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  1. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Offline again? What happened this time?
  2. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Wait, wait, ..."in it with"... that can't be proper grammar. It threw me reading it. But, thanks for the response. I will skip it in favor of Fallout 4 (which I have installed and actively play). I still may give Blades a go--hey, it's free, right.
  3. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Fallout Shelter? I'm not familiar with that, and I like to fancy myself as being familiar with the Fallout series. Google time.
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    Recently I have been listening to some Wu-Tang clan, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Foreigner, Blur, Tupac and a dash of Method Man. Kind of mixing and mashing different songs together--most of it being from the rap / hip hop genre. Too much to YouTube link here. I recently "acquired" a few discographies from various artists so will probably change my tunes soon.
  5. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    MOO is highly configurable. Check the INI's included with it. You'll probably be able to do what you want.
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    G'day mate. (I wrote that in an Austalian accent)
  7. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Solitaire eh? Sounds neat. You say you'd rather not say too much about it, so I'll save questions for the thread. One quick one though: how long have you been working on it? Spare time thing, or do you make time?
  8. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    I think most of Bethesda's games are quite successful, dating back to Arena. Redguard was a bomb, I believe. You're working on a mobile game, AB? You and your husband? What's it about? Yes. But it should be about a balance of quality content and money, IMO. Not speaking of Bethesda specifically here--I love most of their games. It seems company's rush their games to meet deadlines (which tie in to profit) and skimp on quality. Release and patch. But the patches sometimes seemed less polished than to take their time from the get-go and polish before release. Blizzard did it with Diablo III; it took forever to release that game.
  9. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Greedy Bethesda. Always wants more money. This borderlines on tricking people though. That's the way of games though. We'll probably see it more and more often.
  10. CTDs due to streamline(???)

    You may have to uninstall mods one by one until you find the culprit. It's hard to say based on your OP alone. Give us a load order. Maybe a mod will jump out at one of us. Before looking, I will say stay away from Reneer's Guard Overhaul (it just popped in my head)--it is a CTD machine.
  11. Kitties!!

    Haha. I remember growing up with male cats that they'd always show up with wounds on them from time to time. Some of those wounds were gnarly.
  12. Kitties!!

    Is that how you keep the two males from fighting? Don't they want to fight each other?
  13. [IDEA] Weather Protected Clothing

    I'm not going to use GCD. Thanks for the heads up though.
  14. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Neat. I may give it a go.
  15. [IDEA] Weather Protected Clothing

    Yeah I perused the UESP article on leveling--it's mostly the same as Oblivion. I still think I'm going to try to find a +5 mod because I hate the grinding associated with getting +5 modifiers. Cheating, I know, but what can ya do.
  16. If you've never finished the game, I'd start the main quest. I don't consider myself to have truly gotten my money's worth out of a game until I beat it. That's not to say I don't have shit loads of games I haven't finished yet...
  17. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Do they make you go through hoops to download it?
  18. [IDEA] Weather Protected Clothing

    Good stuff, Leo. That class abilities mod looks interesting--downloaded. I'm not a huge fan of the XP mods for TES games. I like to keep the default way of leveling. If fact, being this will be my first full playthrough of Morrowind, I will not use any leveling mods except maybe a plus 5 attribute modifier, if Morrowind uses the same style of leveling as Oblivion. (I've never actually even leveled up in vanilla Morrowind. I have in Morroblivion, but of course, it uses Oblivion style) Interesting. So non-mwse mods run fine? Good to know.
  19. [IDEA] Weather Protected Clothing

    Yeah, most mods aren't compatible, eh?
  20. [IDEA] Weather Protected Clothing

    Apoapse's Attack v2.2. Do you recommend something different?
  21. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    @Schtearn I'm not sure about specifics, but it causes general instability. This is from stuff I've read and my first hand experience. Running Pluggy really increased my CTDs back in the day. But hey, if you run Pluggy with no issues, good on ya. Definitely was not the case for me.
  22. [IDEA] Weather Protected Clothing

    Oh, yeah. I've found a good combat mod, but not a spell casting mod. Thanks AB and Leo. Downloaded. Should enhance the game quite a bit.
  23. [IDEA] Weather Protected Clothing

    Nevermind, AB. No need for a name or link. I found a combat mod that reads good and is what I want.
  24. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    If you don't absolutely need Pluggy, get rid of it--it's buggy and causes CTDs. Base All Natural is quite stable when installed properly. I've been running it for years without a single issue caused by it that I can recall.
  25. [IDEA] Weather Protected Clothing

    Thanks for being patient, Leo. AB, the name would be all I need. I can try and track it down from that. Thanks.