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    Hi Venutius, I am no expert, but I've been trying to understand the changes in your wizard. I'm not clear about the new condition you added below for FCOM. . . . If GetEspmStatus("FCOM_Convergence.esm") < 1 Note "FCOM is not active, so II Placement for FCOM not selected"; DeSelectEspm "Item interchange - Placement for FCOM.esp"; EndIf <New> If GetEspmStatus("FCOM_Convergence.esm") > 0 Note "FCOM is active, so II Placement not selected"; DeSelectEspm "Item interchange - Placement.esp"; EndIf </New> So if FCOM is active, the normal 'II Placement' should be deactivated. Therefore only 'II Placement for FCOM' should be used when running FCOM. Do the two together cause issues? This logic is only applied for FCOM, which is why I'm asking. I know it's been a while, but these boards reach far across spacetime. Thanks!