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      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!


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    I am a writer and commission miniature painter. I live on a farm with my partner and six furry children (cats, dog, horses.) I love modding and recently came back to it. My favorite color is black, and I love cheesecake ;)

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  1. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    I am not sure how my friend put her's together, but she had a very good mod for Morrowind called a Bard's Life, its now A Bard's Life 2. Which involved playing instruments, gaining income etc. It may be worth looking into what she did? I played the first one, but it was years ago, so I have a vague memory of having lots of fun, but not the technical details, or enough to tell you what changed between versions. http://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/44359/? Danae is an awesome lady I will mention though, that having a editable song list which can be pick and chosen from would be awesome though. That way a person could say put in a melody they like and just rename it and overwrite the generic one. I know its been done with Skyrim, And since we can alter voice files, I doubt it would be that much harder. It would be pleasant to have some prerecorded songs to diddy now and then. I think a lot of us would have fun being Bards in OB
  2. I just wanted to say... CONGRATULATIONS SIFONSEAL!!!! :D :D TWO Files of the Month my friend!!!! That's Awesome :D
  3. [WIP] FOMO ObliviLife - A Fantasy Life

    lol ty I was so mad lol, I was searching for hours trying to figure out what I did wrong, and I posted here finally and then.... wait a second......what does that button do? ......*facepalm*
  4. [WIP] FOMO ObliviLife - A Fantasy Life

    OMG nevermind....I forgot about the show hidden button. When I hit that the mesh came back...man I feel dumb. Okay Ill get back to you guys if I run into anymore problems.
  5. [WIP] FOMO ObliviLife - A Fantasy Life

    > I am running into some problems with conversion. When taking the steps that I remember in changing and deleting nodes, in order for the nif to be recognized in the end as an oblivion nif..the mesh disappears > Now I was working with an older version of nifskope at the time, but one would think something large like deleting a mesh wouldn't change between versions. Well the obvious answer would be I am doing something wrong. But I found a tutorial to double checked the steps against, and though it was slightly different...it directed me to do almost the same steps. And the mesh still dissapeared! The only difference between the items was the example was static, not something that could be picked up. Hence a collision difference. BUT most of collision editing you do in a 3d program like Blender or 3dmax so that really isn't a big deal if collision needs to be reworked. It IS however a big deal if the mesh you are working with, entirely dissapears!!! GAH I'm going out of my mind trying to find the right info, and all I need to know is which nodes to delete before putting them into blender. Everything after that step I have, and I remembered of course that the first thing I do is alter the User versions... If anyone finds a tutorial, or advice, article, whatever that can help me in converting these from sky to obi, then I would be very grateful. I mean, I have done this before > I changed Skyrim hair to Morrowind, and Skyrim weapons to OB etc. So converting cookies, and cakes should be easy... I feel dumb right now. And I am off to ask other forums what to do, hopefully some angel or saint will drop the information in my lap like a proclamation from heaven....sigh. In case anyone is interested and hopes to find out what I am doing wrong this is the tutorial I double checked against...and is quite literally the only one I can still find. I know there are others out there, but I can't find them. And its at deleting the BSLightingShader property that my mesh goes bye bye. http://afkmods.iguanadons.net/index.php?/topic/3658-skyrim-skyrim-meshes-and-blender-importingexporting/
  6. [WIP] FOMO ObliviLife - A Fantasy Life

    Okay, I found the grill(s) We will need to ask Tad/Taddeus for permissions, but I am not sure if he is around anymore. He used to be on TES forum under either Tad or Taddeus. This model was made by him, for a morrowind mod, but converting it would be easy, and maybe an updated texture would be good? If you want I can try to track him down, or you can Munch, just let me know. I am going to upload the files for DL in private section under GRILL. You can take a look at it in Nifskope, or if you like, I can post a couple desktop screens.
  7. [WIP] FOMO ObliviLife - A Fantasy Life

    Anything I have to offer is fine to use with either one, or none. When I am done with the simpledress issue, I can start converting the desserts and then I'll throw them into a file for you A couple of them would need texture replacement but its not a biggie, its just a simple removal of words off some cookies XD As for the baking stuff I will round up what I have and do the same, though I think all of those are already set as OB files, so I don't think they will need any tweaking There is another modder I am waiting to hear back from that modeled some resources for Skyrim too, that I think would be of use for craftybits, if and when I hear back from him, I will let you know. There is also a grill model I used to have, I'll see if I can dig that up. It was metal, you put it next to, or over a heat source, if I remember right. Again, it would probly need a new texture, but its practically as low tech as you could get.
  8. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    I am curious...you are playing with the OBSE version on Nexus right? Not the old one? Or are you testing one of Munch's new set ups? And no worries about complaints, Munch put this here so he could have feedback, fix, improve etc
  9. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Munch will be back sometime today I believe, I am sure he will get back to you soon Sorry I can't be of help.
  10. [WIP] FOMO ObliviLife - A Fantasy Life

    Loki is working on tailoring, armory, and jewelry (for the demo) Oh MY! But what other wonders, are on Loki's hard drive? Furniture, devices, rugs, and paintings, antique looking treasures, and things for baking! Shelves with books that act like containers, I have sushi, and shrimp, and bamboo dividers, Skyrim desserts, and fancy salt shakers Aeylid clutter to reach the sky, enough swag to make a grown man cry (depends on the man I suppose) carpets, tapestries and "my little Ponys" don't be afraid of the tiger...its a stuffed kitty silly XD Would you like to build a skeletal throne? Or perhaps a torture rack to put your enemies on? A bird cage you say? Well if you insist...but I thought we would give necromancy an old fashioned twist, with all kinds of strange resources in here, there's no limit to what would fit, in this old crazy man's lair... And if you think I'm done...then you better think twice Cuz Loki is a hoarder, and will only share if you're nice *whistles off to work* ps, I can see having a table or stall, but something I would LOVE is to be able to, is eventually buy a store, so I could decorate that sum bich like my own little shop , whether that was after a person made X=profit? off the stand or quests to get to that rank or what have you...either way, that was something I really wanted to see implemented into craftybits, but I hadn't brought it up yet since I probly already made Munch explode with the My Little Pony bit
  11. I have some constructive criticism, aimed at making East Docks more immersive to some other players' games. However, I just want to state, before I say this, that it may be something that is a massive pain to fix, or get working properly. (I honestly have no idea.) And I acknowledge and appreciate all you have done in your series thus far, it is truly enormous in endeavor and scope...and my comments are not intended to belittle your efforts. Nor do I expect you to change things just for my preferences, but I am bringing it up, because I think this will conflict with the immersion of certain mods in game. Also at this time I can't play your mods, as my game (as you already know) is in a very fragile state, but soon, when we get our other gaming rig, I'm going to do a whole fresh install and be happy again free to play with *only* my mods XD (which will include some of yours But there is something to me as a player that was a tad unnerving when I read your description on Nexus. (And congrats! I didn't know you had released it, I thought you were still in test mode! ) Anyways the statement in the description was, that all vanilla content would be for sale there. To me that is a huge immersion breaker, part of the fun experience is finding something new in a shop across the country rather getting it all from one place. so it hurts the role of all vanilla merchants, and it sidesteps the point of mods like OOO, and others which change what vanilla content is available, when, and for how much, in order to fix some of the original issues brought about by Vanillas shop leveled lists. If you are selling all the Vanilla books in the East docks, what is the point of me going to first edition, or an alchemist in Skingrad, or a Burma smith? And I know I can open CS and remove all that content myself but that is a pain to do, if you are going to be updating on the regular (and I think you will be ) So my question, is there a way to make that optional? It just flubs up the games a lot of us try to immerse our self with, by having a world that makes a little sense. No trading city anywhere, is going to have everything in the world for sale, it just doesn't make sense. I really really hope I haven't hurt your feelings, because all the content you are fixing and making work together, and beautify is awesome, and I am happy and feel privileged, to be a part of it on the crafting end. Its just to me, this is an unnecessary part of the mod, (if it were me I would cut it out, but it isn't my baby its yours) ...its like seeing those giant yellow exclamation marks you would get when a Morrowind mod had been installed wrong, or a texture was missing etc. The exclamation mark might still talk to you, and give you quests, but it doesn't look like a khajiit...it looks like an exclamation mark. Now, I have a suggestion that might fit your intention instead - as you mentioned in the description, its so a person can have their character how they want to look like from the beginning. But unless you happen to use the Alternate Beginnings mod and choose the beginning that gives you a house (I know huge cheat lol) chances are you don't have much to begin with anyways. Well how about taking one of your many merchants, and set them up with a short quest, I mean it can even be a quick delivery run depending on how much time you wanted time you wanted to spend on it. Or it could be a quest with several parts that takes them all around the East Docks its up to you. But the reward would be a set of armor or clothes. Set it up via dialog you can have them choose before hand what there reward will be, whether its "clothes to make me inconspicuous" to "a set of metal armor, to protect me from beasts" or "a dress fit for a lady at court." You can have a lot of options, and all that will do is change the reward for the quest...or have it pop up at the end as a second quest activated which ends when they choose what there reward is. This way they get a chance to get something to wear that fits there character concept, they have a bit of dialog that lets them, in short, say what kind of person they are, and without setting up all the vanilla content in one place. I mean, if they really want daedric, mithril, or super magic swords when they start out, they can always down load a cheat mod right? Full Daedric Armor at sewer entrance If you decide you like this option and you need help writing it then let me know. Someone else would have to set it up in CS though as I have my hands full already. If you hate it, then don't do it. But please consider the ramifications of having all vanilla content in one place of the game. *friend hugs* Back to doing my work on craftyB. <3 LokiWolfychan
  12. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    What is kllAB? I have no idea what that is. I am cool with it having a backpack built in OR people using there own. The thing with yours, is if you get it to work, people might use it who otherwise wouldn't have known of the others. For example I didn't know there was a working backpack mod until I was hunting down all of Jannix Quinns mods (he had taken all his old ones down so I had to go on an internet hunt. And then lo and behold I found the back pack mod and I was like yay! This is cool So I don't think its a given that everybody has one, and I understand if you want to call it quits on it. But I don't think your effort would go to waste. Also, I don't use NMM so i have no idea how it works or doesn't work with BAIN. NMM is unreliable, OBMM is much better, and of course WyreBash/Bain, Boss to help with load orders. I use different types of installs from Omods, to manual, and Bain. For CB any of those installs work, but some people like installing everything via Bain.
  13. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    Hey what is Momoscompilation? is that your own personal merge of resources for modding, or a mod ? Its interesting to see what other people have installed and can get to co-operate. I have never used NMM. I use WyreBash/Bain, and OBMM.
  14. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    Fullgate, Skyrim has giant flying robots, and Dragons that talk like Randy Savage...OH and Boobs as big as life rafts
  15. FOMO CraftyBits General Discussion

    Will we be able to make the backpack? That is one thing I was unclear on. I figured we would be able to make it, And if that is the case, I would definitely use yours