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  1. Oblivion Screenshot Thread

    I thought I'd lost Eiolynn until I found a backup file with all her WIP textures from when I first created her.
  2. Oblivion Screenshot Thread

    Presently working on resurrecting some of my old UnDead mods after being away from playing Oblivion for the past 3 years. Night. Newly arisen and still finding her way as a risen UnDead. She is not a zombie by the way, - risen UnDead are quite different, - or at least in my fevered imagination they are. The first time my new test character Night laid eyes on the burning city of Kavatch. At this point I think she was strongly considering turning around and walking back down the road and forgetting all about it. Queen Eiolynn. An old risen UnDead. Cynical , jealous, hates nearly everybody, but hates the princes of Oblivion even more. Drinks wine to excess and likes nothing better than a fight.
  3. I actually like the main quest and I find it to be a different kind of challenge each time depending on the character I'm playing. I roleplay my characters so that alone makes for a difference each time I do the MQ. I have a bad habit of playing custom risen unDead characters of my own devising and even then they certainly aren't the same. I does amuse me slightly with the MQ that sometimes the hero player character must be about to collapse on the floor at Cloud Ruler Temple after coming back from a 'fetch' job and immediately they get told 'Go fetch a whisker from god's beard,' or something else almost as challenging before they have a chance to catch their breath.
  4. That awful moment when you realise you're alone because everyone is dead is something I never get used to with the battle for Kavatch. When the 3 Imperial legion guys turn up offering to help I want to tell them to go away because in 15 minutes time you'll all be DEAD if you don't leave now.