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  1. Welcome to TAL - Introduce Yourself!

    Hi guys, just dropping in to say "hi"! Glad to see the place up and running.
  2. Approval of Characters

    We'll see. XD
  3. Approval of Characters

    For those unaware: There is certain "minimum requirements" for each character entering the Inn. The original post by Laxon is here which is incidentally also stickied at the top of the Character Bios forum. Basically approval by any member with an existing character in the Inn is just a label to say, "Yes, you've correctly laid out your character so people have enough info to go on", so that people don't start playing unidentifiable, or duplicate characters. Obviously not everyone can know all the characters in the Inn, so it is useful to make sure that new players haven't accidentally created an identical/almost so character. These days it acts a lot more like a formality, undertaken just because we do, given that the vast majority of people are perfectly capable of creating a bare-minimum detail character and the vast majority go above and beyond. So, now you know, and knowing is half the battle! (And all that)
  4. SimInn

    This is potentially the most hilarious thing I have read/seen all month. I commend the creative genius that inspired you to recreate the Innsanity (oh lord, the pun!) in the Sims.
  5. Tian

    /approved For want of the sticker.
  6. DBC: Nexus December FotM

    "his and Amadaun's"....>.>Andalay...when did you...? XD
  7. Tanith D'Avor

    Approved! Though apparently I've lost my approved stamp somewhere....let me go get a copy. XD
  8. The Coatroom.

    OOC: I was thinking more 'Black Dynamite'....>.>
  9. Pride the Arrogant

    Just noting, I've edited your post, Ona, to warn of the spoilers contained within. It probably won't matter but it's pretty heavy-duty spoilerage, and we don't have the subtitle system anymore.
  10. J'zhirri

    Hrmmmm? Do you mean you were trying to link to the image (in which case, if you were trying to *insert* an image, it wouldn't recognize it), or that you were saving the image and uploading it (in which case it wouldn't let you upload if you were trying to link instead)? The one above is one I inserted via link, no problem. But that could be a permissions thing (again? RAWRAWRAWR D:<) I guess.
  11. Liliac Redonore

    Well, generally, you'd enter the Coatroom on the Main Floor, then proceed to either the bar, or one of the tables. In this case, you should probably be careful about picking your table if you want some interaction, 'cuz there are not many Regulars with characters on the floor right now. I think the Fireplace is the only active table at present, even. Though I'm sure one of us would be more than happy to run Drubin (the bartender) or Laxon (the owner) if you visited the Inn Keep (bar). [Though obviously that depends on timing...I myself am going to bed 'cuz it's one am again. *sigh*]
  12. Daniel and Ellis Taylor

    Muchas gracias, Ama. And no, not *losing* sleep per se. I rarely get to bed before one or two am at the moment - the sleep I'm using was in terms of when I was waking up more than anything. XD
  13. Gotham City

    OOC: Depending on what world you're in, that can range from 'damn, start over', to 'OH MY GOD WHAT NIGHTMARE HAVE I UNLEASHED UPON THE WORLD?!?!?' XD
  14. Liliac Redonore

    Amateurs. Will do. XD
  15. Liliac Redonore

    Double-post: OK, fixed the permissions so that every user group, regardless of other permissions, can 'download' from the Inn, thus everyone who can read the forum can now see images posted here. ETA: Cross with Andalay, and also added PWN to the Inn Regulars group.