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  1. I consider of getting a M.2 SSD

    That and there's no need. Defragging was designed for platter and arm based drives (HDDs) to consolidate all fragmented files into one or a couple close-together places. This prevents the drives from spinning and the arm from moving across the platters more than necessary. If there is a file fragmented all over a platter, the drive has to work harder to read the file bcause it's scattered all over the place. Defrag moves the file together and the drive works less and is faster in return. SSDs don't suffer from the same fragmentation slowdown. Accessing memory takes the same amount of time no matter where the file is. In fact, SSDs are actually programmed to fragment files for some reason that I forget.
  2. I consider of getting a M.2 SSD

    Real world difference between M.2 and SATA SSD is not too noticeable. Game loads are a little more peppy. As is Windows cold boots. Maybe some file copies.
  3. I consider of getting a M.2 SSD

    Leo is asking if he should go M.2 or stick with SATA. I agree with Vorians to some degree--go with what you can afford or are willing to pay. If you have $500 go for a ~512GB M.2 or larger. But if the money needs to be spared as much as possible, go cheaper--a SATA drive is roughly half the price per GB than that of an M.2-based drive and offers decent performance. Beats the heck out of spinning platter drives. It just depends on what you want to pay. But, if you have money set aside for nothing but a new drive, try and go M.2; it's a modern option.
  4. [WIPz] Unofficial Morrowind Patch

    They (SureAI) always make quality stuff. A great way to get your mind off RL for a couple hours.
  5. I consider of getting a M.2 SSD

    If your budget allows for it, M.2 is the best way to go. If you want to save a few bucks, a SATA drive is still viable, but M.2 supporting NVMe is a beautiful thing. From a cold boot, my Samsung 960 Evo doesn't even show the Windows loading screen. It takes more time to POST than it does to load Windows. They are more expensive, however.
  6. [RELz] TWMP Valenwood Regrown BETA

    puddles, just curious: is this the only release thread?
  7. [WIPz] Unofficial Morrowind Patch

    It is. It's from the team that made Nehrim, if you're familiar with that. They also made a couple Morrowind conversions.
  8. [WIPz] Unofficial Morrowind Patch

    There's a world to it, eh AB--breeding cats? I'm playing Enderal right now and am having a blast. If you want a professional quality mod to play, look no further. It also offers plenty of hours worth of gameplay (tons if you really explore and do the side quests), so it's worth the 6 or 8 GB download.
  9. [WIPz] Unofficial Morrowind Patch

    You're the cat whisperer, AB. Try and keep is easy, though; don't burn out.
  10. Oooohh. I guess I was misinformed. Good stuff, AB.
  11. [WIPz] Unofficial Morrowind Patch

    AB, are you busy with RL?
  12. I thought Bethesda ditched the Gamebryo engine after Oblivion. Wasn't Skyrim a custom engine--Creation Engine (I thought)? And Fallout 4 was based off of that? Gamebryo has it's roots in one of the Civilization games I thought? Ancient by technology standards.
  13. Windows API and Programming Questions

    Thanks Leo. I was more looking to write it myself, but you linked a cool site there.
  14. I am trying to figure out something that Windows makes a real pain in the ass. I hope some of the programmers here have some of degree of familiarity with Windows and can help. Here's the deal: big picture is I am trying to gain access to a registry key that has only admin access permission. Apparently the calling script does not have admin permissions. So, I've been reading Micorsoft docs and what I need to do is enable the SE_TAKE_OWNERSHIP_NAME privilege and open the protected key with WRITE_OWNER access. Sounds simple, but it's not, at least to a noob like me. So the way I've tried to go about it is to get the calling script's process handle and pass that to OpenProcessToken (where I'm stuck--I'll get back to that), from there I'd like to enable the privilege to read and delete a sub-key. See here for the basics of what I'm trying to do (I'm writing in Python). But when I call OpenProcessToken to get the token needed to adjust privileges, it return the ErrorCode 5 Access Denied. So, how do I go about getting access to the token for the calling scripts process? I've read about impersonating a token, but all I can dig up for that is using a thread (which I've tried) and that returns that it's not a valid thread. I have ran the script as administrator through the caller (which works), but it's not ideal to me. It hits the line to ask for admin permission, then Windows prompts, you have to say yes, yadayada. I like to avoid that if at all possible cuz this is ultimately going to be attached to a GUI, and it's bad juju to me. Plus this is a good, albeit frustrating, learning exercise. I hope you all can help. Python forums gave me bumpkiss except the running as administrator way.
  15. Random Stuffz

    Congrats! Adorable little baby.
  16. Feedback thread

  17. I wonder what the plant that packages those fish smells like.
  18. Windows API and Programming Questions

    I hear ya. After a few days break from the problem I'm not as attached to it. I must say, I don't want something difficult to learn any time soon. I wouldn't even call myself a true beginner yet. I'm pre-beginner. But, thanks for the response. I think I'll move on--use one of the other ways to delete the key I want to.
  19. Windows API and Programming Questions

    It's actually a sub-key of the key I chose to fight with. But I want to delete a certain key. It's a thing where every so often this key comes back (it's not needed. It's a second network connection--I only need the one 'correct' one) and I don't like it being in my registry. It's more about coding practice than deleting the key. I just don't like giving up without a fight; I'm fighting Microsoft. They'll prolly win, but I'll go down swinging. I know I can easily use Regedit or run the script as an administrator--it's just practice. Trying to learn a programming language (Python). Maybe I should avoid the Windows API for the time being?
  20. Windows API and Programming Questions

    Nah, I don't want to disable UAC. I think it can be done, but that's just my thought; it's not a fact. Thanks though, @Schtearn.
  21. Shooting in Toronto

    AB, I heard there was a shooting in your neck of the woods. Got any info?
  22. Shooting in Toronto

    Hm, I guess you never truly know about someone. Maybe there were signs though of him cracking? Or signs he was debating something big? The details may never get to the media.
  23. Shooting in Toronto

    I hear that, AB. Get the full story, not just a piece of it. Well, the full official story has not been written yet, I suppose. But it's been on the news here too. Inherently I don't trust the news, so I like to hear it from someone like you: a local.
  24. Balls-ass hot summer for some people. Here in my part of the states (I live in 'ol Virginia) it's more pleasant as far as temperature goes; 75°F or about 24°C. Of course there is a storm system moving through, so we have flash flood warnings out...