sure what happens if you just drop the token but it isn't how the system is supposed to work. I figured out how to fix it and am implementing it, but it requires a tweak to every token script in the game. EDIT: attached screenshot shows the problem in the context of a slightly visible forge top. The normal forge top is completely invisible. CBFix-Forges_18082016MU.esp
  10. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I detected and eliminated a rare bug in the smithing system related to melting down weapons and armor. The melting down system uses the names you see on the screen to identify items and can modify those names to ignore certain parts like rusty, ruined, worn and fine. This works fine under normal circumstances, so I was surprised to find that an attempt to melt down a rusty iron mace failed because the recipe couldn't be found. The reason it failed is because I turned on the function in Wrye Bash in the patch that appends a letter onto the beginning of a name to reflect a weapon type. So instead of the name being "Rusty Iron Mace" on screen, it was "E Rusty Iron Mace". Because the routine I designed assumed that rusty was going to be at the beginning of the name, it failed to recognize "E Rusty Iron Mace". This wasn't hard to fix, I just had to use a more robust scheme to look for "rusty" anywhere in the name and to ignore everything before "rusty" ends. I'll include this fix in the next release. If anyone needs it sooner, let me know.
  11. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I had a look at the fishing spear. What you see is how the fishing spear is by design. It doesn't use charges because it is a natural, non-magical weapon. The only way to give the spear a bonus that only works against fish was to use an "enchantment" but since it uses no charges, it also needs none. In order to get the bonus, two conditions must be fulfilled. The creature must have "fish" in its name and its scale must be less than 1.3. If you play with OOO, for example, OOO scales up some of the slaughterfish to a huge size, probably 5x normal or more. These are unaffected by the fishing spear, aside from the normal damage it does. Also note that some fish don't have "fish" in their name, like "mullet" or "blue shark", so the scheme misses some creatures it really should affect. At the same time, if someone introduced a giant silverfish into the game as a monster, the spear would work against it like it was a fish. I may look for a way to tighten this up. Did you experience any problems with the spear? You were right to call my attention to the problem, even if it turned out not to be a real problem. It definitely looks suspicious.
  12. [WIP] FOMO ObliviLife - A Fantasy Life

    Most of that hoard sounds like it would fit best into FOMO. But anything relating to cooking I'd like to consider for the pre-FOMO version of Craftybits. Two things you mention are of specific interest, things for baking and Skyrim desserts. Cooking is fairly sophisticated and doesn't have the plug-and-play quality of smithing. Once you understand how the arrays work, plugging in a new recipe is pretty easy, but first you have to understand how the arrays work. There are also a couple of gotcha's hiding in cooking. For example the sequence of the recipes seems like it doesn't matter and it doesn't matter a bit to the compiler. But one of the recent fixes involved reordering the recipes so that all the complex recipes are found before any simple recipe using one or two of the same components. The cooking plate is a hack, though fortunately it doesn't seem to bother anyone much. Placing a blob of dough on a plate next to a campfire is not going to result in a nicely baked loaf of bread, nor will plopping a steak on a plate next to a campfire grill the steak very well. At the same time, it is close enough that it doesn't need a lot of explaining. If your models include something useful for baking, it might be worth unhacking this system and using things which aren't quite such an abstract representation of the process. At one point in the past I had access to an oven model, but truth be told I didn't really like it that much. It looked too much like one you could buy at your local Home Depot (hardware store) instead of something from the 13th Century. So you'll forgive me, I hope, if I have a look and then decide against it, but of course if I find the model good, we'll use it.
  13. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Hi everyone, I'm back from my trip. Reaper, thanks for the bug reports. I think we need to work together to figure out what exactly went wrong. At least part of it is that your CB key broke. There are a number of other systems which hang together with the cb key system, so it sort of makes sense that several systems would get broken. I assume if you go back to an earlier save, you no longer have the bugs, correct? It sounds like your problems started with the fish. It is possible the conversion of the fish messed up your CB key due to a failed conversion. I set scripts up so that they shouldn't care if the wrong item is converted, but sometimes there is a way to mess them up anyway. Trying to convert a fish from another mod might be one way to do that, but I'd have to run some tests to be sure. To explain how the fish are supposed to work, there are two possibilities in CB, fish trapping and diving after fish with the fish spear. In both cases the product is a creature fish, which bends and moves naturally in the game world, though it is dead and doesn't move under its own power. Those are the type you can skin. In order to make it possible for you to pick up a fish into your inventory, Setsuna devised the CB key system. When the fish has been CB keyed, it turns into a stiff, static model that is a bit like a fish which has been prepared for hanging on a plaque on the wall. This kind of fish can be picked up into your inventory and sold to merchants. In order to skin such a fish, you need to convert it batch into the creature type by pressing the CB key again. My recent tests have converted the static fish to the creature fish because I can add them to the player inventory with a console command. That appears to work, at least in my hands. I'm less sure that a conversion from a creature fish to a static fish is working. Please let me know what kind of fish you converted. If you can open the console and get its form ID, that would be really helpful. It is an 8 digit number like 09000f15. The first two digits reveal which mod the fish comes from. If you have Wrye bash running, you can look at your load order list to see which mod, since it depends on your load order. I can explain the details if this isn't enough for you. The fishing spear is a relatively old system which I haven't tested recently. I'll put it to a test and see if I can find a problem with it. What sometimes happens is that an old bug which didn't used to show up does now, either because the conditions are right or because the CSE now spots the problem and prevents compilation of the script. So sometimes things which worked fine in the past, like the fishing spear, might become bugged, even though the code of the script didn't change at all. I think there is a very good chance that you found one serious bug, probably in the fish conversion system, which has messed up your other things because the cb key isn't doing what it is supposed to any longer. I'm not certain, maybe there are a number of bugs present, but for the moment I'm guessing there is only one. If we can clear it up, you should be back to normal. Thanks for the reports and sorry you had to wait a bit until I could answer.
  14. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I'm going to be away for the next few days. If any questions come up, I'll get to them on Monday. I fixed the bug in fish conversion and probably found what was breaking the plate, but since neither are game breakers, I won't release a patch just yet. The fixes will be in the next release.
  15. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Hi Reaper and welcome to The Assimilation Lab. Thanks for the bug report. I had a quick look at the script and nothing is obviously wrong with it, so I'll describe how to get a roasted fish fillet and maybe you can see what is going wrong. I'll test the script in game once I'm done here to see if there might be a problem which I missed. First you need a fish. Using vanilla, the only fish you readily have available are slaughterfish. A number of mods add fish and I'm pretty sure skinning works on them regardless of which mod added them, since the recognition is name-based (English only, other language versions may fail). Place the dead fish somewhere where you can hit it without swimming (best out of the water entirely) and swing a short blade at it. If successful, you get a fillet of the appropriate type, such as a mullet fillet. If you take the mullet fillet, you should be able to just drop it onto a plate near a fire and roast it like anything else. Beware that Cobl( and/or OOO) has added lots of fillets which are not native to CB and thus cannot be cooked. The only ones you can be sure of cooking are those you got from a fish you skinned yourself. Older versions of both lacked these fillets but recently I find that the new versions have lots of junk that really needs to be incorporated into CB cooking. If a few people are interested, I might update the scripts or build a glue so that Cobl and CB work better together. The fillets you get from CB are pretty small, about the size of a rat meat but flatter. If you have a fat fillet which doesn't fit on the plate, it is probably from another mod and thus can't be cooked. Cooking could use a name-based system to recognize items from other mods better, but then loses any chance of working right with a different language version of Oblivion. One of my long term objectives was to translate CB into other languages, so I prefer the system that does not rely on screen names matching perfectly. Does this help? Any idea what your problem is now? EDIT: If you somehow have an item in your MISC inventory (at the bottom of the list) which is a fish, you cannot skin it directly. Those are meant to allow transport of fish. To convert it into a dead fish which you can skin, press the CB key while looking at the fish. I tried this and while it worked once, the script is throwing errors, so there is a bug there I need to fix. EDIT2: In a test I found that the plate, left out from a previous cooking job, was not reacting when something was dropped on it. First I tried a mullet fillet and thought I saw what you did, but then I tried a potato and had the same problem. The fix is easy. Pick up your plate(s) and drop them again, converting them into a cooking plate. That will completely reset the plate and allow cooking to function. I think it fails as a side effect of reacting properly to the fire going out. Unfortunately now it doesn't react properly when the fire goes back on, but that is probably so rare, and so easily fixed, that it isn't worth the effort to fix. Once the cooking plate was working again, a mullet fillet started to roasted normally but just then my computer hung. I had to sign off to get back out of Oblivion, even the Task Manager wouldn't interrupt it. I'll try to diagnose the problem now, but it suggests that there is a real problem there. EDIT3: I repeated the test and this time the mullet fillet roasted to completion. This time I loaded a different save to test, one where the fire had not gone out on its own. Could be that the fix backfired, since maybe the reset isn't good enough. I also discovered that I had to attempt to skin about 13 mullets before I succeeded. Might have just been bad luck, but it appears I set the difficulty on skinning fish too high. Fish are too seldom in most people's games that you can afford to lose 12 before succeeding. I only had that many because I was adding them to the player inventory.
  16. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Please see http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/files/file/1291-cls-craftybits-beta/ to download the latest version of Craftybits. It includes all the fixes we've discussed, plus an important fix to cheese reduction in the cooking pot. Thanks to Reaper590, who called my attention to this problem. This version is compatible with CB-LapidaryEquipmentLarger, but does not require it. Without, the lapidary equipment is the old small size. Of particular note are two new ini settings: QuickBrewing and ColdCrucible. When set to their 0 default value brewing takes about 24 hours game time and you cannot touch the crucible on the forge, respectively. When QuickBrewing is 1, brewing takes 10 minutes of game time, ideal for testing but not recommended for normal play (but there are no mod police, so do what you like). When ColdCrucible is set to 1, you may open the crucible while still on the forge. Please report any bugs you may find here. Please state that you are using 0.811.4 in your first report, since otherwise I will need to ask to make sure. Other bug reports are still welcome, but please state what version you have installed. CB-Cobl_Glue.esp needs some updates but other add-ons and glues are still compatible. If you want the latest of CB-Cobl_Glue.esp, let me know and I'll upload it.
  17. CLS-Craftybits beta

    Version 0.813.0


    ======================== Craftybits v0.8 Beta ======================== Last Update: October 31, 2018 Last Page Update: July 18, 2019 CB Reference Guide updated: October 31, 2018 to 813c Please contact Munch Universe if you are interested in playtesting. IMPORTANT NOTE: Download the complete version or the noBSA version, not both, see below for differences. Since at least one problem with the old bsa has been reported, downloading and using the new one is recommended. It will most likely remain stable from this point. The current version 0.812.2 lacks the CLS-Craftybits.ini file, which belongs in your Bethesda Softworks/Data/ini folder. If you lack this file, you can download it separately to get your game working properly. ======================== Introduction ======================== Welcome to Oblivion, Craftybits style. Craftybits is a hands-on crafting mod. Basically, instead of making everything through a series of menus, CraftyBits lets you physically place the items in front of you, and turn them into something else before your eyes. Almost every single vanilla weapon and armor is craftable, and there are many new ones. In terms of content, CB v0.8 is much the same as CB v0.7 but there have been major improvements in handling and reliability. If you previously tried CB v0.7 but eventually gave up in frustration because too many things just did not work quite right, the time has come to try Craftybits again. While this may not sound like a reason we needed almost 2 years to complete the new version, almost every script has been updated or rewritten to improve reliability and Craftybits is a very large mod. CB includes a reference guide explaining everything you need to know to get things done. It must be downloaded separately due to its size and format. Please be sure to read the manual, since not everything is intuitive, though we've done our best. Since it is 82 pages, you may find it easiest to download the reference guide onto a second computer or mobile device so you can access it while your main computer is running Oblivion. Much of it consists of tables laying out the components needed to create the various items you can create with CB. See the new CB Quick Start Tutorial to get a quick feeling for how CB works and how to handle it. See link below. ======================== Requirements ======================== The latest patch for Oblivion (v1.2.0416) OBSE 20 or later (essential, CB won't work without it) get it here: http://obse.silverlock.org ======================== Files ======================== Craftybits Complete contains CLS-Craftybits.esm, CLS-Craftybits.esp, CLS-Craftybits.bsa, Craftybits.ini and a some loose files which TES4Files leaves loose Craftybits no BSA contains all the above except the BSA. If you have the BSA from 8120, it is still valid. Crafybits Reference Guide 0.813c from October 31, 2018 This bsa contains all the updated meshes and textures. Please report any missing meshes or textures, it has been known to happen on occasion. Craftybits Add-ons were released separately Atrix_Tussand's Imperial City Guild: Adds a guild hall complex on the IC Waterfront, where the small cemetery is normally found. http://www.nexusmods...vion/mods/45051 *CLShade's Crafting Guild Alt Start can be found here: http://www.nexusmods...vion/mods/41786 *Munch Universe's Imperial Dungeon Addons can be found here: http://www.nexusmods...vion/mods/41775 *Munch Universe's Craftybits Weights Addons can be found here: http://www.nexusmods...vion/mods/41825 *Obsolete, built in* Magnavus' Houses-CB can be found here: http://www.nexusmods...vion/mods/41895 CLS-Craftybits Quick Start Tutorial - Flatbreads can be found here: http://www.nexusmods...vion/mods/42352 This is intended for player's new to Craftybits. It explains how to cook a flatbread (pizza) in a step-by-step manner using screenshots to illustrate the process. Making flatbreads is of moderate complexity, so once you get the hang of this, you are well on your way to using CB for other tasks.Due to recent changes in how cooking works, this video is no longer accurate. The good news is that cooking is simpler and more reliable, so if the video appeals, the current version will for sure. These add-ons and several other optional add-ons and glues can be found in the optional CLS-Craftybits_AddonsGlues_08117 file available on the downloads page. This version has been updated for 0.811.7 with changes to CB-Cobl_Glue and CB-FFRT_glue, the others are unchanged from 0.811.5. *CB-Cobl-Glue.esp has been updated to include some sandwiches and soups that were missed in the previous version. Use the separate download version instead of the one in the pack. ======================== Installation ======================== To install, extract the contents of the mod to your Data folder. Have a look at the ini file. The settings are meant for playtesters. If you wish to quiet the chatter in the console, set Debug to 0 and look the other options to see if you prefer a setting other than the default settings. Things that come with the Complete version of the mod, recommended for anyone starting new or who wants everything completely up to date: Meshes, textures and an ini file. CLS-Craftybits.esm (required) CLS-Craftybits.esp (required) CLS-Craftybits.bsa (required) Things that come with the noBSA version of the mod, recommended if download size is an issue and you don't mind having old versions of a few objects: Meshes, textures and an ini file. CLS-Craftybits.esm (required) CLS-Craftybits.esp (required) Use your old BSA from 0.812.0. To uninstall, just delete any of the files you added above. ======================== Use with Other Mods ======================== CB is designed to cooperate with a few of the more prominent mods. For optimal integration, use the following "glue" mods, which glue CB to one of the other mods. CB-Cobl.esp (glue mod that adds Craftybits foods to the COBL dinnerplate) CB-VVA Glue.esp (glue mod for Vim and Vigor Advanced that gives players more methods of gathering water. Please see the specific readme for that mod for details.) CB-FF Real Thirst Glue (glue mod for use with the Cobl version of FFRT) CB-FF Real Thirst Guild Hall (adds two potable wells to the CB Guild Hall) CB-OOO_BuckGlue.esp (needed to allow CB to overwrite OOO to allow bucks to have billets) ======================== Expanding Smithing for Use with Other Mods ======================== CB contains a completely new, expandable smithing system. Currently you can make any weapons or armor in the basic "vanilla" version of Oblivion. The system has been designed by CLShade to be expandable to include any weapons or armor from any mod with a little customization. It is perhaps too complicated for beginning users but should be usable for even inexperienced modders. You must be able to edit a few scripts but the scheme is clearly laid out and only requires changing the constants in a template script, thus scripting skills are not really necessary. Please see Bug Reports and Help below and contact us at the Wormhole. We will be happy to cooperate with anyone interested in creating the necessary glue mod between CB and any other mod. ======================== Load Order ======================== Use BOSS. If you cannot or choose not to, here is a rough idea of correct positioning: CB-Cobl Glue.esp CB-VVA Glue.esp CB-Cobl-VVA Glue.esp (COBL or VVA Craftybits glue mods)....your other mods.... Craftybits.esp ....your other mods & Bash patch.... CB-OOO_BuckGlue.esp (probably needs to be after the Bash patch to overwrite it for this one item) CB-Weights_Hard.esp (optional but recommended to ensure proper names, leveled lists and weights) ...your other mods that have to be loaded last or else.... So basically, it's advised to put your COBL and VVA related glue mods as early as possible, but the Craftybits.esp as late as possible. ======================== Bug Reports and Help ======================== While we have made a major effort to improve the reliability of CB, the mod is so large not all aspects could be tested sufficiently. In addition it is impossible to predict which other mods may cause conflicts, though the number of known conflicts is small. Deadly Reflex 5 and mods which add a large number of quick keys are incompatible with CB. CB needs at least one key for itself, ideally two. Development of CB is takes place here. ======================== Conditions of Use ======================== We ask that novel parts of Craftybits are not used in other mods without permission. Use of CB as a whole as a building block for further changes, along the lines of Cobl, are welcome, since they will necessarily mention and credit CB. Thanks to an invitation from Sifonseal, the next major version of Craftybits will be integrated into FOMO, at which point Sifonseal will assume responsibility for granting permission to anyone who wishes to use part or all of CB in their own mod. ======================== Version Note ======================== Sifonseal has not been heard from in months, which makes it highly unlikely that FOMO-Craftybits will come about. The main CB version is no longer under development but I will try to fix any bugs which are reported.
  18. [WIP] FOMO ObliviLife - A Fantasy Life

    No, just the two piece version. I've also been making a lot of refinements and bug fixes. How did you fuse the two, using Gecko? If so, I imagine I could handle it.
  19. [WIP] FOMO ObliviLife - A Fantasy Life

    Nice set of ideas. I thought I could contribute by pointing out what Craftybits could do easily as a variation on existing things and what would represent something new. buying/selling livestock: no existing mechanism in CB that would enable this, new crafting the furniture you mentioned above: vanilla furniture can be crafted in CB, extension is easy a smokehouse for meats: barrels are used to dry and/or salt meats, which serves the same purpose. With an appropriate model, it would be easy to adapt the CBBarrelAgingOS script to smoke meats means of preserving/pickling fruits and veggies: no existing mechanism but could be a variation on CBBarrelAgingOS. Without a spoiling system, however, it serves no purpose aside from roleplaying. I have some ideas for spoiling, since it isn't easy to implement. rug/tapestry weaving/embroidery: not part of CB but could easily be added to tailoring, given suitable models perfume-making: no existing mechanism in CB that would enable this, new mushroom cultivation: already built into CBFarming. Plant a mushroom and you get one where you planted it which can yield more than one mushroom when harvested. Takes a lot of patience, though. The easy ones could be addressed in the short term. The new things I'd probably push back for now. If I should open another topic or two in the FOMO-Craftybits section to explain how to approach some of these ideas, suggest which and I will follow through. Furniture might be the best candidate, since it is of middle complexity and easily extendable. The main work in such an effort is deciding which models to support, the scripting is mostly copy-paste.
  20. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I cracked an old bug. When carving a wooden slat from a plank or piece of firewood the slat very often disappears under the ground. If that happens, you must use 'tcl' to go underground and recover it. If you don't, not only do you lose your slat, but it breaks the havok physics on any slats used within 2 cells of where the renegade slat lies underground. Turns out the reason the slat thinks it is a submarine is because the model has a 5 unit displacement in the negative z direction. So when it is placed, part of all of it start out underground, which the physics system quickly drives completely underground. There are two possible solutions to such problems. In some cases there is no negative z displacement but the mesh needs to have its penetration depth lowered. In this case, it had already been lowered, so that wasn't the solution. Instead, giving the newly placed slat a displacement of positive 10 when placed in the gameworld leads to it gently falling a few units to land on the surface of the ground, where it no longer falls through. The bad news is to share this update, the best way is with a full update, including the bsa. Since I'm still tweaking things, I hesitate to make everyone download such a big file. I can supply a patch once we have a public download area, though it will become obsolete with the next version. General Tip If you find that some item has lost its physics, the cause is always the same. If you go underground after using tcl, somewhere within 2 cells you will find at least one example of that item. If you add it to your inventory and resurface, physics will be restored, unless there is more than one and you didn't get them all. Every time I have had this problem, I have been able to solve it this way. It is not exclusive to Craftybits, it is only that CB experiences it worse due to the many small items. But vanilla weapons are also quite vulnerable to the same problem. I suspect that is at least one of the reasons that Fallout 3 and newer titles attach the weapon to a corpse so that you can recover it from inventory, as well as pick it up normally. EDIT: In response to a question from Reaper590, I had a closer look at brewing. It works in my hands but I did find and eliminate one bug which was annoying, if not critical. When you add what you want to ferment first, then the water, the script was counting them both and comparing them to 6. Anything over 6 generated an error message "Your barrel doth overflow", though it didn't stop the script. I fixed that now. Blackberries and apples have been tested, other recipes have not yet.
  21. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Yes, that would be nice. At this point my intent is really just to share the new version with the team, but making the new download available to anyone might lead to a few more volunteer testers. Is it in TAL's interest to become more popular or does that just burn additional resources? I don't want to abuse the warm welcome you've given us, but as long as providing downloads are not going to cost anybody serious money, it would be a nice thing to have. Thanks Visceral Moonlight.
  22. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    See the download section for CB 0.811.3. It includes all the fixes to date so all other fixes are obsolete. Use the bsa from 0.811.0. If anyone is interested, I also assembled a complete version with the BSA but will only upload it if someone needs it. CB-LapidaryEquipmentLarger is compatible and not yet built in, if you prefer your equipment larger.
  23. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Thanks fulgate. That helps a lot, though unfortunately it doesn't make the task easy. "Fisherman Wood" will be missed by "wood" and exactly 4 characters. But that gives me an idea of what should work. I can clip the name to look at just the last 4 letters and see if they are "wood". That way any "wooden" thing or "wood staff of amazement" will be disregarded, but "Fisherman Wood", "Bundles of Firewood" and the like will be recognized. There might still be a thing or two that slips through the filter by accident, but that should get the job done 95% of the time. I detected another minor bug by accident. I had my fire burn out for lack of fuel while two things were still cooking on plates. Instead of beginning to get cold, as they should have, they completed cooking normally. The food just didn't care that the fire was out of fuel. That will be a little trickier to fix, but not terribly difficult. EDIT: Wood dropping problem fixed, with the limitations mentioned above. I detected a serious problem in the pot when a two component recipe is in the pot. It would start but you would get nothing as a product. That has been fixed. Current efforts are focused on passing along the message that the fire went out. The cooking scripts are almost as complicated as smithing so it is harder than it appears. The campfire is the one that generates the signal which is passed over a quest to the plate, pot or vat. I figured out how to turn off cooking but not how to turn off the shaders at the right time yet. EDIT2: I got everything fixed. There are quite a number of changes and a fix to an old bug fulgate reported. If you add certain things to your pot, rather than adding a stack of them at a time, the game system adds them one at a time. Specifically I found that clean water is added one at a time if you have two in the player inventory and left click the water to add it to the pot. This precipitated a reaction from some flawed logic in the script which caused the pot to report that it contained more than three types of item, even when it only contained 2. At the moment, I'm packaging 0.811.3 for release here at TAL to ensure that at least the team is using the same version. My day has resembled the movie "Groundhog Day". Testing is like that, you repeat the same little chunk of life over and over again, generally getting better at it. There is a wolf sneaking down a hill in my test save game. Now I not only know he is coming, I can pick him off with a pair of long range fireballs before he smells my dinner roasting near the fire. I also ran some incidental testing on the medium jaw trap and it appears to be working as designed. Those traps are actually pretty nifty. They are almost as useful as frag mines in Fallout 3, if you use one right.
  24. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Play testing turned up another minor bug. If you drop wood near the fire, it is added automatically to the campfire. This provides a means to add wood to the fire while it is still burning. If you drop firewood near the fire, this is exactly what you want. The bug is that it appears the distance check is between the player and the wood, not the campfire and that staves and planks also count as wood for this purpose. Rarely, if ever, will anyone wish to intentionally add a stave or plank to the fire and if they do, it counts as a single piece of firewood, not the 4-6 pieces you could make from either. It should be easy to fix, I just thought I would let everyone know, in case someone else has seen something like this happen. The clue is hearing an unusual sound when you drop a piece of wood. EDIT: If anyone knows of wood from any other mod which you would like to use to feed your CB campfire, please call it to my attention. There is a mechanism which recognizes anything with "wood" in the name, but now that I look at it again, that is much too broad. If you have a "wooden staff of the magus" (just made up as an example) and drop it near your burning campfire, you will have fed your precious staff to the fire as a single piece of firewood. I changed it so it now only looks for MISC items with "wood" in the name and exactly 4 characters in the name, but that would exclude anything named "firewood". If I had any specific examples from other mods, it would be easier to get the filter right.
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    My newest camp at sundown. Time to go inside for a nap.

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