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  1. [RELz] [SSE PC] The Brotherhood of Old - OPEN BETA

    Thanks so much you guys, that solved it and I'm finally starting the mod! Just thought you'd like to know, I think the audio files for some of Nazir's dialogue is missing/doesn't work. Towards the start, if you ask him about the priest, the audio either doesn't work but subs show what he says, so not a big issue, just a little alarming because a weird buzzy sound plays instead heh. Also, question:
  2. [RELz] [SSE PC] The Brotherhood of Old - OPEN BETA

    Hello! Hope I'm not bothering you, but this is the first mod I've ever tried installing and it doesn't seem to work so I was wondering if you could assist me ^^; I just installed SE for this mod and put the folders in the Data folders, as instructed. In-game, it shows the mod in the image attached. (My saves were transferred from unmodded vanilla Skyrim). I've finished the whole DB questline recently, and since I didn't get any letter from a Courier, I went to do one contract from the Night Mother, and even quite a few other quests in hopes that I'd get my letter (which included much fast travelling, to cities and random places alike). Alas, to no avail. Would appreciate any help because I can't wait to try out this mod :') (PS: I hope this is the right place to ask, if not direct me to the right thread and I'll repost there)