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      Orphan Attachments   07/31/2018

      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!


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  1. EngineBugFixes and multiple worldspace mods

    Why can't multiple worldspace mods be run at the same time? I did not know that. However, reading the description posted, it sounds like the fix is more for a CS issue. If in fact multiple worldspace mods can't be run at the same time, I don't think this will fix it.
  2. The most Restless Night of Sleep Ever!

    Oh, oh. You're having trouble with a limitation of the system. I sort of figured you wouldn't be stumped by scripting. If you have an extra minute to write something about your woes, I'd read it. No biggie though.
  3. The most Restless Night of Sleep Ever!

    Yeah, AB. Maybe someone else can spot the script bug? A fresh set of eyes can be useful. Either that or step away for a night and wake up refreshed and take a look. That usually helps me, and I've read from programmers to do that if a script/program is giving you fits.
  4. The most Restless Night of Sleep Ever!

    I was not aware of the Morrowind Modding Wiki, AB, so thanks for sharing. Leo, have you run Open Morrowind? I'd like feedback, but I suppose I could browse their site. I check it periodically to see where the project stands, but don't venture into it's depths.
  5. The most Restless Night of Sleep Ever!

    Alrighty, good info. I've been itching to pull the OpenMW trigger, but I may wait a while yet. Have you played it?
  6. The most Restless Night of Sleep Ever!

    Sweet. I'll go the GOG path if I ever decide to buy a digital copy. Do you know anything about Morrowind? Does the Graphics Extenders work with the GOG version? OpenMW? etc.?
  7. The most Restless Night of Sleep Ever!

    Interesting stuff, peoples. I just keep the discs in the sleeve and box they came in. That should be decent enough conditions. "Ideal", like AB said, is vague. Air conditioned indoors away from light should help things.
  8. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Great! 'Tis what I was thinking, good to go.
  9. Tools and Utilities

    TES4Files may be able to be found here? Good luck, a quick glance showed me nothing...
  10. The most Restless Night of Sleep Ever!

    Y'all may have a different experience, but I've never had a disc "go bad". I sorta always thought a disc is good for life?
  11. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    AB, let me clarify; please excuse my slowness. There were no changes to the resources in 1.38, yes? I'm wondering if I need to re-PyFFI my meshes and re-optimize my textures, etc., or if I can just drag and drop the ESPs I use?
  12. The most Restless Night of Sleep Ever!

    Oh yeah, haha. For some reason I thought he bought the GOG version, but rereading his post he wrote Steam. My fault. I think I'll stick with retail though. It's slightly less hassle. With Steam you have to worry about keeping in the ability to launch via Steam and accidentally verifying game files and overwriting all you've done. GOG may not even support OBSE, depending what they did to the exe and if OBSE allows for it. There has to be 5 versions of retail available--GOTY, Deluxe, anniversary... Special edition (back when it was first released for those who may have forgot)...
  13. The most Restless Night of Sleep Ever!

    Good deal, Leo. I wonder if the GOG version plays nice with OBSE? Have they done anything to the executable? The only DRM I'm aware of for Ob is a disc check.
  14. Random Stuffz

    No, I would say he is a hobbyist. His packages are convenient though. We all need C++ runtimes at some point or another, so why not have all the latest in one easy package? It would be nice if it was possible to download them...
  15. Random Stuffz

    There's definitely no mistaking him for a professional front end developer or designer. The only contact form though is a bug report.
  16. Random Stuffz

    I put a quest to anyone willing to take the challenge: figure out how the hell to download from this site: IMPOSSIBLE TO DOWNLOAD FROM.ORG
  17. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Good stuff altogether, AB. I can't play Oblivion without either AN or KR, so I likey.
  18. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Yeah, a few weeks back, no? I guess there were some weather related changes.
  19. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Good to see the mod is alive, AB.
  20. Happy Birthday Malonn!

    Hey hey hey! Thanks for the wishes. All's good over here in Virginia.
  21. Random Stuffz

    So you have satellite TV? That's what I have--I'm kind of out in the country and it's my only option. Or streaming I guess. But I have a slow 3 Mbit DSL service...
  22. Question for people with math skills

    Cool, thanks AB. I had to go out of town for a bit so stepped away from what I was working on. Now that I'm back, I may pick it back up at some point. It's frustrating because I don't know the math behind what I'm doing. That and OBSE doesn't provide a good function to help.
  23. Math never was something with which I excelled. It is with my latest modding project that ran into a calculations problem. Can someone here help? If not a direct answer, point me to a place where I could ask and get an answer? Me and another guy have been modifying Reneer's Interiors Mod. Fixes, etc. One fix needs a fix: Exteriors are cloned and drawn to the interior. The problem is interior cells and exterior cells don't line up in-game. Objects are drawn relative to the position of the interior door. Long story short, sometimes the exterior is drawn through the interior. My question is how do I calculate what will intersect with the interior mesh? I can get the interior, thus it's XYZ. I can get it's rough size (GetEditorSize). Maybe it won't come down to a formula. But that's my question. If I know the size and position of the mesh I want to draw around, how do I "math" skipping placing objects if they will end up being placed within the dimensions of the interior mesh? Help doesn't have to be in the form of a complete formula. Just some guidance. I can Google like a champ...
  24. Random Stuffz

    Do you have cable, satellite, streaming, fiber... AB, how do you get your TV service?