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  1. Happy late New Years. 2018 will be getting a nice small but soon to be big mod coming to Skyrim Special Edition on Xbox and PC, sorry PS4 players the scripts that are required are not (stupidly) compatible for PS4. The mod is my personal mod, I didn't get any help, so expect to have slow updates, but great updates. The mod should be released in it's beta stage before or by 1/13/18. Update: Changing upload date to 3/28/18. I'm going to release it when it's near the end of the beta/close to full release.

    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition (2).png

    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition (4).png

  2. Live updates for our mod bundle that is called Project Magnus (Project Magnus is a big bunch of mods that either allow you to explore beyond Nirn or explore all of Nirn. We try to make it lore friendly but with some none lore friendly stuff added, just to increase the flavoring. If you just want lore friendly stuff then try Beyond Skyrim. We want to also have scifi stuff in for those geeks, but since we're limited to lore we got to be smart about the space venturing. We will try to make these mods great. We will try not to use models or other none Vanilla assets to save space for XB1, and PS4 players.) Why have scifi stuff in a medieval game? Well great question we do it to mix up the flavoring of our mods. We still have on land mods that doesn't require any scifi mod to play it. Remember to check this area out once a week if you want to see the live updates or come often just in case I'm live streaming.
  3. (Project Magnus) Hammerfell: Falling Kindoms

    Yes it is only for Skyrim SE.
  4. I've made a Discord for Project Magnus, and a site. The Discord and site are still a work in progress but are at a use-able state.

    The Site: https://sites.google.com/site/hidggcffgnhx/home

    The Discord server: https://discord.gg/9VmEcRP

  5. I've made a new title to some of my certain mods, Project Magnus *Mod Name* What is Project Magnus? Go here of your asking that: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hLQsDjcEjD9w3Ka0MEwtXrEcnCNolwz0JYytukJWE8Y/edit

  6. (Project Magnus) Hammerfell: Falling Kindoms

    Yeah I know. I was thinking it would give players an special experience, but the only locations the dragons would be are at the mountains that are close to Skyrim. This gives it the idea that dragons invaded a small area of Hammerfell, but the player can stop that. Other than that it's all supposed to be lore friendly.
  7. (Project Magnus) Hammerfell: Falling Kingdoms takes place in Hammerfell, give towns some money to support their guards, defend the towns, and cities from multiple enemies. You could just explore Hammerfell, delve deep into caves, or find a new underground places like Blackreach. Stop dragons in certain destroyed towns by the mountains that border Hammerfell from Skyrim. Explore the arid deserts of the Alik'r desert, find abandoned temples, or explore some pyramids. You start off in Stros M'kai get a few missions there but one of the main missions will appear, called Town of Sand. Lastly I'm going to try to make this mod have an alternate start like area, you start off in a boat heading towards Hammerfell, but a few meters off of shore from Stros M'kai you crash, help crew mates, then one of the crew will tell you about Sentinal which starts the mission Town of Sand. This mod is a heavily work in progress be patient. So far it's only for PC, but I will try to upload it to XB1, sadly I can't upload it to PS4 since it is limited. This mod is also apart of the mod bundle Project Magnus.
  8. Welcome. I am working on multiple mods right now, I'm the only one working on my mods no one is helping which I can take. It just takes longer to make the mods. Here are pictures of the mods: https://www.flickr.com/people/152437992@N06/

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