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  1. DBC Play through

    @Sita: Thank you very much for the link I have already done a let's play on the Forgotten City (which is splendid).
  2. DBC Play through

    Thank YOU all again for this cool mod. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to see Consequences! I'm curious about Lucien's return and its repercussions... I also want to know what will happen for others characters, like Anoriel (Oh my God, she's so obsessed... it's scary! ^^). And I really really really want to know more about Cla'nee because I really like her temperament (huge "coup de coeur" for this character). Well, I have been caught! ^^
  3. DBC Play through

    And that's the last one! ^^
  4. DBC Play through

  5. DBC Play through

    Arf... Too bad... I figured out there was a lot of lines, that's why I was waiting for a translation...
  6. DBC Play through

    I have seen Valenwood Islands on Nexus website a few months ago and it really looks interesting! But I don't think there's a french translation yet. I'm not so bad in english, but not good enough to maintain a fluid commentary. And if it's not fluid and spontaneous, I know I will not like the result... ^^ I'm working on it because there's a lot of mods and independant games I would like to share blindly which are not translated in french. It's very frustrating! My brain is not quick enough yet to translate english immediatly... (but I've decided it will one day, so it will! :-p ) Anyway, if a french translation appears, Valenwood Island is on my dance card
  7. DBC Play through

    I plan to continue playing mods and maybe some conversions (on TES and other games). I have a very little channel, but I'm really surprised by people reaction, and by the fact that even big fans of the licence don't know some very good mods like TDBC or The Forgotten City... Too bad!
  8. DBC Play through

    As I have the chance to meet you here Sita, merci infiniment pour la traduction
  9. DBC Play through

    I'm glad you liked it! I just hope it was understandable for you. I try to be careful but I tend to speak very fast and not very clearly sometimes (even for french ears). Don't thank me! You people did all the hard work, I have just played... ^^ it's the least I can do.
  10. DBC Play through

    Hello everyone! I've played The Dark Brotherhood Chronicles recently and I have recorded a part of my run for my Youtube channel. As I said to AndalayBay, it's a really great mod and I had a lot of fun playing it! Thanks a lot for all this good job! AndalayBay asked me to post the videos in this thread. The first episode has been published today, so here I am! I specify these videos are in french. I used the translation available on La Confrérie des Traducteurs made by Sita. I will edit this post when the upcoming episodes will be published if that's ok with you. Have a nice day! (and excuse my english, I am far from being bilingual... ^^) Ulinay https://youtu.be/niHe0bSpyAs https://youtu.be/ozzpwMxs9kw https://youtu.be/6N6LoNDt9pE