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  1. Unable to save a game

    I have 1.3 TB of free space currently so free space shouldn't be an issue. Also,it has been less than 3 months I have built this pc with new pieces so I doubt it is a matter of defragmentation,however I will download that tool and use it from time to time,thank you! I will try to reinstall the game and see if this fixes the issue. But in the case of the read only file,why I am unable to change it??? I have never experienced an issue like this before. Edit: Ok,I found the source of the problem. Turns out the Windows Wall wasn't allowing Oblivion to add files in the saves file. Everything works fine now. Nevertheless,it is good that I cleared the saves file a bit. Game loads/saves faster now. Thanks for your help guys!
  2. Unable to save a game

    As a number,I have reached over 4.500 saves in a total of two different characters. Currently,I have around 2K+ in my laptop(one character) and the rest on the pc I use now(2nd character). In essense,I have deleted several for both characters so I count existing saves to be around 50 or so saves in saves file atm for one character. I will try creating a new saves file and see if it solves my problem. I have the autosaves disabled via options in-game,should I disable it from the .ini,too? Yep,I am about to try it now and see if it works. Is there any chance that deleting existing spells or using the "update NPC levels" option in WB could corrupt or any way harm my saved games? Is there any "rule" or sth I must know before using these options? Edit: Nope,that didn't work. I have kept 5 saves in the saves file yet I cannot save again. However,when I tried to load one of the saves I have via the quick load( Anda, I know you said that quick saves can be easily corrupted,this way I use both the quick saves and saves created manually by me) the game said there is no valid save file(although one of the ones I have kept was the last quick saved game) and once I pressed the quick load button I received infinite exp(like a couple of millions just like that) and in the console point where you can see what you type there is always the message of a script that fails to do sth-I do not understand what exactly- which is inside Maskar Overhaul.ini and I wonder if the Update NPC level option I used accidentaly corrupted my saved games. Is there any way to fix this?Also tried to start a new game and see if the saves work. I cannot save even after starting a new game. Edit No2: I do not know if it matters or not, but in google I read that a possible cause for this problem is when the saves file is marked "read only". I am trying to change this but even when I apply the changes,as soon as I close the properties window for the file,the "read only" is marked again if I reopen the properties. Could this be the issue?
  3. Unable to save a game

    Hey everyone.I just experienced a very unusual thing(I believe). I cannot create new saved games. Everytime I try to save a game(either via a mod or via the game's normal meals of saving) nothing happens. In the load screen the last saved game is always the one I am running at the time I try to save. Tried the game's autosave system,it doesn't work either. I cannot advance without being able to save the progress,I will never finish the game. I tried load a different-old saved game a couple of levels before the last one, waste of time and effort. The game just do not respond when I am trying to save a game. I am not sure if it is connected, by while I was trying to delete some spells from this saved game via Wrye Bash,I accidentaly clicked the next option which was saying "Update NPC levels". Please tell me I didn't ruin my game. Other than that, I deleted some spells. I didn't touch anything else.
  4. Missing items

    Hello everyone! I would like to ask your opinion(and possible solutions,if there is any) for a problem I have which I am not sure if it is caused by one or more mods or it is general issue with the game itself. So, since I use a couple of mods that add new armor and weapons in-game,I like to store these new weapons when I find them/purchase them so I can have a better view of what the mods I use add and also use these items that I find most suiting to my character. Problem is,wherever I may store them(I am talking about secured places-chests which do not respawn of course), when I store a specific number of items(do not know the number exactly but usually if I pass the 15 items) and try to open the chest to either add another item or take back another, some of the already stored items are missing. The list misses these items so it is like they aren't there at all. If I reload a saved game(a game which I saved before opening the checst for example) either other items are missing and the ones the list was missing before I appear or some items are permanently disappear as soon as I place them inside the chest. From what I have read to comments of some mods in nexus, others have the same issue however,I haven't managed to find a solution for this so far. Any suggestions/ thoughts?
  5. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    I am not sure if it is a general issue or it is happening only to me but when I use the wizard to install Oblivion XP via Wrye Bash, no matter what option I choose when I am asked if the cap level be at 50 or 100, I see in the .ini file that the value remains 50 and therefore I cannot advance beyond level 50 if I do not change it manually. Does anyone else experience this?
  6. Search for volunteer

    I appreciate you guys are willing to answer questions for someone who is trying to learn modding. However, as I said in my 1st message, I am not yet ready to start learning since I haven't enough time to spend to learn modding(which I believe it requires a great deal of it). This is why I am asking if there is anyone who is interested in creating based on others ideas. I wouldn't ask it otherwise. If there is anyone willing,let me know please. Perhaps you will find some(if not all) of my ideas interesting enough to release your creation to the public(and gain credit for it of course). Again,I appreciate the support in learning how to mod which I will definitely need later on.
  7. Search for volunteer

    Hello everyone!!! I have a very limited knowledge on modding but I am planning to learn to mod myself. However,this is will take some time as I intent to start learning a bit the next month as I do not have enough free time to do it now. So,I would like to ask if there is any volunteer to do a mod for me. What I need to be included in this mod are these: Combination of several existing minor mods into one Change some stats for a few items in-game which I believe it will serve immersion better Making a few texture changes for a few armors in-game to fit my personal taste which I believe is very immersion friendly If there is anyone who is interested in creating this mod for me,send me a pm or reply here-doesn't matter for me- to give you details of my request.
  8. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    OBSE Test plugin is a small mod that checks whether OBSE is working correctly or not. Here's the link for more info: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/33574 Ok,I will remove it and see if the errors go away.
  9. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    Is it possible these errors to happen only in a saved game which had less mods when it was saved but having more loaded in your bashed patch when you load it?? This is my case. Below is my Load Order sorted by Boss: Active Mod Files:
  10. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    So, I run onto this script error in my last attempt to launch a heavily modded Oblivion: Invalid array access- expected numeric index, received string File: Oblivion XP.esp Offset: 0x0C30 Command: Let error in script 5f000ed4 What does that mean? What excactly is this script affecting?? Is it fixable somehow?
  11. Missing .ini files(?)

    Will do so,Malonn. Thank you both for your instructions! Btw,Anda,can you tell me if Obliviom XP is compatible with Cobl changes in classes(attributes,skills etc.)?
  12. Missing .ini files(?)

    It seems a fresh install of the entire install list has fixed the problem of the missing .ini files so all are good now. Do not know why the 1st time Wrye Bash didn't install the .ini files where it should but it did this time and the game is working,at least for now.
  13. Missing .ini files(?)

    Yes,that's right. I have a separate disk where I store all my games and mods and another for the whole OS. It is unlikely the OS system to intervene with Wrye Bash and the Oblivion data as it is now. There is no connection between them.
  14. Missing .ini files(?)

    Yes,I run the wizard when it is available and that's the strange thing of this. I tried placing manually all these .ini files in the supposed file in the data directory but oblivion still does not read them
  15. Missing .ini files(?)

    Hey everyone. Just built a new computer and I am about to play a heavily modded oblivion. While the game launches as it should, in both saved games and new game I experience these: I use Wrye Bash to install mods and BOSS to sort load order. I checked the Data directory of Oblivion and I do not see any .ini file missing. My character dies as soon as I get the missing "All Natural" .ini message and I am forced to load another saved game or exit to main menu/ the game. Why would the game not be able to read these???