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  1. #changethechannel

    Yeah, this guy has issues. He could probably benefit from some therapy or a psychiatrist.
  2. Programming Languages

    microprocessor programming, eh? Sounds difficult. Is that programming microcode like the stuff we've seen recently with Spectre and Intel's fixes?
  3. Random Stuffz

    Good God, man! You can haul some loads in that sucker.
  4. #changethechannel

    This dude sounds like a real piece of work. You never know who you'll run into out in the world. Or in the digital world. He sounds line he may have had (has) issues with lying.
  5. Programming Languages

    Lol!! You've an old 70's era CPU? You, ma'am, have been building computers a long time.
  6. Random Stuffz

    That's some heavy duty equipment in that picture.
  7. #changethechannel

    That'll do it. Good stuff. What's "libel"?
  8. Programming Languages

    Assembly is hard to look at. That's waaay down the road if I ever decide to disassemble things and reverse them. But AB said it's good for understanding how a program uses memory. But I'm thinking a quick tut on it should be enlightening--I don't want to dive into the deep end on that one quite yet. I'll definitely look into Pascal. But for now I kinda happened on Python 3x. Programmers like it; listening to AB, it's highly object-based; it's said to be easy to pick up; and I stumbled upon an interesting tutorial. So, what the hell, why not see what's what. I have the runtime and an IDE installed and am writing away. Quite fun, I say. I'm going to look into BASIC too.
  9. #changethechannel

    Sounds like the guy has issues. I don't understand some people. What'd you end up telling him?
  10. Programming Languages

    Good info, AB! Love it. I will look into (I thought it was-) assembly. I believe it's a close as we can get to machine code for people telling the computer what to do, right? Old BIOS's used to be written in it, right? Until UEFI when they switched to C# or C++? So assembly (assembler) is much more involved? I found a cool site: Code.org. I will be perusing their material, of course. What would you think would be a good app to write for Oblivion? I've toyed with modding preparation streamlining (streamlining PyFFing meshes, DDSopting textures, etc.), but everyone may not be as detailed about modding their games. Thanks for your help.
  11. Games on Sale

  12. Programming Languages

    True. I know nothing about Rust or writing heaps for videogames, so it could be more trouble than it's worth. I do use OSR, and have good results, but I'm running without heap replacement at the moment to see what gameplay feels like. I'm pleasantly surprised so far. I have MoreHeap, but have never really tested it out. I read somewhere it replaces the Windows heap, not Oblivion's. I don't know the relationship between the Windows heap and Oblivion's (if someone does, I'd love to read that reply), but I will give it a go once I'm done testing a heap replacement-free trial.
  13. Programming Languages

    Sooo... if someone here already has the C++ Build Tools (which many of you do, I'm sure, you programmers) you could download the Rust tool and compile that source for me? Plus, plus, if you have Oblivion installed and regularly play it, you can test out the app. It's a heap replacer (I believe); Oblivion needs help in the heap area when running hi res textures and lots of big mods. I mean I'd really be doing you all a favor here...
  14. #changethechannel

    Where/what was your former site? It crashed like blue ice falling out of an airplane lavatory?
  15. Games on Sale

    That's just like back in October. There may be some games I missed back then...