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      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!


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  1. Games on Sale

    I'll have to check it out. 4 games for $15? It just wouldn't make sense to not look into it.
  2. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    Neat. But because I'm so new to Linux, I'm going to keep things as simple as possible. I'm thinking a clean install is how I'm going to go again.
  3. Oblivion Reloaded Compatibility Questions

    Oh oh. A Skyrim modder. Cool. I didn't know you were familiar with Papyrus. I guess it's easy enough to get used to the syntax. I've never really bothered looking. Legacy isn't far off, I'm sure.
  4. Oblivion Reloaded Compatibility Questions

    I'll talk to Alenet. What mod does Vincent want help with? And who's Vincent?
  5. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    Sounds good, VM. Thanks for your patience with me. It helps to have a Linux'er around. I'll be posting back once I decide if I'm going to upgrade from the Package Manager or just a fresh install. It's not like I have a lot stuff on it that needs backed up (that's to say: anything at all). I like the "cleanness" of a fresh install.
  6. Oblivion Reloaded Compatibility Questions

    Hmm, sounds like OR is interfering with the stats menu then. Why would it do that? I think I'm going to ask Alenet if he's ever looked into it. Maybe he knows precisely why it breaks it. You can fix it from there?
  7. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    You're speaking ancient Greek. I don't know shit about Linux except what I've had to Google to fix or try to fix. Let me ask you this: what's the most hassle-free, beginner-friendly way to go with Xfce? I'm definitely going to go with Xfce, I know that for sure.
  8. Oblivion Reloaded Compatibility Questions

    RL works fine with OR--I use them both. I've never used OXP, so I don't know exactly what isn't compatible. It's probably something minor with the sleeping requirement changes made by OR. Does XP require you to sleep to level up?
  9. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    Ah, I likes that idea. So you say Xfce is much nicer to recent Nvidia hardware, eh?
  10. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    Well, what interests me even more than thaat is you say that "Xfce" works with Nvidia straight up. I'd rather try that than mess with borderline hacks. I think there is a version of Mint that uses Xfce, so I'll get that to install instead.
  11. Oblivion Reloaded Compatibility Questions

    I am curious what OR does exactly. I mean I know it makes water look much better and overall makes the graphics look nicer, and adds horse combat, but I have also read some rather vague things about stability and performance improvements, but I haven't been able to understand exactly what it does in that regard and whether it really is compatible with ENBoost or if you are better off choosing one or the other. Admittingly, I have trouble understanding the author since he talks on a different plane than I do, but I have had a hard time deciphering whether and to what extent OR will improve performance and stability in a heavily modded game. I tried it a while back but decided to wait for it to be finished, and now am trying to decide if it is worth it for me to join his site to download. I have a heavily modded game and would be more interested in performance enhancements than graphical enhancements. I use Realistic Leveling so no issues there ( I hope). You should read the description; it can tell you better than anyone. I will say, for me, it's performance enhancements are negligible. But he has some settings for a performance boost that I, admittedly, don't use.
  12. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    It seems Linux doesn't like newer nvidia cards. If you have something pre 9xxx you should be fine, so I read. I will say this in my limited experience: Linux does not "just work". Maybe it does if you don't have recent nvidia, but... I saw some benchmarks from the nouveau drivers and if I plan on trying my hand at gaming under Linux, I'm going to want Nvidia. WINE hasn't been updated in forever apparently. VM what graphics hardware are you running? Do you know anything about this software rendering mode stuff? It says for best performance I should run hardware acceleration. Sounds good to me, but how do I go about forcing it to do that? Everything I read is for a virtual box. Anyway, you're not tech support, I know, just wondering if you've dealt with this before.
  13. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    I've read that, yeah. But it seems to be more reliable (in my VERY limited experience). For example, I tried installing the latest nvidia drivers and it didn't like that, kept crashing it. But instead of just being unusable, it went into a "safe mode" and I could still use it. It gave me enough time to uninstall the latest driver, and install the tried and true tested driver, which works fine. It says I'm in software rendering mode, which Google isn't helping too much with. Most results say it's a virtual box thing. So, there's that. It says there's a kernel update, but I'm afraid to try it. But, all in all, it's neat so far...
  14. Status of TES3Edit?

    Yeah, I think that's true. They have a wiki over there that lists some vanilla Morrowind mods that are compatible with OpenMW, so they didn't reinvent the wheel. Some mods are not compatible, so they did make some changes.
  15. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    Well, it's an interesting read, but nothing that would have helped me with Ubuntu. But it doesn't matter, as I am happy to announce that I am visiting this forum on Firefox installed to Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.2. So far, it has been a joy to use. Very much like Windows in it's GUI. I like it so far...
  16. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    I actually did all of that. I was finally able to get the error that before the artifacts and black screen; a kernel null pointer dereference. So I googled that and there was a bug out for that error in Zesty. So I tried a newer kernel but that just blew up my computer. So, I'm moving on to Mint. Mint is the most noob-friendly, followed by Ubuntu, so I'm gonna try ol' Mint. Wish me luck...
  17. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    Well, I was just now able to run "apt-get upgrade" without any problems. I need to try new drivers for my GTX 1080. Any suggestions, VM?
  18. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    Yeah, network is okay. I can access PPA and system updates. I just don't seem to have any luck installing packages.
  19. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    i7 5820K. Yeah, it doesn't have an on-die GPU. I have the official ppa--graphics-drivers/ppa, so I'll run into a dead end trying to find anything else. Now, why won't it install? It has to be via the terminal.
  20. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    Well, my initial impression of Ubuntu is not very positive. For an OS that is touted to "just work", it doesn't. I'm having a display issue. I can boot to the login screen, but if I log in, I get artifacts and a black screen which usually takes me back to the login screen (sometimes just stays black), rinse and repeat. So, I go to the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+F1). I'm assuming it's a display driver issue, so I try and add repositories for the latest nvidia drivers. No problem. Next I go to install the latest driver supported by the repo I found (381, I believe), but it errors out during installation--says "Bug: Bad rss-counter state". So that's where I am. Googling that error. I know that I have to try another package because trying the same one gives an error that it was interrupted and that I need to run dpkg --configure -a which FUCKING takes forever. I tried it once and said it would be easier and quicker to just reinstall. Which I did. So, now I'm off to Google to find out what this error is. Then try and find a different nvidia ppa and try it. Then if I can install a new driver, I have to see if that's even the problem to begin with. Shit...
  21. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    I know it would be a change from Windows. I read some about Linux, but I certainly did not know there are this many options and choices. I'm going to go with straight up Ubuntu to pop my cherry. Heck, I may not even like Linux... it sure does sound neat though. Now, VM, with these "GNOME", Budgie", etc., you are talking about theme packs, right? UI type stuff?
  22. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    Okay. I'll read up on the differences and make a decision. Thanks.
  23. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    When I said a "flavor" of Linux, I was just writing "colorfully". Turns out there are "flavors" of Ubuntu. I'll have to read to see what's what with each one. Is it just a GUI thing?
  24. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    Sounds good. Thanks for the input all. I'll see about a make of Ubuntu (I didn't know there was more than one).
  25. Anyone run a flavor of Linux

    Hit or miss... I definitely won't be ditching Windows anytime soon. But I guess one can't know the details without trying. I'm running a single GPU card (GTX 1080), so I'll look into nouveau. No surround here; single QHD monitor. Yeah that confirms what I've been reading. Beginner friendly == Ubuntu. I'll probably start with it. It still has a powerful Terminal, eh?