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      Orphan Attachments   07/31/2018

      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!


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  1. Northern UI Feedback

    I'm still juggling projects, and I'm keeping the e-mail notifications for your last few posts unread. Regarding the horse issue: I did not alter anything involving the enemy health bar, there only is an enemy health bar on the reticle, and the internal code for the reticle doesn't appear to ever check the status of your horse. If NorthernUI isn't showing horse health, then vanilla shouldn't either, though I can't rule out some mod adding the feature and encountering an incompatibility. It's not a bad idea, though. Perhaps I could look into adding a health bar for your horse, shown above your own health bar. No guarantees.
  2. Northern UI Feedback

    NorthernUI itself is compatible; just don't let Display Stats overwrite its files. Compatibility notes updated per your recommendations for the mods I've personally confirmed, including ObXP. Not a priority, but I can look into it at some point. I know. NorthernUI parses that INI file, reads its contents, and writes overlays to the world map. I tested it with Castle Dunkelore and that worked. You say Roads and Trails and Roads of Cyrodiil aren't working? Do you know if this problem is specific to them, or are there other mods not showing up properly? I need to make the spacing between bars flexible, and possibly even the bar widths themselves. Your aspect ratio is different from mine, which is why you're running into this problem when I didn't. I'll add that to my to-do list. Added to my to-do list. Ugh... I know exactly what's going on. I figured it might be an issue when I first saw it, but then I got tunnel-visioned on the map/compass support. While tNO MMO doesn't use UI functions to inject into the map, it does use them to tamper with the MessageMenu. There is no text entry box -- not a real one. They're trying to inject an element, manually check your keypresses, and update its text accordingly. (Why?! OBSE already offers access to the TextEditMenu!) I'll see what I can do, but I can't promise anything. More info below. When clicking on an existing map marker -- "the menu?" What menu? Please explain? I'm not familiar with these mods. I don't play this game casually anymore. I'm primarily a Skyrim guy, but these days, I barely even play that casually because I spend so much time making stuff for it. In most cases, the problems stem from the OBSE and MenuQue UI commands requiring full and exact tile paths and offering no "find by name" alternatives, and at this point I feel justified in calling that a horrible design decision. Most of these mods have closed permissions and their authors aren't listed as active on the Nexus, so I can't modify their scripts; literally no authors had the foresight to put tile paths in a separate file, so I can't address things by replacing minor files. The primary way for me to fix these compatibility issues is to modify the structure of my menus to match what the scripts are accessing, when it's even feasible to do that. It's pointless to make those modifications in an alternate version of the menu file provided as an installation option; it just gives me more files to maintain, keep track of, and keep synchronized. It's better for me to just: Modify the structure of my menus as invisibly as possible, such that specific mods can tamper with them but users otherwise notice no differences. Tell people not to override my XML files. If the mod offers separate scripts and XML files for different UIs via the BAIN system or whatever, tell people which options to pick, while reminding them not to override my menu files. When it's not feasible to modify my menu files to the degree needed to make a particular mod function, then my options are: Modify my DLL to carry out the mod's functions in its stead (i.e. Toggleable Quantity Prompts and the actually important features of Dynamic Map). Don't support the relevant mod, or the relevant features of the relevant mod. DLL modifications can be pretty simple or they can be fairly complex. TQP was extremely easy because it just auto-dismissed menus and such. Dynamic Map's overlays just write elements into the UI, which is absolutely something I can do from C++. TNO MMO is harder: IIRC custom map markers (and custom names for markers) are stored in script variables, so I'd need to be able to tamper with script variables and prevent the script engine from letting MMO scripts check keypresses lest they try (and visibly fail) to perform the very tasks I'm doing for them. Script data and execution isn't something I studied because, like, I just wanted to do the UI, and maybe some experimental stuff like gamepad support. I wasn't aware that there were so many mods that tampered with the UI, and I wasn't aware that the commands to do that kinda suck, so there wasn't a reason to develop nearly a year's worth of familiarity with the scripting internals, the way there was for UI engine internals.
  3. Northern UI Feedback

    Map Marker Overhaul should be compatible. NorthernUI parses Dynamic Map's INI file, so it'll recognize whatever's in there. Haven't started on Custom Spell Icon yet.
  4. Northern UI Feedback

    Newest patch is out.
  5. Northern UI Feedback

    Re: Spellmaking: Fix implemented and slated for release in the next version. NorthernUI tried to add "." to the end of the sentence, but the game parsed that as the number zero (i.e. a single decimal point with no non-numeric digits). I had "fixed" this bug before for strings with multiple decimal points or multiple dashes, but I overlooked the case of a single decimal point.
  6. Northern UI Feedback

    Re: Spellmaking: Confirmed: NorthernUI causes issues with the "required skill" message entirely on its own. Investigating now. Re: Alchemy: You've given contradictory explanations of the problem, but based on your newer posts, I think I may know what it is? My understanding of Oblivion alchemy has been that all ingredients need to have some overlap with each other. If you're making a potion with ingredients A, B, C, and D, then all pairs of effects must overlap (i.e. effects AB, BC, and CD). However, it sounds like you're trying to make a potion with two non-overlapping pairs of effects (i.e. AB and CD). In the latest recipe you gave me, Steel-Blue Entoloma Cap and Fire Salts overlap only with each other, and not with Harrada or Spiddal Stick. The UESP wiki isn't clear on this matter. If this is in fact the misunderstanding here, then the solution would be to allow non-matching ingredients to be selected (so you'd be able to select either the Cap or the Salts when they're non-matching, at which point the other item in the pair would become matching). If potions can have non-overlapping pairs of effects, please confirm that with me and I can make the relevant XML change. I also need to know what happens if you include a superfluous ingredient (i.e. Steel-Blue Entoloma Cap, Harrada, and Spiddal Stick, where the Cap adds nothing to the potion and would be wasted), i.e. whether items are wasted, whether vanilla Oblivion lets you cook the potion, whether wasted items affect the potion weight, et cetera.
  7. Northern UI Feedback

    Ah -- missed one: Fixed file: levelup_av_template.xml
  8. Northern UI Feedback

    That should be an issue with the vanilla code. Oblivion writes the string "Requires SKILLNAME skill of VALUE" to the root user3, and writes whether that should be visible to the root user6. I'm quite sure I didn't patch that. A Restoration skill of 250 doesn't make much sense, though... I could send you an edited menu file that shows the raw values, perhaps? For testing purposes? Dynamic Map's definitions file doesn't contain any checks for Roads of Cyrodiil.esp -- at least, not in Dynamic Map v2.1, the version that I have installed. I have a "view all" button; it's the "All Ingredients" category. The problem you're describing is different. It seems like you're trying to make a potion using undiscovered effects. That's possible in Skyrim (where making potions blindly is how you learn effects in the first place), but it was my understanding that Oblivion's Alchemy system straight-up doesn't let you make potions using undiscovered effects. Is that incorrect? Are you supposed to be able to cook potions blindly in Oblivion? If that's a requirement, then I can add a checkbox or similar feature to the menu (e.g. "Limit potions to discovered effects"), to let you toggle the item restriction.
  9. Northern UI Feedback

    I'd like to tackle things one at a time, so we'll focus on the icons for now. I saved the file with the wrong name -- hazard of coming back to the map icons so many months after originally making them. (That would be why all your icons are gone now.) I need you to rename the new file (that I uploaded to my last post) to map.dds, and then overwrite Menus\NorthernUI\icons\map.dds with it (or, uh, just put the new file where that file used to be, given that you deleted it). The goal is not to overwrite TNO's icon file at all; the goal isn't even to use TNO's icon file. The goal is to overwrite my file to add the new icons. I could try messaging TNO about compatibility, but per the Nexus they haven't been online since 2015. If the main problem is icons not displaying, and if the new file fixes that, then my plan is to just put the new file in NorthernUI. Someone installs any version of MMO alongside NorthernUI and they'll have working NorthernUI-themed icons.
  10. Northern UI Feedback

    I could get permissions to use TNO's icons, but I just finished drawing new icons by hand, lol. A reinstall of MMO shouldn't be needed if I'm right about your "disappearing" icons just being invisible. For now, please overwrite Menus\NorthernUI\icons\map.dds with this file: map_icons_all.dds
  11. Northern UI Feedback

    Wait, what? ...Oh. I get it. Map Marker Overhaul modifies the marker types. The marker types are numbers, and math is performed on these numbers in order to crop the map marker texture. If the numbers are "out of range," as it were, then the crop area would be outside of the image, and in theory this would yield a blank graphic... making the markers "disappear." This wouldn't even be a scripted issue; just a visual one. I could switch the texture path and overwrite the vanilla icon file, but that would mean that people would get vanilla map marker icons when using MMO. Given that MMO just enlarges the image size and adds new icons to that space, I could modify my icon file to just... have extended icons, which will go unused without MMO and should slot in cleanly with MMO. I can't modify MMO's icons (closed permissions), but I could draw by eye in some cases and use Skyrim icons as a reference in others. Mind if I send you the final file for testing purposes? You'd want to slot it into Menus\NorthernUI\icons\map.dds.
  12. Northern UI Feedback

    I'm looking into it, but the mod's scripts are minimally commented. I'm not fluent in ObScript or OBSE-extended ObScript, so while I can read it, I hate reading it. Compared to the cleanly-organized ObXP source code, Map Marker Overhaul is... not newcomer-friendly. It also suffers from some really bad feature bloat. The latest version appears to be missing files... Unless Oblivion's game engine is okay with just straight-up making new map markers, MMO would have to insert map marker elements somewhere. It has code to do that (in a semi-consistent fashion with Dynamic Map), but that relies on InsertXML calls referencing files that aren't present, and I can't find any calls that would actually trigger that cod anyway (it runs on SetStage 20, and searches for "setstage" in the entire ESP file yield no setstage calls). I haven't tried running it in vanilla yet, but I'm not confident it'd even work. The core functionality of Map Marker Overhaul is based on manipulating preplaced map markers -- enabling or disabling them to show and hide them as appropriate, such as disabling Oblivion Gate markers when the gates aren't open. It's also capable of changing the map marker types of existing markers (handled by its faux-INI files), and it's capable of letting the player set map markers using spawned references (with code for this scattered across about five different scripts, few of them purpose-built and one of them dependent on files that aren't in the mod). Which leads to two conclusions, here: You say that some map marker icons disappeared when using Map Marker Overhaul. This would imply that it was disabling vanilla map markers and then replacing them with scripted, MenuQue-based icons, which failed to render due to menu structure changes I had made. However, I can find no code to explain this. I can't even find any working, in-use code that would generate scripted, MenuQue-based icons. If I really need to be "compatible" with Map Marker Overhaul, it would almost be better to just build my own damn implementation entirely within the DLL and tell people to use it instead. This may be within my ability, but it would be a large investment of time. My hands are sort of tied here.
  13. Northern UI Feedback

    Map Marker Overhaul appears to work the same way, and have the same compatibility issue, as Dynamic Map, which makes sense given that they're by the same author. (I'm guessing that disappearing markers stem from the overhaul disabling vanilla markers and trying, and failing, to add its own replacements.) I may be able to use a similar fix at least for getting the TNO map markers to appear in the map: I just let the script's MenuQue commands fail outright, and do the work myself from inside of the DLL if I detect TNO's ESP file. Further configuration options (e.g. the ability to have different handlers for fast-travel depending on whether you held Ctrl while clicking) would require more work; as far as you know, are those features that many people would actually care about? *sigh* I really wish MenuQue hadn't required scripters to use absolute tile paths. I'm not saying this, like, as if I think it's a personal failing on anyone's part or anything -- this stuff was made ages ago and when you're working with something new, it's normal not to think very far ahead -- but if MenuQue had allowed the selection of a tile by name or if literally any script author had had the foresight to, say, store tile paths in an external file and load that file by script instead of hardcoding all tile paths into their source code and breaking compatibility with any UI change, then this problem would be so much easier to deal with.
  14. Northern UI Feedback

    To be clear: the crashes occur when opening the local map, while using it, or just while walking around? Your wording leads me to assume the first of those three, but I'd like you to be explicit if possible. Also, if it occurs when opening the local map, is the crash limited to the very first time it's opened during a play session, or have you had crashes on other openings as well? Oblivion has a weird bug where the very first time the local map is opened, it can fail to render (depending on the UI, positioning, blah blah blah); I patch that by just forcing the game to redraw the map two frames in a row, the first time it needs to be drawn. If you only get a crash the very first time the map is opened, then I know where to focus.
  15. BEX Crashes

    If anyone can get me a Windows crash dump with a non-zero Exception Offset, please post here: Consider also using the alternate DLL build posted there if you're getting regular crashes. Some of these crashes are being intercepted by the CRT, producing a non-zero address that's still useless trash... Okay, uh, basically, the combined effects of Microsoft's devwork are throwing every possible obstacle in the way of getting any actual useful debugging information, layering useless alternative crash handlers on top of useless alternative crash handlers instead of just letting the process fail normally and trigger the custom in-process handler that could actually help.