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  1. [WIP] Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Consequences

    Is there still work being done on this project? There has been no update on this in nearly 3 years (on Nexus). Is there any timeline on its completion? I realize work, school, health, family, and other aspects of real life have priority, but the lack of any news on the progress leads me to the conclusion that this might be a dead mod. I sincerely hope not. On on a different note, if the project is not dead, it seems that there is a need for voice acting. I have studio grade software and a good microphone. You mentioned your earlier voice actors wouldn’t listen to your suggestions. I offer myself as an alternative should you desire one. I am a contratenor, and can do voices from baritone to alto 1 (B2 to F#5), although I am not an experienced voice actor. Regards, Товарищ Алексей