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  1. Inn Babies

    I am scarred for life.
  2. Thanks!

    Brave words indeed :aquestioning:
  3. Thanks!

    If you guys need anything to help this keep on running, just tell me. We ain't gonna let the INN go down cuz Lax left, right? :biggrin:
  4. Silver

    Name: He's called Silver Sex: Male Race: High Elf Height: High Elfish Age: Very old (older than the Ayleids, I don't know how old that is, but it's old) but looks young, as if he were in his twenties. (1/5 / 1/4) up the age slider. Weapon of Choice: Depends on the situation, hes a powerful wizard, but also enjoys slicing his victims apart with blades and poking arrows into his opponents from "Legolas'ish" range. It's very important that he is very good at every fihgting technique, perhaps not master, but very good at it. Remember he's had almost a thousand years to hone his skills. Appearance: His most prominent feature is no doubt his entirely silver skin and hair, ageless face, very smooth skin and blacker than black eyes. He is perceived as icy cold by others, and that's the image he wants to preserve. Edit: I might later add on a biography, but since his past is so mysterious, and forgotten, maybe I'll not.