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  1. Away for a while. Keep my seat warm! Be back when I can. :)

  2. Random Stuffz

    Just popping in to say "hi" and I'm still alive. Just need a break from the scene while I take care of some RL stuff. Hope everybody is doing well! Be back again when I can. Cheers!
  3. Windows 10

    Really? Wow, that seems weird to me. What/Who has ownership of those locations then on your system? "System"? Edit: Ooops, just checked on mine. "SYSTEM" has ownership on both locations. Sorry, my bad.
  4. Happy Winter Solstice! Stay warm! (Unless you're in the southern hemisphere..) :D

    1. tegeusCromis


      And now the days are getting longer! Yay! (Unless you're in the southern hemisphere..)

    2. Visceral Moonlight

      Visceral Moonlight

      Or Florida! It's still mid-80s!

    3. NobleShadowHunter


      I've been able to wear shorts the last week-and-a-half here in Texas.

  5. Happy Holidays!

    Happy Winter Solstice everyone, except Schtearn. Happy Summer Solstice to you.
  6. Happy Holidays!

    The light pollution combined with the smog in the valley here make it nearly impossible to see any stars at all in the winter months. About an hour drive to a much higher elevation and I can make out a few constellations. When my kids get a little older, I want to take them down to Arches National Park, where there's very little pollution (light or otherwise) and let them see what the sky might have looked to people a hundred+ years ago. Let them experience the wonder of looking at the night sky and all the ideas and questions just looking at it can bring.
  7. Windows 10

    C:\Program Files\WindowsApps %userprofile%\appdata\local\Packages Need to take ownership from TrustedInstaller though before you can even view the contents. If you do, I recommend restoring TrustedInstaller "NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller" after you're done. I've experienced problems when updates come in if I failed to do so. .
  8. Odd Desktop Icon Overlays

    @ Schtearn Eh, more like a thick toothed comb. I looked for anything non-Microsoft and looked them up to see what they were. Nothing unexpected. I didn't research all the MS processes & running services though. May be worth another look. Thanks for the links, I'll take a gander later tonight. Vorians, thank you very much for the link! Even if it doesn't make a difference with this particular issue, I'd love to get OneDrive completely gone.
  9. Odd Desktop Icon Overlays

    Okay, thanks! Do you happen to know a guide or something to help get OneDrive completely removed? Uninstall doesn't do it, and the last time I tried to dig out & delete all the associated registry entries I wound up having to do a system restore. Did it again last night, this time with a grey x. Refreshing the desktop reverted it back. Weird. Oh well, it's not causing any problems I can determine, just a minor annoyance.
  10. Easy bains

    Not really a guide, but at least its official.. Wrye Bash Technical Readme And there's this by Metallicow, a previous & now some-time WB dev. Wrye Bash Wizard Demo And a very handy tool once you get writing, by Utumno, the current WB dev. BAIN Wizard Script Highlighter for Notepad++ There's other N++ UDL's on Nexus too if you want to try them. You can also try using BAT (BAIN Archive Tools), which is mostly for structruing, but also is supposed help "easily" create a Wizard. Haven't got much experience with it myself though. Some good info from Alt3rn1ty (on the WB team), here.
  11. Tech Advice and Stuffz

    When my twins were coming I did a lot of reading, and there were several sites & books that warned not to use dish detergent to wash out baby bottles & such due to them leaving a residue that the baby could potentially have a problem with. So that's where that came from. They didn't mention Dawn specifically that I can recall. I've never noticed a residue problem with Dawn myself either, and have been using that brand since at least the mid-80s. I even use a mixture of Dawn, ammonia, and hot water to clean the inside of my car windows, which would very visibly show any residue. So that & given AB's experience, I'm sure your fine.
  12. Random Stuffz

    Wow, now I'm in tC's boat. Lots of stuff I'll have to check out that I haven't heard of before. @Schtearn I did come across quite a few .xxx urls when I was looking through by uBlock blacklist a while back. So at least one of them has taken off. Big surprise it'd be something like .xxx though right? lol Perhaps there's a general unease about visiting sites with non-standard extensions. I know when I'm told to go to a site with, say a .tv extension, I get a little apprehensive. I think maybe it puts people in mind of scams.
  13. Happy Holidays!

    Oh fun! I wish we had stuff like that going on here! Utah is pretty boring as far as community activities go. They all revolve around one particular group, and if you're not of their persuasion, there's really not much of anything. One reason immigrant groups here either get extremely integrated or extremely insular.
  14. Brand New UPS: Bang!

    Nice! I used to be able to calculate VA ratings, but have long forgotten. I don't even know what a good range is today.
  15. Happy Holidays!

    Really? That's neat! What kind of things does it involve?