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    The wizard works pretty well, but I was left with a couple of minor issues. It appears that the wizard failed to recognize the Cobl Cosmetics files, perhaps because I renamed the package that instead of Cobl Cosmetics Res 01. As a result, there is a note that I should reinstall after installing Cobl Cosmetics Res 01. Does the wizard look for a package by that name? The files are in place, just not the package by that name. While I'm on the subject, the Cobl Cosmetics Res 01 package is not present in the wizard and there is no link here pointing to it. It isn't hard to find on the Nexus, but a link would be a courtesy to anyone who downloads Cobl 1.74 here.


    I don't know if it is possible, but at the end the wizard asks you to confirm the choices it has made for you. If it was possible to change the choices at that point by checking additional boxes or unchecking some that have been selected, the confirmation would really make sense. But I was unable to make any changes at that stage, making the confirmation sort of pointless. Is it possible to allow the user to change the selections at that point? If not, it isn't a big deal, since you can manually make the changes and anneal after installation is complete, but for less savvy users, during the wizard might be easier.


    You might wonder why I would consider changing the selections. One specific goal would be to uncheck Cobl Filter Late MERGE ONLY. I'm using Craftybits, which contains a replacement for that file to make it possible to eat the CB foods. It is built on the version in Cobl, so you get to eat Cobl foods and Craftybits foods, as opposed to having to choose between them.


    Finally, it would be nice to have an option for Cobl Tweaks for both SI and OOO (or other mod). I understand how the variety of options leads to exponential effects on the number of files required, but who wants to choose between OOO and SI?


    I appreciate your efforts to refine Cobl and make it easy to install. Cobl is simply a must, as well as an inspiration to many good mods. Craftybits has profited from observing some of the schemes Cobl employs, for example the naming system. 


    EDIT: I ran into another minor problem while starting up a new game. I got a message from Cobl that I am using a version of OOO prior to 1.35 and that I need to upgrade to that version for compatibility. Problem is that I'm using OOO 1.38, which is apparently not recognized by Cobl 1.74. New versions of OOO use a different set of esps as earlier versions, so perhaps it isn't that surprising that this problem surfaced, but I thought I'd call it to your attention. I can probably fix it myself for my own purposes.


    EDIT2: The text of the warning is this "(COBL) OOO-Cobl requires v34. (You have a version prior to v1.34). Please upgrade or uninstall this patch. Done. Its source is Cobl Tweaks - OOO Mergeable.esp which was installed by the wizard. In bash the esp has the following the comments section. 


    Version: 1.72
    Requires: Cobl 1.72
    Patches OOO to use ingredients from Cobl. Also adds a few option commands.
    Works with OOO 1.32 AND 1.33.
    This last line leaves me wondering if it might be obsolete or at least in need of a serious upgrade.