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  1. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Thanks for the update munch. Just to verify I disabled all mods except for CB and the DLC to check if it may have been something to do with my load order. The bone pile still doesn't disappear. See load order below. I'll start looking into the script to see if I can find anything that may be off with it. I'll check the fix for the soil and let you know if it resolves the issue. [uPDATE] Issue was resolved by adding meshes. Active Mod Files: [spoiler][xml] 00 Oblivion.esm 01 CLS-Craftybits.esm 02 DLCShiveringIsles.esp 03 Knights.esp 04 DLCBattlehornCastle.esp 05 DLCHorseArmor.esp 06 DLCFrostcrag.esp 07 DLCSpellTomes.esp 08 DLCThievesDen.esp 09 DLCMehrunesRazor.esp 0A DLCVileLair.esp 0B DLCOrrery.esp 0C CLS-Craftybits.esp 0D Bashed Patch, 0.esp [/xml][/spoiler]
  2. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Bone piles currently don't disappear either after all bones are removed...
  3. Craftybits 0.811 Bug Reports

    Hi Munch, This bug is confirmed. There is no mesh for cbsoilstatic and cbsoiltransparent. Also, even after replacing them with the dirt01 and dirt02 nifs the script appears to be broken as well. They dirt piles show up, but I can't jump them away or plant anything into them. - JT13