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  1. Random Stuffz

    *sigh* I agree. My own mother, who knows I can tell her junk from quality, just bought herself a shiny new HP laptop the QVC pitchmen sold her on. She was so excited that she bought her own computer. It came a few days ago. It's got a dual core Pentium @ ~1.5GHz, with 4GB RAM. I had to tell her the 5 year old laptop she already has is still better, which she soon realized when she tried to open MS Office.. Now granted, all she wants to do is shop on Amazon & use Word & Excel. Sadly, this machine can only do one or the other at any given time..
  2. Happy Turkey Day everybody! For those who don't celebrate it, then just eat a bunch of food & find something to be thankful for. :D

  3. [HowTo] Add Images to Posts

    This is the only way I've found. I'll try using my own method above. I have yet to find a way to delete images from albums without deleting the whole album. Maybe a settings/config issue? I also wasn't able to delete a file I uploaded. I used the Report button to request removal, thinking that was the way it was supposed to work...perhaps not..?
  4. 3 - Albums Tab.png

    From the album Album for Albums HowTo

  5. RM's Album 1

  6. 2 - Click Albums.png

    From the album Album for Albums HowTo

  7. 1 - Click Avatar.png

    From the album Album for Albums HowTo

  8. UPD.png

    From the album Test Album 1

  9. Test Album 1

  10. Link.png

    From the album Test Album 1

  11. Change Value.png

    From the album Album for Albums HowTo

  12. Ctrl-RtClick.png

    From the album Album for Albums HowTo

  13. Alter size.png

    From the album Album for Albums HowTo

  14. [HowTo] Add Images to Posts

    VM, I think I've found a way to do what you want. Since we're talking about pictures, I've included many. The resized images can be clicked on to display the full size, acting as a "real" thumbnail. I know you're tech savvy enough not to need all the images & arrows, but was hoping others might benefit from this info too. Feel free to edit or remove as seen fit. Too bad these options don't seem to exist anymore. That's ok, I'll live.
  15. Games on Sale

    GOG is having a "Black Friday Sale". Spend $15 & get StarCrawlers for free, normally $19.99. (Key will be emailed to you, which you can use or gift.) Right now, they're giving away the game "MDK"
  16. @Bongmongus Hey, just curious if you've had a chance to try the patch?
  17. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Ha! Now you're sounding like me! I'll have to check out the latest version. Hopefully it won't give me seizures this time.
  18. Movie Quote Game

    Oh yes, it's correct. That's why it stuck in the back of my head; because it was a term I thought I should have known & could find nothing on. Unfortunately, looking up the term lead me straight to the movie, so I'm out. That's okay, I wasn't going to get it anyway. At least there's more info on the term now, and why I couldn't find it back in, oh, 1999 or so when I first watched it. Nobody take that info as a hint, because it's not. Good job Malonn.
  19. Tech Advice and Stuffz

    I agree mostly with the "more parts, momr errors", but in the case of RAM, a stick can go bad (usually a week out of the warranty period), and having 4 sticks as opposed to two will save a lot of money if you need to replace it. I assume you know to get all the same brand - i.e. don't put two kingstons in with 2 PNYs. If you've got to go with 1333, then maybe you can find a lower latency to help make up the clock speed difference. Brand, I have found, is something that really matters when it comes to RAM. My personal preference is definitely Corsair. I've never had one of their sticks go bad, and found it to be worth the money, even if I had to down-spec to afford it over a "superior" specced other brand. Hope that helps!
  20. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    The last installer I have is v2.77a. It's, um, currently uninstalled. Thanks, I'll check it out!! Ouch! Looks like I'm reinstalling Blender.. (My wife would have my manhood in a jar if I so much as thought of spending that much!) No, no, please don't apologize! I love reading technical stuff like this. I've learned a lot by trying to follow along in discussions that are over my head! I do sometimes make the mistake of chiming in, and usually regret it when it's pointed out what a stupid question I asked. lol I fear I've hijacked yet another thread. Sorry AB.
  21. What are you listening to right now?

    Ah, good info. Thanks!
  22. Cobl

    Hi it's actually in the COBL page's downloads section under Optional Files: Install it first, then COBL. I've never been able to get the wizard to recognize Cosmetics during install, so run the wizard once to get everything else set up. Then go back into your Installers tab & select COBL Races & whatever other options you want that weren't enabled by the wizard. Right click>Install. Also, if you use Oblivion Uncut, I would advise against installing the Salmo the Baker portion in COBL, as the last time I looked at it, it will probably heavily conflict. P.S., So glad you decided to go with Wrye Bash instead of NMM for Oblivion. I think you'll find your experience with it much better. FYI, the 307 full (non Beta) release will likely be out soon. It has a TON of improvements over 307.Beta1 (mostly unnoticable) though. So be sure to check back! Good luck!
  23. Movie Quote Game

    I remember thinking it was weird that I'd never heard the term Shidoshi before, though my interests were in the Chinese styles, Ai-Ki-Do, and Brazilian (Gracie) Jiu-Jitsu. I don't think I ever found out what it meant. Aghh, you've got me stumped Malonn. Good job.