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  1. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    The following comes from a PM from Fulgate, repeated here with his permission:
  2. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    Returning to a topic relevant to CB, I'd like to get some opinions on whether it would be worthwhile to add backpacks to CB. I made an attempt back in 2013 but never released it because it didn't work like I wanted it to and I couldn't figure out the problem. But assume for a moment that the problems can be solved. Here are some of the pros and cons. Pros You can manufacture a backpack, so there is no need to issue one to the character in the Imperial dungeon, where you are dressed in rags and wearing wrist chains, but have a backpack on??? The backpack works the same way kuertee's does and the model and textures are the same as his, with his permission Weight of items in the backpack will be reduced by a proportion, roughly 80% of normal, if I can get it to work You can drop the backpack at any time to lower your weight and increase your mobility A dropped backpack will pop up if you get near enough A dropped backpack can have a marker attached to it, so you can find it again easily The backpack uses a CB cell to store the stuff in the pack, instead of needing a new one like in kuertee's making it trivally smaller and more efficient Cons Use of a different backpack mod will require turning off the CB backpack or they will run in parallel The ref guide will get even longer and CB a little bigger I might need a week to debug it I'll need help from others testing it (a test on one machine is the same as no test) In terms of CB alone, the balance is very positive, which is why it made it to the top of my list of projects three years ago. The unknown is FOMO. If FOMO has filled this need by other means or wants to remain backpack mod neutral (kuertee and Side each have a very good backpack mod, in effect in competition), there is no need to add the backpack. Sifonseal, what do you think? If anyone else has an opinion to share, please do. If you think being able to make a backpack, instead of having one issued, would be a big step towards better immersion, let me know. That is the single most important consideration in my eyes. EDIT: It seems I hadn't settled on a recipe for the backpack when I dropped it years ago. If anyone has any suggestions, it might be fun to discuss. Back in the Wormhole days we often discussed recipes because there are a number of considerations and opinions often differ. For example, a backpack is close to essential equipment, which speaks for a simple recipe with few, easy to acquire ingredients. Making more than one will present some scripting problems (probably all one container so they share) and it should be pretty useful, speaking for a complicated recipe with ingredients which are not overly plentiful. Should it be two step, first a frame, then a cover, or just one step? So there are many possible approaches and I'd be interested in hearing what people think might be best.
  3. [RELz] HUD Status Bars Enhanced

    I just tried this out after using HUD 5.3.2 for years. The upgrade worked flawlessly and on exiting the Imperial dungeon I see the initial quest tip as advertised in the README. The same spot talks about pressing the quest button, but I can't find any other mention of a quest button in the README or the User's guide. In the HSBE.ini I found this: Set tnoHSB.kQuestKey to 56 It looks like that tracks back to the caps lock button. I suggest the explanation here on this page and the README include this information, since most users will be interested in knowing it. A short explanation of how to change the key binding would also be appropriate, since caps lock is already in use for other purposes. Not everyone will wish to toggle whether they are running every time they want to dismiss a quest message. You might also consider changing the name of the User's guide to Modder's guide. It includes instructions to modders to enable them to make use of HSBE's features but really doesn't contain anything of interest to a user, in the sense of a game player with HBSE in his or her load order. Thanks for the effort in maintaining this fine mod. TheNiceOne did a fantastic job of programming it. I hope my feedback helps you to make a few minor improvements to make this easier for casual users to use. EDIT: I tried setting the key to 64, which should code for F6, but it doesn't work. Tapping or holding the button doesn't make the quest message(s) disappear. It appears more instruction wouldn't merely be helpful, but is instead necessary.
  4. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    The fix to skinning didn't work, but a new attempt succeeded. I'll hold this one back for the moment, since it is so trivial. You only see the bug once for the very first thing you ever skin. The second critter skins as it should. This new fix worked, but it is sort of strange, almost illogical. The following block was the problem: set rNewCorpse to rTarget.PlaceAtMe rCorpseRef set rOldTarget to rTarget printc "CBSkinningQ: old target is %n, set to disable", rTarget ; rOldTarget.disable ; commented out because the first rat skinned wasn't disappearing set DelOld to 1 ; rNewCorpse.setPos x fPosX ; rNewCorpse.setPos y fPosY ; rNewCorpse.setPos z fPosZ ; rNewCorpse.setAngle x fAngleX ; rNewCorpse.setAngle y fAngleY ; rNewCorpse.setAngle z fAngleZ set Mode to 98 When this block executed and the rOldTarget.disable line functioned, it failed the first time it should be used. In mode 98 rTarget is disabled, which is needed by other blocks of code. So commenting out this early disable appears to have left the rTarget.disable in mode 98 to do the job successfully. I don't really see why this scheme didn't work, but I guess it doesn't really matter, because it does and is simpler as well. I recall there was something with the early scripting which made it necessary to assign a reference variable some value, but I thought that was long since history. Perhaps using let would give different results, but if it works without this extra disable, that is better still.
  5. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    OK, so it is clearly InstallShield which isn't being nice, since it affects other programs as well. Doesn't matter if you have Fallout, it was merely a possible candidate to figure out this little bit of data. You have already tried starting it in compatibility mode for W7. Did you try giving it admin rights? If it was a W10 problem, I really would expect compatibility mode to solve it. If any commands have been deprecated in the mean time, compatibility mode should fix it. My experience with the CSE suggests that admin rights could play a role. Did you find this page when researching the problem: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/910816. It doesn't match your symptoms precisely, but it sounds like one of the schemes might work anyway, for lack of a better alternative. I suppose you are right about this not being exactly what is meant by a general discussion, but if it is something specific, we should start a thread for it. I suppose we could split this off into a separate thread, but hopefully you will find a solution soon and we can go back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  6. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    Yes, I see you are right. If you have two, that almost guarantees the problem isn't on that end and I didn't realize you are not even getting far enough to select where it should go. Have you had W10 running long enough to be sure it has downloaded and installed all the updates? It is a long shot, but maybe you are experiencing a bug already found and updated out of existence, if your w10 is still only partially current. Couldn't hurt to run Windows Update, just to be sure. Any chance a virus protection program is the cause? It is easy to imagine that an installer looks like a virus. I use Norton 360 and didn't experience any trouble, but some of the other programs seem to be a bit sloppier when trying to figure out what is real and what is not. I'd expect the virus protection program to warn you if it stopped something, but it is hard to be sure. Something else you could try, if nothing else wants to work, would be to start in safe mode and try to install. If some freight W10 contains is interfering it might just work, though it is more likely it will make no difference. Do you have anything else that is installed the same way? If it really is InstallShield, any game from the same era should have the same trouble. Fallout 3, for example, is still installed manually. If something else works, it would suggest it is something about the configuration of the installer on Oblivion and not InstallShield itself which is not playing nice. Fallout 3 might be a particularly good choice, maybe it would update something which could get Oblivion working again. Imagine, for example, if InstallShield included backwards compatibility to the version used for FO3 but not to Oblivion? Again a long shot, but I don't have any better ideas.
  7. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    Hi QQuix, If you don't mind my asking, where is your Oblivion installation located? In my experience, W10 treats everything outside of windows own folders like they are off-limits, so it isn't apparent how it could have messed Oblivion up. Installing Oblivion into Program Files (x86) is a bad idea, though default, but it seems unlikely you would make that mistake. If you have Oblivion in your Documents folder, that might be part of the problem because I think W10 handles that a little differently. But the best solution is to have a separate folder for Oblivion, ideally on a partition of its own. I'm pretty sure you can install Oblivion more than once on the same computer, in different locations. My suggestion is that you try installing Oblivion fresh into a fresh location, outside Program Files and Documents and on a fresh partition, if you can create one. Even if the old install left some trace of itself, this really should work since the setup won't look for or find the old installation. Once you have Oblivion and the DLCs installed, you can dump your Data folder from the old install into the new one and it will put all the mods in place, just like before. In other words, Oblivion and the DLCs are entered into the registry, but nothing else is so that all that matters is that the file is where Ob + obse expects to find it, not how it got there. If even this doesn't work, I'd suspect that your Oblivion CD has been scratched. If some of the data on the CD is corrupted, then the behavior you are seeing makes perfect sense. Try cleaning it and you could get lucky. If there is any chance that the CD is scratched, you can probably acquire a new one for very little money. I think they sell for around 5€ here. Any version should be good enough to get past this problem, you can use what you have for the DLCs and all, unless you have a really nasty scratch that messes up a lot on the disc. Not all scratches are visible. If you aren't sure about it, you could try copying the whole disc onto your hard drive. If it is scratched, that should fail the same as the installation, whereas if the problem is a software one relating to the installer and incompatibility with W10, simply copying should work fine. It doesn't serve any other purpose and if it succeeds, you'll want to delete the copy again, but it would give you an idea of whether the problem is software or hardware.
  8. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    Sifonseal's advice sounds good to me, QQuix. I'm running Oblivion under Windows 10, so there is no fundamental problem with it. On this machine, I did a clean install of W10, then accessed Oblivion present on a second hard drive. I don't recall how I got the info into the registry, but Sifonseal's recommendation sounds like the best approach. One thing that did permanently change for me is that the CS and CSE now need admin rights to run, while they did not using W7. It is a bit annoying and a minor risk, but there doesn't seem to be an alternative. Because they need admin rights and I access the CSE via Bash, I had to give Bash admin rights as well. Despite the minor problems, personally I like W10 a lot. I was pretty happy with W7 and a lot less happy with W8. W10 seems like a successful fusion of the best features of each. W8 tried too hard to hide things from experienced users and was too geared to touch screen use. W10 feels a lot more like it was meant for a proper desktop computer. My upgrade experience was flawless on the 2 machines without Bluray players, though the upgrade on my main machine with a Bluray drive proved to be tricky until I figured out I had to take the drive offline because W10 doesn't support it. I still don't have a solution for that problem, but I don't really need the Bluray player on a regular basis, so I just sort of forgot about it.
  9. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I found a minor bug in skinning which I think I fixed. The symptom was that when fighting something with a short blade in your hand, it triggered the skinning routine. Skinning didn't actually proceed just then, but it was initiated, so that when you took your short blade to a plank, for example, the skinning system would try to process the plank. It didn't really do anything bad, other than putting a couple of inappropriate messages on the screen, but that was reason enough to want to fix it. In the process, I discovered that a change in a "global" variable in CB, NoSick, which had been part of CBBathQ but I had moved to CBIntegrationQ when creating the crafybits.ini. CBSkinningQ was still expecting to find it in the Bathing quest. The CSE is now so well developed that it caught the mistake and prevented compilation of the script until the problem was fixed. The old CS was far more forgiving, allowing nasty bugs like this to slip through undetected. Use the attached esp in addition to CB 0.811.1 in order to have the latest version of CB. Previous fixes are no longer necessary, this one is cumulative.
  10. Adding new recipies to Craftybits

    The team forum now contains explanations of the leather crafting subsystem and the clothing subsystem. If anyone is interested but doesn't have access, let me or one of the admins know. The idea isn't so much to hide this from anyone who is interested but rather not to clutter searches of someone just looking for the basics. It would be nice to rebuild a team of interested people and playtesters.
  11. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    CB is compatible with most other mods, but there are a few it doesn't do well with. See the reference guide for a complete list of the ones we know about, but I thought I would mention one here specifically, since it is reasonably new and otherwise well done: Enhanced Grabbing. CB does a great deal with grabbing and Enhanced Grabbing seems to short circuit how grabbing is linked to the keys. If you are not using CB, it seems like a fine mod, well done and modern. But this short circuiting is something CB makes no provision for, so many things just won't work. Chances are it would not be horribly difficult to adapt CB to recognize that Enhanced Grabbing is in use so it can deal with the short circuit, but unless there is some compelling reason to do so, I'm disinclined to put the effort into it. As a more general warning, mods which mess with a large number of keyboard commands are usually incompatible with CB. CB isn't overly demanding, but it requires one key for itself alone and standard activating, grabbing and blocking to work properly. A mod which tweaks a key or two or even half the keyboard is no problem, but those which try to comprehensively handle the keyboard confuse CB.
  12. Cobl

    The wizard works pretty well, but I was left with a couple of minor issues. It appears that the wizard failed to recognize the Cobl Cosmetics files, perhaps because I renamed the package that instead of Cobl Cosmetics Res 01. As a result, there is a note that I should reinstall after installing Cobl Cosmetics Res 01. Does the wizard look for a package by that name? The files are in place, just not the package by that name. While I'm on the subject, the Cobl Cosmetics Res 01 package is not present in the wizard and there is no link here pointing to it. It isn't hard to find on the Nexus, but a link would be a courtesy to anyone who downloads Cobl 1.74 here. I don't know if it is possible, but at the end the wizard asks you to confirm the choices it has made for you. If it was possible to change the choices at that point by checking additional boxes or unchecking some that have been selected, the confirmation would really make sense. But I was unable to make any changes at that stage, making the confirmation sort of pointless. Is it possible to allow the user to change the selections at that point? If not, it isn't a big deal, since you can manually make the changes and anneal after installation is complete, but for less savvy users, during the wizard might be easier. You might wonder why I would consider changing the selections. One specific goal would be to uncheck Cobl Filter Late MERGE ONLY. I'm using Craftybits, which contains a replacement for that file to make it possible to eat the CB foods. It is built on the version in Cobl, so you get to eat Cobl foods and Craftybits foods, as opposed to having to choose between them. Finally, it would be nice to have an option for Cobl Tweaks for both SI and OOO (or other mod). I understand how the variety of options leads to exponential effects on the number of files required, but who wants to choose between OOO and SI? I appreciate your efforts to refine Cobl and make it easy to install. Cobl is simply a must, as well as an inspiration to many good mods. Craftybits has profited from observing some of the schemes Cobl employs, for example the naming system. EDIT: I ran into another minor problem while starting up a new game. I got a message from Cobl that I am using a version of OOO prior to 1.35 and that I need to upgrade to that version for compatibility. Problem is that I'm using OOO 1.38, which is apparently not recognized by Cobl 1.74. New versions of OOO use a different set of esps as earlier versions, so perhaps it isn't that surprising that this problem surfaced, but I thought I'd call it to your attention. I can probably fix it myself for my own purposes. EDIT2: The text of the warning is this "(COBL) OOO-Cobl requires v34. (You have a version prior to v1.34). Please upgrade or uninstall this patch. Done. Its source is Cobl Tweaks - OOO Mergeable.esp which was installed by the wizard. In bash the esp has the following the comments section. {{BASH:Delev,Invent}} Version: 1.72 Requires: Cobl 1.72 Patches OOO to use ingredients from Cobl. Also adds a few option commands. Works with OOO 1.32 AND 1.33. This last line leaves me wondering if it might be obsolete or at least in need of a serious upgrade.
  13. Adding new recipies to Craftybits

    Hi Lokichan, We can use this topic so I can explain some of the inner workings of Craftybits, allowing others to create add-ons. Before I get to the details, there is an important consideration for everyone thinking about doing this. Sifonseal will integrate CB into FOMO and in the process convert it to an esp-only version instead of the esm/esp pair that it now is. Any add-on will need to have its master list doctored to be compatible with the FOMO version when the time comes. But that is not overly difficult, simply something to keep in mind so that you are not surprised later when your add-on doesn't work straight up using the latest version of CB. I'd convert to the new format sooner, except that the change causes the loss of all your Craftybits goodies, making a new start a good idea and a clean save without CB a minimum requirement. That is too much for a version change from 0.810 to 0.811. As I understand the situation, there are several areas where you might wish to add items to CB so that you can make them in-game: food, gems, jewelry, furniture, clothing, leather armor and metal armor. CB was created over the course of years by different authors with different tool programs available, so it is more of a collection of sub-systems than a single unified scheme. As a result, each of the three areas use different schemes to place things in game and need to be explained separately. To begin with, I suggest we focus on just one sub-system and move on to the others once you have succeed with it. I suggest you pick some assets which you have permissions for so that we can share without having to worry about someone else's authorship. It doesn't really matter if the assets are what you want most, once you see how it works, it will be simple enough to extend to other things. My suggestion is that we begin with leather armor. It is one of the oldest subsystems in CB and relatively straightforward. It should be relatively easy to explain, though it requires more scripting skill than a far more complex subsystem, like metal armor and weapon smithing, due to the fact that smithing was designed with options for easy expansion built in. The major limitation of the leather crafting scheme is that add-ons will be mutually incompatible because they each have to modify the same script and only one can win the battle to be last in your load order. You could make a new add-on with previous add-ons built in, but this may require a dependency on the previous add-on, which can rapidly become quite complex. I'll begin to explain in a separate post. Perhaps it would be best to take this discussion into the team member section of the forum, since it contains details of little interest to casual users. By moving the discussion into the team member section, we won't confuse search engines if someone is just trying to figure out where the latest patch is or something simple like that.
  14. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    The easiest way to approach this would probably be to make use of existing buildings and allow them to be upgraded. The two that come immediately to mind would be to get the player involved in building Cropsford and the other would be to restore the burned out shop just NE of the Imperial City along the ring road a bit east of Memorial Cave. The way I see it, not everyone will be interested in such a thing, so it would be far better off as an add-on than as an intrinsic part of CB or FOMO. It might be possible to hack into Cropsford to make the reconstruction dependent on player actions rather than simply the passage of time. In practice it would be a fair bit like building houses in Hearthfire/Skyrim. The problem with it, from a CB perspective, is that making barrels or other things takes a couple of hours of game time, while building a house would require the player's attention for days or weeks. The time jumps just aren't appropriate for the passage of days or more but just ignoring the passing time breaks the time-use paradigm of CB. If we accept that building houses is instant, the other logical extreme is to make everything instant, which would work fine, mechanistically, but compromises one of the core ideas of CB. It never seemed worth the trade-off to me and one of the few luxuries of modding is that you don't have to play by the "rules" that professionals do. If the CB team and I feel it is appropriate that time passes while you are building something, then we can set it up that way for the sake of "realism". I put "realism" in quotes because I am well aware of the limits of realism in the context of a fantasy game set in a fantasy world. There are obvious limits to how realistic the game can be, but the idea with CB is to go as far as you can in that direction before you just have to shrug your shoulders and say it is magic. The shop rebuild would take a skilled modeler. I'm sure Sifonseal has the skill, but it seems like a minor sideshow that would only distract him from more important work. I'm good with scripts, but I never learned to model and am not particularly interested in starting. If someone should be interested, I'd be prepared to discuss it.
  15. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    Permanent Buildings in Craftybits? With the planned integration of Craftybits into FOMO, it could be interesting to discuss the pros and cons of allowing the construction of permanent buildings using Craftybits mechanisms. There are a couple of structures you can build with CB, such as yurts, raised platforms and lean-tos, but nothing more substantial. At one point, we started down that road, but it was poorly executed and I took those elements out again. At the same time, there appears to be interest in such things, so perhaps a new discussion would be worthwhile. To begin with, allow me to explain why I am against the idea. There are two major arguments. Looked at from the perspective of game play, the world is falling apart with the player the key to saving it. Building your own house at such a time seems like a ridiculous distraction and an unwise investment, given that if the player fails in the main quest, the house won't be of much use for long. The other argument against permanent buildings is technical. There is no way to change pathing dynamically, in response to the creation of a new building. As a result, anything moving through the area, except the player, is going to bump into the building and be hindered from moving forward. An extreme case would be if you built a house on a road, which would block the patrolling imperial guards and anything else that tried to use the roads, including NPCs moving to distant locations. This is fairly likely to cause game breaking bugs. The only solution to this problem would be to allow construction of buildings in pre-designated places, like Cropsford or like the way it is done in Skyrim, where you can build, but only in certain pre-designated spots. On a tangent, the temporary structures in CB already allow considerable potential for abuse, though no one has ever complained about it. Perhaps no one has thought of it. But against any enemy without ranged attacks, hiding behind a lean-to in a narrow corridor is likely to be an effective way of keeping the enemy out of range, allowing you to kill even very superior enemies by chipping away at them with ranged weapons or spells, provided they lack regenerative capabilities. Please feel free to share your opinion about whether permanent structures should be allowed in CB or not. If there is enough interest, it would not be difficult to add such structures to CB, though it would be necessary to live with the limitations of inadequate pathing, which is a problem which cannot be solved.
  16. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Attached is the latest collection of fixes for CB 0.811.1. Use this in addition to the esm/esp pair from CB 0.811.1. Once a few bug reports have come in, I'll integrate it into the main trunk. You only need this one fix esp, since all previous changes have been built into this version. Some of the fixes: The pot now handles combining odd numbers of bergamot, flax or milk thistle seeds to make oil. All three are pooled, then divided by two to get the amount of oil produced. Barrels can be interrogated to learn whether the aging or brewing is still in progress by using grab + activate while closed. You will see a message if the process is still underway, telling you to wait. If you don't see this message, something has gone wrong. Please report what you were doing, to the best of your ability. Console information from the barrels significantly improved to report day and time of finish. When making marinades in the bowl, you should only get one stack. Also fixes bugs created by a failed attempt to solve this problem in CB 0.811.1 which prevented simple things like flour from working when wheat grain and the spoon were added to the bowl. Versions added to cooking scripts and auto update fixed, so that when you install this, the CB arrays should reset automatically. If they don't, something is wrong and you should do so manually and report it. I also have reason to believe that the lapidary equipment isn't working smoothly, so please report anything you might experience with it, good or bad. EDIT: Updated version replaced yesterday's version. I added a 6 second delay to the console report of the versions to allow time for other quests to execute before the data is called up. To make sure an array reset has completed, manual or automatic, please wait 6 seconds before trying anything using CB. If you see the version report in the console, the 6 seconds have passed, though you can simply wait a few seconds without checking, if you prefer. EDIT2: Attached file deleted, use newer version below instead for a cumulative fix, including all the ones mentioned here.
  17. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I made an important addition to the Ref Guide on page 26: Drying, Salting and Jerky Meat can be preserved in two ways. Slice the meat into sliced meat on the cutting board, then place the slices in the aging barrel. If you add bulk salt, you make salted meat in 1 day, if you don’t, you get dried meat(jerky) in 2 days. Simply drop the sliced meat with or without salt, into the barrel and close it. If you wish to check on your jerky, press grab and activate on the barrel. If the drying is still underway, you will get a message to that effect. When the time has past, you will see a message, if you are close enough to the barrel (about 2 cells) or the next time you get near the barrel. Press grab + activate to remove products from the barrel. Cheesemaking Cheese is made by first combining milk with bulk salt in a Mixing Bowl and using the spoon to get a mix ready. The mix is cooked in the cooking pot along with flavoring ingredients, if desired (see Cooking Tables for details) to get a cheese ready to ferment. The cooked fermenting cheese is placed in an aging barrel to allow it to mature to a finished cheese. In most cases this takes around 1 day. Press grab + activate to remove products from the barrel. The second paragraph of Drying and last sentence of Cheesemaking is new, explaining how the products are received. I ran a test and the script appears to be working, but I made some modifications to provide more and better information, as well as providing a hint if everything is on course and you just need to wait. Add the attached esp to your load order until I can build it in. EDIT: Attachment deleted, use newest version below instead
  18. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    The patch attached to this message reverts a change made to the bowl to prevent multiple marinade stacks from showing up when you make a marinade. By design you should receive 1 stack of 4 instead of 2 stacks. The fix, however, prevents recipes which cannot be flavored from completing. Thus the fix was worse than the problem. It also adds versions to two cooking scripts for better console feedback and auto resetting of the arrays. I plan on extending this to other cooking scripts and finding a proper fix for the marinade problem. Use this version with CB 0.811.1. It will also work with 0.811.0, but you may as well use the newest, if you are not already. Once a few other bugs are taken care of, this will become 0.811.2 but is not yet at that state. EDIT: Attachment deleted, used newest version below instead