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  1. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    This thread is for reporting suspected bugs in CB 0.812. I will also use it to track progress on the fixes and keep you updated on the latest files to use.
  2. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    Wow, I don't think I've ever had anyone pick through the scripts like this before, at least until recently. I'm grateful. I'll go through each problem and proposed fix systematically but I just wanted to start by saying thank you. I've looked at a few of the problems already and came to similar conclusions to the ones you did. I didn't look at the bait problem but your explanation and proposal is so convincing that I'm sure that is both the source of the trouble and a viable fix. I think I know what is wrong with spriggan and gnarl, a missing script on the staves. Taken together, it looks like it will be pretty easy to find and fix every one of the problems. Expect some news today or tomorrow. Munch
  3. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    Copied from the Nexus comments from Hound Akragth: I found the harrada problem and believe I fixed it. The problem with soap has already been fixed in 0.813.0. I don't see an obvious problem with the canoe frame and will need to do some testing to understand the problem. The fish traps would be an interesting topic to discuss. One possible explanation is that the fish trap takes time, so if you don't go away and come back half a day or a full day later, nothing is going to happen. The fillet idea is, admittedly, less than ideal. I seem to recall that the fish handling was causing all sorts of problems so it seemed best to just skip over the intermediate steps and get straight to the pay off. It does lose some immersion, but the previous scheme of getting fish, then converting them into MISC you could carry was also kind of weird. The hard-coded system that places the fish kept putting them somewhere out of obvious sight and making the player search for them was not satisfying. I need to refresh my memory of how the stave aging worked. The gap between 10 and 30 is deliberate to allow another script to do something, I just forget exactly how it works. I had planned to move the staves to the barrel to neaten the process up, I just never got around to it before the project faded. Nice spotting for the zFlowers defs. They are indeed in error.
  4. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    Thanks to puddles I was made aware of a serious bug involving the conversion of regular plates to CB cooking plates. The problem only affects items which are parented, such as those added by a house upgrade. It is not restricted to plates. Once found, the bug was easy to fix. I used the occasion to fix a slew of bugs reported by Aquarius97 some months ago. Currently one new idea is in development with puddles. Once completed, I will release CB 0.813 in a week or two. Should anyone know of any bugs in CB, now would be a really good time to report them so I can build them into the upcoming fix.
  5. To everyone interested in FOMO, Sifonseal appears to have disappeared, no one associated with TAL has heard from him in over 6 months. AndalayBay kindly reactivated the forum for the time being, which will allow you to download his work in the state in which he left it. Should Sifonseal return he is welcome to take up where he left off. Should that not be the case, in a few months FOMO will be hidden again and eventually deleted. In the meantime I will try to look after FOMO a bit. I am the last of the Craftybits(CB) team leaders and had agreed to allow Sifonseal to incorporate CB into FOMO but we never actually got to it for reasons having to do with both FOMO and CB. Puddles recently reported a complex bug and then succeeded in diagnosing it, despite it being a very subtle, hard to find bug. Once identified, the fix was simple, so I plan an update of CB sometime soon. This was my motivation for wishing to have the CB portion of the forum reactivated. Should you have questions related to FOMO, I will do what I can to answer them. I currently do not have FOMO installed, which limits what I can say about it, but perhaps other users may be able to answer questions.
  6. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    New version 0.812.2 added to the downloads section. Take your pick of a full version (with BSA) or an esp/esm pair (no BSA) if you have a previous CB BSA already present in your load order. One really important fix is included. Aquarius97 helped me to find a bug in the weapons and armor repair scripts that occasionally led to the CB key hanging. When this happens, you are just stuck and the only thing that will fix it is loading an earlier save. The problem has been found and eliminated, so I hope to have heard the last of the occasional reports of hanging CB keys which I didn't know how to fix. Other minor fixes will help the charcoal chest, the magic broom, smithing and canoe swaying.
  7. Oblivion DLC Delayers

  8. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    Reference Guide now calls for 1 dough to make a plain flatbread. Using two dough to get a tomato flatbread is a bug, but I'm going to leave it for fear that the cure is worse than the disease. Two boar meat on the board is probably the same problem and will similarly be ignored. The bugs are minor and you pay a price for them, so at worst it is a minor exploit. Fixed "These cheese wheel will make a fine sauce", now reads "This cheese wheel will make a fine sauce". Fixed campfire reporting it was put out when wood is converted. Guide updated to explain that you need to cook your raw flatbreads. Seed oil + ale in the bowl with the spoon resulted in a stack of 4 marinades in my hands after two questions. First was whether I wanted to add flavor [no], then if I wanted to make marinade out of seed oil and ale [ok]. I find the cancel button is positioned a little unfortunately because a quick response is more likely to hit it than OK, but for programming reasons it is much better to have cancel first. Could you give marinades another shot? If it fails, the reason could be a source of alcohol not native to vanilla, CB or Cobl. Any alcohol added by another mod will be ignored. Technical Background There is a trade off between using object names and EditorIDs. The EditorID is an internal name which is unique to each object in the game. The object name is what you see on the screen and need not, necessarily be unique. More importantly, the screen name can be translated without impacting game mechanisms. A mod relying on EditorIDs can only recognize objects from specified mods, while using a screen name would allow unknown types of "meat" to be recognized, even from unknown mods. The problem is that any non-English language version will fail miserably. The German word for "meat" is "Fleisch", so you can see how a routine looking for "meat" must fail. Versions of CB up to 0.7 used names a lot, but I changed it to EditorIDs for most purposes to make translations possible one fine day. Even without translation, CB is compatible with foreign language versions of Oblivion, though it will use English language names for anything it adds to the game itself. I think that is more important than recognizing objects from unknown mods. Latest Version CB 0.812.1 + CBFix_BeesKnees_27102017. I also uploaded a new version of the reference guide CB812a
  9. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    This turns out to be the result of an extremely subtle bug. Normally I can find most bugs in about 5 minutes, but after having a close look at this one, at first I thought it must be impossible, even though I saw the problem in my own testing. The explanation is complex, so I'll try to summarize briefly. The recipe arrays typically call for Item1 and Item2, usually different item types. The way the checks work, they are not really checking that they have 1 Item1 and 1 Item2, instead they are checking that they found 1 of something on one of the arrays and 1 of something on the arrays and that there are 2 components present. This catches almost everything, but dough + dough slipped through the hole. In this example, it means that the script found 1 Item1 and another Item1 and that there are 2 components. Using something not in the dough array fails, as it should. I haven't tested it, but by this logic, two tomato sauces must also produce the same result, a tomato flatbread instead of nothing. My first attempt to fix it failed, but I'll figure it out. EDIT: After a few more unsuccessful attempts, I'm having second thoughts about fixing this problem. A fix looks like it will require re-engineering how the script works on a fundamental level. The danger is great that fixing this obscure, not particularly harmful bug will trigger a bunch of new bugs which might be frequent and nasty.
  10. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    I started by looking at the barrel ends. I tried and failed to reproduce the problem on my machine. In my hands, the script worked flawlessly. The logs OP added to the message clearly indicate an error in the script, so I have no doubt whatsoever that the problem is real. I could use more data on this one. If anyone else has seen this problem and can describe the circumstances, please let me know. I suspect it requires some set of circumstances which are a little unusual. On possibility is having a stack of construction objects. If a pair of barrel ends rest on one another, the bottom one probably treats the top one as an object to be used for construction while the top one might registered the expected 5 wooden hoops and 9 wood slats. If the bottom barrel ends have the top barrel ends registered, that would prevent the deletion of the top barrel ends. I'll run an explicit test, but as a general tip, never stack anything used as a base item for construction: barrel ends, wood panel, pole supports, plank supports, canoe frame, yurt frame. EDIT: Another good idea that didn't pan out. Placing one "barrel ends" on top of another had no impact on the script in my hands. The top barrel built fine and the barrel ends disappeared despite being registered by the lower barrel ends. Back to the drawing board.
  11. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

  12. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

    Hi OP, thanks for the many notes on things which need fixing. I'll fix what I can, but I have to explain a few because they can't be fixed. The confirmation message you are seeing is sort of a debug mechanism which could be deactivated, but because of messages like this, it is better to have it active. What the script does is show this message "Make " + product name / ingredient #1 / ingredient #2 / ingredient #3 + "?". So it tells you what the script is working with, regardless of what you think you added. Most of the time what you think and what the script recognizes is the same, so there is no problem. But when they differ, then something is a bit screwy. I'll check the scripts to see if I can explain exactly what it did there. It sounds like there could be a mix up in the recipes. Thanks for calling it to my attention, keep an sharp eye out for more such. "These" + product gives the messed up grammar you noted. Because it is difficult to know if single or plural will apply in this case, I picked plural for simplicity, but I can probably find a way to add a check to use "This" when appropriate. The message about # of ingredients is probably something that I cannot fix. At least some of the messages are caused by products of a recipe which are also an ingredient for another recipe. Because the second recipe is incomplete, you see such a message. I'll look at it, maybe I can come up with an idea, but it is probably something you'll just have to live with. The boar meat problem is probably related to the flatbread problem, where the ingredients the board sees are different than the ones you think are recognized. I'll have a closer look. I'll track this one down. It is a side effect of a different bug fix. I've seen it myself, but didn't really worry about it. As far as I know, having barrel ends or other construction pieces left over is a fairly rare problem. Are you seeing it each time, or just saw it once and reported it? Either way is fine, I'm just trying to collect more information. It relates to the barrel ends being lost by the script after they served their purpose to get a script going, but before they can be deleted. It usually relates to them moving in some way at the moment when you are trying to make a barrel. If it isn't something that happens every time, there is probably nothing I can do to fix it. My advice is to disable the barrel ends (or reuse them, if you don't mind a minor cheat.) Lots of things can fall through the floor. The planks are not the worst offenders by far. Many vanilla items have the same problem. The floor is visualized as a plane in the 3d world, but collision is a much trickier problem than it appears. To explain would take quite a bit of space and I'd have to know more about how much you know about information technology to get the level right. So I'll just leave it as a vanilla problem common to Oblivion and many other games. CB makes it worse because many of our items are small and the smaller the item, the more likely it is to fall through the floor. We can't prevent this from happening rarely (if it happens consistently, it can be fixed) but it is important how you react. If anything falls through the floor, you must open the console, type "tcl" [toggle collision] and go underground to retrieve the lost item. If you do not, the next time you drop a hardwood plank, you will find it hovering in mid air. An underground item makes all other items of exactly the same type (softwood planks will not be affected) lose their Havok properties (physics engine in Oblivion). Once you pick the lost item up again, Havok is restored, so this is a problem which seems very serious, but is easily fixed if you only know how. If you find that something is hovering in mid air but you didn't know you lost one, you can be sure you did lose one somewhere withing 1 quadrant in any direction. Usually you can guess because you had a base somewhere and perhaps left something lying around which you can no longer find. Go underground and search until you find it. They are usually just at the water line, if any. The skinning problem is also built into vanilla. The game has a system for determining where it is "safe" to place an actor, which mods cannot influence or change. It leads to unfortunate teleportation of corpses in CB skinning. I'm afraid there is nothing we can do about this one. he way the scripts work, a silver bowl is qualified to turn into a mixing bowl, but a mixing bowl always converts into a simple tan bowl, regardless of how it started out. To do it any other way would mean we would have to track the state of each bowl when first converted, then return it to what it was. That is theoretically possible, but takes a lot of savegame space for very little gain. So in this case my advice is to not convert your silver bowls if you want to sell them. I could add a line to the guide to explain, though it is likely to be overlooked by most players. I'll add it to the guide. I think the idea behind the ham jerky is that ham is already preserved, so that ham jerky doesn't really make sense. Pork jerky, sure, but not ham jerky. I'll figure out if the guide is at fault or if the scripts need a little tweaking. CB timescale actually only affects plant growing time. But you have a point, it should impact aging as well. I'll see what I can do to fix it. Quote I'll see if I can figure out what the problem is. Quote This is another one of the "you'll just have to live with it" type of answers. Square eggs will fail in a different, more obvious way. Unfortunately the physics engine is too good here, so that round things roll downhill as they should. My only advice is to be careful your board is really level when you use it. If you press grab while dropping something from inventory, you grab it as soon as it is in the game world. That might also help to be able to place things carefully. Same goes for meats dropped into the barrel. You may find that technique solves your barrel aiming problem. I appreciate all the feedback. It sounds like a lot, but I can probably clear it all up in half a day. That half a day is probably not today, but I'll get to it over the weekend and let you know when a patch is available.
  13. Craftybits 0.812 Bug Reports

  14. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Hi Everyone, Craftybits ran out of steam in 2013. Recent interest from a few people and some time on my hands has enabled development to get started again. The current plan is to focus exclusively on fixing bugs in Craftybits 0.811 so that the publicly available version is as bug free as I can make it. From that point, Sifonseal is planning to integrate it into his FOMO project, making it all the more important that the basis is as bug free as possible. The current version is 0.811.1 available on the Nexus on the Craftybits page as an optional download for playtesters only. Once a certain amount of experience with this version has been accumulated, I'll make this the main version and make it obviously available to everyone. Patches and bug fixes will appear here until we reach that point. The current version of the Crafybits Reference Guide is attached to this message and is not available at the Nexus, though the number of changes relative to the last version is not greatCB Reference Guide 0.811d.pdf. Please post bug reports here. Please make sure you are using version 0.811 when reporting bugs here. If you are using another version, feel free to start a separate thread or ask me to do so. If you wish to discuss other matters, feel free to start a new thread or suggest I do so. It would be best to keep this thread tightly focused on bug reports for the sake of anyone trying to get an overview of what has already been reported. Any bug reports are welcome. A good bug report will include a description of what you were doing, or attempting to do, at the point when the bug occurred, a description of what happened and what you expected to happen. The most common type of bug is one where the program works differently than you think it should, but the scripts are working as designed. These are interesting because sometimes they suggest a way to improve the behavior of the script, but usually are seen as "user error" problems. No need to be embarrassed by such a thing, such reports are welcome. Problems in the scripting are the next most common, usually when something which is supposed to work fails. If most things work, but one thing doesn't, it is very likely a scripting error. These are the most important bug reports, since they can usually be patched up fairly easily. I'm grateful to Sifonseal and the admin of TAL in giving Craftybits a new home. With a little luck we can engage in the same sort of polite, respectful discussions that made the Wormhole a good host for a long time. EDIT: Ref guide updated with an additional Problem/Solution in the Troubleshooting section relating to fixing mining when it breaks courtesy of Fulgate.
  15. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Thanks for the tip. As it turns out, that is exactly what I do, but it seems to miss a few things. I haven't been able to figure out what causes some files to be missed, when 99% are done correctly.
  16. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    The CB downloads page now contains two updates, CBFix-BeeKnees_22102017.7z and CB-Cobl_Glue.7z. The fix changes the bee icons and the auto CB script reset on each fresh load. It now only updates when it needs to. A report on the Nexus indicates that some or all of the cloth textures are missing. Can someone check on it and let me know? There are 5 of each which might be affected. Going into the CB Guild Hall should make it pretty easy to determine. Note the colors which are weird purple instead of corresponding to their names and let me know. I'd take care of it myself, but the textures are present on my machine so I can't see what is missing.
  17. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    CB-Cobl_Glue.esp has been updated. You will find it as a separate file on the downloads page. You only need this file if you are using Cobl and a hunger mod which uses the Cobl dinner plate, such as Real Hunger. Any hunger mod which does not use the dinner plate does not need the file. Use this file instead of Cobl_Glue.esp, not in addition. Cobl_Glue will not do any harm if it is earlier in your load order than CB-Cobl_Glue.esp, so no need to delete it if it happens to be present. If you use a Bash patch, updating the CB-Cobl_Glue.esp will require rebuilding your bash patch. This file is usually completely absorbed into the Bash patch, so if you do not rebuild, you will not benefit from the updates. That is the only price you will pay for not updating your Bash patch, so it isn't really critical, but certainly desirable if you want to eat wolf meat or ham sandwiches.
  18. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I did a little testing and realized that the icon for the queen bee stinks. It looks okay in close up, but not in-game where it looks like something went wrong. I created two new icons for the queen and worker bees. They are a bit cartoonish and therefore a bit outside of the usual style of CB icons, but that same property makes them more symbolic and therefore easier to recognize as what they are. Anyone have any thoughts to share?
  19. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Pages 29-30 of the guide read thus: Drying, Salting and Jerky Meat can be preserved in two ways. Slice the meat into sliced meat on the cutting board, then place the slices in the aging barrel. If you add bulk salt, you make salted meat in 1 day, if you don’t, you get dried meat(jerky) in 2 days. Simply drop the sliced meat with or without salt, into the barrel and close it. If you wish to check on your jerky, press grab and activate on the barrel. If the drying is still underway, you will get a message to that effect. When the time has past, you will see a message, if you are close enough to the barrel (about 2 cells) or the next time you get near the barrel. Press grab + activate to remove products from the barrel. It seems to me this covers the need referred to above, but maybe only because I wrote it. If anyone sees something confusing, or better yet has a suggestion to explain it better, please let me know.
  20. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Thanks to a report from OblivionPlayer11111: Previously, I had constructed an aging barrel to make beef jerky. It took 3 game days. I think the instructions on retrieving jerky from the aging barrel needs to be included in the guide. Grab + activate is to check up on whether the jerky is completely dried. Activate is to open the barrel. Once barrel is opened, I think grab + activate is used to retrieve each piece of jerky one at a time. I'm posting this here for the benefit of other players and to remind myself to add it to the guide.
  21. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    In the downloads section you will find two new files: CLS_Craftybits_Complete_08121.7z CLS_Craftybits_NoBSA_08121.7z These compile the recent fixes into the main esp/esm pair. Pick one, you do not need both. If you have the 08120 BSA, the noBSA version is all you need. The complete version is only for those who are still on some 811 version. If you have any CBFix activated, deactivate and delete them before using this version. They should do no harm, but they also do no good.
  22. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Thanks for writing to ask. Unfortunately the answer is no because it is a problem which cannot be solved, at least not by changing the base form of CB. Enhanced Grabbing(EG) takes over control of the grab key to give it the enhanced capabilities. CB also uses the grab key a lot to see what is going on or intended. Sometimes they will work okay along side one another, but what often happens is that a signal intended for CB is interpreted by EG as something else or the other way around. The only way to solve that would be to create a central control routine which parcels out control to CB or EG as appropriate in a patch mod. While it is theoretically possible, it would be very complex and most likely bug prone. Conceptually I like EG quite a bit and was disappointed to discover that the two are incompatible, but I'm afraid in this case you just have to choose what is more important to you.
  23. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Downloads now contain CBFix_05102017.7z. As before, it is a cumulative fix for CB 0.812.0 (i.e. you only need one fix, never CBFix esps from different dates). Latest fix tweaks the crafting board to produce black leather shields instead of black leather greaves from a leather shield and an inkwell (in that order, completed with the shears). Also fixed the mesh of the forge top to hide it again. It appears the last release featured the semi-visible version I use for debugging. On occasion it is important to verify that the forge top is placed and that the crucible is within it. Since it is normally invisible, if something isn't working, it could be the forge top, or some mechanism which depends upon it. But it serves no other purpose, so unless you like being able see it (unlikely), this version is better.
  24. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    The downloads now contain CBFix_30092017.7z. This file contains a cumulative fix esp for CB0.812.0 along with two nifs in their proper file position. The latest fixes involve shearing any bit of clothing into 4 rags on the Tailoring Board(Master) and using a rag, any alcohol and any soap to create a soapy rag. Thanks to Aquarius97 I've been patching up CB to the solid state I was hoping to have it in months ago.
  25. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I added CBFix_ESP22092017.7z to the downloads. Add this file to the end of your load order and activate. It fixes a couple of different problems with CB0.812.0. Latest fix is that the bedroll works again. Before long I'll integrate this fix into the main code to make CB0.812.1, but I'd like to collect a couple of fixes first to prevent having to create 812.2 soon thereafter.