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  1. I'll run some tests myself. I seem to recall it worked more or less okay when I last touched it, but obviously things break sometimes without it being obvious. Lapidary has never been subject to much testing and even if it works, you point out some serious play issues that I will deal with.

  2. Looks like I goofed something up. I can't get cooking on a plate by a campfire to work. The plate recognizes the fire but not the food. I'm on it and should have a fix before long. Sorry for the inconvenience for those of you who downloaded 0.811.2.


    EDIT: Solved the problem. Use these files instead. You can recognize them because in Bash comments you will see 0.811.2b.


    I plucked the obsolete files from previous messages for two reasons. It reduces the space the forum requires, so it is a courtesy to our hosts at TAL. In addition, it eliminates the chance that someone new comes along and downloads an obsolete file. Apologies if it gives you a bunch of old messages to check for changes but I'll try to remember to add a message to the reason for edit so you can easily spot the ones you can ignore.


  3. Attached is the latest version of CB. It consists of an esm/esp pair and the ini, which needs to go in the Data/ini folder. If you have 08111 or 08110 already installed, you don't need the ini but I included it because it contains a few minor changes. The bsa you should have from a previous installation. Nothing has been changed there, so there is no need to include it in this pack and make it much larger.


    All fixes prior to this message are built in and therefore no longer necessary. Please delete anything named CBFix... from your load order if you are using this version. Old versions may interfere because they usually contain a version of something here but are at the end of your load order. Please see the first message in this thread for the latest version of the Ref Guide.


    I added an additional check to chickens that makes sure they are not named "Rooster", "rooster" or "Hahn" if you are going to get eggs from them. It will work when playing in English or German, but will fail for most other languages. That should solve the eggs from a rooster problem.


    Fulgate was right about some cow being derived from a sheep. CB uses check model path to look for key words, such as "hen" or "chicken". Chicken is probably necessary because many model makers will use that in preference to "hen" in the model path, though the name you see on the screen might be "hen". So the cow in sheep's clothing was probably in a sheep folder or had sheep in the name of the nif. If I know of the circumstances that triggers that kind of bug, I can find a way around it, but they are invariably hacks. By hack, I mean a solution that fixes that specific case in that specific situation, but is incapable of handling anything more general by algorithm.



  4. That is quite useful. I must be mistaken about the search procedure. Which actually reveals a hole which needs to be plugged, even if it isn't responsible for a known bug. It is deep under the hood, so I won't bore you with the details.


    I'll have a closer look and figure out what is going wrong. The cow/sheep is a really helpful clue. You might have just thought it was a funny little story, but it tells me something important. More later when I've figured it out.


    I am getting a new version ready. The old one had some version problems and I found a huge hole in the auto-update system. All patched up now. I'll see if I can fix this problem and get it ready. 

  5. Momoscompilation is a set of resources Momo created which I fused into a single installation pack. I was flirting with the idea of adding some of these things to CB , but I think I didn't get to it a few years ago. The one thing I did use was the sack for salt, which has since been built into CB as a native part. I hope I credited Momo in the ref guide, if not, it was an oversight.


    Here are the resources it contains:




    They are all models and textures, so none of them actually show up in the game. 
    Interesting that both of you use BAIN. That is useful information for me because I'd like to have an idea of the ease of use with NMM. CB is structured pretty simply so that the basic installation runs fine, but the add-ons and glues are mysterious when using NMM. With Bash, you get a clear indication of what other mods are required for what and it shows red so you have a clear sign of what NOT to activate. With NMM you need to dig for the information and it is less clear about indicating that activating CB-Cobl_Glue in the absence of Cobl is a one-way street to an instant game crash.
    By the way, I found a flaw in CB-Cobl_Glue.esp. It lacked the fried marinated wolf meats so you can't eat them from the Cobl dinner plate. I've created a fix and will upload sometime soon. 

  6. Bad Lokichan, spilling all those Skyrim secrets!  ;)


    Fulgate, thanks for pointing that out. I don't think my comments contained anything that could rate as a spoiler, but better to warn us early than to let it happen first. Not a problem.


    Skyrim is a bit demanding in terms of hardware, though at this point in time the vast majority of PCs should be able to handle it with ease. If your PC can't handle Skyrim's demands, you are also missing out on what Oblivion can be. Oblivion out of the box should be fine, but some of the better shaders require a halfway decent graphic card. What do your spider webs look like? If you don't see spider webs or they are very crude, you'd profit from an upgrade. Do you see the steam when the pot is cooking something in CB? It uses a shader which may not be available before DirectX11 or so. If your PC can't handle Skyrim, you also won't profit from the high res texture replacers, like Qarls Texture Pack 3. Oblivion can be a lot prettier than out of the box, but it does require some effort to find and install a whole series of mods to do the job. One of the most popular is ENB, but personally I stay away from it. It puts a big performance hit on the game to get the results it is after and it is not entirely to my taste.


    In case you are looking for ideas, here are my installed packages, copied from the installer tab of Wrye Bash:

    Bain Packages:

    ++ 001 - Unofficial Oblivion Patch-5296-3-5-4b.7z (5EEC6145) (Installed)
    ++ 002 - Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch-10739-1-5-8.7z (902F870B) (Installed)
    ++ 003 - Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches-9969-23.7z (F4C22C42) (Installed)
    004 - ==Icons==
    ++ 005 - Icon Overhaul-44929-v0-1.zip (D02CB7A3) (Installed)
    ++ 007 - DarNified_UI_132-BAIN-22170.7z (FEA185A1) (Installed)
    ++ 008 - DarkUId_DarN_16_Manual_Version-11280.7z (5D2BFB4E) (Installed)
    ++ 009 - DarkUId_DarN_16_MU-Customized-11280.7z (BEE408A5) (Installed)
    ++ 010 - Elysweyr+Cyrodiil_Map_and_Markers-27794.rar (A53ACC5C) (Installed)
    ++ 012 - Sounds-Oblivion Stereo Sound Ovehaul 0.9.7z (DF17686A) (Installed)
    ++ 013 - Sounds-AmbientTownSoundsEdited 1.0.7z (ECFD8920) (Installed)
    ++ 014 - Storms&Sounds_Omod-8711.7z (9CE6B708) (Installed)
    ++ 015 - Tweak-Distant Chapel Bells 1.0 (1F0B88D0) (Installed)
    ++ 017 - RAEVWD_SI_Edition-20053.7z (211DC158) (Installed)
    ++ 018 - RAEVWD_QTP3_Texture_Pack_by_Brumbek_v1_3-20053.7z (9ADC0224) (Installed)
    ++ 020 - Enhanced_Water_v20-8011.zip (022A9337) (Installed)
    ++ 021 - Enhanced_Water_v20_HD_-_SI-17345.7z (6707581C) (Installed)
    ++ 022 - All_Natural_1-34-18305-1-34.7z (B16D10B3) (Installed)
    ++ 023 - Enhanced_Weather_1_4_Release_Candidate_1-16544.7z (D2F98358) (Installed)
    ++ 025 - Immersive_Interiors_0-81-34199.zip (4E5DFBEB) (Installed)
    ++ 026 - Subtle_Sunshine-18801.zip (0288E55C) (Installed)
    ++ 027 - Rainbows_in_Tamriel_v3-8927.7z (691EDD31) (Installed)
    ++ 029 - QTP3_Redimized.7z (37657997) (Installed)
    ++ 030 - QTP3_UOP32_Patch_2dot3-11261.7z (AB6F3EB9) (Installed)
    ++ 031 - Town Textures Compilationv1.0.7z (6C1867EB) (Installed)
    ++ 032 - Item_Texture_Compilationv1.0.7z (4D187AB2) (Installed)
    ++ 033 - ITFBark2012-11891-1.7z (CA174363) (Installed)
    ++ 034 - Enhanced_Vegetation_-_High_Res_Textures_v1dot1-23783.7z (68E73E25) (Installed)
    ++ 035 - Enhanced_Vegetation_-_Plugins_v1dot1-23783.7z (587CC786) (Installed)
    ++ 036 - ElsweyrAnequinaModJan2010.rar (9C2F178C) (Installed)
    ++ 037 - RAEVWD_Elsweyr_Anequina_V3-20053-1.7z (190BE27D) (Installed)
    ++ 038 - Animated_Window_Lighting_System_v5-5-4-19628.7z (C81E2E3B) (Installed)
    ++ 039 - IFT.7z (7E98DEC4) (Installed)
    ++ 042 - Cobl Cosmetics.7z (C1254BEC) (Installed)
    ++ 043 - Natural_Faces_v95_OMOD-1965.7z (12381553) (Installed)
    ++ 044 - EVE_HGEC_BodyStock_and_Clothing_Wrye_Bash_BAIN_-24078.7z (562DF539) (Installed)
    ++ 045 - EVEUpperShirt04CcupFix-24078.7z (DE7AECA8) (Installed)
    ++ 046 - VB Cool Hair and Eyelashes for Cobl-38291-1-1.7z (C51B0E82) (Installed)
    ++ 047 - CLS_BodySkeleton.7z (27CAF7C5) (Installed)
    ++ 051 - slofs_horses_base_2.0 .7z (1CEE5F81) (Installed)
    ++ 052 - Espless_Slofs_Horse_Replacer-27675_Repacked.7z (9A6016A1) (Installed)
    ++ 054 - Cobl v174.7z (12BA349C) (Installed)
    ++ 055 - Cobl_Bookplacement-24367.zip (8D4DCA34) (Installed)
    ++ 056 - CoblBookjacets0point1112-24890.rar (F46DDD1C) (Installed)
    ++ 057 - Knights_of_the_Nine_Cobl_2_6-34650-2-6.zip (97287B32) (Installed)
    ++ 058 - DLCVileLair-Cobl-20584.7z (22992AF3) (Installed)
    ++ 059 - Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul FULL-46199-.7z (6D705F76) (Installed)
    ++ 060 - EVE_for_Oscuro_Oblivion_Overhaul_1_3_BAIN-24078.7z (1FEE0F34) (Installed)
    ++ 061 - Harvest_Flora_v3_0_1-2037.zip (9DD13311) (Installed)
    ++ 063 - Aleswell_Merchant_Version_14_COBL_and_Shivering_Isles-20917.rar (84DC8E7B) (Installed)
    ++ 064 - Let_the_People_Drink-10223-2-6.7z (B5EACD6A) (Installed)
    ++ 065 - Shipping_Light-39079-1-0.7z (E3AA8991) (Installed)
    ++ 066 - Shipping_Leyawiin2-Addon-39079.7z (E519BF1E) (Installed)
    ++ 067 - Cloud Ruler Temple HD-42928-1-0.7z (F2F4FDF2) (Installed)
    ++ 068 - Mages_Den.rar (AC68CD4C) (Installed)
    ++ 069 - CastleSeaview V11 Cobl_Compl-25574.7z (96338F08) (Installed)
    ++ 070 - CSV_Farms.7z (2437DF02) (Installed)
    ++ 071 - Settlements of Cyrodiil Resource Pack-43115-1-3.7z (A37B5241) (Installed)
    ++ 072 - SOC Clearwater Farms-45021-1-0.7z (68DC0B07) (Installed)
    ++ 073 - SOC Silverfish Falls-44744-1-0.7z (AAD8C663) (Installed)
    ++ 074 - SOC-Regional Farms And Inns-43114-1-1.7z (4E4C3D60) (Installed)
    ++ 075 - SOC-White Rose Farm-43758-1-1.7z (82420124) (Installed)
    ++ 076 - SOC-Wickmere Farm-43984-1-0.7z (656BD320) (Installed)
    ++ 077 - SOC Legion Outposts-45059-1-1.7z (A60E3168) (Installed)
    ++ 079 - OBGE_Core-30054.7z (2CCFE406) (Installed)
    ++ 080 - OBGE_Standalone_Effects-30054.7z (AF6AE740) (Installed)
    ++ 081 - Operation_Optimization_1_1_1-BAIN-22170.7z (4C11179E) (Installed)
    ++ 082 - FastExit_2-22410.zip (33FF14FA) (Installed)
    ++ 086 - Athletics_While_Riding-37432-1-0.7z (94DC1A12) (Installed)
    ++ 087 - A_Takes_All-27638.zip (56D943BA) (Installed)
    ++ 088 - Inventory_is_a_backpack_0p59_FULL-21721.rar (E4913D83) (Installed)
    ++ 089 - Inventory_is_a_backpack_ESP_update_0p74-21721-0-74.7z (003D074A) (Installed)
    ++ 090 - Gold is an inventory item 0p60-21881-0-60.7z (5F6CD417) (Installed)
    ++ 091 - RealisticFatigue-2_4-10925.7z (71A57089) (Installed)
    ++ 093 - SBsaddlebagsMult-33110.7z (B2663190) (Installed)
    ++ 094 - Dude_Wheres_My_Horse_100_0-12801 (41F5FE72) (Installed)
    ++ 095 - SM_Plugin_Refurbish1-21-11474.zip (26125C85) (Installed)
    ++ 096 - Enhanced_Economy_5_4_3-25078.7z (F9D9AE4E) (Installed)
    ++ 097 - HeartBeatingMod_v1-2-16083.rar (76712FBB) (Installed)
    ++ 098 - Realistic_Physics_and_Force_Package-5197.zip (70B2EBF5) (Installed)
    ++ 099 - Sittable_rocks_v0p54-21966.zip (3D8100D6) (Installed)
    ++ 100 - TQP_v3-1-1-12859.zip (363211C1) (Installed)
    ++ 101 - Vanity_Camera_Smoother-1852.zip (85BBF29D) (Installed)
    ++ 102 - Enhanced Camera-44337-1-1.zip (B99D95EA) (Installed)
    ++ 104 - BensAddOns (8E7BA0E7) (Installed)
    ++ 105 - HUD_Status_Bars_5_3_2-34905-5-3-2.7z (D86122AC) (Installed)
    ++ 106 - HUD Status Bars Enhanced.zip (F9CAFC68) (Installed)
    ++ 107 - QuestHUD.zip (3D59A3BA) (Installed)
    ++ 108 - Gameplay-FF Real Thirst 1.20 (70C3D8A6) (Installed)
    ++ 109 - CLS_Classy_Clothes_OBSE_09-13638.zip (BC2F91FF) (Installed)
    ++ 110 - RealisticLeveling-1_14-13879-1-14.7z (F5D7B235) (Installed)
    ++ 111 - FF_Real_Thirst_v120_Full-14214.zip (E565A58F) (Installed)
    ++ 112 - FF_Real_Thirst_-_no_water_need_in_jail_FIXED-19582.rar (5939678C) (Installed)
    ++ 113 - Real_Sleep_Extended_2_5-24649.rar (D7D8B217) (Installed)
    ++ 114 - RealisticHealth-1_2-21424.7z (0221D39F) (Installed)
    ++ 115 - Gameplay-Real Hunger Cobl 1.6.1 (3EBC3FBE) (Installed)
    ++ 116 - I_just_hit_you_and_Cant_touch_me-35768-1.zip (C8C41975) (Installed)
    ++ 117 - PiiiP - Enhanced Grabbing v05-19847.7z (3837B5D7) (Installed)
    ++ 118 - Encumbering loot armour and weapons 0p54 reupload-22193.zip (A648292E) (Installed)
    ++ 120 - Alternative_Start_V1-66-11495.zip (98479553) (Installed)
    ++ 121 - Oblivion DLC Delayers.7z (D91026A4) (Installed)
    ++ 122 - Wrye_Shivering_008.zip (8FA8CB4F) (Installed)
    ++ 123 - Wrye Shivering Death 05-28561.zip (B2CAEF68) (Installed)
    ++ 124 - Espless Slofs Horse Replacer-27675.7z (2BCF76BE) (Installed)
    ++ 125 - CommandMount-27957.zip (D709DC07) (Installed)
    ++ 127 - Spears_of_Cyrodiil-12611.zip (6295A0FF) (Installed)
    ++ 129 - mECB_vk v2.2.7z (99B81F89) (Installed)
    ++ 130 - MomosCompilation.7z (148B4271) (Installed)
    ++ 137 - Fishing in Cyrodiil (334168E2) (Installed)
    ++ 138 - Simple Fruit Trees Fix-38172-1.7z (4251D9DF) (Installed)
    ++ 140 - Book Placement v2 en-6262.7z (42B2736B) (Installed)
    ++ 143 - CLS-Craftybits_Complete_0810pre2 (93361344) (Installed)
    ++ 145 - Player Starts Elsewhere vodot01b-12990.zip (D745E971) (Installed)
    ++ 146 - Actor details 1p5-29127-1-5.7z (A3B3595A) (Installed)
    ++ 147 - Dynamic Map 2_1_1-35969.7z (4FB40C92) (Installed)
    ++ 148 - Extended Map-45230-1-1.zip (F797A9DC) (Installed)
    ++ 149 - sinblood_SisternightfallOutfit-40701-1-0.7z (77C8C3F4) (Installed)
    ++ 150 - v3-37075-3-0.7z (89B714FE) (Installed)
    ++ 151 - v9_3-36883-9-3.7z (0303A189) (Installed)
    ++ 152 - Cyrodiil Travel Services.7z (26FE1DC4) (Installed)
    153 - ==Last==

    Bash is the hardest tool to learn and use and the best once you do. NMM is remarkably good for what it is, but doesn't always get the job done. In particular, I find it frustrating not being able to get information about what esps a mod contains to check if all the right ones were installed. I've been setting up an install on my daughter's computer recently and relied on NMM for everything I could, but found that a few things needed OBMM or Bash. A mod which messes with the ini settings usually doesn't get installed properly through NMM. Not many mods mess with the Oblivion.ini, but Real_Fatigue does and stinks without the edits.

  7. Chickens are not native to vanilla Oblivion. To catch whatever types someone might have added in a mod, the script looks for both "chicken" and "hen" in the name. This search uses the name you see on the screen, since we're trying to pick up things not native to Oblivion. If you are using a mod with chickens which are differentiated into "rooster" and "hen", I would have expected it to work right. If, instead, you see a rooster but its name is "chicken" then it makes sense. I could take out the search for "chicken" easily, but if the hens are also named "chicken", the result is no eggs.


    The alternative would be to build a glue for a specific mod adding chickens. In this case, we could use the EditorIDs or FormIDs of the hens and ignore the roosters. This would have the additional advantage of being language-independent, so that someone playing the Spanish language version of Oblivion and a translated mod adding chickens would still get their huevos without having to rename their "pollo" to "chicken". Any idea what mod adds the chickens? If it is SoC, which is certainly one source, I'd be happy to make a glue. For others, it depends a little on how well done and how popular it is.

  8. I didn't realize it when I had my first look, but clearly you are right. It also has a formidable number of downloads and endorsements.


    Maybe fulgate's first reaction was right. With at least three major alternatives, maybe would be best as an add-on so that you can play with my version or use one of the existing mods. It is built that way already, so it is less work to leave it that way than to build it in.


    I'm reasonably close to having a working version. It works, but I'm still working on getting the filtering to work at the right place and time. I rearranged kuertee's approach to use a sleeker structure, but it has repercussions that make it more complicated than I realized. Probably just one good day away.

  9. More likely you would have to drop the backpack to add things to it. When you pick it up again, you see the backpack in your inventory but none of the objects it contains. Only when you drop the backpack and open again can you get your goodies out.


    In practice, it will be a pain in the rear half the time. If you store a precious potion in your backpack, then suddenly need it in mid-battle, well, you might be pretty upset with the backpack. When you finally get your loot to a store, you'll have to empty your backpack into your normal inventory to actually sell anything. If it weighs too much, you might have to sell things in two rounds. But with a little planning, the penalties are circumvented and the advantages still work, so you gain for a little more work. For the most part, I look at that as good design.


    But I'm unsure because if you just want to play without one hand tied behind your back, this isn't going to be popular. I almost certainly can set things up such that the backpack can behave in different ways, but realistically very few people dig deep enough into any mod to find that you can change defaults to something which might be more to your liking.


    Back in the days before Skyrim, we could get away with more busy work. Since Skyrim and its instant crafting, I am much more careful about adding work to Oblivion. Obviously there is no direct connection between the two but player expectations shift.

  10. I just hit on an idea for backpacks which may or may not resonate. The way the backpack works now, when it is in your inventory it does nothing in particular. That changes when you drop it, but while it is in your inventory, it is a piece of clothing, nothing else.


    The radical idea would be to have it behave like a container while in your inventory. Strictly speaking containers in inventory are not allowed but a minor variation of existing methods could bypass this limitation. The hook is that you can't open your backpack while in your inventory; you would have to drop it first. The gain in realism is obvious and if we set it up such that anything in your backpack only weighs 75% of normal, players have a good reason to accept the limitation of not being able to access everything on the fly. So, for example, you could store you loot in the backpack but any weapon which you might wish to use would remain outside the backpack.


    Kuertee's Inventory is a backpack already contains limitations if you try to carry too much outside the backpack. I'd have to tweak these to make them a little more forgiving, but it is a relatively simple set of changes. Also keep in mind that Kuertee built in a mechanism that allows you to drop your backpack with a single keypress, or to use a specific sequence of key presses if your keyboard is already fully tied to other things. In principle, the idea is that you drop your backpack going into combat and recover it when the fight is over, but I find myself only doing this in tough fights I can't otherwise win.


    Opinions? Too realistic to be fun? Just the bit of reality Oblivion has always been missing?

  11. Hi Fulgate,

    nice of you to add your voice to the discussion. That is a good suggestion. Years ago Setsuna made exactly that, a scenario relying on Craftybits, called Marooned. It is a large worldspace of an island. The idea, in a nutshell, is that you book a sea journey, only to have the ship wreck and you find yourself as the sole survivor stranded on a desert island. You need to figure out a way to get back to the mainland.


    Maroon exists and is playable, but I've never released it because it never underwent sufficient testing. Setsuna released it on the Wormhole to the team and I'm sure she is fine with the idea of a more general release. I've always meant to get that far along, but I was always so busy modding that I never played it all the way through and don't know anyone else who has, either. When I did playtest it, I kept finding things which needed some fairly serious debugging. Nevertheless, it is an impressive piece of work. I have it in my load order and have made sure that it remains up-to-date.


    The Primitive Crafting section of the CB Ref Guide comes from an explanation of how to survive starting with nothing, which is particularly relevant in the context of Marooned, where that is precisely the case. It had some impact on the development of CB, since survival had to be possible with no outside resources from civilization and regardless of skill levels. The mechanisms which use skills to determine if you hit something have a floor built into them such that even if your skill in something is 5, you have a minimum chance of 16% to get a hit. Had we left this out, some things become so improbable that an unskilled character will probably starve on Marooned.


    If you or anyone else is interested, I could upload Marooned here to TAL. I'd rather not release it to the Nexus since I don't want to be obligated to answer hundreds of questions about what doesn't work. In the context of TAL, though, we have a small enough group and easy means of communication, so I can handle the "demand" it might trigger.


    Setsuna also made a mountain cabin, placed in the Jeralls not too far from Bruma. It is just a player home. I think she did release that one, but if not, I could. It uses some CB items and is certainly CB friendly. I would have liked to include it in a scenario as a reward for some quest, because as it stands it is just a random gift to the player, in effect a cheat. But each player can decide for him or herself if that is a problem or not.

  12. If you drop any potion near your burning campfire, it will extinguish the campfire, unless the potion has a script. This usually works pretty well, but I detected a bug which was preventing clean water from extinguishing the fire. This only occurs when you are using CB-FFRT_Glue, because this glue mod adds a script to clean water which enables the player to fill his or her waterskin with the clean water. I'm working on a fix and should have it soon, just wanted to let everyone know about this potential problem.


    TIP: It may also be news to some people that you can extinguish your campfire with a potion. This can backfire if you decide to drop a valuable potions near the fire for other reasons and suddenly find your fire went out and your potion is gone. In other words, if you want to drop a potion, always make sure you are at least a man-length from your campfire when doing so, unless you intend to use the potion to extinguish the fire.


    TIP: You can light your campfire by adding tinder to the campfire (see ref guide for a list of possible sources, they include using a knife on a piece of firewood), then banging two hammerstones together. That is to say, place one on the ground near the campfire, equip the other and hit the one on the ground. A successful hit generates a spark which will start your fire. This is useful in case you don't have a suitable spell to light the fire the easy way or have some other reason to avoid magic.

  13. The following is an edited version of further exchanges on the same topic as the message above:

    With regard to your CB key problem, try setting it to a different key. It really shouldn't make any difference, but if it behaves other than expected, it might provide a clue. I use 'v' and default is 'p', chosen because few, if any other mods, use it for anything.


    There is one more thing you can try. Open the console and type the following:
    set CBKeyGatheringQ.mode to 99

    that will force it into reset mode. Before you do that, you could use this to see what the value currently is:
    show CBKeyGatheringQ.mode

    If it shows a value other than 0, it appears that the script got stuck in some mode halfway through. If this is the case, please report it back to me, since it will help me find what might have gone wrong and fix it. If the mode is already 0 or 99, it is unlikely to help.


    From Fulgate:


    show CBKeyGatheringQ.mode gave the result 99. I tried changing it to 0, then back to 99, nope. I tried just changing it to 0. Nope. I had already tried changing the CB key several times, but I tried it again, and still no luck. Resetting the arrays of course does nothing. Do you have any other ideas, or did I really break it this time?


    Before my CB key blew out, I did do some experimenting with smithing, trying to smelt iron materials into barstock. I did this at the forge in the Cheydinhal Fighter's Guild. I did not have a lot of success, I was able to get everything set up, the forge lit and the crucible in place and so on, but the iron materials I tried (I think I just tried two kinds of swords, maybe one other thing like boots) did not melt down. I think I remember finally trying to go up to 12 puffs with the bellows and still it didn't melt. I forget what I was using for fuel now, probably wood? I think wood. I have a ton of wood, so I would have done that unless the guide told me not to.


    Anyway, I want to try this out on a different forge and see if I can get something else to melt down, make sure it's not that particular forge or those particular materials, or if I was just f*cking up some step of the process which is always a possibility. I'm hitting the sack now, but in the morning I will have to go to the guide and check because I can't remember if smithing is something I can do w/o the CB key. If not, it will have to wait until either a solution is found or I have thrown up my hands and started over.

    But now that I think about it, the hammers are converted by a different script: CBMstCBKeyQS. Try getting and setting the mode like this:

    show CBKeyQ.mode / set CBKeyQ.mode to 0

    In this case, there are more things which could cause an early return

    show CBIntegrationQ.Integration

    If this value is 0, the script won't run. It is set by another script which should run and set itself to 1 with each load, but if this isn't getting set, we might be on to a problem which can be solved.

    show CBIntegrationQ.CBKey

    as above, if this is 0, the script gets stuck.


    A particularly likely candidate is this:

    show CBKeyQ.iFound

    If this value is 0 and mode is 99, I know what is happening. The script failed to find the target and is returning each cycle before reaching mode 99. If so, this is easily fixed. I'll send you a new patch which moves mode 99 to the top to ensure it runs.


    If CBKeyQ.mode is 80, the script is stuck trying to set your CB key. If you set mode to 0, that should fix it. Start by resetting your CB key, then test normally.


    From Fulgate:


    You've saved me again; set CBKeyQ.mode worked, it was at 99 and I set it to 0.


    You have my permission to post anything you wish from our private discussions at the assimilation lab, that's fine with me.

    Hi Fulgate,

    can you reload the broken save and try out the secondary suggestions I made above? It would be very valuable information for me to know which of the possibilities was the source of the trouble. I can rearrange the script a little to ensure that it doesn't happen again.


    I'm delighted it worked. This sort of fixing really shouldn't be necessary. At the same time, your testing is rigorous in a useful way, in that you are finding rare bugs by really putting things through their paces. That is what CB needs the most at this point.

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  14. The following comes from a PM from Fulgate, repeated here with his permission:  


    My CB key has stopped working for some reason, and resetting the arrays does not make it work again. It happened when I had a bunch of repair hammers on the floor and I was starting to turn them into smithing hammers, I was getting tired of missing the lapidary equipment with the hammer and was going to try just dropping one after another until one of them hit the damn thing. They stopped turning into smithing hammers, and then the CB key did not work at all for anything after that. I should have loaded an earlier save, but I didn't think to at the time.


    I can't make flour or dough in the mixing bowl now, oddly, because that was working before. I drop in the ingredients and the spoon, and nothing happens. The golden soup mix also does not appear to work. I am able to make salads, however, and flavor them. I cannot slice rat meat or ham on the cutting board, I get the these ingredients don't make anything message. That weird ham sandwich bug is also still in effect.


    As for dried meat and jerky, the process starts right, but either I'm doing it wrong or it's not finishing correctly. When I come back in the room where the barrels are, the message that the meat is done flashes so quickly on the screen it's almost impossible to read any of it. I go over to the barrels and open them one by one, and they're all empty. So I don't know if there is a procedure for getting the meat out that I am not observing, or if something's not going right. I tried dried beef and wolf meat and salted boar meat.


    Let me know if you have any ideas about restoring the use of my CB key, obviously there are a lot of things I can't do without it.


    ETA: I can make dye with no problems now. I just wasn't adding water. The guide does not say you need water, it only says you need water to dye the yarn, not to make the dye.

  15. Returning to a topic relevant to CB, I'd like to get some opinions on whether it would be worthwhile to add backpacks to CB. I made an attempt back in 2013 but never released it because it didn't work like I wanted it to and I couldn't figure out the problem. But assume for a moment that the problems can be solved. Here are some of the pros and cons.


    • You can manufacture a backpack, so there is no need to issue one to the character in the Imperial dungeon, where you are dressed in rags and wearing wrist chains, but have a backpack on???
    • The backpack works the same way kuertee's does and the model and textures are the same as his, with his permission
    • Weight of items in the backpack will be reduced by a proportion, roughly 80% of normal, if I can get it to work
    • You can drop the backpack at any time to lower your weight and increase your mobility
    • A dropped backpack will pop up if you get near enough
    • A dropped backpack can have a marker attached to it, so you can find it again easily
    • The backpack uses a CB cell to store the stuff in the pack, instead of needing a new one like in kuertee's making it trivally smaller and more efficient


    • Use of a different backpack mod will require turning off the CB backpack or they will run in parallel
    • The ref guide will get even longer and CB a little bigger
    • I might need a week to debug it
    • I'll need help from others testing it (a test on one machine is the same as no test)


    In terms of CB alone, the balance is very positive, which is why it made it to the top of my list of projects three years ago. The unknown is FOMO. If FOMO has filled this need by other means or wants to remain backpack mod neutral (kuertee and Side each have a very good backpack mod, in effect in competition), there is no need to add the backpack. Sifonseal, what do you think?


    If anyone else has an opinion to share, please do. If you think being able to make a backpack, instead of having one issued, would be a big step towards better immersion, let me know. That is the single most important consideration in my eyes.


    EDIT: It seems I hadn't settled on a recipe for the backpack when I dropped it years ago. If anyone has any suggestions, it might be fun to discuss. Back in the Wormhole days we often discussed recipes because there are a number of considerations and opinions often differ. For example, a backpack is close to essential equipment, which speaks for a simple recipe with few, easy to acquire ingredients. Making more than one will present some scripting problems (probably all one container so they share) and it should be pretty useful, speaking for a complicated recipe with ingredients which are not overly plentiful. Should it be two step, first a frame, then a cover, or just one step? So there are many possible approaches and I'd be interested in hearing what people think might be best.

  16. I just tried this out after using HUD 5.3.2 for years. The upgrade worked flawlessly and on exiting the Imperial dungeon I see the initial quest tip as advertised in the README. The same spot talks about pressing the quest button, but I can't find any other mention of a quest button in the README or the User's guide. In the HSBE.ini I found this:
    Set tnoHSB.kQuestKey to 56

    It looks like that tracks back to the caps lock button. I suggest the explanation here on this page and the README include this information, since most users will be interested in knowing it. A short explanation of how to change the key binding would also be appropriate, since caps lock is already in use for other purposes. Not everyone will wish to toggle whether they are running every time they want to dismiss a quest message.


    You might also consider changing the name of the User's guide to Modder's guide. It includes instructions to modders to enable them to make use of HSBE's features but really doesn't contain anything of interest to a user, in the sense of a game player with HBSE in his or her load order.


    Thanks for the effort in maintaining this fine mod. TheNiceOne did a fantastic job of programming it. I hope my feedback helps you to make a few minor improvements to make this easier for casual users to use.


    EDIT: I tried setting the key to 64, which should code for F6, but it doesn't work. Tapping or holding the button doesn't make the quest message(s) disappear. It appears more instruction wouldn't merely be helpful, but is instead necessary.

  17. The fix to skinning didn't work, but a new attempt succeeded. I'll hold this one back for the moment, since it is so trivial. You only see the bug once for the very first thing you ever skin. The second critter skins as it should. 


    This new fix worked, but it is sort of strange, almost illogical. The following block was the problem:

    							set rNewCorpse to rTarget.PlaceAtMe rCorpseRef
    							set rOldTarget to rTarget
    							printc "CBSkinningQ: old target is %n, set to disable", rTarget 
    							; rOldTarget.disable ; commented out because the first rat skinned wasn't disappearing
    							set DelOld to 1
    							; rNewCorpse.setPos x fPosX
    							; rNewCorpse.setPos y fPosY
    							; rNewCorpse.setPos z fPosZ
    							; rNewCorpse.setAngle x fAngleX
    							; rNewCorpse.setAngle y fAngleY
    							; rNewCorpse.setAngle z fAngleZ
    							set Mode to 98

    When this block executed and the rOldTarget.disable line functioned, it failed the first time it should be used. In mode 98 rTarget is disabled, which is needed by other blocks of code. So commenting out this early disable appears to have left the rTarget.disable in mode 98 to do the job successfully. I don't really see why this scheme didn't work, but I guess it doesn't really matter, because it does and is simpler as well. I recall there was something with the early scripting which made it necessary to assign a reference variable some value, but I thought that was long since history. Perhaps using let would give different results, but if it works without this extra disable, that is better still. 

  18. OK, so it is clearly InstallShield which isn't being nice, since it affects other programs as well. Doesn't matter if you have Fallout, it was merely a possible candidate to figure out this little bit of data.


    You have already tried starting it in compatibility mode for W7. Did you try giving it admin rights? If it was a W10 problem, I really would expect compatibility mode to solve it. If any commands have been deprecated in the mean time, compatibility mode should fix it. My experience with the CSE suggests that admin rights could play a role.


    Did you find this page when researching the problem: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/910816. It doesn't match your symptoms precisely, but it sounds like one of the schemes might work anyway, for lack of a better alternative.


    I suppose you are right about this not being exactly what is meant by a general discussion, but if it is something specific, we should start a thread for it. I suppose we could split this off into a separate thread, but hopefully you will find a solution soon and we can go back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  19. Yes, I see you are right. If you have two, that almost guarantees the problem isn't on that end and I didn't realize you are not even getting far enough to select where it should go. 


    Have you had W10 running long enough to be sure it has downloaded and installed all the updates? It is a long shot, but maybe you are experiencing a bug already found and updated out of existence, if your w10 is still only partially current. Couldn't hurt to run Windows Update, just to be sure.


    Any chance a virus protection program is the cause? It is easy to imagine that an installer looks like a virus. I use Norton 360 and didn't experience any trouble, but some of the other programs seem to be a bit sloppier when trying to figure out what is real and what is not. I'd expect the virus protection program to warn you if it stopped something, but it is hard to be sure.


    Something else you could try, if nothing else wants to work, would be to start in safe mode and try to install. If some freight W10 contains is interfering it might just work, though it is more likely it will make no difference.


    Do you have anything else that is installed the same way? If it really is InstallShield, any game from the same era should have the same trouble. Fallout 3, for example, is still installed manually. If something else works, it would suggest it is something about the configuration of the installer on Oblivion and not InstallShield itself which is not playing nice. Fallout 3 might be a particularly good choice, maybe it would update something which could get Oblivion working again. Imagine, for example, if InstallShield included backwards compatibility to the version used for FO3 but not to Oblivion? Again a long shot, but I don't have any better ideas.

  20. I got to uninstall using an external uninstaller (Revo Uninstaller), but the same problem happens when trying to install (the installer crashes before the first screen) . Detains in this Windows 10 Forums,


    Last Friday, while looking for a solution for another problem, I noticed that Microsoft had an offer to upgrade my Win8 to Win10, for free, until July, 29, so I took it. My hunch is that the upgrade process messed up something. I wish I had the option of a clean Win10 install. I still have an option to roll back to Win8 for 30 days, but if  the upgrade process messed up things, as I believe, I doubt the downgrade process would fix it and I may end up worse than I am now..


    [Edit] Sifonseal, watch out for this MS offer, it seems that the "there is no free lunch" saying is right, after all.lol

    Hi QQuix,

    If you don't mind my asking, where is your Oblivion installation located? In my experience, W10 treats everything outside of windows own folders like they are off-limits, so it isn't apparent how it could have messed Oblivion up. Installing Oblivion into Program Files (x86) is a bad idea, though default, but it seems unlikely you would make that mistake. If you have Oblivion in your Documents folder, that might be part of the problem because I think W10 handles that a little differently. But the best solution is to have a separate folder for Oblivion, ideally on a partition of its own. 


    I'm pretty sure you can install Oblivion more than once on the same computer, in different locations. My suggestion is that you try installing Oblivion fresh into a fresh location, outside Program Files and Documents and on a fresh partition, if you can create one. Even if the old install left some trace of itself, this really should work since the setup won't look for or find the old installation. Once you have Oblivion and the DLCs installed, you can dump your Data folder from the old install into the new one and it will put all the mods in place, just like before. In other words, Oblivion and the DLCs are entered into the registry, but nothing else is so that all that matters is that the file is where Ob + obse expects to find it, not how it got there.


    If even this doesn't work, I'd suspect that your Oblivion CD has been scratched. If some of the data on the CD is corrupted, then the behavior you are seeing makes perfect sense. Try cleaning it and you could get lucky. 


    If there is any chance that the CD is scratched, you can probably acquire a new one for very little money. I think they sell for around 5€ here. Any version should be good enough to get past this problem, you can use what you have for the DLCs and all, unless you have a really nasty scratch that messes up a lot on the disc.


    Not all scratches are visible. If you aren't sure about it, you could try copying the whole disc onto your hard drive. If it is scratched, that should fail the same as the installation, whereas if the problem is a software one relating to the installer and incompatibility with W10, simply copying should work fine. It doesn't serve any other purpose and if it succeeds, you'll want to delete the copy again, but it would give you an idea of whether the problem is software or hardware.

  21. Sifonseal's advice sounds good to me, QQuix. I'm running Oblivion under Windows 10, so there is no fundamental problem with it. On this machine, I did a clean install of W10, then accessed Oblivion present on a second hard drive. I don't recall how I got the info into the registry, but Sifonseal's recommendation sounds like the best approach.


    One thing that did permanently change for me is that the CS and CSE now need admin rights to run, while they did not using W7. It is a bit annoying and a minor risk, but there doesn't seem to be an alternative. Because they need admin rights and I access the CSE via Bash, I had to give Bash admin rights as well. 


    Despite the minor problems, personally I like W10 a lot. I was pretty happy with W7 and a lot less happy with W8. W10 seems like a successful fusion of the best features of each. W8 tried too hard to hide things from experienced users and was too geared to touch screen use. W10 feels a lot more like it was meant for a proper desktop computer. My upgrade experience was flawless on the 2 machines without Bluray players, though the upgrade on my main machine with a Bluray drive proved to be tricky until I figured out I had to take the drive offline because W10 doesn't support it. I still don't have a solution for that problem, but I don't really need the Bluray player on a regular basis, so I just sort of forgot about it.

  22. I found a minor bug in skinning which I think I fixed. The symptom was that when fighting something with a short blade in your hand, it triggered the skinning routine. Skinning didn't actually proceed just then, but it was initiated, so that when you took your short blade to a plank, for example, the skinning system would try to process the plank. It didn't really do anything bad, other than putting a couple of inappropriate messages on the screen, but that was reason enough to want to fix it.


    In the process, I discovered that a change in a "global" variable in CB, NoSick, which had been part of CBBathQ but I had moved to CBIntegrationQ when creating the crafybits.ini. CBSkinningQ was still expecting to find it in the Bathing quest. The CSE is now so well developed that it caught the mistake and prevented compilation of the script until the problem was fixed. The old CS was far more forgiving, allowing nasty bugs like this to slip through undetected.


    Use the attached esp in addition to CB 0.811.1 in order to have the latest version of CB. Previous fixes are no longer necessary, this one is cumulative.

  23. The team forum now contains explanations of the leather crafting subsystem and the clothing subsystem. If anyone is interested but doesn't have access, let me or one of the admins know. The idea isn't so much to hide this from anyone who is interested but rather not to clutter searches of someone just looking for the basics. It would be nice to rebuild a team of interested people and playtesters.

  24. CB is compatible with most other mods, but there are a few it doesn't do well with. See the reference guide for a complete list of the ones we know about, but I thought I would mention one here specifically, since it is reasonably new and otherwise well done: Enhanced Grabbing.


    CB does a great deal with grabbing and Enhanced Grabbing seems to short circuit how grabbing is linked to the keys. If you are not using CB, it seems like a fine mod, well done and modern. But this short circuiting is something CB makes no provision for, so many things just won't work. Chances are it would not be horribly difficult to adapt CB to recognize that Enhanced Grabbing is in use so it can deal with the short circuit, but unless there is some compelling reason to do so, I'm disinclined to put the effort into it.


    As a more general warning, mods which mess with a large number of keyboard commands are usually incompatible with CB. CB isn't overly demanding, but it requires one key for itself alone and standard activating, grabbing and blocking to work properly. A mod which tweaks a key or two or even half the keyboard is no problem, but those which try to comprehensively handle the keyboard confuse CB.